So What Happens When….. Nothing Happens?

“Most people fancy themselves innocent of those crimes of which they cannot be convicted.” -Seneca

‘Failure to prepare is preparation for failure. Prepare for the worst while expecting the best’


Wednesday, 2 Apr. 2014 00:24:59

Life on the inside is one full of expectations, sometimes and most of the time, these expectations which one has hung unto with all his life, love, hatred and guts could come crashing like a house build from  haystack; crashing and burning along with all hopes and dreams……then you know something definitely going to happen when nothing happens; other plans come into play. 


Tuesday, 1st of April 2014 

Schat’s birthday today, so much birthdays had come and gone, marked and celebrated just like the many Christmases and all without me. Always praying to be there for the next one. Someday, those prayers will come true. 


Celebrated her day with special tributes on #Socialmedia, the kids were not left out as they made special handmade card for her with the note: #OneInAmillionMummy, how sweet and lovely. 

Her friends from the church took her and the kids out for a birthday dinner, my daughter confessed that she was a bit naughty, told her she is forgiven; how happy she was. She is growing and learning new things with each new day. 


Back home, her friends had arranged flowers to be delivered, while they were out dining; what a way to end a wonderful day #ThePerfectDay. I may not be there physically, but my presence is always around them, in their hearts, thoughts and my massive wall-frame photos commends some good presence; one that gets my little girl to eat her vegetables when told daddy won’t get her something she so desires….lol! Away from home but ever present. 


Back in our jungle, the belly of the beast; the day started like every other day, up to use the loo around 4ish, ended going upstairs with a steaming cup of green tea/ginger. Signal wasn’t at its best, but enough to chat with schat. Then it all went off by 7am, nobody had any idea why it went off. Later we knew as it was the inauguration of the new prison, christened #MegaJoya, the largest prison complex in Latin America. A project the opposition party called the #WhiteElephant of Martinelli; apparently on the run to the presidential election is busy commissioning new projects to woe the hearts of voters, politics like warfare is full of deceptions.  


Helicopter hovered the centre like a giant buzzing bee, we followed the inauguration like most Panamanians on the local television channels. The president promised sending the more than a thousand Colombia prisoners back to their country at his own cost. Well, fingers crossed, hope he is a man of his words. 


Wednesday, April 2, 2014! 

Signal seems to have been restored, meaning it was switched of yesterday due to the inauguration of the new prison. Whoever controls the signal jammers knew what they are doing, let some signal in to keep the prisoners at peace.  Anyway, it’s still difficult getting online, have to wake up very early to sit and stare into the endless horizon behind our wire fence as I wait for the ping sound of incoming messages. 


Workout was excruciating, planned hitting shoulders, but upon walking into the gym, someone has set up the squat poles, did few stretches and good light warm up and then hit 10 sets of increasingly weights. Friggin got my legs fried. Went straight into shoulders, starting with military press, shrugs, lateral raise, upfront row. Rounded up with abs. Less than an hour despite a group of six men. Was satisfying! 


Had proper meal after my workout; rice and chicken, down it with a glass of chocolate + milk! Showered and hit my bed, tried napping, but the intense heat wouldn’t let me and one of the lads was busy distilling which got the cell fried. 


Upstairs was busy with lads overcrowded at our signal spot, but a bit cooler as cool evening wind was blowing in. 


Spent some hours with schat, who was busy tucking the kids into bed. Finally left for my comfort zone; my bunk! 


Thursday, April 3, 2014.

Weekly headcount, with no plan to wake early as I slept pretty late. But a cellmate got up and wants me to join him. Finally, got myself together and met him, but signal wasn’t at its best, though spent some moments on chat with Schat. Then came the catcalls, wasn’t one that sound like we were about to be invaded for another round of brutal search. Looking outside, the locals in pavilion 5 were outside, thus, if they want us outside at the same time; it won’t be a search, as they won’t risk having more than a thousand inmates outside at the same time with a handful of cops. 


Left my phone in a mate’s bunk upstairs, got down and dressed up for a quickie outside; fresh morning breeze as I warmed up, did some sprints, reverse row on the monkey bars behind the pavilion (a gift from #ElAbuelo that was extradited to the #US; of all inmates here, he was the only one with passion for fitness, had all the weights, bars, DB, gym hall painted, those are his legacy, and will live after him). 


Inside the gym was scanty as many had gone back to sleep; got me wondering, how many hours do these lazy-asses sleep every night? The most I catch a night is 5hrs! But some are really here to do time; day and night, some of my mates hits their sleep sack as early as 9pm and by 8am are still snoring. Guess, prison here in Panama is doing the opposite of what it was meant to accomplished in inmates; making them lazier! 


