The Mother Of All Brawls; When Age And Fight Don’t Mix

“A bad jail wastes a body, and quickly. When I entered cell 6 at Gwanda police station, I was fit. But after five days in a concrete and iron-bar tank, with no food and only a few sips of water, my skin was flaking, my clothes were slipping off, my legs were shiny with mosquito bites and I had a constant migraine. The blanket I was given to lie on the concrete floor had given me lice. The water I’d palmed from the rusty tap in the shower block had given me diarrhoea………. And I stank. So many men had passed through cell 6 they had left their smell on the walls, and while I was making my own, the walls had also passed theirs on to me.” – Alex Perry in #FallingOffTheEdge – Globalisation, World Peace And Other Lies.

Apparently, and ironically my first cell in pavilion 6 of La Joya prison in Panama was Cell B6! Fate and destiny and some wrong turns in life brought me there to begin a journey that could be very uncertain for some; but optimism kept me going and going…… Six years on!

21:08:19 Thursday,  22 Oct. 2015

The mother of all bombs #MOAB? Heard of that when The US was working on all ends to get to Osama in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Six years behind bars, I’ve seen inmates get slashed, open up like animals been slaughtered in abattoirs, have seen inmates running with hands holding unto their entrails, trying to keep them back in their right places before they spill out; some survived, but most don’t as police and wardens never come to the scene when it’s still hot, they always wait till proper damages had been done. I have heard barrages of gunshots and seen inmates enacting scene in movies; taking cover as bullets flies through the air like swallow. But, all the fight and gangs things are always between young and middle-aged prisoners as they never lived to old age to continue their wars. The lucky ones who made it to their old age are either handicapped and too maimed from knives or gunshots to continue with gang-banging.

The unlucky ones; upon release, who still can’t let go of the old ways  comes back to prison at old age and pretends to be wise, giving endless and senseless narratives of their lives and how the young should live; but then, the game must have changed as new blood are running #PrisonGangs and it becomes lawless with no codes to guide and keep the gangs in check. It then becomes a free for all fight, where everyone hustle each other for survival!

The old ones are powerless compared to the strength of the youths, but always instigating brawls and hid under the umbrella of old age; knowing very well, no-one will touch them!

The above is a tip of the iceberg of our lives in one of Panama’s notorious prison; La Joya (The Jewel Of The Jungle).

Today we witnessed the ‘Mother Of All Brawls’ #MOAB: A physical brawl between two pensioners, men above their sixties throwing punches at each other 😉

Everything was in slowmotion, despite all the efforts they put to make it faster, they just couldn’t get it together. Got the lads laughing, even the cop on duty couldn’t help but laugh at what he was seeing.

It all started outside and spilled into the gym hall. I for one saw this coming, as I knew from the beginning that this day will come. It all began when our Polish-Canadian was hauled in and added to our ever-increasing numbers. Born into the catholic faith and claimed to have been a catholic priest (hope someone investigate him for abuses, who knows) and now a Sikh, but one with blonde hair, and blue eyes, though all turned white – thus, his nickname; Santa Claus (A Jamaican rasta stamped the name on him and it fits him well)!

Since his day one here, he never stopped talking of his exploits. He actually took everyone for a fool – literally! Which earned him his first enemy; another old lying Canadian who’s almost clocking seven years here and still doesn’t know where he stands (apparently, he can’t stand as his two legs wouldn’t support him).

From day one, he never liked Santa Claus, hated everything about him, both of them pick on each other trying to build camps amongst us, but prisoners are too smart to take up sides with ailing old men who can’t keep quiet; hope it’s not what comes with old age 😉 , both old farts loathes each other, they can’t stand the sight of each other.

Santa Claus, being a Sikh and vegetarian, took to gardening and he’s been doing very well; provides us with all sorts of herbal tea and vegetables. According to him, he’s herbs cures anything and  everything. I do pick some, but only what I’ve research and know their health’s benefits. Many diabetic inmates go to him for herbs which they boil and drink as the prison isn’t taking care of them. And his clientele is growing, which makes his archenemy more jealous of him; he wants some of his herbs, but santa is not willing and ready to give him even a weed. He’s been a very naughty old fart, thus, no green gifts from santa 😉

No matter what Santa Claus do, doesn’t go well with his fellow country man; who has his own closest full of white and black lies. Prisoners, they friggin love lying 😉 – I have learned not to believe anything here, I always take anything and everything said by a prisoner with a pinch of salt. Like horse and carriage which goes hand in hand, lies and prisoners are interwoven 😉

No day goes by without both men getting verbal with each other; always entertaining, the lads just like anything that will take the boredom away, no matter how bloody it could become and where it’s coming from; even from old men!

