Sex in Prisons: When getting laid matters above one’s freedom. 

Sex in prison; you are either getting it the conventional way (consensually with another) or you aren’t, alternatively, you can decide and opt for a one-man-show; help yourself in and with whatever way or manners you can (technically you become asexual); helping yourself by creating friction – ‘mano a bajo’ – to get the best of yourself. And there are those who will go against the norm; forced entry as in #PrisonRape, which is common among the local inmates population #PrisonGangs

Many are having it the auto-mano way as there’s no alternative to relieve themselves of images stored in their subconscious from daily watching of porn videos and xxx images on their phones.

While some lucky ones are either getting laid by their proper missus or hired ladies, others, are beginning to discover the other side of their sexuality are having ‘trysts’ with other prisoners who are willing to indulge.

At the end of the day it’s all about the climax, the one minutes experience; ‘The Cum’, which could be some few seconds or minutes of pleasure and experience ;-). Thus, doing it, make sure all safety measures are in place as there’s been known cases of accidents during bizarre sex acts 😉

11:37:55 AM

Sunday, 15 Nov. 2015

Once slammed in, many will be preoccupied with the thoughts of their lives in their new home (Prison), fate and what destiny has in stock for them in their new enclosed world. But, there are also those whose major preoccupation will be; ‘what will become of my sex life’, how will I be getting it, how will I get laid? And the likes of such questions will be racing through their minds. Little do they know, there isn’t much of a difference between getting laid on the inside as it is outside where they were once #FreeMen.

Thus, in Prisons, in Panama sex is business and readily available when you have the money and guts to go out and hunt.

Sex (most are quickie-blowjobs given in dark corners of the passage, with a sentry on the watchout for incoming intruders or in cells where everything is allowed) like every other business among prisoners is subject to proper negotiation, bargaining and the most important part of it; location. ;), especially when you are in an open prison, where cells are opened 24/7 and everyone is free to roam around; either searching for something to steal, or having the time of their lives.

Though, there are the crazy ones, who just can’t sleep at night; they are either snorting, heads deep into booze or puffing joints or making night control calls and keeping taps on their missus to know who what she is up to.

One will think of prison as a place where you are left to rot away (though, there are many whose lives are gradually, literally  deteriorating; lack of exercise, malnutrition and depression). But, for many, life continues and they are actually living the best times of their lives. As I’ve come to understand, most locals are better off in Prison than on the streets; free roof over their heads, free water and electricity, no bills to pay for anything, free joints which are shared and most importantly, gang protection or life insurance as I will put it.

Despite our overcrowded population, anyone who want to get laid or get a proper-quickie blow job does find a way to get around it. Sometimes, you can take a nightly walk around the passage and bumped into a proper blow job session in progress; keep on walking!

Years back, when I used to sit out all night when signal was hard to get during the day and there weren’t routers and modems. I did saw several tryst, then it’s was only our shemale providing communal services to the lads. On one night seated hidden behind the stack of chairs used by the two churches (catholic and evangelicals – they don’t share things; great divide). Meanwhile, I had my earphones plugged in, when I took it out, I could hear sound of saliva in mouth as everything goes into the mouth. It was our shemale giving a quickie to a young lad who is now free and it cost him forty bucks for a service that didn’t last 15mins ;). Our vampire is always on the watch for incoming intruders.

Several inmates are also getting served either by our shemale who changes partners or boyfriends as anyone will change clothes; once she isn’t  getting enough white lines, she is out and about searching for who’s willing to buy some white lines for her. And others that are secretly providing bodily services to the sex-starved inmates here.

I’ve heard how my sexually-confused cellmate (apparently, he does admit he’s gay when he’s drunk), gave a lad blowjob while the lad’s ladee was snoozing, when she (look more femine, but without silicon tits like our shemale) awoke, intel got to her that her sex-starved boyfriend got head from my cellmate, she was pissed; don’t mess with an angry ladee, she snobbed him for weeks and quickly hook up with another lad (how easy to change partners, guess not so easy in the real world).