A good all-body workout got me pumping, rounded my workout up with triceps and biceps and abdominal. All were enough to kickstart my day. Just outside the training area, on the other half of the gym hall (as from 6pm every day, the gym hall becomes one big cell, with cartons spread out and mattresses laid down for inmates who have spots there). They have been fighting to have us stop working out, told them, they are sick! Those who were fortunate to have positions on the first half floor of the gym, tends to leave their belongings permanently on the floor; the only time they are moved is when they are washing the floor, which is every fortnight.  


On that part of the gym hall, I heard Doc telling an English mate of an elderly inmate that was bleeding from his mojo on Wednesday’s night; Doc was called up to attend to the old lad. But on getting there like every doctor would, he was confronted by what is becoming a new trend among many of the young lads here; insertion of stones (pearl should’ve been used) under their foreskin so they can ehance their sex drive. 


I know couple of lads who had done  just that, but this very man ain’t no young man; he should be doctor’s age mate or bit older than Doc, and adding insult to injury, he is #Diabetic, Guess Doc did what he had to do, but also asked that the man be sent to  the clinic, as of my time of writing, heard his bleeding has stopped. But the one million dollar question still remains, ‘what would have driven a supposedly intelligent man into that’….. the answer lies in man’s need and desires for the ultimate satisfaction; our insatiable needs. He has heard like I have heard what the stone does; the woman is taken into the other side through ecstacy from the sensation of having the stone rubbed against her clitoris #Clitorisstimulator. The craziest thing here; none of them are having conjugal visit, the ones having ain’t interested in enhancing their sex life, they are pretty ok with getting laid every fortnight.  I asked my pharmacist-cellmate; If he will like to have the cut-out dominoe piece inserted in his mojo, he replied ‘I barely have enough, why would I cut off a piece of my small man’, got me #LMAO 


@Behindbars everyone is searching for things to do to help with the boring time; glad I have found enough things to keep me busy, such that, getting an afternoon nap is so difficult as others are always coming around with phone problems, some can keep good numbers in their stuffed head, but not their passwords; thus, I started using five sets of passwords whenever I opened any online account for them; dating site ( very popular) , emails, facebook, twitter, instagram and the mother of all social media; Skype, it’s the best as the lads gets to see flesh in real-time and live ;-). 


Skype is also the favourite as many can’t cope with the stress of typing on tiny virtual keypads, personally I loathe touchscreen keyboard, give me BlackBerry anytime ;-), the next good thing from Canada that is useful to us behindbars after Dr. Porter 😉


Had an early night as I was way knackered from my workout and from not napping during the day. 


Friday,  4 Apr. 2014 


Slept deep as I have never done for a long time, but woke up at the sound of the binman changing our bin bag and his mate washing the passage; the bin in front of each cell is changed every morning, while the passage and the gym hall (doubles up as a cell for those without cells) are washed every fortnight. Qucikly made me a cuppa of my green brew, which I took along as I climbed up to my signal spot. Few inmates were hanging around as they hustled for signal. Got online with chat, she sent a video of my little girl who was at home with her today. She was over the moon to be home; a free day from nursery. 


Left the spot around 7:30am to prepare for my daily workout. Made enough oatmeal + muelsi for the cell, added almond butter + Cinnamon, the lads devoured all of it, had few spoonful before heading out to the packed gym. Lucky enough to find some weights for a proper #HIIT #Chest workout. Focused more on intensity, going light but more repetition, added hanging leg raise during my pauses. And finally rounded up with #Hardcore #FullDeepSquat; some of the lads tried correcting me; that deep squat is bad for the knees, well, haven’t seen any of them search, read or buy magazines or books on exercises, training, fitness or anything to do with #MensHealth. No wonder majority get burnout and wornout from repetitions; doing the same exercises day in and day out. There are few I shared #FitnessTips with, just downloaded an hour-long kettlebell workout video; shared it with an Irish-mate namesake; funny enough, we have the same first name, small world.  The lad is bent on leaving here with an excellent bill of health, super fit; he’s working out seriously, but it’s always the diet that’s our setbacks. I try getting the best from what we have here and what I can afford. 


Had a good workout, but Friggin knackered, that after shower and feasting on my morning oatmeal, I couldn’t sleep; due to today’s heat. Friggin hot, got me sweating all over, had to shower for the second time, thank goodness water is no problem now, we do get enough for each day’s use. 


The evening is a bit cooler, hope rain will come soon. 


Earlier today, around 4am, a Canadian was extradited to The US, don’t know what case he’s got with uncle Sam, but the yanks wants him badly, hope he sorts himself out there. 