The old crooked-crook with his crooked legs was outside, beside Santa’s garden, something he does every day; yoga and stretching of his old limps. But, decided to pick on santa today more than on other days. They both exchanged heated old mens’ words. Since the cop was around, the crooked old fart, got inside with his group; I normally keep weights for him and his lads, I do it out of sheer ‘being good’.

Inside, he was moody and restless, his training mates (his students; as he claimed to have trained with all bodybuilding icons), set up the weights. But he sneaked to where our non-working public telephones are as he saw Santa there.

I was under the barbell on my last set, working my triceps (close grip bench press), when I heard cheering noises on the far corner of the hall. I knew something was going down; since it wasn’t the sound of gunshots or inmates scrambling for shelter, I knew whatever it was, was entertaining 😉

Mano-a-Mano, he called up Santa to vent out his anger that’s  been boiling inside of him all day. Santa, who was also expecting this to come, took his stance; apparently, he took few boxing lessons from our former world boxing champion when the lad newly arrived until he fell out with him. He does fall out with everyone.  I guess I’m one of the few who still talk to him; he likes talking, and I’m never tired of listening to whatever anyone says 😉 , even when all that comes out of their mouths are stupidity.

Then, came the mother of all brawls; hands were folded, stances taken, eyes fixed on the opponent; it was beautiful watching two old lads in their sixties acting as teenagers. They moved in circle, watching and aiming to where their punches will make the most impact. The crooked old Canadian threw his first punch, Santa retaliated with two and got him pretty good. When the old crooked lad recovered and threw his second, which floored Santa, he himself couldn’t get his feet to keep him up (that’s when the laugh took a different turn), he literally crumbled on the floor as his crooked legs couldn’t hold him. Both got engaged and entangled on the floor; a bit more like gay porn than prison fight ;-), but gay porn with granddads. Meanwhile, their movements and punches were all in slowmotion mode; the lads wanted something fast and in real-live ;). But age and aching muscles wouldn’t let them move their limbs faster!

While this was going on, the door was closed and noise kept low so the cop outside won’t hear or know what was going on ;-).  But, he eventually came, watched and just laughed seeing two old farts entangled on the floor, probably acting out their aged fantasies, trust the lads, they let them be.

Finally, we got in and pull them apart, enough of old men acting out their teenage fantasies; probably they never fought when they were teenagers, so they were looking forward to it this day.

For Santa Claus, it’s not his first fight and the old crooked guy has had several encounters but his crooked legs has always saved him from being lynched. Santa has been on the receiving side of serious punches; something we suspected was ordered and paid for by Gringo Loco who finally left after 9 years+ in Panama’s Prisons for violating minors; friggin toothless paedophile. Till date Santa can’t move his jaws probably, good a thing he’s a vegetarian as he wouldn’t think of chewing meats 😉

I had to get Santa away; who couldn’t help chanting; “he attacked me first” ….like a million times. I was scared that one of them might have a cardiac attack! Glad it didn’t happen.

The Crooked old lad went back to his training, but he wasn’t there as his mind wandered back to what had happened; how he underestimated Santa Claus, a Sikh and vegetarian, who does not lift weight like him, but took him on physical brawl. We watched the old fart sit out his entire gym time without lifting any weight, and shame couldn’t let him walk in to his cell. Probably, he’s now realised how stupid he was and has always been by getting into arguments with younger prisoners.

After all said and done and life return to what we know as normal in prison! My young Canadian mate (one of the few close to me) came over to my cell, and I told him what happened as he wasn’t in the gym. He couldn’t help laughing; both old men are always telling him tales of their lives, but like others here, he’s come to know, both old men are jokes! They can’t see anyone stand around them without sharing words of wisdom or rather foolishness 😉

We talked and joke about the fight, and talked of   walking into an old people home, and then stumbled  upon two old men encircling each other with fist folded and ready to throw punches on each other, but then, both forgot what they were about to do and ended up embracing each other, in toothless smiles! Got the joke?

