The Revolving Lives Of Prisoners; What we do with TIME which we barely have. 

There comes a moment in history when ignorance is no longer a forgivable offence…… A moment when only wisdom has the power to absolve.

TIME: the one commodity that controls every others, to a prisoner time is of utmost importance; it determines everything around him, his life is lived in a time capsule, he waits on time for freedom, for his survival, even for his ultimate demise if he’s unlucky. Time, we wished and hoped we can control it, twist and turn it around as we want, but time past can’t be undone. We live to look forward to time in the future and how our use of time will determine our time tomorrow.

“Don’t go chasing waterfalls, stick to the rivers and the lakes that you used to. I know you gonna have it your way or nothing at all. But I think you are moving too fast.” – TLC (lyrics #Waterfalls)

But then, if we don’t go chasing waterfalls, how do we grow and do we live all our lives dreaming. But some waterfalls are like ‘building castle in the air’ and daydreaming.

Sat, 21 March 2015

Woke up exactly at 8am, being my day to clean and wash the cell, I might be doing it alone as the young lad hasn’t been dependable lately; one can’t rely on him. Moreover, it’s better for me as I won’t be working out today; this would be my Saturday’s workout 😉

Started with a cup of strong black coffee with cinnamon, fuelled and fired me through as swept, wash and scrubbed the floor and walls of the cell. Emptied one of the large blue tank, washed it inside-out ;-), did something the lads rarely do; it will take time to round up, but I want to be satisfied with my work 😉 and they don’t like the waiting.

Took down my fan, also to be cleaned and washed, washed the walls of our shower room, which was yellowish-black; the lads rarely do it, they are always in a hurry to finish and get on with gossiping 😉

Finished and had a proper shower, then came the little lad with his mouth that doesn’t shut up for a second; he tried saying something sarcastically to me, but launched at him before he could utter any words. That sent him flipping ;-), told him not to be a pu**y as they ‘all’ love talking behind another’s back, not man enough to talk to their faces. That sent him out! And better for my peace as it’s been me and my music all morning and with a little help from the old lad who is still living in dreamland; still doesn’t believe his being here is real. He’s always asking me, how I managed to get on all this years; and I always told him ‘trust your mojo’ ;-), accept what you can’t change, change what you can or change your attitude to adapt and adopt to your new world, then will you survived the odds of survival in #Prison. The old lad loves helping out, but the lads doesn’t like him helping, he’s a nice catholic faithful and the only one who truly washes the toilet and bathroom properly.

For the first time my pharmacist-cellmate cooked something else other than rice. Knackered from the cleaning, couldn’t and didn’t want to do anything else; my grocer-mate bought a pound of beef. My pharmacist-cellmate had to cook both rice and the beef; but I guided him through the beef process 😉 using my prized frying pan, which I don’t want them to use as they kept using metals on it destroying the teflon coating 😉

Added my broccoli to the meat; black pepper and salt and beef season and that was it. A pal upstairs sent me chicken soup; pipping hot, something I needed, ate the soup and afterwards had my rice and beef. Wasn’t bad, the first time my pharmacist-cellmate cooked; he usually buy food from the different chefs cooking and selling in different cells in the pavilion. He also get fortnightly visit from his missus and also enjoys conjugal visit from her, the latter which causes many to envy him ;-), hard for prisoners to have a life of theirs, want to live others when theirs is yet to be lived 😉

Bloody hot today, well, enough ice in yesterday, should be enough to take us through the day, and there won’t be any tomorrow (Sunday), too bad!

My young cellmate took to the top of the cell, drinking with music blasting from our makeshift sound system, at least it does amplifiers the music from our phones ;-), problem within him and some of his folks; bound to repeat one song over and over again and it’s always Leonel Sawasky (a black Colombian vallenatoe singer); vallenatoe, apparently is Colombian folk music and goes well with aguardiente (liquor flavour with aniseed; and I have tried few here, taste like the french Pernod).

