Verela taken over the helm of leadership in Panamá, Martinelli humbled, but not bowed! And Men and women behind bars awaits their fates.

The greatest feats of survival speak equally to the persistence and durability of the human spirit and the courage of those forced to undergo extraordinary trials.

Sometimes the thing we can’t change end up changing us.

“The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.” – Nietzsche

Tue, 1 Jul 2014
An early day, feeling bit better with regards to my lower back and sciatica pains. Praying its gets more better than how I feel now.

Went through my early morning rituals of brushing and brewing my fruit-infused green tea; the lads can’t drink pure green tea, they want something infused with fruits flavours and with added sugar, rather want mine pure y sin azucar.

Signal wasn’t at its best today, brief chat with schat, haven’t spoken with my lil girl for days now, heard she pretty busy with school work, piano lesson, swimming and football practice, so much to get her knackered at the end of each day. Schat is doing a great job with the kids. Exchanged voicenotes with my littlest princess, who’s always eager to be at the nursery; learning a lot both from nursery and from her siblings. She is yet to meet and know me in person, but adores me from the way we talk to each other, always asking when I will be back home. Can’t wait to lift her up and give her a fatherly warm hug.

Took out some beans from the lot my mate bought from the old cow who nicked it from the kitchen. But it seems the contractor in charge of our food, went to the factory where beans are processed and bought all the shafts and leftovers; had to washed it like twenty times and picked out more stones than the beans itself. Finally got it clean enough and ready to cook, left for my cell to get ready for another beautiful day in the gym.

Set the beans on fire, dressed up and left a bit late for today’s workout. My training mates were waiting for me. Started with body-weight exercises and stretches to warm up. We rushed through excruciating #HIIT #Hardcore #Back and #Biceps, then rounded up with hanging leg/knee raise.

Inside, no water today, though water came, but the lad in charge of water, whom I heard swearing to his cellmates that, when he leaves, he will be going home with the electric pump and all the pipes; what a wanker! Well, we will wait and see how it goes when he leaves.

Some water left from yesterday’s, enough to have my clothes washed and also get a proper shower. But rushed through a proper protein shake with my training partners before jumping into the shower for a quick scrub. And peeping through to watch the football match between Argentina and Switzerland. Too bad the swiss were sent home, my day would have been a perfect if Messi and his crew were sent home; tired of Barcelona fans in the pavilion and their noise 😉

Cell A7 has literally become the noisiest cell in the pavilion, a mix of an English Man, Jamaican, Suriname, Brazil, Dominicans, Africans, Colombian, American and a Caymanians has turned the cell into total chaos. They wake up everyday and start the day with lousy and noisy arguments; sometimes over nothing of importance. They once argued about women menstrual cycle, that was when I knew, an Idle man is not just the devil’s workshop but also an empty one. Why on earth should men be arguing about women menstrual cycle!? Friggin don’t want to hear or see it ;-), well do ask schat when she is under construction, so as to know when to drive through or packed out 😉

From what I have seen about the lads in cell A7, I can write a book about them; everyone in the pavilion knows and are used to them. Personally, I think it’s their own way of releasing the buildup stress on the inside. Sometimes a normal discussion becomes very heated that others will gather around to see who will throw the first punch, only then will one know, they are having manly discussions but a heated one.

Yesterday and today, they kept me up, I couldn’t catch my afternoon nap, but then, I’m used to them and used to the noise in the pavilion.

Change of leadership and the man at the helm of leadership, Martinelli is handing over to Verela, a once time ally who fought a bitter battle of words over Martinelli’s corruption and manipulating power to turn panama into his own. But, Panamanians weren’t ready to be fooled again, they voted for Verela and rejected Martinelli’s man and his wife who was a running mate. That sets all his castles of cards grumbling down.

Juan C. Verela was sworn in today as the new president of panama, to take the country through a five-year roller coaster ride. We will wait and see what he has in stock!

Wed, 2 Jul 2014
Last night, some minutes past midnight, our alarm system went off, likely someone has taken ill. The banging on the door went on for about 15mins, finally stopped, wouldn’t know if cops came for the sick inmate. Will find out later who took ill.

Woke up early around 4am, but went back to sleep, and finally got up around 6am. Bit late to get upstairs, if it’s not public holiday, there should be school today. Thus, the list will be in soon for those going to school.

Finally got upstairs with a cup of green tea and get started with surfing and reading; news and brief chat with ever-busy schat, my lil girl barely have time for me as she is choked with school work, homework, and other activities, hope a hello once in a while. Though, schat said, her phone is giving her problems and she wants a new phone; an update from the old banger she’s been using; damn trendy!

Signal wasn’t that strong, but good enough to do my daily tweeting and read today’s news and other interesting articles, those I couldn’t open, sent the links to schat, who opens them and copy me the articles on Whatsapp, saves me time and headache.

My mate lives on a shack built on top of a cell that was once predominantly Jamaicans. But, being prison and everyone is meant to do his time and leave or leave through other means, many had gone and the cell is now mixed; few of my compatriots passed through that cell and one is still there, waiting to leave. But the lads in the cell assumes everything and the cell is theirs. But, I’m yet to see any inmate upon release, breaking down his cell or bunk and take them home; maybe the Jamaicans will be the first, there’s always a first time for everything, like being banged up in my life and the first, pray it will be the last as I don’t want to go through this experience again; mentally and physically, could be draining!

One of the Jamaicans came up and started a verbal war with my mate; asked my mate if he had washed soap on top of the tanks that has water which they use downstairs, and my friend said NO, the lad started raining abuses and insults on my friend. This, got my wondering, what part of NO he didn’t understand! You asked a grown-ass man if he did something and he said NO and you don’t any witness to proved he did, then take it or leave, but lad started insulting my mate. My mate being a quiet type just kept still, but I couldn’t keep my cool. I took over and told him to fucking go to hell and be cultured! I literally shut him down, well, I was ready for whatever will come next, but he knowing me, respected himself and went downstairs. My intervention, has put his stop to his stupidity, he ‘d mentioned, that’s not my cell, I should go to my cell……to which I responded; “If you are man enough, carry me from here to my cell”, the prison is government property and we are all government properties. And I hate going into their cell, my last stop is always at my mate’s corner on top of their cell.

My final warning to him and all his dope-head friends was; “A man is quiet, not because he’s scared, but because he knows what he’s capable of doing” and I hope we wouldn’t get to that. He has his crew and I have mine; all watching each other backs.

