Located in the heart of the Central American jungle, El Renacer Prison which means ¨Rebirth¨ is also nicknamed ¨The Beast¨. Accompany me on my journey to discover whether I really will be reborn or end up being consumed by the Beast. Your guess is good as mine!!!


7 Responses to “IN THE BELLY OF THE BEAST!!!”

  1. elrenacer09 Says:

    The Blog is about me, my life and the lives of many that I meet along the way; the way of life behind bars! and my journey of inner search and survival and the will to live through an experience, such that none will willingly want to under take! Life behind La Joya Maximum Prison, Panama!

  2. Hello there, I’ve been reading your blog today and guess I just wanted you to know that you are reaching people outside – I’m all the way over here in New Zealand. Your writing makes fascinating reading – and you obviously have found reserves of strength that you probably didn’t know you even had before this chapter of your life. I hope ‘this chapter’ comes to end soon and you find your way back home to your family. We have a Maori phrase in NZ ‘kia kaha’ it means stay strong – so Kia Kaha el renacer and take care.

    • Thank you very much for those words of strength, sometimes one doesn’t need to experience a situation to learn from it. I believe my first-hand experience will bring a positive impact on someone; that he/she need not experience such. Thanks

  3. I was wondering if you could give some more info about your self. How long have you been in prison and what are you in for? How did you recieve the privlage to use the computer and have a camera? Your blog is facinating

  4. Thank you for sharing your story!

  5. From and Irish man living in Canada Now who has walked in your shoes….Be Strong I will Pray for your safety and safe return to your Family and loved ones…..Peace My Friend.

  6. mike charles Says:

    Discovered this unusual provoking blog during a night of insomnia…amazing stuff and very inspiring. How can you get released? Any court date or trial? I for one hope that you are back into the world very soon..keep the faith! keep writing!

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