The Latino male culture being a macho one; has led the lads to believe whoever is on top is always macho, think of the missionary position and doggy style (most favourable position amongst prisoners doing it). So they are made to believe ;-). Personally, I believe being gay is biological. Period! Some will say, years behind bars can turn one into homosexual (#BenCarson)…… naah! I know many of the lads who are now hooked up with someone were patiently waiting for the right moment and the right ass to be hauled in ;), some are having tryst, as they can’t hang on and wait till their release. After cups of our potent liquor and snorts of white lines, the body is definitely ready for the ultimate gratification; El Sexo!

But, none will admit they are gay, rather, we always hear “Soy Macho” the one giving blow job or being shagged is the marica ;). I don’t friggin give a f*ck about anyone’s life, so long safety measures are in place and we get entertained by our shemale, she does entertain us after some lines has disappeared and down several vasos of our lethal and intoxicating liquor #ChichaFuerte 😉

A Dominican lad who wedded his local lawyer with the hope of being released early, has actually been divorced by the lady. Lad had few flings with a Jamaican lass and a Guatemalan, before he decided to go straight and married his lawyer; both collaborated and duped several prisoners; what a team. But then, mostly his compatriots ;). She been a lawyer had taken over many cases, and didn’t do anything on what she promised the lads; so, the lads concluded that the husband (now ex) collaborated with her to swindle them of their #PrisonMoney.

He introduced most of  his compatriots to her with promises she will help spring them out, and they ended up being swindled off their hard-earned cash. He changed to pavilion eight as it was getting very hot here for him, but the major reason that made him changed was when a young Guatemalan lad he fell in love with was transferred to that pavilion.

He got hook up to him again, and with enough money from his missus (still married, and she didn’t know he was with another lad in prison), he furnished his cell and had the lad moved in with him, the lad officially became his stay-in mistress, wouldn’t let him out for fear of losing him to others who were willing and ready to pay for the lad’s service. Guard what you have or else you will cry; had I known 😉

From #PrisonIntel, we heard that his lawyer-wife couldn’t get him to have a stiffer during the two times she came for conjugal visit; but he sure get his raise when he’s with the lads 😉

And that has become the latest prison joke; he tried fooling everyone but couldn’t fool his D*ck as it knows which hole it prefers 😉

The latest about him, he had the Guatemalan locked up in the cell so as not to have contact with other sex-starved lads in the pavilion; the young lad was literally locked up inside prison. Two punishment for one crime. The lad broke free after his sex maniac captor moved to a different pavilion after he had brawl with some lads over money he swindled them there before his divorce with his scamming lawyer wife. So much are happening in our small world, that will make some soaps look like child’s play 😉

One will be surprised at how much sex sell in prisons, most prisoners are preoccupied with sex all day and they are ready to get it in whatever form it takes and comes – the packaging doesn’t matter ;-), what matters most is the ‘outcum’ –  #HappyEnding 😉

Most of us are ok with old fashion ‘frictional handjob’, others wants proper bodily contact, which they are willing to pay heftig amount for; reminds me of our #Shemale nightly service. Her community service to the lads is an open-secret, which everyone knows, but no-one talks about who her clients are; the walls have ears and prisoners love gossips. It was in prison that I discovered how idleness can lead men to talk, literally about anything, sit hours discuss cartoon characters ;-), with nothing important to while away time, we tend to talk about our open-secret lives.

My cellmate on the other hand, as I’ve come to know has gotten his own clients who make sure he has enough white lines for whatever service he will render. Lately, he’s been pretty busy; how I wished he will also tell them to provide him with proper meals as he doesn’t eat healthy.

With a new addition to our service providers, is a new Mexican feminine-looking lad; he like the freed Jamaican is open about his love for good looking dudes, she sort of sets the pavilion on fire as many are pulling strings to get her. In the meantime, she is very busy working amongst her compatriots and their closed-knitted community; she puffs like a chimney. Once they had drinking spree and ended up orgies where he was giving everyone blowjobs; curtains drawn, music set high and things happened.