Another Canadian (the polish-canadian) and the only Sikh in the village who was battered by a local inmate before been sent off; has been having problems after problems with his cellmates. The old man has no bunk in the cell, he perches on a spot on the top of the cell, but the lads don’t seem to like or get along with him. They finally got him packing, throwing his things out, not even his buddy wants to help him. My mate has allowed him to keep his stuffs in a space around his corner,, but he will be sleeping in the gym hall. I adviced him to get the Canadian embassy to call and have him transferred to pavilion 16, which is old people friendly. Hope he does that. 


Just spoke with our only Sikh in the village about his problems with his cellmates who had successfully conspired and kicked him. He’s been busy all evening moving his things from one corner of the passage to another; forced to emptied all his tanks of water, so he can get them downstairs to the gym hall where he will be sleeping. From what he’s saying, the lads had made life very miserable for him; one threatening raping him when he sleeps, guess that alone will keep the old man awake all night watching his ass ;-), couldn’t help the laughter. Did reassured him, nobody will rape him here if he doesn’t willingly and on his own accord submit. Another told him, he’s more holy than him, that he see god and talk to him; I definitely know who that is. Another told him, his god doesn’t exist; if he does, why is he here? A million dollar question, that has only one answer; our sikh fella or santa claus as he nicknamed by rasta was nicked at panama’s international airport with luggage lined with angel dust! Enough reason to send him here! 


Complained how the lads nicked five of his tanks and some gallons of water, which made me brought his attention and senses to where he is, told him ‘You’re in a prison and not a monastery’ does expect nicking and also start watching your back, as we’ve had meteorite fell on an inmate’s head while walking around the passage after a brawl with a gang of lads. Thus, he should be watchful and be his own keeper. 


Well, he has finally packed all his meagre stuffs, hope he’s welcome back to the gym hall, which was his first place of abode when he first got in here, but got thrown out after he got into a fight with one of the lads there for sleep space. 


From all that has happened to our ‘Only Sikh in the village’ and if he’s a smart man like he says, he should examine himself, why is he in trouble with everyone, many of us been here for years, and the most we have gotten into are verbal brawls and we are ok with that. Hope the Canadian embassy calls and get him transferred to pavilion 16 for his safety, wellbeing and most importantly, for his sanity; they wouldn’t want him repatriated back to Canadian impaired, battered, loco, and a nightmare to the Canadian society;-)


Sooner or later he will realise that he’s on his own and that nobody is anybody’s keeper; moreover he can’t fit into any of the prison’s gangs. Thus, he’s definitely on his own. 


Fast forward! Wednesday 9 Apr. 2014 


So much has happened within my last punch of the buttons of my phone’s keypad.  Prison world is where nothing is certain, not even one’s life. One lives for the moment, sleep, wake up alive, then another chance. But then, each day is battle to survive the odds of living. 


On Sunday, 6th April, when we least expected them, we were stormed by about 30 cops, many had no time to stash their phones. We couldn’t get to our normal stash, but it went well, few had their phones taken, ours survive on this day. After the search, life went on as it’s always been, living by chance. 


Monday, the 7th! Up from my sleep and climbed up to our signal spot, had the chance to chat with schat and my daughter who went swimming, but wanted more time in the pool. Headed back to prepare for my daily workout, gym was packed, but had a wonderful back and biceps workout, added some abs and cardio routines for the extra burn. 


Later on Monday evening had a verbal row with a lazy-ass old cow who sits everyday in my cell gossiping about who’s shagging whose wife on the street. The old man leaves his cell every morning to ours, just to sit and talk absolute rubbish, but on this Monday,  he made a big mistake to take on me. He said something stupid  about fitness and my working out. Well, I gave him a food for thought words; that he is a waste of space! Finally walked him out of my cell. Hope he doesn’t come back, though he co-accussed is my cellmate. Just hope he wouldn’t cross the door when he comes to see him. Same man has had brawl with almost all of my cellmates, and he lives off people, uses every of my utensils and eats from us, but can’t friggin live his age. Glad he didn’t push me over the edge, and I was able to control myself.  


Read online of two dutch students missing in Panama, hope it ain’t true, but reading it on a dutch media and also heard it on the local news on Panamá television, I knew it’s true; pray they are found on time. 


Tuesday came, less tension, got a bit late to the gym, which was a bit scanty, seems the lads are losing their mojos; one moment they are hot and the next they are cold as dead. 


Just into my chest and biceps workout, our president came in to inform an English bloke that we might be storm again. Dropped my weights and ran in, just before my cell, I heard our alarm system raised and cat calls as the approaching cops were already in the building; they were cadets from police academy, lots of girls, the girls were more than the lads and they were all natives, got me wondering if the way out of the jungle for the natives is joining police or becoming wardens. Within seconds all our stuffs were stashed, one stayed behind as the rest left. We were search as we walked outside into the blazing sun; and no water today. 