Glad the list for school came, had to rush and changed into our conspicuous yellow coloured T-shirt; prison uniform, not provided by the prison, everyone get theirs. Some go for designer brands; Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, Armani, and other brands, but most are sport brands; Nike, Adidas, puma and other imitation stuffs. I have about four yellow tops; one polo and three Tees; Lee Copper, Timberland, Panama Canal 😉 (made for the canal company), and a Chinese cheap thing, which has grown hair ;-).

Roll call to school came a bit late, thus, a short day at school; better that way, as it’s bloody hot, felt like fainting. Had to downed a cup of water before leaving, and the classes are enclosed concrete structures, got me wondering, who designed the building, well to keep warring gangs away and out of reach. Yet, they still find ways to get knives and guns into the classrooms and finish their unfinished jobs #PrisonViolence

Classes went a bit fast, checked the prison grocery, nothing new or of importance to me; whatever is sold there, when brought down to the pavilion, the price either doubles or triples #PrisonBusiness.

It reminds me, a lad called servio (man of god) here, and sells pineapple and rice pudding; after asking him how much he bought a container of cinnamon sticks from the grocery upstairs. He laughed and didn’t tell, just because he wants to ripped me if I asked him to buy for me. One thing I have learned about prison; nobody does anything for anyone without thinking of what his profit will be.

On our way to school, we went through search and the #GayCop was still at the door; seems he’s enjoying himself patting and groping inmates. Most cops spends a week there and are rotated around the pavilion. From what an inmate said, he chose to stay there so as to feed his fantasy; groping inmates, but this day wasn’t one of lucky day. He patted a local inmate and groped the lad’s ball, the lad reacted violently, telling him; got other cops running over, but it was a light incident as they all know what the ugly gay cop was up to; maybe after frisking and groping, he goes into the dirty toilet to wank himself off; light a fag, smoke and satisfied!

Done with school and back in, an inmate made a wrong move at one of us; picking up a lad’s book, and told him, they are his. At first, the lad was scare, but held his cool, then the local laughed, that’s how they start and sooner or later, it’s a full brown war.

Back in, the lads were still busy in the gym, but too late for me to hit the weights. Rushed and showered, ate something before trying to catch some sleep, to make up for what I didn’t get last night. Few minutes into my sleep, heard screaming and footsteps as inmates ran helter-skelter; yanked off my phones and everything straight to our stash spots, within seconds we were done. But it was a false alarm, but also bad for my health, well prison is bad for my health. Couldn’t get back to sleep.

What set our alarm off, was the presence of two cops and a warden who came for a lad nicknamed #Samurai; lad was thrown out of pavilion 8, after he nicked a phone and was fought be four inmates. He had a pal here, who is now released, through his released friend, he was sent here. Lad really look like a samurai; full of tattoos and a patch of hair on the back of head like an Inca warrior. He’s in for killing; #GangsWar

Why did cops came for him as he was settling into life within our pavilion? Heard he bought coke from the locals using a name of his pal, thus, the locals who are ready to kill for dollar, descended on the lad whose name he used to purchase dope. They asked him for their money and also doubled the money; interest incurred for time-wasting #PrisonBusiness

When our pavilion direction knew about this, and what will happen, they told the cops to come get him. At first, he refused, then came the reinforcement. Finally taken out, not going back to pavilion 8. So, he will be housed with the locals and few foreigners in a makeshift holdup under the admin building; not even animal activists will like to see animals being held up under such conditions as it is under the admin building. The lads there are like zoo animals; always hanging on the bars, calling out on visitors, lawyers and anybody walking into the admin building to throw them a dollar. It’s the norm in panama (keep and treat them like savages and wild animals that they are) #Prisoners!

My intervention earlier today has sent a clear message to the Jamaican lad on his intimidating lifestyle, he calls himself #BadMan, but a coward like a cornered rat!

No football, thus the tension, please come Friday and come football to keep us calm and behaved, at least for the duration of the world cup, then we can go back and live as we use to!

I’m connected back to another wifi, but not sure how many of us are on the line as signal is very weak, so I’m back to using my signal spot; the most are there to make calls, but I use it for my surfing and other internet activities and downloading.

Getting very hot, water is sporadic, another Jamaican in charge of our water line, gives today and the next day, one is cut off. Good thing, we always enough for each day’s use; like the biblical manna, enough for the day!

Thurs, 3 July 2014
Another early day, brew a cup of green tea and rushed upstairs to get the early surf. Being our weekly headcount, there won’t be much people upstairs as some will make an early stash of their phones.

Back, downstairs, dressed up to workout under the weather while the count goes on. Phones stashed and filed out like others. Use the time outside for a proper body-weight workout, also worked with the monkey bars behind the pavilion; dips and inverse rows. Did some few sprinting, have to up my cardio, by running more or jumping rope, stopped the later because of my sore back.

The headcount went well and nothing surprising from the cops, thus, no search and none missing, everyone was accounted for.

Back inside, being Thursday, the gym will be very scanty as many were cut off from their sleep, gone back to sleep; lazy prisoners. Well, it’s the system that should be blame for creating laziness inside prison.

Went straight to the weights, hitting shoulders and abs; still recovering, thus, I’m still careful with what weight I handle and how I train. Had a wonderful workout, #HIIT #Hardcore and excruciating; rounded up with abs exercises, hanging legs and knees raise. Few lads joined me, and we did well. Satisfied!

Done and inside, the lads are busy with nothing; talking and arguing over irrelevant issues. At least something to while away one’s time, everyone just gotta be busy with something.

Made a protein shake with peanut butter; being #Lockup and left with limited or nothing has taught me to use whatever available for the best results; My protein shake are always bit and bits of what is sold here; peanuts, peanut butter, raisins, oats, fresh ginger, lemons, oranges, carrots, cinnamon, pineapple,milk, chocolate, eggs and honey (always get that through my consul). The fruits, I get as much when available and even coconuts.

Signal is terrible, even on the wifi, we are about 10 linked to it, most are just chatting with it, while one or two are busy downloading porns to build up their porn stashes from different sites and music from tubidy.