Their choices of music aren’t wide like those of most people; vallenatoe, vallenatoe and more of it and some salsa….then added flavour Mexico with música norteñas ;-). Have learned so much about music of Latino America and I do like quite a lot; I even have a large collections of quality music more than them 😉 thanks to torrents sites.

It’s gonna be a very long noisy night today, only hope he get drunk quickly and fall asleep as that what he does when he’s drunk 😉

Decided to catch an hour of power nap, ended up with more than hour; woke up rejuvenated.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

My real day of rest, behind bars, one can never have be at rest; but you could be at peace of mind despite the turmoil around you.

Our lives is lived on the edge with anticipation of something that will, could or might happen at any moment; raised voices in arguments of card or board games could turn into something nasty and bloody. A gay and jolly drinking sessions with ‘supposedly mates’ could turn into a free fight for all after alcohol has done its magic; bringing out old wounds. Thus, if these doesn’t happen within 24hrs, then it could be the cops paying us an impromptu visit; Search!, then our hearts are hanging in our throats as none knows what he will lose.

No matter the situation, I try to give myself the calmness I desire; taking my mind out of the situation around me and live my life the way I want to, not the way prison will conditioned me to live.

Like all Sundays, it’s off from the weights and anything exercise, well the only exercise today might be talking, eating, sleeping and my hands working my phone’s keypad 😉

Spent the day virtually in and around my cell, my close pals are my training mates and we are all connected on social media, thus, we stay in touch there; personally, I hate going to other people’s cells, as not everyone in the cell might be ok with such visit. I’ve made my bunk very comfortable for me and I’m ok with it, thus, I spend my lazy time sitting or lying on it or standing around the cell.

Mon 23, March 2015

Having gone to bed early last night, woke up around 2am, got online briefly, tried sleeping, couldn’t, but finally slept around 4ish and up around 8ish. Around 9am, the whistle went off as the door was thrown opened for an hour or two of patio outside in the yard; the dry season has brought serious drought to panama and has also affected our patch of green field. The grasses are all dried up exposing stones which can be very dangerous, but doesn’t deterred the lads from playing football.

Made a cup of coffee and took a bar of mix trail (honey ‘n oats), and a pack of raisins; enough to fuel my exercise today. Went outside, went through some stretching and yoga routines, been working on Hindu push-ups; gives me a good stretch 😉

Worked with the monkey bars; hitting inverted rows, dips and also pull-ups. Did some brisk walking, can’t run long lapses as my back hurts on each impact my feet makes with the ground. But, doing enough #HIIT to work my cardio as well, kept me pumping and shredded 😉

Within two hours, it was all over, the whistle went off, everyone was hauled back inside to our battery cage like caged chickens in an industrial poultry complex; back to our monotonous and sedentary life, the prisoner life.

Straight into the weight room which is also a multipurpose hall; serves as everything for anything or any group activities in the pavilion and also a grand cell for those without spaces in the overcrowded cells in the main building.

Being Monday, the lads knows nothing other than #Chest; hard to change routines, many are working out for the first time in their life here and most are doing it because their friends are doing it.

The gym was packed to the brim, but we waited until we got our turns and started intensively. Added triceps and core routines to fill up the wait time as the group is growing seriously large; we were about seven and I can’t send anyone away.

Finished exhausted just on the nick of time before lunch was wheeled in; half-cooked rice, lentils (will go for it) and greasy pig parts; ain’t going for this!

Inside, enough water came today, all the tanks were filled up; yesterday, sunday, there wasn’t any water in the pavilion, and it got many dipped into their reserves. My cell managed to scaled through the day without anyone dipping into their reserves, but at the end of the day, all tanks were empty except those used in the kitchen. Glad our water problem is gradually taking a place behind us, but doesn’t restore my fait in the prison system yet. It could happen any day 😉 water crisis!