They did a thorough search, roughed up and left no stones unturned, usually my books are always scary when cops sees them, not these tiny Indians (indígenas, as they call them here), they threw all my books on the floor, ripping whatever look suspicious. Some voluminous books were ripped open…….fcuking! painful! 


And finally, they hit on our stashes, taking about eight phones; one of my old banger; a broken BlackBerry 9900, a mate was lucky, when his stash was opened, they didn’t realised the double layer bottom; saved three new phones, they would’ve killed him, as he has saved money from selling liquor to buy the newest piece in that very stash; a samsung Duos! 


We weren’t alone in counting loses, other cells felt the impact of the search as many had phones, tablets, routers, knives, and lots of stuffs taken. 


The hardest blow that really hit me hard was my almost-ready wine; made from welch’s grape juice, just two days left to be drunk, and had clients waiting. And another two tanks of mashes to be distilled into gin; and I had prepared these two tanks on Monday night with no inkling of what will happen on Tuesday. All together, four tanks were taken. Glad the tanks were returned, but empty and without my drinks 😉 , Friggin painful, lots of money gone in the drain just like that. Well, such is our life and it’s prison, where upon incarceration one loses everything that means something to humans; except one thing….. #Hope! this one thing they can’t take from us. 


I had to work all day yesterday like others, cleaning and changing my bedsheets, arranging my books and checking what else they must have taken during the search, after all done, had to cook for our lunch/dinner; all left me knackered and worn-out. And no water all day, the lads are yet to realised that the period of abundant water is over. They are still using water as if we live right beside a river. 


Was so knackered that by 8pm I was feeling sleepy. Had to call of my night and headed downstairs, did some dishes, and took a shower before hitting my bunk; though with aching back, popped 200mg of diclofenac and B Complex, had a long sleep. 


Wednesday  9 Apr. 2014 

Lately, tend to wake up around the same time every day; between 4am and 6am, after then, can’t friggin close my eyes as my mind goes walkabouts into lala-lands of memories past. So to safe myself from the self-torture I rather stay awake than get back to pretending to sleep, which will never come. 


I tend to hit the hay between 11pm and 2am, yet I still wake up with 4 – 5hrs later. Some days, I tried getting some hours of power nap during the day, which helps with the body aches after my excruciating workouts. 


Left my signal spot to dress up for my daily workout, then came the roll-call for school, it was my group, but didn’t hear my name. Had to change and head outside, rushed my breakfast of leftover beans and ripe plantain from Tuesday night. Down a cup of water, then out and my name was on the list, the lad omitted it, just he can’t friggin pronounce such an easy name #Spaniard 


We were hauled out in a single file, approaching the first security, we were stopped as there was a row up at the second and final control before entering the admin block which house the classrooms. About 10 cops were able to contained the situation, cuffing the lads and hauled them away after spraying gas on them; wouldn’t want to know who they wanted to stab or kill. Sometimes I loathes leaving my pavilion to anywhere outside, as they say “far from home is near to harm”…… that’s exactly my story, had gone way too far from home and family and ended up here. Within my pavilion, I know my way and I know the people, though everything changes, but I try to keep up with the changes, watching closely and observing every intentions and reading between the lines of every words uttered.  


Finally got to school, I wasn’t prepared for, but had to go as it helps with time reduction, felt sleepy all through, but managed to pull myself through all the classes. Back in, was starving, made myself a quick bowl of muesli with extra nuts, was filling and delicious. It’s day two without water, my cell has ran out of water and I’m left with a tank from my reserves, the lads had forgotten and underestimated where we are and what could happen. For months now, water has been flowing like life, and none care to stop and think that this is a prison where in the past we have been left without water weeks after weeks. Everyone in my cells used to keep reserves, but they all lose their guards and threw all those vital gallons away. I kept seven gallons with four tanks; eventually used the tanks to prepare my wine and mashes which were taken and thrown away during the search; a friend gave me a tank, which will take me through today and Thursday. 


Upstairs, there’s tension still building up as many believes the cops are coming back. My friend, an old timer, who has done time in America and loves #PrisonTalk more than anything, confirmed the rumour, but I ignored him. Don’t want anything to get me panicked and shaken more than I am, my heart is Friggin fragile 😉 


The signal spot was full and busy as inmates were out hustling for a sign to get online. On Tuesday and Wednesday morning, I actually had signal on my bed, which is very rare since the signal jammers were installed. But not enough strength to have my lying down and get online; sometimes I wake up to find messages and emails had come through. Lucky me 😉 


Around 9ish I was feeling sleepy, had to pack up and left for my cell which hot as hell; that’s if there’s another hell (can this friggin phone stop correcting my spelling; I want HELL and not he’ll) after here 😉 


Had to do my dishes with a gallon of water; water becomes very useful and important when one is in this sort of situation; Drought! 