And their fight wasn’t the only brawl today!

Well, I had to get myself through my postworkout routine; meals, shower and washed my gym clothes. While I was busy in the cell, another fight was going on, on the B part of the pavilion; two lads were fighting over a laundry line.

That’s the most outrageous thing that could happen to any sane human; well most people here aren’t sane! Their mates made room for both to fight Mano-a-Mano, no weapon drawn or about to! With enough space, many took out their phones to capture the fight live; reminds me, have to ask if anybody recorded the two grandads fighting today 😉

A training mate who witness both fights today, captured the second and has sent to them to me; but they are of poor quality. Will look around for better quality.

One of the lads was battered, saw him with plaster on one eye like a Pirate; how he got that on his face, friggin don’t know, but he look pretty bad.

With a growing and overcrowding population, serious tension is building up amongst us. And more younger criminals are hauled in; these ones acts and reacts without giving any second thought as to what the consequences of their actions will be.

The first thing I see all the new lads does is fashion metals into knives or anything that would be used to harm or defend themselves when the time comes. What they actually fail to see is the many weapons lying around us; literally, one doesn’t need a knife to have a good fight 😉

Saturday, 31 October 2015

All week, have kept up with my daily routines of exercises, mixing #yoga and other forms of workouts; #Crossfit #HIIT #Complexes. And I’m seeing the results of my dedication and determination.

My consul showed up with two visitors from back home #NL (representatives of #ReclassieringNL) and two volunteers who are willing to make out time to visit us; nice of them. The visit was brief as there was nothing new for me, got some novels to keep me busy.

Weekends always come with the lads doing something interesting with their boredom; most hits the bottles, others stick to their gambling, while the blowers keep up with puffing; some stay 24hrs stoned and high, got me always wondering if they ever want to get low for an hour. Can’t friggin imagine staying high all day; being controlled by controlled substances all day. Might be fun or sheer pathetic.

We didn’t have our general cleaning today as water is bit shaky lately, so I made it to the gym for a saturday workout, more of a top up to round up my week. Went for legs and #HIIT bodyweight routines, finished good and surge of endorphins kicked in – it’s gonna be a #GoodWeekend.

Hell! No! My vegetable-monger cellmate who doesn’t go well with alcohol took to drinking since Friday’s night and continued today. When the old dude who sleeps in the gym hall’s floor came in like always; my cellmate decided to pick on him, something he does always.

The old lad lives alone on his little island with his fellow accused; that prompted my drunk cellmate into asking him if he shags his goats and ass (Buro) since there’s no woman on his little island. The old lad got mad, picked up my training wood, got him to drop it, he took his stance as my cellmate came back at him. Within seconds, the old lad has thrown his folded fist slamming everything on my mate’s face (which later gave him an horn on his forehead) 😉

It took my mate about 30 seconds to recover from whatever hit him. Like our old crooked Canadian who underestimated Santa Claus, my cellmate thought same about the old lad. But the man surprised him and others (yeah! Others loved it, they wanted more fight). I stopped them and closed the door, locking my cellmate inside and the old lad to the gym where I know he wouldn’t find peace as the young lads always pick on him; teasing him and calling him pistolero as he was arrested with a revolver!

The fight didn’t end as my cellmate went after the old due with broomstick, none made any move or attempt to stop him. Got to the old lad who was sitting quietly thinking about what misery he’s gotten himself into; just like everyone here. My cellmate hit him, but the old lad overpowered him and pinned him to the concrete floor, launched some power punches on him 😉 hahaha!

Seems our old lads are trying to send a message to the young bloods, that they still have their mojos, they shouldn’t mistake old age for their will to survive in the midst of young hot bloods who are eager to fight. My cellmate returned to the cell and armed himself with an icebreaker he made from a sharp metal; the news got to the old lad and soemone told me also. I knew he won’t use that on me. But being warned is as good as being safe!