Talking of porn stashes, far back, every man’s porn stash would consist of German or Hungarian porn magazines and few from America, hidden away from prying eyes and no sharing. But, thanks technology we now stash porn digitally and having so much at the same time, sometimes, so much with no memory space to save them, and we tend to share our porns; that’s like sharing one’s woman 😉

My old cellmate who’s suffering from proper high BP is one of the few with thousands of porns; pictures and videos. We have jokingly told him, his high blood pressure is a result of viewing too much porn which his fragile and old heart can’t handle. The last time he gave me his phone to help sort out his collections in different folders, I was in awe at the stash the old man has. How he convinced so many women on the outside to send him naked pictures of themselves and they did. He wanted me to create folders for each of his ladies, had to adviced him, keeping pictures with their faces and their hot body parts together is not a good idea, if the phone is taken during search, and the memory card falls into a smart and wrong hand; then, those women will be online for the world to download and feast on them 😉

Most of us will sneak into our porn stashes late at night in the secret of our bunks, hammock or wherever one finds to lay his head, but my old cell mate is busy 24/7 flipping through pages upon pages of his collections. Done with pictures, he dives into videos, since he rarely moves from where he sits and watches his groceries business, he has just developed gout like one of the new lad, whose gout got him bedridden for days.

My mate had my masseur massage his swollen joints, glad the man told him to be moving around. I’m surprise at the sheer amount of laziness here; there are older inmates, who don’t train in the gym, but by 4am every morning, in their trainers, they can be seen walking round the passages and they do that for two good hours. These few men, do that every day, some are with diabetes, high blood pressure or other ailments that comes with old age. But they don’t want to go down with them, I have told my cell mate to join them, but he’s too lazy to get up by that time and do anything. We have our jokes, the lads always talk of his porn-addiction and his thousand collections; jokingly, we do ask him if his old heart can handle such enormous collection of nakedness.

Well, they say, it’s what we like and indulge in most that will eventually kill us. Hope his love for porn won’t kill his fragile old heart 😉

Fri, 4 Jul 2014
Woke up early and went through my daily rituals and also dressed up to hit patio; wasn’t allowed outside, thus, this cop won’t be getting nothing from me when he’s leaving.

Signal was ok this morning, so did what I have to do in my bed.

#WorldCup2014 is back today as Colombia takes on the host Brazil, it will be a tough moment, both for the players and for us on the inside; 90% of foreign inmates in Panama are Colombians. Thus, in my pavilion and the other two pavilions housing foreign inmates, Colombians are the most.

The gym is not seeing much inmates lately; it’s either due to the world cup fever or they are becoming lazy. The few who turns up are just the regular ones who are serious and dedicated to what they are doing.

My mates joined me, and we got into the day’s business; #HIIT #Hardcore #Chest adding #Triceps. Started with warming up with body-weight lunges and stretching, pull-ups. Then benchpress, inclined and declined; on the last set, the catholic priest arrived for our weekly mass; got the faithfuls out, as they brought out chairs and all that will be used during the sort service.

Those who were coming out late for workout were disappointed, some tried going outside to do whatever they can under the weather. For me, done and out 😉

Inside, rushed through my postworkout meal and showered.

The pavilion was getting ready for today’s match; Colombia vs. Brazil, the pavilion was a sea of yellow as the lads adorned yellow T-Shirts in support of their country. Apparently, conspicuous yellow is the colour of the prison; upon being called up for visit, lawyer’s, doctor’s or consular visit, an inmate wears yellow T-shirt or even to school. It’s more or less the prison uniform; but to be acquired by the inmate, thus we have them in different designs and quality. Mostly the locals go for tight-fitting ones, while the rich foreigners opts for designers one like Polo, Hilfiger, and other designers name, never knew Armani make yellow shirts, and if they know now, that their yellow shirts are favourite amongs prisoners, hummmmmm! Wondering what they will be thinking.

But, today’s yellow was just Colombia and for Colombians alone. Two Brazilians inmates were drawn into placing bets with many Colombians, I also placed $5 with my lil gay cell mate; from those who know him on the outside, it’s being confirmed, that he’s gay, he apparently lived with another man, well, don’t know why he’s trying to get back into the closet when he’s already out??? Doesn’t bothers me what he is or what he’s not, what annoyes me is his dirty habits; gays are supposed to be clean fellas, but not him…..Grrrrrrrrrg!

Loads of invitations from some mates to drink with them as the match began, decided to stay in my cell. My wine should be ready, took out a gallon and the lads got some litres of liquor out also. And there goes the much-awaited match; Brazil vs. Colombia.

At the end, Colombia lost to Brazil, the two Brazilians who placed bets with many went to their piggy banks smiling; one won about $140, won $20 from my old cellmate, apparently my old cellmate lost $40, another addiction after porn; gambling! He loves it with a passion; plays lottery and anything that comes with putting in money to either win money or something. #PrisonLife

Colombia lost sent a cold chills into the pavilion as the yellow sea became very quiet, if Colombia had won, there would have been cops around the pavilion for fear of a #PrisonBreak. Instead, it was the locals celebrating, seems they were all up for Brazil to win.

Despite the lost, the lads went on with what they had prepared and promised themselves they will do; booze, party and fiesta. Proper drinks had come in today for the fiesta. Those who can afford them, bought and drank, others kept low on our potent liquor and moonshine. Those who wanted some light, came for my wine, had a bit as I want to be out on Saturday for a short bouts of workouts.

My gay mate paid me, but decided to get himself pissed; what will later become a two-days, non-stop fiesta for him has just begun. Started from my cell and he took it outside; loads of invites for him to drink with them. At a point, he started wailing and crying, how his beloved team has lost. But then, like others before him who had played with alcohol; it wasn’t football anymore but more personal things started showing up in his speeches. Talked about his dead mum, sister and brother, we had to let him be. Heard the lad left Colombia for Panama about 27 years ago and hadn’t return, not even for a visit. Guess so much has happened within those 27 years which he only hears. For the first time in his those years, he’s living among his people in a very large community (Prison) and being here has sort of taken him aback. And whenever he adds a little too much of alcohol, its brings out does buried and hidden feelings. He cried for hours, then went about drinking, dancing and entertaining the lads. But, our eyes were on him. Once in a while he comes into the cell to pour himself a little more of his fuel; wouldn’t know if someone gifted him a line to snort, what I didn’t see, can’t tell. But at the end of the day; his wailing and lamentations were on us in the cell. The lad sat all night allowing his mind to go walkabouts into memory lane, bringing back things that should have been left lying and sleeping.

Sat, 5 Jul 2014
Like other days, first to rise, went through my morning rituals, and dressed up for an early morning workout.

General cleaning and washing of the cell; moved my stuffs, so whoever is cleaning will have his way.

With my tea, went outside, the inmate on the door didn’t want to let me out, but after letting his compatriot out before me, I attacked him for his nepotism. He eventually let me out. Spent about an hour outside, stretching, running, brisk-walking and doing body-weight exercises. And also enjoyed the freshness of the warmth sun and fresh air. The cop on duty eventually called us in for another group to go outside.