Even the heavens has withheld rain from us, there’s been sign of rain lately, but it all amounts to nada! Showered with about 3 litres of water; soak a hand towel and clean myself, Doc calls that Mexican shower 😉 


The news of the missing Dutch students is gaining grounds has it has brought the government to its knees; #Holland #TheNetherlands  #Nederland being a big player in panamá, the third country after USA and Canada trading with Panama and also Dutch businesses are growing in panamá won’t be happy with her host if these girls aren’t found (hopefully and prayerfully, found alive). My Colombians mates are joking that they had probably gone to join the other Dutch lady who has been with the #Farc rebels for years now. Many of then wouldn’t had known there was a Dutch lady with #Farc if not for the Colombian series #ComandoElite which shows how the government’s elite police captured or killed all the top players in the country’s america-funded #Drugwar and #LaViolencia. Doubt if this war will be won as it has spread to america’s backyard; Mexico, and it’s all america’s guns these cartels are using, brings in mind operation #FastAndFurious which went totally wrong, got many fingers pointed at different directions; an operation that was meant to track guns as they move within cartels went wrong when the same American guns were used in killing of innocent people. That operation got Nieto (Mexico president) to rethink their part of the war on drug, they are at the losing side. A new approach need to be taken, old draconian laws like ones in place in panamá had to be changed, view on drugs like marijuana have to be changed also. Instead of slamming someone in for years for possession of a joint, he could be offered treatment and a job, as most I have seen here were jobless and will forever remain jobless!  And that’s the case of…… 

So What Happens When….. Nothing Happens!


In their cases and with many of us here, nothing happens, except one comes out of his own cocoon and fights himself into the life he had dream and always wanted to live. 


Finally hit my concrete bed which I have improved with a wooded bed made by a Chinese who spent thirteen odd years for murder; murder was his case and he did the time. He was the best cook in the pavilion. The wooden structure on top of the concrete slab has really helped with my backache.  


Thursday, 10 Apr. 2014  


Weekly headcount today, woke up around 5ish, set the pot to boil for a cuppa green  and ginger/lemon tea, would have love a cup of old Joe this morning, but the old guy brewing at the beginning of the passage is not one that should be trusted, friggin look like he recycles his coffee; one can see the bottom of his cup after a filling of his coffee, it’s meant to be black and thick, he uses sugar to deceive the lads; they friggin love sugar, once it’s sweet, they just like it. The only thing he can’t cheat on is his tea; you get a fresh bag from the pack and fill your cup with boiling water and make yourself a cuppa 😉 


Upstairs look deserted, seems the lads are yet to wake up from the toll of Tuesday’s search, in the four years plus I have been here, we’ve never been hit so hard like this search; every cell took a bit of the storm, they were young tiny Indian girls (indígenas), all in training to become wardens; funny thing, those girls weren’t allowed into the local’s pavilions, they were only sent to the foreigners; they know, their people will abuse them in one way or the other. As tiny as they were, they were able to get into every crook in the pavilion. One thing they didn’t know; they couldn’t figure out what bluetooth earphones were and USB chargers, they found mine and my mate convinced them, they are for my blood pressure and cholesterol machines; they friggin believed him and left them behind. Good they don’t have these technologies in their reservations #JustSaying, for years now the natives has been protesting against the government plan to build hydroelectric station around their territory; friggin hate development and growth. Good for them! But lately, they are getting obese, seems they sneak out into the city in their wooden and binged on BigMac and Triple Whopper, hope the government finds solutions for them! 


As the sun begins to rise, the pavilion gets its life and inmates rose to stash their phones and other things that shouldn’t be found if we are stormed again. Got mine stashed and got dressed to use the open patio for a quick cardio circuit. Was out with the first batch; did some good stretches, haven’t been outside for a very long while, did some good sprints and use the monkey bars for reverse rows and dips. More spins around the field, push ups, stretches and more sprints before the count was over. Back in, the gym was empty, used the opportunity to have one of my best workouts since my incarceration; #HIIT #Hardcore #UpperBodyWorkout and #DumbbellLunges, did some #Landmines circuit and burned it out with countless reps of abs circuits. Felt satisfied and good on my inside; but not having water to wash my gym clothing will spoil my day. 


Back in, made a smoothie of banana + almond butter + cinnamon + milk, glad there was ice as it would’ve been a warm smoothie. My mates wanted some, shared with them, I’m out of drinking water, have to find a way as I need water and more of it daily. Shower and soaked my clothes with a bit of bleach to kill the odour, hope there will be water tomorrow so I can wash them. If there’s no water, then I’m definitely not working out. Right now, our major concerns is water for the toilet, if one wants to use the toilet, we are as fucked as the word #FUCK! Literally fucked! There’s not even a drop of water around in the cell. Which means I can’t afford to break any sweat. 