Sex business is not restricted to those in our pavilion alone, sometimes on special assignment and promise of good and fat ending, we do get visit from the local ladees in pavilion 2 which happen to be the Trans-camp of the prison; more than 50 transvestites are cramped together in a tiny space. Those who had ventured into their pavilion, came back to tell of how the air there is confusing; mixture of sweet floral fragrance and human bodily putrid odours, anyway, they went there for something which I believe they did enjoyed 😉

Amongst the local prisoners, there has been several incidents of #PrisonGangs rape of fellow prisoners and of Trans or gay prisoners. We have seen several videos which went viral amongst the prison population of multiple gang-raping perpetrated by local gangs. In all the cases as I’ve come to understand, none of those perpetrators were punished; the prison system can’t even punish recaptured escapees to deterred others from #PrisonBreak.

Many of the locals lads are doing long prison sentences for homicides; which is one the major crime in panama amongst the poor and neglected part of the population. Banged up for years without conjugal visit from girlfriends they never had, their only way of getting laid, is through gangs-rape. Which they also stupidly record on their phones and send to their mates, and which eventually becomes viral amongst the prison population.

Meanwhile, I have seen many local inmates in relationships with fellow locals; consensually! And they are the envy of others ;), they want to but can man-enough and come out, instead they resort to rape, which prison authorities always turn a deaf ear to; acts like nothing is happening.

Pavilion 8, the other pavilion housing another batch of foreign prisoners happen to have the best looking ladees; they always have someone upstairs who pays the cops money to send all the foreign transvestites to their pavilion and sometimes the local ones who for gang affiliations can’t live with their fellow locals in pavilion 2. Clearly tells how sex is a big business in prison. Sometimes love and sex can lead to fatal brawls as we have seen among the locals when an incident between bitter lovers left one inmate fighting for his life.

An inmate in my pavilion used to have one of the prison’s beauties from pavilion eight come to his cell for one-on-one service; his affair, was widely known, but remained an open-secret, treated the beauty too good that she decided to make the visit twice a week.

Whenever she walks in, she always create commotion and uproar, which get the lads edgy ;). Lately, she hasn’t been making her weeekly rounds to the lad here, from intel coming in, she has gotten someone who’s madly in #PrisonLove with her and decided to  put a lock on her; if she comes here, it might take a bloody turn.

A mate and a source in Pavilion 8, told me, her new man is damn too serious with the love thing, wouldn’t let the broad walk outside alone. He’s probably a Muslim, who keep their wives on 24/7 watch ;). Moreover, it seems all the lads that got hooked up in pavilion eight, are really hard lads who will die for love; the Dominican lad has his guatemalteco broad lockup, wouldn’t let the lass outside without him going out with him, now the new one has also gotten someone who’s imprisoned her and wouldn’t let her out. Friggin too serious, and all for #PrisonLove. Getting locked up while in #Lockup; friggin damn double punishment for one crime, and they might even be in as suspects not yet charged as it is with over 70% of #Prisoners incarcerated in #Panama; #PreventiveMeasures – that’s what the government said of the many prisoners locked up without trials or any sort of hearing and they are in for years! Corrupt and lousy system!

Meanwhile, the chicks in pavilion two; specially segregated for the local transvestites  and beauties of La Joya Prison. Their population and popularity is growing with each new day, news asses are added every week to their numbers. Most of them are in for violent robberies; sometimes with guns or blades, have heard of one who is in for homicide. They can be very fatal, and have earned the deadly nicknamed of #BlackWidow from me ;-), despite what they did before incarceration, inside here, they are like every other prisoner and they can be very jolly fellas ;-), always keeping the lads giggling and jumpy whenever they are outside in their full colours and glories – frutti-frutti.