Inside, the gym was empty; tempted to hit the weights. Went for an all-body #HIIT #Hardcore workout, hitting my upper and lower bodies with compound exercises. Brief but intensive and rewarding. Back in to prepare for #TeamHolland vs. Costa Rica match.

Football fever has hit us again, dutch inmates here aren’t much, but we are loud when the time comes. Few supported me, Los Ticos (what Costa Ricans are called in Spanish) kept us on the edge of our seats as they held us to a goalless full time and thirty minutes extra time. #TeamHolland dominated the entire match, but Los Ticos were just to hard to break, the god of football was on their side, but whatever luck they had left them during the penalty shootouts.

#KoningKrul #TimKrul Dutch and Newcastle goalkeeper was the man of the match, though the Chinese-looking linesman on the left whose flag couldn’t stay put stole that medal from him; majority of us awarded him man of the match for his part in the game.

The match started well and ended well; the dutch team roared like the Lions they are, sending Los Ticos home and setting a match with Argentina for semifinal. It will be war and we are ready! Too bad, the queen is an argentine! No problem, the Dutch know how to do ’em Argentines (says the King himself).

All morning, there’s been party down the passage in one of the cells, my gay cellmate was invited to drink and entertained; had his field day, free drinks, music and jokes to keep him going. Every head that went through that part of the passage was bathed in flour; Latino custom, flours or white powder is thrown on the celebrant and sometimes eggs are added. Whoever came up with such birthday tradition, probably didn’t know, with extra ingredients added, one could bake a proper birthday cake 😉

Since yesterday, heard of proper liquor in the pavilion, and my wine is ready to be sampled; few cups to the lads around, they loved it and wanted more, but I need to recover my cost first.

The lads in the cell took to drinking, well not everyone of them, just the young lad with his new mate who bought my pharmacist-cellmate’s bunk. They drank all night, until a third lad joined them. Music and chatting all night.

Managed to plugged my ears with my collections of classical music as I was beginning to feel feverish and with sore throat. Wasn’t long before slept caught up with me and snatch me away from the reality of our lives on the inside.

Sun, 6 Jul 2014
Sunday, my real rest day from my cruelly workouts. And always the day I try to sleep longer than other days. Woke up around 7am, same time the old grocer woke up and behold the mess that was made last night by the revellers. Empty plastic bottles of powerade (a good mix with our poten liquor), pot of noddles soup (black Colombians, in-between their drinking session or at the end always opt for hot soup, back home it would have been fresh fish soup as they coastal dwellers), plates, bowls and spoon were scattered everywhere. And the young lad who is sleeping off his hangover was supposed to clean today.

Looking up on the high bunk, he and his mate laid wasted, since he does help me with my cleaning, decided to clear up the mess, wash the dishes, set a pot of water on the stove for my tea and eventually clean the shower room and toilet. Showered and get ready for an early day.

The fever that started gradually yesterday, is taken its toll on me and my throat is friggin sore, can’t even swallow saliva. It’s going to be a long and boring day for me. Got started with my self-medication, hope it works.

The day went very slow, had to get back in bed, and that was it: bedridden all day, only got up to use the loo, glad I had custard, as that was the only thing I could it. Made me some, had it for Brunch and dinner; tried making it rich and nutritious as much as I can, added peanut butter 😉

Attacked the fever with paracetamol and sore throat with ampicilin. The day went at a snail pace, but made it through the day. Showered twice, had several cups of green tea.

Spent all day in the cell, despite the heat in the cell, couldn’t feel it, as my body was hotter than the cell.

The drinking and partying has ceased, the lads are getting ready for tomorrow’s visit. Another round of food and whatever allowed or smuggled in will flood the pavilion.

Wouldn’t know if my self-medication is working, but by tomorrow, should be able to find out. Tried reading, didn’t work, so back to the only thing working now and that seems to be sleep and sleep.

Mon, 7 Jul 2014
Another early day, woke up starving, used the loo, went through my daily rituals. Felt a bit better and relieved. What a short spell with fever and sore throat. The fever has gone, but my throat is still sore with thick phlegm. Should get better in the course of the day.

After a cup of tea, made another bowl of hot custard, served as an ideal breakfast to begin my starving day.

Dressed up before other woke up, and being visit day, they should be getting soon to get ready for today’s visit.

The gym was scanty, decided to do something light, but a #HIIT workouts that will get me sweating. #Chest was the best option, members of my group who weren’t out for visit joined me for an excruciating workouts. Rounded up with stretching and abs.

Back in, my three mates who went out for visit were in with all their goodies, but only one brought in cooked food to share with the rest of us; the rest only got what they will eat alone. Well, as with every other thing about life, we learn new things everyday and reminded of old ones as well. I’m beginning to know what to do with my money.

Showered and felt very much better; but still kept on with my medication, especially the antibiotics for the sore throat.

The lad who brought in food, warmed it up, boiled rice and shared it amongst everyone. Even the ones who went out with him got some. Well, such is life and life in prison.

Today went pretty fast; my hitting the gym sort of made that possible. Forming habits is as easy and doing those habits when the urge comes, but breaking those habits is the million dollars question; hard as #PrisonBreak. But when that habit is a good one, then it serves a good end, breaking is also will be friggin difficult, and that’s my experience with my daily workouts. Since it has become part of me and my life, a day without workout is long, and can be very boring. And also keeps me away from some inmates who just can’t keep their mouths shut; out of sight is out of mind, how I wished it’s always like that, but not in prison, here, once you turn your back, then they lazy-ass gossiping begins.

Spent part of the evening upstairs with my mate, felt very much better. So much is going on inside and within the pavilion, well, if one has the ears to listen and time to waste, there’s so much to keep one entertained. Glad, I try not to give my time to what’s happening in and around here and if it’s not about me.

Back in my cell, and bit late, the lads were snoring their lives away. Took a late shower before hitting my bunk. Wifi signal was good and having slept all day on Sunday and an earlier nap this afternoon, sleep wasn’t forthcoming. Thus, decided to stay up and do an all-nighter. Read and surfed, downloaded new mp3 files, magazines and eBooks, now I really want to get an eBook reader or a tablet, maybe a 8inch one with telephone capability also. But first have to scout for a bargain, then sell my phone which has really served me well; had it more than two years now, survived many brutal searches and still working, well I kept and used it well.