The lads cooked rice and sardine sauce, but went for lentils and the last of my expensive pumpkin I cooked earlier in the morning.  Ate some raisins, and downed an ample amount of cold gatorade 😉

For dinner my grocer-mate bought half grilled chicken, they had theirs with rice and mine with my pumpkin 😉

Had a brief late afternoon nap, needed and refreshed. Another shower as it’s grilling hot, it’s almost drought in Panama as there hasn’t been rainfall in a very long while. Hope it rains now! We need it badly, friggin hot, sitting on the passage, I could feel the heat of people as they walk by, and also the stench of their bodies; some aren’t bothered buying deodorants, as the money is better off buying rolls of joint or a line of dope! It’s all about priorities, and prisoners do have theirs 😉

Decided to hit my bunk early, say around midnight ;-), but ended up reading till nature called to ZzzzzzzLAND!

Tues 24, March 2015

Woke up early, but waited for the lads to round up with their morning rituals, which took a while as those upstairs came down early to use the loo; what on God’s own earth are these lads eating? Probably their system is adjusting to the prison system; store nothing inside, whatever one’s eat, goes out asap 😉

Finally got my turn and did what I have to do, a cup of green tea and cinnamon got me ready, watery oatmeal came on the breakfast cart; took a cup and mixed it with my dry oats, added a tablespoon of peanut butter and a pack of raisins. That’s enough to fuel my workout of the day today. Brewed strong coffee, added a teaspoon of powdered cinnamon, my preworkout drink, I feel the surge of energy and strength each time I sip some of this, and the lads also noticed the changes in my workouts; like duracell, when others are dropping, it’s then I’m getting recharged, some think I’m juicing, but they know better 😉 it’s all natural!

The gym was packed, but we waited and got all we need for a proper back and biceps routines. Since, my gym group is growing with each day, decided to use the wait-time for other routines, and crossfit routines or #HIIT is the best to keep up with the tempo. With two other lads we got drilled with Olympic lifts and body-weight routines.

Finished and went outside for minutes of brisk-walking and body-weight routines on the monkey bars behind the pavilion. Enjoyed the sun and cool afternoon breeze, much better than our recycled air, which breathe and wallow inside the pavilion.

Finally done and in, the lads cooked their usual food; rice cooked in oil, which I always pass, if I want rice, I’d rather go for the prison rice as it’s cooked without oil. Had cold cereal for my postworkout meal and afterwards beans and boiled eggs from today’s breakfast for lunch. Dinner was salad (mix ‘n match), late in the evening a bowl of oats was enough to send me to bed.

Signal has been terrible lately, but still manage to keep my online presence active with the social media 😉

Lately, haven’t been doing much of late night browsing as I rarely get my afternoon nap, need the night rest to recuperate for the next day’s workout.

Seen lot of new faces around in the pavilion, and they aren’t from other pavilions, but here; thus, our population is growing on every Tuesday and Friday as those are the days we receive newbies. Though, most will come in looking timid and haggard after spending rough days at the transitional jail; every prisoner’s nightmares. Soon, they will be all refreshed, adapted and adopt to our lifestyles or to their new life behind bars. For some, it’s not the first time, but still, finding their feet on the ground will take a while, but always with help of their compatriots who are always willing to help.  And also ‘help’ by using them as foot-soldiers to hawk their wares for certain percentage ;-), have seen some new inmates who bare spend a day or two in the pavilion hawking all sorts of things around; flipflops, meats, nicked powder milk from the kitchen, foods (mostly fried ones), mobile phones accessories, weeds, clothes and anything else that a prisoner believes he needs to make his life a little comfortable on the inside. The most gets on the lottery wagon; numbers are sold from 0-100, where a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place wins a certain amount of money or whatever they have on for the winning prize; which could range from money to a box of groceries (the latter which some of my compatriots does with their toiletries), it could also be a bottle of whiskey or aguardiente or any other liquor. The lottery system works along with panama national lottery; the last two numbers are picked as the winning numbers; thus, whatever last two numbers comes up on the national lottery, whoever picked that number wins. Smart idea to make money and also to lose; but hardly does anyone loses as you can cancel it if you haven’t made enough money ;-), there’s also betting with football and boxing matches, that really sends the thrills amongst the lads 😉 . Well, despite being slammed away and hoped to be turned in hermits, we are still men, and men will always do what men does; wager, drink, brawls, try to get laid after some lines of white and too-much liquor and also gossip 😉 ‘walls have ears’

Retired to my small-big world; my bunk which some inmates think is rich compared to their austere and dirty bunks; they are just dirty lads who believes having a beautiful haircut and dressing is all.