The pavilion seems to be calm, the police on duty has confided in a member of the pavilion’s ruling council that there won’t be anymore search; don’t fucking trust no cops, ‘cos they don’t trust us either! #WeAreAtWar! My war ends when I’m out and free 😉 



Had wanted to cook pastas with tuna I bought from one of the lads working in the kitchen, but can’t afford to that now as there’s no water. I rather bought a gigantic fried chicken leg (thigh and drumstick together) and a piece of #Arepa (latin america’s favorite food; made from maize and grilled) and it sets me back $4.50ct, too expensive for a friggin chicken leg, but I need my protein, would’ve cooked kidney beans or lentils, but such food are not what someone should eat when there’s no water in sight, wouldn’t want to be seen with bags full of shit. Better keep them at bay till we have enough water. 


Ate the chicken with guacamole pikante which I made with avocado bought here and dried chillis that schat sent. 


Stayed up till late, waiting for the lads to sleep and the cell to cool a bit before hitting downstairs.  


Friday, 11 Apr. 2014 


Day 5 of our water crisis, woke at my normal time around 5am, but lay back as I can’t afford sweating much today, there’s no sign of water. Slept through the night with stench of urine and faeces, heard some inmates are bagging SHIT, hope someone will throw it at the cops, so they know what we are going through.  


Made coffee for breakfast with two slices of whole grain bread topped with almond butter spread. Not training today, thus, careful with whatever I’m eating. An early row with the little twat in the cell, he threw away all the gallons when they all assumed water will be flowing forever; now they used mine in my absence without my permission. Made them understand how they got relaxed that all our reserve tanks got nicked upstairs; at one point we had about twenty reserve tanks of water upstairs, but today, we have less than six tanks and all are empty. They wait and wants me to do all their shits, ain’t gonna happen. 


Gone upstairs to get online, we our alarm system went off and sent us scrambling to our stash spots as everyone got panicked. We’ve still not recovered from tuesday’s brutal search that saw many lose things for the first time in their four or more years incarceration. Many have sunken low mentally after the search and will be hustling for money to buy a new one soon. Heard an inmate gave someone a thousand dollars during the search and during the ramblings, and he forgot whom he gave the money to; and the friggin crook won’t return the money to him. The owner of the money is a fool forever. He would’ve gone out with his money as the cops won’t take it, but because of his stupidity and greed, he lost such amount of money. 


The search scare today happened when three cops were seen walking towards the pavilion, tuesday’s memories are still fresh in our mind and that’s the driving force behind our alertness.  And many are yet to recover from the loss of that day. 


Many with contacts among the locals are hustling water from them, our PA systems went up with announcement of water from the authorities later today; hope they will do as promised. 


Well at time of writing this, nothing had happened concerning us getting water; and this has resulted in the locals selling water to us. It’s amazing how the human body is; a psychological machine, without water, everything seems to have short down. My cellmate whom I believe has irritable bowel syndrome #IBS and start using the loo as early as 3am and does that every 2hrs in the course of the day, has stopped visiting the shit room, barely see him walk in there. Myself, despite feasting on chillis, beans and lentils, my system also knows what is happening; use the loo once most days. 


Forced to buy a gallon of water at $3.50ct, that’s the amount for a plate of meal in the pavilion. But weighing both, water is more important than solid food at this critical time. 


The water crisis couldn’t stop the lads from living what they know to be normal; still drinking, smoking, gambling, wrangling, heated verbal brawls and endless arguments that will eventually build up walls of aggression between factions of people you can’t avoid as we’re all within arm’s length of each other, like in my case with the old cow who thinks fitness and exercises are waste of time when he’s a waste of useful space 😉 


Late in the evening around 8pm, intel came in that an inmate has escaped; an Israeli inmate, friggin didn’t know we’ve truly become the #UNO of prisoners from all nations of the world; a brotherhood united in crime 😉 


Heard the lad who’s always smoking and punching buttons on his blackberry has been making plans of his own version of #PrisonBreak, but someone gave him up as I heard, and all fingers pointed to a portugués inmate who works with the cop outside. Nobody will know, but in prison, when one’s plan fails, he’ll definitely look for someone to caste the blame on, as it is in this case. 


With this information at hand and knowing where we are, and the tsunami effect of the last search still lingering on our memories; many had their phones stashed as cops came around for a round of headcount. Sending inmates outside at such time is also a risky business as there could be mass escapes; but as we have come to know the cops more better, they are trained to shoot any moving object, thus, nobody made any attempt. The count went well; before the cops came, a cellmate of the Israeli inmate had threw a hot punched battering porto (as the portugués inmate is called) face, heard that the lad is also sick and on special treatment……wouldn’t want to know. 