Spent the night online, brewed me a late night cup of tea, and finally slept around 5am on Tuesday morning. With that, I know I’m not hitting the gym today, can’t punish my body, even if my mind wants the workout, gotta allow the body to recover.

Tues, 8 Jul 2014
First match of the semi final is on today, still eating semi-solid, though my sore throat is much better today.

Not working out, means staying indoors most part of the day. My mate checked on me to see who I’m doing; good as gold!

The pavilion is prepared for #BRAGER semi final match later in the day.

We’re still using the meats from monday’s visit; is usually last till Tuesday or Wednesday at most. After then, we are on our own; eggs or whatever anybody wants to buy for himself.

Placed a bet for a 3litre orange fizzy drink with a Brazilian before the start of the match. He was sure of his team and I was certain of the German machines crushing them. But not the humiliation Brazil suffered when the match ended.

The match began and got us all seated as we enjoyed the match, many placed bets for Brazil to win, some totalling $200. Wasn’t a nice feeling when the final whistle was blown and Brazil went down on their knees with 7-1 on the scoreboard. Defeated and humiliated, a host and a super football nation to be humbled, humiliated and shaken to its core is not what many were expecting, but that’s what happened. Brazilians are forever humbled.

Wed, 9 Jul 2014
Another early day for me, went through what has become my morning rituals. No matter what time I sleep; always the last to sleep. I always wake up before the others. Guess, a habit formed when I used to wake up early to get to the signal spot when the passage was still ok. Brush my teeth, set water on the stove for a cup of green tea, and hit upstairs.

Didn’t spent much time upstairs as I planned hitting the gym furiously today.

When I got downstairs, the lads were getting up and getting about their daily activities, if only they have one. But, there’s one that I know of, and they are good at it; talking, arguing and gossiping. Good for them and for the system.

Dressed up and hit the gym, took a cup of gatorade, well not my ideal drink, but since I bought the powder form, I now make my energy drink, cheaper than buying bottled ones from the groceries. Wouldn’t know if the lad who sold it to me for twenty bucks ripped me. Everybody here is busy trying to ripped the other man. Even one’s cellmates wouldn’t do anything without thinking of what profit would be made for doing that favour; it’s all jungle, kill or being killed.

The gym was packed and busy, went about my day’s business like others, until our Brazilian mate walked in and got the booed by others as he bored the humiliation of Brazil to Germany. When Brazil beat Colombia, he was all over the pavilion and actually won a lot of dough from bets he placed with the Colombians. But this time around, was his turn to pay, and also receive some boooing.

But then, Santa Claus ‘the only sikh in the village’ took the shaming thing too personal and to a different level; once a cellmate with the Brazilian, until the Brazilian and others kicked him out for being a difficult person or being too dirty for their liking; the old eats fresh garlic everyday to keep his cholesterol and heart on check, and being an overcrowded place, plus the heat, they shouldn’t expect him to be without some body odour; we are friggin sweating, another reason I walk around with a hand towel. Pheeeeeeew!

Santa went to far and got physical with the Brazilian lad after the lad told him to give him a blow job; such words are what one hear daily here, sometimes, it’s better to let it slide, but not many can brave to let such words slide and Santa is one of them. He threw an old punch from his flappy hands at the lad, who responded by pushing him around. Others, as always were watching, but seeing the unmatched pair, I talked the lad out of fighting the old cow, but Santa wouldn’t let it be, still wanted to fight some more. Well, he did take some boxing lessons from the professional boxer here, maybe he believes he’s ready to take anybody. Wish him all the lucks.

The president of the pavilion who was also training in the gym and witnessed everything, finally got Santa and his stuffs thrown out. Where he stayed outside all day, eventually was allowed in as no cops came for him, to get him transferred to another pavilion, preferably pavilion 16, mostly for the elderly and foreigners, in La Joyita, our sister prison.

Finally rounded up my #HIIT #Back and #Arms workout, intensive and excruciating, but rewarding.

In to prepare for #TeamHolland take on #Argentina for a place in the final. Showered and placed a bet of $20 with a Colombian.

Rushed through my postworkout meal as I was late for the match, eventually joined the rest of the pavilion. That was football, like they say in Africa; “When two elephants battles, it’s the grass that suffers”, two football giants battles for a place, it’s us who had placed our bets on them that are crying 😉

The match got us (The Dutch inmates) on the edge of our seats, as we watched and wait for a goal, but nothing happened, all our changes were made, we went into extra time and then penalty shootouts, without #TimKrul, I know we are gone. And that was it, my $20 gone. And it was my turn to get booed and catcallings, but I was ready for them 😉

These and many others crazy things keep us going and functional, if the pavilion was not an open system, there would have been loads suicides, but then, an open prison system also puts many in harm way, as confrontations are very rampant and easy for inmates to get into brawl. One can easily walk into a cell of another and let it all out; bloody and fatal.

Anyway, our boys did so well and I believe Holland will be very proud of them; a tiny nation but mighty in their courage. Now my alliance will switch to #TeamGermany to bring the cup back to Europe, moreover not to give the Barcelona fans here anything to make them shout 😉 #Leo #Leo #Leo!

Well, despite the lose of today, an inmate offered me a can of miller’s Lite, was bad, but refreshing as I mixed it with juice from fresh lemon and loads of ice; something I badly need to refreshed. Same lad, was selling proper liquor, those with benjamins will fork out about $200 for a bottle of rum. Not me, as I know what to do with my dough, and I prefer my prison-brewed wine, as I know the content as I deemed it healthier 😉

Within the walls of prison lies miseries and mysteries yet to be discovered and uncovered. It takes one keeping his eyes down and reading between even lines and hearing what that has not been said to decipher and discover those hidden things many will try to coat with their smiles and vague actions.

Sometimes, the truth about someone comes out when he’s out of sight; dead, released, transferred.

That was the case of one of the pavilion most elderly and well-respected inmate, did couple of years and got time reduced through work time and school time. And in a rush to be released, but little did he knew that the long and expansive arms of the law was waiting to swallow him up like the biblical Jonah was swallowed by a large fish or sea monster.

That was the case of our elderly inmate, who earned lot of respect from many as he walked with an air of righteousness, but then, this is prison, even those walking around with Bibles 24/7 still harbours some little secrets of theirs.

The old hand finally got his release, but before that and while waiting, he had trouble feeding. Had to eat with my mate upstairs, who didn’t mind him eating with him. And he also ran into trouble waters with me over a mattress that was left in his care for me; a compatriot of his who once lived in Holland, told him to give me his mattress, but the old lad sold it along with everything the man left behind. Heart matters!