Wed, 25 March 2015

School has resumed this week, and it’s likely I will be called up today, unless something happens that will cause zero-movement; anything can happen in prison at any time and to anybody.

Got up with two things in mind; school and workout, the first comes up, then the second will be call off, as I won’t be able to make it to the gym after school as school closes by noon and gym by 1pm.

Rushed through my morning rituals and made a cup of tea, while I downed bowl of cold oats with peanut butter. Then the names were called, about twelve of us; dressed up, took my books and my cup of tea outside, but have to wait for another 30 minutes for some dope heads who wouldn’t come out on time; wondering what they are doing.

The 2 minutes to 5 minutes walk upstairs could take a lifetime if the locals are up to their nastiness or the lazy-ass cop mounting the extra security door is busy snorting or running his personal business outside prison business ;-). But we made today’s walk around 10 minutes after waiting for the cop to open his door; who knows where he went to and what he was doing away from his assigned post 😉

At school, new class and new level; higher than last year’s, but with same dope head locals, always edgy and on the verge of doing something out of the ordinary, but always trying to contain themselves as they need time reduction from going to school or working. Lucky to be in school, they won’t want to mess that chance up 😉

School was brief, and also bored; guess they curriculum was meant for the locals as the teachers thinks panama is all that. Everything is about how good panama, but they won’t teach or talk about the corruption that is tearing the country apart and the thirteen women murdered so far this year and all the unsolved murders happening every weekend; beautiful, isn’t!

Back in, showered and ate the lentils soup that came on the lunch cart, wasn’t bad after I added some spice to mine. One of the pastors approached me, asking if I will buy cabbages (probably nicked from the kitchen), supposed to be in our salad, which we only get sliced uncured onions, which bring tears to one’s eyes when chewing 😉

Took a power nap, and woke up waiting for our weekly headcount….. 16:35:30

What a hectic day, despite not working out today. The cops did worked us all up today, the came around 5pm for our weekly headcount, which will last into the night as they made error during the first count. Everyone was counted and sent in, quickly ate my dinner; last of my boiled yam with tuna sauce (of course, nicked pack of tuna from the kitchen sold to me by the locals). Then the call for another round of count and this time, it will be cell by cell. Friggin beggars belief that the prison system can’t just get the numbers of prisoners it’s holding right 😦

The cops always come up with outdated list, missing some names, my sixth year here and there’s been a list without my name ;-), why don’t they make such error and send me home 😉

Well, decided to leave my chair as I want to use the opportunity to do some some yoga stretches; and I did it under the cool evening breeze 😉

The count went on till around 8pm when they satisfied that none has gone awol or there’s been a #PrisonBreak ;-), well, if there’s any missing, it’s always the cops who does the job, as no inmate can leave without settling with them; #PrisonBiz 😉

The pavilion is still hot as it’s been all the previous days and still no sign of rainfall; hope it rain soon. Anyway, with enough water and water crisis behind us, one can afford to shower as many times as he wants; some of the lads won’t take that lightly 😉

Taking my second shower now, but first thing first, gotta drink my green tea ;-), will be tucking in early tonight, if I can though!