10:57:55 PM

Saturday,  5 Dec. 2015

Sex? How do I personally get around it? After six years behind bars? I’ve learned to switch off my emotions and bottled it; #sextransmutation! I have learned to channel that urge and energy into something else, once the mind isn’t there, the body will take flight. And it all comes down to #Willpower!

Sex transmutation ….. the switching of the mind from thoughts of physical expression, to thoughts of some other nature. – Napoleon Hill

Occasionally, masturbation wouldn’t hurt none and wouldn’t cost me $40 ;), internet is full of sex and the talks of it, so at the touch of button, videos and images are there before my eyes and my feelings. Apparently,I’m the one most inmates come to when they need new and fresh or quality videos or images; they are always asking for websites to get the best and latest porn. Though our internet speed crawls on snail-pace, doesn’t stop them from trying, they are willing to sit out all night until they have it in their phones. And social media has made sharing files very easy; pictures and videos are constantly being sent from their mates and their missus or girlfriends aren’t left out as they want their men to telepathically enjoyed them 😉

For those with fortnightly conjugal visit either with their spouses or rent-girls, they tend to worry less about sex, instead they are busy learning new styles and how to enhance their sex lives 😉

Enhancing one’s sex life has led many to search for the ultimate armoury for that purpose; sex! A lad who did time in US and now doing time in panama came back from the US with a craft that many will desire here and also enriched him; crafting and inserting polished dominoes into the skins of their d*cks! It’s supposed to be #Pearls, but since they can’t lay their hands on pearls in prison, they opt for polished dominoes which readily serve the same purpose 😉

Young and old inmates are flooding to him to get his services and a new additions to their manhood. Almost all the lads in my cell and many in the pavilion are all with stones in their d*cks ;-)! What a treasure to bring the ultimate pleasure. Majority of his clients are those who are yet to complete half of their sentences, thus, they will be walking around with ‘pearly d*ck’ for years before their #LongWalkToFreedom. About four of my cellmates has it done, the oldest among them is the grocer who is about fifty five years old ;). Had advice him to opt for exercise and many the blue pill, but stories from lads who had the stones and now release sort of won him over. Another who did it was diabetic, old dude almost bled to death, was rushed to the unstaffed clinic where his shaft was bandaged. He’s freed now, wondering how he’s enjoying his dominoed-dick 😉

Freedom is the number one priority that occupies our minds, but sex and how to get laid rank second ;-). There’s no time an inmate is not flipping through nude images (downloaded or sent by their women) or watching short porn video clips on their phones. Thank goodness, new and latest phones comes with massively large screens that gives us good and satisfying view 😉

Back in the days, it would have been playboy,hustler, penthouse, nuts, zoo and other men’s entertaining magazines (I actually have couples which I downloaded – shared with few lads who can read). Must prefer just photos and videos; forgetting there are others informative articles in those magazines than just naked women ;-). These days, it’s all about photos and home-made videos from our women outisde and downloaded ones, nobody has time to flip through pages of magazines, when on hand or fingers gestures you can flip through tons of porns and view them discretely in the comfort of your bunk with curtains drawn (those cells with shady or sexual activities has got proper dark curtains covering the bars of their cells and on every bunk). But once it goes down, everyone knows, men with open-secrets 😉

Meanwhile, the new Mexican lass is picking up the norm of relationship in prison, lately, seen her in the companies of different lads; the deal is simple, keep the supply line hot and alive with white lines, booze and joint, you enjoyed her lady’s companionship ;-). And the lad who colonised her when she first got in, and cheated on her with my cellmate now prowls the passage every night hunting for a quickie… hahaha! Broken heart 😉

Finally, prison incarceration rarely deprives a man of his wants, he might be deprived of his one NEED; #Freedom, but not the extras of life, if he’s ready and willing to get it, and has the money or means to pay, he will eventually get what he wants – solo or with another’ – consensually!

“All restraints upon man’s natural liberty, not necessary for the simple maintenance of justice, are of the nature of slavery, and differ from each other only in degree.” – Lysander Spooner – “Trial by Jury” (19th century)


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