The old lad had him reported to the cop on duty who must have seen or heard about the brawl; but didn’t react as there was no blood spilled and moreover it was an old fart beating up a younger lad who has given his strength to liquor and thinking about his wife whom he believed is being shagged by another. No day goes by without him being at odds with his missus; she is thousands of miles away in Colombia, while he’s slammed up abroad in Panama and worries himself to death on what she is doing and with whom she is doing it with! What a twat!

On Sunday, a meeting was held and my cellmate was summoned to the meeting; it was all about kicking him out of the pavilion as many knew he armed himself to hurt the old man. He broke one of our vital unwritten rule; never pick up a weapon against another inmate, always go Mano-a-Mano if you want to fight!

He came to me to plead with the pavilion’s executive and talk to the cop to let him stay; denying he wasn’t armed. Hope he’s pardoned. Despite everything, he’s still drinking, all sunday!

He joined a new group up the passage and been on it, but always crying in bed when alcohol kicks into his system.

Monday, 2nd Nov. 2015

Hit the gym after cooking our lunch for another bouts of #LegsDay; had a wonderful workout, mixing abs and rope jump. Went heavy on squat, hitting 275lbs with 7 reps, could have gone on more weights but had other routines; did deadlifts, RMD, lunges and finished outside with slow jogging and few sprints. Enough for a Monday!

Inside, found out that my cellmate still drnking, but with another group, hope they keep an eye on him as he explodes after a few cups of our potent liquor.

Did my laundry, showered, tried napping, but can’t – noisy! It’s always noisy here!

November is here, and the month when the lads take to drinking till the end of the year. It’s also the hottest period in the pavilion as we anticipate and expect searches by cops as they come looking for #moonshine and whatever they can nicked from prisoners. They actually nick from us; money, food, and any tiny stuffs that can be stuffed into their police kits and pockets.

From now till the end of the year, we are always on full alert waiting for them; the cops!

Our much-awaited consular visit happened last month, she finally came, along with end-of-year visitors from home; Nederland and two volunteers who will be making out time to visit us here ;).

The visit was like others, #NoNews; sometimes the consular visit always raise our levels of anxieties, but I’ve learned to expect nothing, not even what I requested to be bought for me, but on this visit, she did surprised me by buying thing I suggested that I need; cleaning materials – bleach, clothes conditioner, brush and other things. It was one of those #PrisonersMoment; something you wished for, but knowing that it’s a wish, but then you get it.

Those things saved me tons of #PrisonCash as I would have paid 3x the prices she bought them here.

My compatriots got what they ordered, like always, they resell them at #PrisonPrice to make more. But, one in particular sold his toilet papers and came down to the grocer in my cell to buy the same toilet paper at a higher price. He probably sold it for 75ct and ended up buying one for $1.50ct – Penny wise, pounds foolish!

The visit was really needed as I was stint on #PrisonEssentials; toiletries and BP medications, I’ve given up hope of going to the clinic. Self-medication might not be advisable, but when you are in prison, you definitely want to survive and you want to do by any means, which always lead to Self-medication. I don’t just pop in anything, I do my research with govt sites and other reputable medical organisations before; NHS, CDC, Mayo Clinic, Web MD, and ApotheekNL! 😉

November! For many of the lads it’s been fiesta to fiesta – non-stop rumba in the jungle!

Sun, 8. Nov. 2015

December and Christmas are around the corner, the lads are in festive mode and mood. Moreover, Panama is celebrating independence from Colombia. The lads aren’t left out in the celebration, it’s been distilling and straight from the bootleg factories to cups of ravers. Anyone new to the pavilion will think of the place as a strip with watering holes lining all sides.

Some started early on Thursday, the hardcore ones picked up on Friday and continued till today; once they hit the bottle is hard to get them to stop. Some will do with the noise and booze, while others end up in brawl.

Talking of brawl, majority of the lads, once drunk, can’t keep their mouth shut. And once mouths are opened and certain words uttered, it always end in physical brawls. Most men can’t keep their thoughts to themselves, they sometimes think very loud ;-), and whatever you are thinking loud might not go well with your drinking mates, which eventually leads to counter loud-thinking and sometimes to a different level.