Nothing was done to the boxer, but loads of tongues were wagging and whispering of what will happen next. From more intel, the israelí lad was caught in the kitchen, probably hiding there till late when he can sneak out of the complex. 


In the midst of the commotion and chaos, my mate said, the only time an inmate escapes is when he jumps over the fence, other than that the cops are involved in such plan. And the other types of escape plans is one involving the locals who use escape scams on the foreigners; they tell a foreign inmate, they have way to get them out, collect money and take the foreign inmate into their pavilion for a day or two, and later tell him to go back to his pavilion that the route has been blocked; and the foreign inmate goes back empty-handed, smartly robbed of his hard-prison money 😉 lol! 


Thus, any escape is one that an inmate or with a group plots and executes their plan on their own with knowledge of others. That’s is a true #PrisonBreak 


Back in, finally took my shower with a gallon of water, and that happens to be my last except for the mineral water I bought from a miser inmate who runs a grocery business that’s ripping us of every cents we thought we had. 


The cell was blazing hot as mates of my cellmates gathered for their daily talkative sessions. Upstairs was cool with cool wind blowing in from the mountains, but all gets spoilt with the stench of urine and bags of shits which the lads has resorted to, gallons of urine lined the walls of the passages and upstairs on the passage, the water crisis coupled with tuesday’s search has gotten us broken and mashed up mentally; we seems to be in total confusion and disorientated. Hope water comes and the lads are able to restock what was taken during the search; not until then shall there be rest 😉 


Two new inmates were hauled in today, one a young lad whose dad, our in-house electrician has been doing time for years on now, can’t friggin believe my eyes, as he went out to receive his young son; reminds me of what a retiring judge in Sheffield, England once said “he has sat trials of generations of criminals; grandfathers, fathers, sons, and grandsons”……..sort of make sense, when they say, ‘it runs in the family’. The poor man was short of words, but warmly received his son, his own blood; make him comfortable. Wouldn’t want to know what he’s thinking in his congested mind, guess lotd


A Dominican lad whom I believe is in confusion or denial of his sexuality lost phones totally about a thousand dollars; BlackBerry 9900, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3. It was so painful that he had to change pavilion ;-). The lad upon arrival some years ago, couldn’t keep his mojo in his pants, he started shagging the Jamaican lad (lass I meant to say), he used to train with me, but the moment he found prison love in the Jamaican with silicone-ass he stopped training and concentrated on getting laid. Gringo loco who was his cellmate then, said of them, that both were truly in love as they tend to do everything together. But then, after the Jamaican who was in for fraud was release; though, visited the lad in couple of occasions and also bought him stuffs and the iphone, the lad started a relation with his compatriot’s lawyer and eventually got married to the lawyer. From all I have seen, he seems to be confused, he’s got five kids scattered around the Caribbean with three different women. Well, he needs the lawyer to get him out on time and also need proper conjugal, which I believe he’s already doing with his lawyer-wife. Desperation can drive some people into desperate decision making; he wants a quick way out and getting married to the lawyer is what he thought will be his qucik way out; wish him luck. 


Spent hours upstairs as signal was a bit better, but nature’s call wouldn’t allow me more hours, had to leave for my sleepy-hollow cell which was cooling down as the lads were all asleep. Spent an hour or more reading before I gave in to nature. 


Saturday, 12 Apr. 2014 


A full bladder got me up from sleep, but couldn’t get to the loo as the lads were hovering in and out of the toilet, had to wait until the last man finished. Then went in to do my thing, swiftly as I can. 


The pavilion is hot, planned cooking spaghetti with vegetables as we seem to have loads of them now and the heat is destroying them, also to use some of my now-ripe avocados. Doubt if I will do it. 


Water later came briefly, enough for today’s use, but we are still on our water crisis ration; bathing with half tank, that will be the new norm till we have enough to get back to using a full tank. I managed to hustled water from other cells and got my gym clothing washed, which has been in soaked in water since our water crisis began. 


My last workout was on Thursday after our headcount, we were just a handful, as many weren’t having water to braced breaking a sweat. Can’t wait to hit the gym on Monday when the lads are out for their family visit; my pharmacist-cellmate is taking one of my spanish – English books for his daughter, he really wants the daughter to learn English, nice of him; he also watches Dora the explorer all day with hope of learning English, but many end up learning Jamaican patois as it’s the loudest and widely used language closed to English 😉 


His boxer-friend who just got in after nicked for trying to rob a taxi from its owner is busy getting himself adapted to his new life on the inside; he was supposed to take a spot upstairs, but my mate who lives in fear of reprisals and sleeps with a baseball bat doesn’t want anybody upstairs. #Fear can cause a man to go to the extreme. 