Thurs, 26 March 2015

Woke up early as I slept early last night. ;-), went for a cup of strong black coffee as I need a preworkout surge before an early workout today. A bowl of cold oats + peanut butter + raisins served as power breakfast. Left with the cup of coffee with a pinch of cinnamon to the gym and to the surprise of the early birds 😉

Set up what I could find and get started with shoulders and full arms routines; missed yesterday’s workout as I went to school. Thirty minutes into my workout, my team mates came in, one after the other and we’re surprised to see me sweating 😉

We went on to have a heart-pumping workout, I introduced them to Olympic lifting which I have been practising for a while now; we went into #crossfit workout of the day, three routines which got them torn in pieces and shattered, but also rewarding as they felt good 😉

The cop on duty wouldn’t let us out, thus, the gym was full, but we managed to squeezed ourselves into tiny spots as we hit our routines. Prison has taught us how to value and use tiny spaces, no matter how large you are, you are forced to occupy whatever spot you find yourself in.

Back in, had my postworkout meal and lunch of rice and tuna (both from yesterday),  trying not to waste food as most does here; especially when they food are what I need. Showered and took a nap which my body really need.

When I woke up it was around 6pm, didn’t hear or read from schat after our early morning chat, pray she is fine. She later messaged that she fell asleep; got me worried, the world is becoming mucho locos 😦

My grocer-mate cellmate who is so lazy about running his business has gotten an apprentice who sits around all day helping, so he can have time to nap or play dominoes or other games ;-). I thought he would have used the time to go out like other old inmates and have some early morning walk and stretch his old joints; but he’s too lazy and has grown real fat since he came here. We always tease him about his porn-addiction and sedentary lifestyle, but I guess, that’s what keeps him happy, thus, he aren’t ready to give them up.

Couple of days ago he ordered smoked pork, what the lad brought him and another inmate today was way expensive; tagged price was $8, thus, he will be paying $16, with that amount we can buy three pounds of proper beef (well, prison-proper —– I meant) .

Cooking, lately is done by me or the boxer-cellmate, while the pharmacist-cellmate does rice as he can’t cook sauce or stew ;-), well, I try not to eat what others cooked as I don’t know how thy go about their cooking.

Decided to make patacones (one of the good things after bachata and merengue from Domincan Republic) with stew using part of the smoked pork; wasn’t bad for dinner 😉

Went early to bed and was still worried over not hearing from schat; until I got her message late, then I slept peacefully but never deep; but then,n this is prison where anything and something can happen and at anytime and to anybody as we are already in the wrong place and at the wrong time! Never a right time to be in prison; well, maybe there’s, stopping a bad person before he does something hurtful and terrible!

Fri, 27 March 2015

Woke up very early, thanks to my noisy cellmates 😦

#TGIF and it’s #Weekend, love weekend as it’s time to rest and recuperate, but also loathes it as I miss workout ;-). It’s Friday and just occurred to me, the catholic priest will be coming for Friday’s mass with the faithfuls 😉

Hurried through a cold cereal breakfast, armed with a cup of strong black coffee (has become my preworkout fuel), took my push-ups woods, a towel for the floor and a napkin (apparently, cut a towel into four pieces to use as handkerchiefs, bloody hot here). Met some lads working chest; joined them after a brief warm ups and stretching. Started light with high reps and then went heavy till 255lbs for a 3 sets of 8-10 reps. Then came the faithfuls with their chairs. Used another 15 minutes to pull through some intensive routines before I called it off. Went outside to finished my workout under the sun; something I needed, cool breeze despite the blazing sun. The priest later came, but late, meaning, there won’t be workout after the service. Glad I went out early and also continued outside, where we pulled through some cruelly routines #Crossfit 😉

Having cooked our lunch earlier before I left for my early workout; last of our smoked pork, or whatever they smoked and packed ;-). Had that for lunch and as my postworkout meal 😉

Showered and did my little laundry; have to wash my gym clothes every day after workout, some lads just keep on using theirs until someone tells them, they need to get them washed 😉

Unlike Fridays here; a bit quiet all evening; the main tavern is closed; seems the lads been doing business on credit, no capital to get started again. Hope they learn the naked true about prison business; don’t deal on credit. But they are easily fooled; pay once, twice and then you are cedit worthy 😉

My compatriots aren’t happy with our consul as we had expected her this week, but she didn’t show up; well, I’m used to waiting and hoping, and I also know what to do with those waiting-time – make good use and make myself useful. And I have learned never to hope on ‘men’ and even ‘women’; there can be disappointment and it can hurt real bad. But, my compatriots are yet to learn, even after all these years behind bars 😦

Went for an early night as signal is not helping tonight; made the night boring!