I have seen drinking parties turned messy after a lad allowed his tongue to slipped; spilling out ann open-secret about his drinking mate’s missus being shagged by another who was released. It wasn’t something to tell a drunken prisoner. And it didn’t end well with the lad who couldn’t keep his thought from being too loud to everyone’s hearing 😉

From Friday, there has been pockets of brawls involving those drinking and non-drinkers. One lad in particular is always unlucky with alcohol, each time he drinks, he ends up  with one black eye. There’s never been a time he drinks without getting punch or had his head shaved or eye brows cleaned off ;-), sometimes his mates add lipstick and complete make-up to make him look a bit beautiful. Thanks to our shemale who is always ready to lend a helping hand when the lads need her makeup case. I think most lads picked him for lousy arguments, and end up punching him; he’s also a violent guy, as they know when he’s drunk, he’s spills rubbish.

I won’t heap the blame on others for his own doing. If you can’t control yourself after some cups of chicha, then abstain from indulgence; that’s my manera! Period!

Others brawls over the weekend has been with smokers over nicked weed or missing white lines. My sexually-confused cellmate was involved in one, but was exonerated as they found out, he didn’t snort the white lines. But he was wasted over the weekend from drinking and he does a lot of talking and shaming; he did say, that he’s man enough to have come out, but others aren’t man enough to come out of their closets. I know many who are still floating around their sexuality ;-).

The weekend really ended with a bang!

As for sleep, I doubt if many did get good sleep. The noise began on Friday and went on through Sunday, I try to do interval naps when I can. My cell also was a host to a party which almost drove everyone berserk, nobody slept everyone was feeling sick after the party; only two from the cell were in the party. It almost got my pharmacist-cellmate his first proper fight; after he approached the young lad who was wested from days of drinking to take his noise elsewhere. I went in to calm the situation and saved the day.

Despite my poor sleep over the weekend, I still made it out on Monday for my daily workout. The best part of my prison life is having  something I’m always looking forward to. I go to sleep each night looking forward to a new day and doing what I have to do to get me going and occupied. It’s something to do with postive attitude and mentally towards life irrespective of the conditions one finds himself.

Prisoners and Lies; can’t separate one from the other. Intel and rumours about our seized dvd’s and other things during the last search had it that ‘it’s likely the pavilion’s president and his band of followers must have wheeled and dealt with all the stuffs as cops were meant to return them, but till date no signs of them.

Such are what goes on amongst crooked crooks and it’s always the reasons they die like roaches; no honour amongst crooks. They played, double-crossed each others in businesses, and the only way to get back even is to hurt the most crooked.

I now know why scores are settled by the ultimate price; death! To most latino gangs, it does not matter how little the amount stolen or swindled by a mate, what matter is the honour and trust lost. I have seen local prison gangs killed another for a stick of cigarette – must have been an expensive smoke 😉

Thus, cops has seized our electronics, but planned to return them. But, the team in charge of getting them back has gone over and sold them amongst the locals or even to the foreigners in pavilion eight. Such is life in prison; trust no-one, nobody; sometimes the lads don’t trust themselves. Tell an inmate to keep watch over your stuffs while you’re busy, he tells you he can’t, because he doesn’t even trust himself.  I’ve learned to live not trusting anyone here; I take them superficially for what they are, crooked crooks 😉


Thursday 12 Nov. 2015

#Weekend is around the corner! I’m up for another day and ready to take the day, prepared for whatever I can control and accept what is beyond me control; such is our lives in Prison. There are quiet a lot beyond the prisoner’s control, those thing they call unforeseen circumstances! But, if one pays attention to every details within and about, nothing will be unforseen as something always lead to another and sometimes bloody and fatal.

Ready for today’s routine in our improvised gym, I’m always looking forward to it alone as my training partners aren’t dependable, I really can’t build our exercise routines around them. Even, if I told them what we will do the next day, they will be sitting around waiting for me to come out and bring out the materials for the day’s workout.

Some days, I choose to do all-bodyweight routine just to keep a little distance from them, and whenever I do that, I always throw them off course ;-). They become confused, not knowing what to do.

Rushed through breakfast of coffee, bread and two fried eggs before hitting the gym. The gym was busy despite the door being left open for those willing to take a walk outside. The cop on duty knows it’s grilling hot inside, so he allows us ample of time outside in turns. Most inmates once outside wouldn’t want to get back inside; well nobody wants to be locked up in this oven-like building where we are been baked by heat emitted from our own bodies.