He finally gave me another mattress, after I attacked him verbally in front of many people and reminded him his words, the day man left “you will get the mattress when I leave”.

Well, he left and was hauled to the immigration to sort him out, over there, he tried buying his way out into the streets; knowing fully well what awaits him back home in his home country #Colombia.

One can run, far and wide, but one can’t hide from the long arms of law and thanks to technology which has made the world such a small community, something old criminals don’t know. That, by punch of buttons no-one is hidden as he thought he was.

Our old lad who was one a #Bossman of an arms-running gangs; exchange coke for arms with their counterparts in Panama in the eighties. Along the line of duty and business, toes were stepped on and heads rolled, leaving many families and the law to hunt for them for justice. But then, young and armed, with blood hot as volcanic larva, nobody dares him and his group. They did what they gotta do and went away with it, no confrontation as Colombia then was all wild wild west! Who got the guns, got the might.

Years passed, somethings are forgotten, but the hurts will never forget as they cry for justice. And one of the slained was the mayor of his little town. Long story short; while serving time in panama, two members of his eighties crew were caught, judged and sentenced to twenty eight years of imprisonment in Colombia. And he was sentenced to a prison term of thirty years in absentia. Upon release, panama finally delivered him to Colombia who sent him to a maximum #Lockup in #Bogota. Despite spending money at the immigration to be released in panama. The wardens there knew his case, they just collected his money and leave him to his oncoming fate.

The old man should be in his early fifties, thus upon release, if he survives colombia’s notorious prison, will be one old grumpy, crooked old man with prison tales to tell and share with those who will care to listen to him. Well, that’s justice served! And there end his story!

On hearing and reading about this old lad, who was one of our most respected inmate here. I believe few knew about him and his past. His past, like those of many of us; can they be atoned for? Can one’s past be forgiven and forgotten? Humanly, one can try to forgive, religion teaches us, one can ask for divine forgiveness. But with the law, it’s a different ball game; restitution is served when justice is done. The law doesn’t forgive, neither does it forget, it punishes and does that very hard and well. If you survived your past, you can only build upon the ruins of those pasts, just like the vibrant cities of Europe were all built upon ruins of fallen and past empires and civilisations.

For our man, time has ran out on him, what is there to build? Guess nothing, his second time in the joint will be time to atone for all and prepare himself for the great beyond as it beckons.

For the rest of the day, nothing to do than read, play candy crush and allow my mind go walkabouts to memory land 🙂

Thu, 10 Jul 2014
Another early day, and our weekly headcount day. Up as usual, prepared for the day, stashing bits and pieces. Dressed up to make use of the time outside for a quick burst of cardio and body-weight exercises.

Went upstairs briefly for mobile signal, then came the call. Had to stash my phones upstairs with a mate; risky but no choice as I can make it downstairs to stash with the lads.

Outside, the weather was good; started with a good stretching, squats, lunges, brisk-walking and then few lapse on the field and then few power sprints. I definitely need more of these!

Finally went behind the building to workout with the monkey bar; inverted rows, dips and pull-ups. All got me pumped and ready for the day. Should have been enough but later continued in the gym when the headcount was over.

The gym was scanty as many literally went back to bed to continue with their sleep. How cozy prison has become, turning men to douchebags. The system is not really helping anyone; innocent or guilty and not even the society will be spared from the consequences of prisons sending unprocessed and unchanged men back to the streets.

Had a quick all-body workouts, #HIIT #Hardcore! Rounded up and in for a quick shower. Our aquaman, is busy selling water to those who will pay him cash. Thus, our tanks are rarely full, but enough to take us through each day. #LivingWithoutWater #LWW?????

The pastor from #EpafrasNL came visiting today, the lads left without calling me. One of those things. Was mad at them, but then what will I do, nada! At least, they brought me licorice candies and a pen. The man of the cloth came with good news; the Lord’s word and nothing from Den Haag (Man’s news), hope for much, but expect nothing and learn to live by those factual rules.

Nothing much today, Saturday’s #BraNed 3rd place match and Sunday’s #ArgGer final is the only thing important now for the lads. Will be looking for someone who will place a bet with me, I will be going for Germany.

Fri, 11 Jul 2014
Up and about, dressed up and will be hitting the gym for another round of brutal assault. The rest of the pavilion is waking up for another weekend. It’s been a busy and hectic week, despite some leading a sedentary lifestyle, everyone is always looking forward to weekend, as it gives them more reason to drink and party.

Prepared oatmeal and ate few spoons before leaving for the gym. The gym was bare, some are either having a head start for the weekend or just lazy.

Went about my day’s business, a #HIIT #Hardcore Chest, and all-arms workout. Added abs and other body-weight exercises; rope jumps, push-ups, and goblet squats to fire up my legs. Rounded early as the catholic priest could break in any moment for our weekly mass.

Rushed in, bought ice for a cold gatorade drink and ate the last of my oatmeal before hitting the shower for a cold shower. Lately, our aquaman hasn’t been giving us enough to fill up our tanks, he’s likely busy with those paying for water. But we always get enough for each day’s use. And the lads are learning to manage with whatever we are given.

Not much to do today; apparently, there’s never anything to do, one has to create and discover his own piece of whatever he wants to keep him busy himself. There’s so much to choose from; group activities like gambling, contact sports, gossiping and arguing over irrelevant issues, all fall under group activities, drinking with buddies Or individual activities, where one does without the consent or participation of another inmate, like reading, chatting, watching porn and flipping through porn photos in the comfort of one’s bunk with curtain fully drawn, or even sleeping. Well, there’s always something to do to keep one busy in a place like this, some can sit on a spot, pondering and having a mental walkabouts on what will become of them and their fate after time-done.

Well, knackered and out, decided upon an individual activity; vitamin sleep! Hit my bed for a quick power nap, something I really needed. Slept for a while before waking to eat lentils which came on the lunch cart, bought three eggs, fried and had them with the lentils.

For dinner, decided to make another bowl of oatmeal, added peanut butter for the extra protein.

As always, I prefer individuality, did some reading and listening to music. And bits of writing, just about anything to keep me busy take me away from the stress of life on the inside.

Hit the bed early as it’s our general cleaning tomorrow and gotta be up as early as possible.