Some reading before nature took hold of me 😉

Sat, 28 March 2015

Another early day; weekly cleaning and washing of the cell. The little lousy-loud young lad will be cleaning. Was up before 7am, finished before he got up, got my stuffs out and brewed me a strong black coffee for the day; dressed up for an early workout as hanging around can and will definitely breed contempt, better I’m far from sight – ‘out of sight, is out of mind’…. well, not all the time with prisoners, as out of sight could be time to gossip about you 😉 ‘what prison does to men’ – very, very sad situation 😦

The gym hall which serves as everything was been washed; also the weights storage room was washed. I doubt if the lads will want us to train today as they would want to get back to sleep.

The cop wouldn’t allow us out either as today is our patio which they promised will be soon; which wasn’t. Was able to get about my workout in a spot; burpees, push-ups, rope-jump, pull-ups on our welded bar, triceps and biceps, even added shoulders, lunges and just about everything to make me feel very very good 😉

Had one of my best workout without weights, and that was enough for the day and week. Called it off; and got in.

My pharmacist-cellmate has cooked a pot of rice, earlier I had ordred 2lbs of lean steak ;-), rushed through the cooking, ate and served others. Then, showered. Then, the door was open for an hour or two outside; many went out, but decided to stay back as I’m done for the day and week.

Later took a nap; one of the best as my pharmacist-cellmate switched off the cell’s main light; which helped me with my sleep. Woke up strong and also starving 😉 had some rice and bled of green tea and fresh mint leaves tea. Not bad!

My cellmate who doesn’t mix well with alcohol decided to drink tonight; it’s gonna be a long night for us. Several cells are also in the mood tonight; probably they are celebrating Monday’s visit which will be family visit, when kids are allowed in. They are probably drinking in celebration as they will be spending some moments with their children. Beautiful, something I long for 😦

22:39:41 the drinking party has moved to the front of the cell; but my mate keep coming to engaged me in lazy-lousy talks. But, another cellmate has just sent us out of the cell; lad is having a shyte, and when he does, nobody stays in the cell, he always blame it on his diabetes. Lad is lucky, as he works out; but actually spend most of his time in the gym talking, and that’s they think that keeps him going. He’s always talking, sometimes tells me stuffs he has repeated over and over to me, nice though, when I need someone to talk to 😉

Saturday night, few are drinking around different cells, but most are tired of all week-long partying. But, my drunk cellmate is so wasted that he fell asleep with a cup half-full of #Moonshine; it actually taste like proper beer, how the lads does it, got no idea; but I still prefer my wine, which I haven’t made in a very long while now. Some of my core ingredients hasn’t been in for a long while; ginger and grapes 😉

It’s gonna be a long night as my drunk cellmate will be up and about vomiting all he’s been drinking all day; problem with the lad, doesn’t eat well, but loves drinking.

Sun, 29 March 2015

#Sunday, it’s palm sunday today and easter is around the corner ;-), always wanted to sleep longer on Sundays, but once the lot of the lads are up, sleeping longer is out of the question; then the noises awakes also 😦

Began the day easy with a cup of green tea and cinnamon tea; cinnamon has become my new sugar, use it for my tea, coffee and cereals and even in my protein shake – when I have one 😉

The lads are always hungry and wanting to eat something in the morning; but rarely go for something healthy. That has turned me to the dietician and nutritionist in the cell, as I lecture my cellmates on food and what is best for them, especially the aging ones, whose waistlines has been growing since the dropped in and out of sedentary lifestyle 🙂

With trying to eat healthy which is very hard here, I’m always telling them to take some time out for walks and stretching of their aged muscles and joints. Hope they do!