After my workout today, and my postworkout rituals; postworkout meal, shower, wash gym clothes and pop online for anything new. Decided to take a power nap as I had woken up early today. While I nap, a @Reuters photojournalist was in the pavilion and was given permission to come, something panama refused other journalists. I heard he did interviews with few inmates, but had to leave as he was running out of time. And, promised to come back on Friday. Hope to speak with him.

Another round of distilling in the cell as the lads working against time to get some booze ready for weekend as many will be hitting the benders to celebrate time in prison 😉

Lately, I’ve been feasting on lentils and whatever bushes I could pick from Santa Claus’ organic garden. I’m doing less meats; actually those without money are doing no meats as the prison food rarely come with meat. Anything meaty are sold off and we get bare watery soup with half-cooked rice. Majority of the lads has got no idea what a healthy food should be; fried chicharrón with rice cooked in half litre of rice or fried arepa (maize massa deep fried) are all healthy choices the lads will murder for. And many aren’t keen about exercising – Naaaaaah! Not their thing 😉

I’m one of the few still hanging on routers and modem for internet connection. Many are opting for Samsung and LG phones that pick up signals at different parts of the pavilion. These phones are easy to stash and not bulky like routers. Seem I will join them, that will be when I have the money as what I need is the HTC ONE M8; pick up signal very well and also good for my online activities 😉

Stayed up a bit for signal which sometimes can be pretty hard to come by.

Finally gave up and retired to my quiet cell as the lads were all snoozing; that’s the only time the cell is quiet… Oh! Mi Dios 😉

Did some reading and tweeting before nature took hold of me….Zzzzzzzzzz 😉

Friday, 13 Nov. 2015

6:58:20 PM

Another #DarkDay in the history of #France after terrorists attacked #Paris!

We are actually watching it live on television as Panama media hooks up with other international media. I’m also live-tweeting as everything about the attacks unfolds!

What’s happening in Paris tonight will definitely raise the bar on the war on terror; this will be the game-changer, the moment of decisions for all the heads of European nations.

I believe the attackers must have slipped into Europe disguised as refugees . How will Europe know who is who? I hope France and Europe will come out stronger and more united against the extremism of all kinds.

For the first time, my cellmates were attentive to the news on television; everyone sat down with faces centered on their television sets. Many aren’t worried as Europe and the Middle East are far away from Latin America.

“In a connected world, it is no longer enough to hit your immediate enemy. You also have to strike at what you perceive as its underlying origins, even if that’s half a world away.” – Alex Perry

Six years behind bars and witness to many life’s devastating events around the world and all of them has taken lives of innocent people. When will all these carnage and chaos end? Like Plato rightly put it, “Only the dead has seen the end of war.”!

“Better to die with dignity than live with humiliation.” – Hussein (Mohammed’s grandson as he lay dying in Karbala, the birth place of the #Shia faith and faction of #Islam – with a sword in one hand and a #Koran in the other) – Seems that’s the underlying and founding stone for all terrorism and those perverting islam!

Would we say, only those who had paid with their lives for the ‘unholy’ religious was has seen the end of this mindless war? Likely!

#ParisUnderAttack #FreedomUnderAttack #EuropeUnderAttack #BordersClosed #EUClosedBorders

Back to my day; had woken up early to use the loo, tried getting online as it would have been the best time to surf, but my friend’s router was down. Had to get back to sleep. Didn’t sleep for long as the lads were up with a bang; once the first wakes and another joins him, two are enough for lousy morning conversation over flimsy things. Sometimes, talks could be about soup, fish, or just about anything that will make any sane human wonder what prisoners actually do with so much time 😉

Finally, got up and set about today’s routine, could be repetitive, but I always try to make it different from the previous day’s and interesting. In the gym, I always add something to my main workout routine to keep the body guessing and to avoid plateaus. While with my reading, I browse through saved articles or pick up an old magazine for a timeout from whatever book I’m reading at hand. And I try to avoid unnecessary talks or discussion that won’t benefit me. I always refer to use their phones and do some basic research or search Google; which has become their instant judge to settle all arguments 😉

Saturday, 14 Nov. 2015

Woke up early to set up my downloads and run through news and development on #ParisAttack, the toll of the attack were climbing; praying it stops!