Sat, 12 Jul 2014
Woke up early, messages flashing on my phone, the wifi connection is a blessing sent from above; literally the routers and modem are all hanging high above the pavilion, thus, they are truly blessings sent from above 😉

Went about my day’s chores before the others will wake up; water on the stove for a cup of green tea, should be having Earl Grey tea with milk later in the day, but the green tea kickstarts my day. Removed all my stuffs from the floor to make way for whoever is washing the cell today, took the novel I’m reading and armed with my phones and cuppa green tea, climbed upstairs. The lad cleaning is the laziest in the cell, lives with us, but rarely want to be part of the cell. Rarely contribute to the cell upkeep, doesn’t eat with us, pay a cook to get him his food, well, so long he doesn’t cross my path, we are very much ok!

It took him ages to round up with the washing and cleaning. But while upstairs, I prepared beans to be cooked later. When I finally got downstairs, cooked black-eyes peas and made vegetable stew, popped in the boiled eggs that came on the breakfast cart. That was my brunch and dinner. Lately haven’t been bothered to check what’s coming on our prison food cart and I have been living on cereals. Hope should start proper cooking next week. Maybe it’s just the world cup thing or maybe it’s because our lil gayly guy is doing the cooking. The old lad invited or brought him to the cell, but then, we didn’t know from what cloth the lad was cut from. But soon, like they say ‘time will tell’ his true colours shown; lad is friggin dirty, spits on the shower room floor, leaves tissues here and there and stores food in different bowls for days. And now he is cooking, hell no, ain’t eating anything he cooks. I rather pick what comes from the prison food cart as I don’t know who’s cooking them. They could as well be blind or stinking, since I don’t know, I can afford to eat whatever comes. But, not what my cellmate cooks, after seeing him picked his nose and then shove same hand into the pot of rice or clean up his sweat right above his pot of stew, then wiped his nose, clean his hand on his dirty shorts and then back to slicing vegetables. Naaaaaiiiiii, not me, will stick to my oatmeal and beans, wldn’t kill me. What he’s doing will friggin kill someone who knows what he’s doing.

Finally, the moment, the pavilion is prepared for #WorldCup2014 third place match between #Bra and #Ned.

Not working out today, decided to have my hair cut and did some cleaning of my bunk, can’t get my bunk to be like the others, got so much books and nowhere to keep them. Gotta live with them!

The 3rd place match wasn’t shown live on tv, thus, we plugged in our earphones as we listened to radio commentary and thank God for our smartphones, most has got FM radio, the match went fine, as Brazil received another blow; losing to Holland and incurring ten goals in two matches at home. That’s history and a very bad one, like our ongoing prison experiences, one dark history that we will all live with.

In celebration of my compatriots victory, we burst open a gallon of my wine, had a few with some mates. But my mates wanted a little more, then cooked soup to help with the hangover. Soup goes with drinking here, but most seems to throw up everything, I think, it’s a matter of timing, knowing when to stop drinking and go for a hot bowl of soup, but the lads seems to drink till stupor, then opt for a bowl of hot soup. The stomach can’t handle it.

Had an early night, while others continued with whatever they have to take them through the long boring night of prison life.

Sun, 13 Jul 2014
Officially my rest day. Despite always being alert and conscious of where one is, Sunday is one day I try to get enough sleep. Woke up around 7am, which is bloody late for me, as I’m used to waking up very early.

Set up a pot of water on the stove, while I visited the loo and went through my monotonous morning rituals. Then, the rest of the cell, gradually wake up to join me. Turned on my music, had paid $20 to fix a speaker my mate burnt, now it’s literally mine, started the day with some gospel music. The lads did enjoyed the music, though barely understood the lyrics.

Breakfast was cereals and for the rest of the day, had oatmeal and cereals, topping them up with peanuts or peanut butter and banana. No real food today, but what I have is ok with me, my cellmates are always surprised at my weird diet. I always tell them, I eat what my body need, not what I grow up eating; which might not really be healthy. Them, not ready to change; one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Feeling feverish, the pavilion is down with flu, almost everyone is sneezing, coughing and running to my pharmacist-cellmate for whatever cure he has for them, and the lad has ran out of medicine. He’s waiting for his warden friend who brings in things for him to haul in his next supplies. Hope soon, as my nostrils are becoming blocked, glad still got some paracetamol left.

Finally, #WorldCup2014 is coming to an end today as #Germany takes on #Argentina in the final. Placed a $10 bet on Germany with the president of the pavilion. It will be a tight match, but I hope Germany takes the cup back to Europe.

Majority of the inmates are in support of Argentina, it’s a continental war; Europe vs. The Americas! Germany might not be my favourite team, but wouldn’t want to see Argentina lift the world cup, after all the bad tactics and rubbish football they played against many teams. Most especially, against my team #TeamHolland, many faults which we were not awarded.

And the match begins……. kept us on the edge of our seats, both teams are equally matched, the Germans are young and ready to play nonstop for three hours. I want Germany to win, and make my day better with a $10 win.

Finally, the used up the full time and nothing happened, went into extra time, and on the second fifteen minutes extra time, Germany netted a goal that saw them lifting the world cup for the fourth time and also won me a tenner.

There were many wins and also many loses,

Went back to my bed as there’s
Rest day, cereals and oatmeal all day
Blocked nostrils, full blown out flu in the pavilion
Germany won the world cup and I won $10.

World cup has finished, but our lives in the slammer continues, which brings us back to were we started from; monotonous routines everyday as we battles the odds of survival.

But, the only annoying thing about the world cup and which further proves that #Fifa is a corrupt outfit, was the awarding of the best player of the tournament to #Messi. Even the latinos here all agreed that Messi never and didn’t deserved it. Well, it just showed how corrupt our beloved football has become. What happened to Robben, Muller, Kroos, James and others whose outstanding performance, Messi couldn’t matched? Friggin corrupt football!

After all said and done, we are back to what we do best; talking! The lads were all in groups, dissecting what and how the football should have been. Put men together with nothing to do, then you know, #MenCanTalk!

Mon, 14 Jul 2014
Another early day and rushed through my morning rituals.

The door was opened for an early patio, the footballers went out and many others joined. The field was filled up with inmates, either walking, jogging or just chatting, but also enjoying the weather and refreshing early morning breeze.

Without water in the cell, it will be a hard day, though I have my reserves, but still need what I will use later after my workout. Other cells with pumps had water, so I fetched three tanks for my personal use later today.

Told my mates to go get some, but none were ready to move, hope our water comes and aquaman will give us some.

Hit the gym, picked out things I will use for the day, but a Venezuelan inmate who probably woke up on the wrong side today, just couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Had to leave the gym and hit the fields before our confrontation become something else.

Outside, the weather was superb, went into a quick burst of cardio; stretches, running, inverted rows and dips.