The day started well, but everything turned sour and sore as it turns out there is and won’t be water today; we are likely going to dip into our reserves. And to add salt into injury; there’s no ice either in the pavilion and it’s grilling hot inside, not even my massive fan is useful at this moment 😦

Left with me alone; everything could be taken (well, everything has been taken, as nothing is left after a man’s freedom has been taken away from him), but leave me with a bag of ice cubes each day, will friggin calm my nerves 😉

There’s nothing like room temperature here, water in gallons are all below boiling point temperature. Drinking them without ice is like drinking lukewarm water 😉

I managed to organised what water we have left; filled up the kitchen tanks, and empty whatever tanks we have left into the big blue tanks and sent out instructions that we are on half-tanks today, meaning, anyone taking shower will be using half tank of water instead of a full tank. I believed I was understood, as it was well implemented, most showered twice and I did twice also.

One way to keep oneself cool under the heat is avoiding unnecessary contacts; the pavilion is overcrowded, that one can’t avoid constant contact with others. They are either talking or breathing into your face; imagine the amount of stench one lives with here. But staying in my cell keeps me at arm’s length and far from unnecessary contacts. At some moment, the cell is empty, even my grocer-mate, who now has an apprentice now goes out to place dominoes or whatever board games he chooses; apparently, that’s his form of exercise 😉

Lately, the lads from pavilion eight has been trooping in here to visit their “Paisanos” and “Primos”, all it cost them is a bottle of soft drinks to the cops on duty. But our lads going to their pavilion, aren’t going there to talk or chat with them; but for another bodily servive or bodily modifications 😉

The trend has been on since  a lad who did time in US prison was hauled into pavilion eight for whatever crime he committed in panama. While in the US prison, the lad learned something that will become a constant source of income while in prison here; the art and act of body modifications.

He is a tattoo artist and also does some other body enhancement, the latter which has drawn nearly everyone to him 😉

From words around in my pavilion, quite a lot of inmates are so proud of his handiwork, and few, as I heard have tried it here with our one and willing subject; our reina de la noche (the queen of the night)! Left me wondering who enjoyed the game as she has no clit 😉

The lad’s service is explicit and pragmatic; works on the mojo of his clients (hummmmm! How many mojos has he been handling since his incarceration and since he started this crude ingenious business)

Business idea; insert pearl into the skin of the penis of his clients, since there’s no pearl here, he does it with dominoes that has been cut, shaped and moulded round as a pearl.

According to testimonials from many of his clients who are now free; the stuff seems to be working wonders in their quest of getting laid. As every good testimonial does, brings prospective clients to the yard; loads are trooping to him to get pearled 😉

Was surprised when I learnt that my porn-addicted old cellmate has gotten three inserted in his old mojo; lad doesn’t want to retire his machine 😉

My drunk cellmate also has one done, the young lad who will be released in couple of months from now, has also gotten himself fixed. The first to get his done was my boxer-cellmate along with others. Pearl-in-the-dick has become the trend in the pavilions and amongst inmates now; a returning lad, who’s also my namesake was taken over there by the young lad and also got fixed. The problem is, he doesn’t know when he will be walking out of here; the first time, his lawyers did some magic and he walked away, hope the lawyer will repeat that same magic now as he is in dire need of it; so he can get to try his now sex toy 😉

We are doing whatever makes us happy and while away our time here; so everyone will always have something to do.

And for the rest of sunday, nothing special happening, apart for what is normal to us; gaming, gambling, rolling and puffing, lining and snorting, drinking and roaring like lions or cubs that most are 😉

Had a late shower before retiring to my bunk with a cup of water beside me as I tend to drink at night 😉

Mon, 30 March 2015

Up to use the loo and that was it; water on stove for coffee, will need that today as I will be hitting the gym early. Want to train early today as I and my compatriots are expecting our consul today; the consul visit is supposed to be once in every three months, well, if she shows up today, she kept to her words, if not, there’s still Tuesday 😉

The visit used to be once every month, but due to the austerity measures implemented back home in The Netherlands, everything has been streamlined, we don’t get as much as we used to, several embassies were closed and workforce streamed; but more jobs.