Back to sleep for a two-hour sleep before 8am when our cleaning starts; today, my old grocer-mate is washing and cleaning the cell, something he hates doing, then don’t return to prison. Apparently, this is his second time in the Joint.

Woke up exactly 07:45 and went about picking up stuffs to make room for him, he had to wait as everyone woke up at the same time. One brushes his teeth, another in the loo and I set water for #greentea on the stove 😉

With my tea and #Yoga mat, headed out to the gym, the cop wasn’t here yet, so the door remained locked and many stood waiting for the cop who later came late! And breakfast also came very late, by that time, I was already into sets/reps on back squats and front squats ;), made today’s workout very enjoyable as I trained alone: hitting the legs hard and then into an all-body #HIIT #Hardcore workout 😉

Most who went outside after the cop opened the door were sent inside after the police commissioner was heard to be coming this way. Rounded up my workout with hanging leg raise for the abs 😉

Back inside, my old grocer bought fatty pork chops with massive skin on each, my boxer mate refused cooking, had to cook it for them (grilled) while I made eggs and ate with leftover lentils from last night dinner.

This week has seen new faces hauled into our already choked and overcrowded population; we are overflowing and still counting in a building built for 216 #Prisonners, we are clocking almost 650 prisoners now and more are coming. They can’t and won’t stop coming and Panama won’t stop churning them into their overcrowded prison factories, which in return churns out graduated and seasoned baddies to the streets of Panama; #ViciousCircle

Amongst the sixteen newbies hauled in this week, five happened to be old faces returning to pick up where they left ;-), one is a fourth-timer. There’s a joke making rounds about the lad; it’s better he buys a bunk and keep it for himself, whenever he goes out and return, he won’t be worried about starting afresh or from the bottom. Our new President who returned for the second time, returned to his former cell and bed, where he was haertly welcomed. He now have a personal chef who grills and fry anything edible for him, both are severly obese and being obese in a place like this where mobility is restricted is the worse thing to happen to anyone.  Well, most think eating whatever their money can buy is living large, sometimes money are being spend on unhealthy foods and that’s what many here are doing.

Another development this evening, our PA system went up for a meeting to reshuffle the pavilion’s leadership and vote in a new president and new members of the executive board that will work with the new president. The present one and his team are said to be chronically corrupt, so much dark-prison businesses going on which we only hear through whispers. The locals has turned our pavilion into their recreation centre, heard a local came partying here and slept over; something no foreigner will ever try. The more easy for the locals to move in and amongst us, the easier it is for them to carry out any job on any one of us. In the past, the most they can come is outside the wire fence, but now, they walk in freely, and some even steal from us with the help of their friends amongst us.

There are rumours making rounds that our seized dvd players and other items had probably been flogged in the market by the president and his team. The cops were willing to return the items after picking out what they liked and wanted. But what was left to be returned took a different turn and till date, no news of it. Such is life in prison, none is straight, everyone looks out for himself and his own.

Tonight’s meeting was a briefing, it’s likely an election will be held tomorrow for a new leadership to run the prison affairs. It’s ironic how one could run, lead and control men that society couldn’t control and tamed ;). I believe it takes a criminal to understand another criminal, thus, it only takes prisoners to be able to run other prisoners; that probably the reason cops and wardens has no presence amongst the population. Everything inside the pavilion are left in the hands of inmates to take care, and it could be a very dicey situation as we have seen in different pavilions. Brawls leading to deadly fatalities has been witnessed in several pavilions over leadership and control of businesses which are mostly drugs deals in the pavilions.

Hope we will be able to choose someone who wouldn’t be preoccupied with his own personal affair, but one that will work, having the pavilion’s interest in mind.

11:58:10 PM one of my cellmate is distilling, the cell is like an oven prepared for baking, not even our old fans helping with the heat. I’m outside the cell waiting for him to finish before I take another shower and tuck into my bunk for the night.

The more turbulence, the more intense the struggle, the greater evidence of can-do hustle and ambition. #survivingprison #Darwin

Your ability to make yourself do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not is the key to success.

#SurvivingPrison #StayingFitInPrison


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