When I got in, the lad was gone. Went about my workout with my group, two new lads joined us, and got no idea about anything or what to do in the gym. Put them through the basics, and seems to be fast learners. Hope they stay and not run away like many before them.

We opt for an all-body #HIIT #Hardcore workout, with emphasis on chest. Also torched biceps, and did some pull-ups and lunges.

Done and knackered, when I got in, there was no water, but got me three tanks, used two as I had extra laundries to wash. Bit tensed in the cell, over the water issue, as I told them to fetch water and nobody did anything.

Water finally came, but not enough for the day’s use, which got me shouting orders, that we should use what have now wisely and cautiously as this could be the beginning of something greater.

Took a short power nap after shower, was what I needed to fix me back, my masseur came and worked on my back. And he also massaged my mate who has developed gout from sitting all day; chatting and washing soft and hard porn videos. As es la vida!

Meanwhile, had gotten ox lungs which my mate paid for. After taking a power nap, cooked it and made stew to be eaten with white rice. White rice, which my pharmacist-cellmate cooked; fried white rice, and hard to chew.

Shared the food amongst us, and others whom the rice wasn’t enough had the stew with the meat inside. And these ones decided to cook macaroni, then add the stew to the drained macaroni. They all enjoyed their meal. And everyone satisfied. Seems we are now cooking on our own, everyone does what he likes. I’m very much ok with my peanut butter, can literally add it to anything; rice, bread, boiled potatoes, oatmeal, cornflakes or cold oats and the taste is always superb. But my mates just want to chew meat and not ready to buy.

Not much for the day, like the caveman who sits before his bonfire and gazes into the unknown future, so are we, men befallen by our infamous deeds; sitting, sweating, swearing, and gazing into our unknowns.

Tue, 15 Jul 2014
Another early day, one day at a time. Early as other days. And done with what needed be done with.

Dressed up to hit the fields, early, you make it outside before the boxers who now have their permit signed by the various offices, but then, their going out depends on the cop on duty.

Made it outside, run and sprint, stretched and body-weight exercises before the cop called me in. Gym was packed, some days, the lads just wanna do it, other days, life is hitting them hard and bad. Loved the energy in the gym. New hands joining my group, we do what others are doing, but #HIIT and #Hardcore, which makes some old school jealous. None of us are juicing, I teach them to make good use of whatever we have at our disposal; train hard, eat healthy. The lads aren’t rich like some here, but they manage to survive on what meagre diet they can.

We had a ass-bursting shoulders and lite legs; lunges, deadlift, dumbbell squats. Went heavy on shoulder press and shrugs. Rounded up with abs.

Another search scare today, seems something sinister is coming, well what can be more sinister than finding oneself in one of latin america’s notorious prison, where inmates take selfie brandishing assault rifles and all sorts of professional weapons and crude ones.

After the stashing and waiting and nothing happened, we later found out, that new and highly volatile local inmates were brought in. They were escorted in by special police, and had to have the entire prison lock down, zero movement, no even the civilian workers were allowed out of their offices. What a waste of human resources and time.

They lads had to be protected from the various gangs running the prison, and also protect those gangs from them; prison is always a dormant volcano waiting to erupt and explode. Riot is always lying in wait, any little internal or external stimuli can sets things in motion negatively. Thus, cops does whatever it takes to prevent it, even by giving in to prisoner’s demands and pleasing the inmates; turning deaf ears and closed eyes to what is going on right under their noses.

Had the rest of last night macaroni with one avocado, bought six earlier today, whenever they come in, I try to feast on it. Better thing to spend my money on.

For dinner, had rice with three fried eggs. There was no ice yesterday, but ice came in today and a lot. Can’t help sipping iced-lemon water all day. Glad these little things that makes life worth living here are allowed in; lemon, ice, eggs, oranges and few others. But we tend to have the worst more; candies, pork skin, and loads of fried food, even potatoes chips. One choses what he wants!

Spent most of the day in my cell and in my bunk, having signal from the comfort of one’s bunk is what anybody here will wish for, less contact with people, the better!

Had an early night, meaning I will be up sometime in the night.

And I did just that…..woke up by 2am on Wed, 16 Jul 2014.

My lil gay cellmate who like taking his talking into his sleep wouldn’t sleep quietly in his hammock, always talking and screaming; lad, has got a problem. So also many of of us!

Been up from that time till now; 05:07:00! The binmen are up and working, and the diabetic Dominican old man is out doing his daily walkabouts; walks round the passages till the day breaks or daylight! Determined and dedicated, unlike my cellmate who is down with high cholesterol, diabetes and is popping medications and no exercise of whatsoever.

Talking of diabetes, remind me of a Chinese inmate who was here, was massive and enormous, admitted into hospital and came back after months, lost loads of weights. He had an ulcer on his legs, so was always on trousers, even on visits. Finally was released, after forking out large sums of dough to his lawyer. Sadly, we just heard he died couple of days ago. Probably from complications related to his diabetes. Everyone will die, but how and when is what matters.

One gone, and no feelings, we have grown hard skin and set protective cover against empathy and anything that will make us feel unmanly. Guess, it what prison does to any weak or feeble person, grows him into a monster!

The misapplication of generalisation is a quick way to insult someone, or even start a fight.

Prison is an economy where businesses thrives, wars are waged and fought, truces, treaties and armistice are signed for peace to reign and these are also broken, and the war continues; a never-ending vicious circle of violence which begets violence and more violence until blood are spilled and lives snuffed away. Technically acceptable proposition in prison is when debts, favours are paid or rendered in acceptable or unacceptable manners; either willingly or by force. And these could be bartered, cash-payment or by the most cruelty forms; ass-payment or by life!

Thus, economic cooperation implied the existence of unwritten laws and rules or treaties that governs and guides every transactions within the walls of the prison. In our case; the locals control everything that comes from outside into the prison complex. The two foreign pavilions (Six and Eight) aren’t allowed to trade with each other, we must trade with the locals, and then, not all the locals. Pavilion 15, which houses the most dangerous locals don’t get long with the other locals, and since they are close to pavilion 8 (the second foreigner’s hold), they deal with Pav8, everything the foreigners in Pav8 desires has to be purchased from Pav15. While, we in Pav6 have direct access to other locals who are willing to trade with us; even goods nicked from amongst themselves are sent to us, but then, whoever buys anything from the locals should know better; never to be seen by the locals using that thing, as you will be marked for death.

With this, I rest my case and pray I have enough signal to get this updated on my blog asap!

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.”


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