Had leftover rice and tuna for breakfast, will need enough strength today in the gym. Coffee was black and thick with cinnamon, later took some to the gym.

Visit list was called out and the lads filed out for an hour or more today as it’s family visit; two kids are allowed in with an adult. It’s one moment most of us misses, no families or loved ones around, but thank God for smartphones and internet connection; has kept and brought our relationships very close. We can have real time communication with our loved ones. In the past we were blessed to be able to use video chats, but since the mobile signal jammers were set up after the bloody North Korean sailors were hauled in here; video chats has become history.

With instant messaging, I’m constantly in contact with my family and friends , communication is made very easy and time also passes by rapidly. And with internet; my education continued, all I always want is a good phone with supersonic processing power, and what I have now does the job I need now. I have downloaded ebooks, magazines, articles, audiobooks, magazines (don’t miss out on my favourites), and every newly released songs too ;-). All these has helped me make good use of my time and also help me become very useful with myself. And it clearly shows that with access to books, internet and proper resources in prisons, prisoners can continue with their lives and not live in a time-capsule or vacuum, that, after incarceration, they don’t even know what year it is; thanks to American prison systems 😉

Meanwhile, while the lads were out for today’s visit, the gym was virtually empty; the few of us there, made good use of the space and all we can put together for our workouts. I did basically Olympic lifts today, rounded up with biceps, abs and loads of bodyweight cardio routines; was well worth my time 😉

The lads came back with tons of foods, enough food to feed an army ;-), seems what really keeps us going is “Food”, the lads don’t play with their foods.

Back in the cell, water finally came today; enough to fill everything, got me filling up empty bowls and pots 😉

The lads cooked shrimps and boiled cassava brought in from today’s visit. Decided to go for the last of my rice and tuna and bit of the shrimps, passed the cassava. Black eye peas came for lunch, got a bowlful which will serve as my dinner with hard boiled eggs from today’s breakfast.

And my consul didn’t show up today, she has left the lads in limbo as they are broke and some are in debts; they are likely going to flog all she will be bringing in order to pay up their debts. Hope she comes tomorrow, and if she doesn’t show up, then, it will be next week, after the #EasterBreak 😦 then the visit is no longer every three months??

Took a long nap after lunch, drank gallons of water today; still hot and sticky! One thing I found out; since I stopped drinking the prison water, my cough has also stopped. Reminds me of an article I read online; about former inmates who sued the prison authorities because of infections they had from drinking from the prison water system. It was stated that the water supplied to the prison is processed from a water plant in Chepo (a little town right outside the prison entrance gate), and the water gets very poor treatment, remnants of faeces and harmful bacteria were found in the prison water system. Mineral water are sold here, but how many of us can afford them on a regular basis? I have just two options; buy mineral water when I have money or boil the prison water before drinking. Whatever is preventable is worth preventing 😉

After my short nap late this afternoon, up and brewed a cup of green tea, infused with aniseed tea; refreshing 😉

22:11:00  – my cellmate who’s been drinking all weekend is now going through his demons of hangover; vomiting, hope he cleans the toilet when done. Lad can’t handle the bottle, and can’t figgin resist the damn thing either. Little does he and others know; the greatest battle for a man is the battle against “self”…. if you can fight and overcome those little urges, build up a strong resilience and willpower, you can learn to say “NO” and “YES” at the appropriate time!

Finally, pray signal will be on my side as I want to get his publish tonight 😉

“The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis” – “In dangerous times, there is no greater than inaction”

Don’t get stuck with the thing that ruins your day. Smile and be happy. Life is too short to be wasted on negative thinking. #prisonexperience #survivingprison

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” – Michael Jordan


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