Another newly arrival; a lad whose dad is here, his dad happen to be our technician, fixes all our electrical problems, from chargers to breakers, blenders, ovens, and just about anything that allows the flows of electricity. He was seated upstairs with his son, having a father and son moments, got me wondering what the heck he will tell the baby-face looking lad. When I asked how old he was, was told he’s 19yrs and also a father, got a few months old baby, then my mate is an abuelo (grandad), the lad friggin look 15, wondering if he can clean his friggin ass before making a baby. #PatheticWorld! 


Intel came in later in the day that our #Israeli would-be escapee had forked out 10grand for the fail #PrisonBreak expedition, guess he’s been scammed by the locals who set up the deal. Someone gotta profit from another’s stupidity. Anything other than jumping or cutting through the wire fence, raising the alarm and being shot at is not escape or #PrisonBreak 😉 


The lad just fell victim to one of many scams that runs in our world; sometimes the locals steals stuffs within their mates and sells them to us. But if any stupid foreign inmate steals from amongst us and ask a local to sell the loot, the local ends up ripping or stealing the item from him; and the foreigner can’t say a word as the local will threatened telling us what he had been given to sell. They use every method in and outside the book to rip the greedy ones. My business with the locals starts and ends with buying water when we don’t have. Can deal with anyone within my pavilion but outside the gate is near to harm’s way! 


With the little water, life is brewing up in the pavilion, music, drinks and whatever keeps us kicking is on. The only lads whose habit were not disturbed during the water crisis were the smokers, smoking joints doesn’t require water, thus, they were upstairs and below at the back of the cells, puffing and coughing on the mixed rolls. 

Hope on Sunday, we will have enough to get the cell washed and do proper cleaning of the dishes. 

Meanwhile, the Panamanian authority has mobilised massive troops, using helicopters, dogs in the search of the two Dutch students who went missing since 1st of April. Their families are here in panamá. And the president is putting pressure on his search parties to search every nook and cranny of his country for the two girls. He wouldn’t want to upset ties with #Nederland which recently has become a big economical player in panamá; upgraded her consulate to an embassy, closed all embassies in central America to centralised in Panamá. A Dutch company is contracted to widen the #PanamaCanal, #Philips the Dutch super electrical industry based in eindhoven is opening it’s first factory in panamá after martinelli visited holland to sign a bilateral trade deal between the two countries. Which makes The Netherlands the 3rd trading partner with panamá after The US and Canada.  

With all these on ground, martinelli will send all his sentinels to find these girls, who unknowingly came to a country whitewashed to foreigners as tourist haven, but behind the façades of the city high rise skylines are poverty, rising crime rate, rising numbers of homicides and assassinations and gang-style killings, which the main opposition party is using against the government’s running candidate. The opposition has proposed lengthy prison time for murderers and using iron hand on minors who are readily used in liquidation and eliminating of unwanted foes; and being minors, they end up doing no time for taking another’s life. Nice law! 

Such law has seen a Dominican lad who was kicked out of our pavilion escaped prison despite killing five people when he was a minor. My mate told me, most homicide cases are thrown out for lack of evidences or witnesses who are too scared to take the witness stand. From what my mate told me about the lad; he was used by business associates to do their partners who had gone awol on business deals. #ThePrisonExperience 

Sunday, 13 Apr. 2014 Woke up around 5:30am this morning, haven’t been going up to the signal post for two mornings now, but decided to get up today and get my tweets up and update some of my news apps. 

Scanty upstairs as most inmates are sleeping out their time, none is hurry to do anything. #PrisonLife will bring a great awakenings to some, but to some it’s a just a laid-back to life and live each day as it comes. 

Few came up as the day brightens more are joining me, and downstairs, our smoking team are busy passing rolls of joints amongst themselves.  

Others will soon get up to start their day, the only thing that can get them up fast is either our alarm being raised or the sound of rushing water; then everyone is up on their heels 😉 

Family visit is on Monday, those with families or friends around will be getting ready; grooming themselves for their D-Day with their loved ones. While the rest of us waits for whatever they will bring in for us. 

Since the search, few phones has been coming in through the locals; doubt if they are phones that were taken in the Tuesday search, some could be phones taken from other pavilions; it’s business as usual. Someone gotta eat! 

Signal is a bit ok today, should be able to get this published asap! If I can’t, then will try tomorrow morning before our airwaves is congested and jammed with phones, tablets and routers seeking signals. 

Should be heading downstairs for a bowl of muesli, my mates will be cooking beef sauce with beef bought from a lad who works in the kitchen; borrowed pounds of beef to sell and keep himself going 😉 

We hustle, bustle and ripped each other to survive; such is the mentality behind bars. Nothing is for free, not even a good morning; one greets you, he’s definitely expecting a favour from you. #LifeBehindBars #PrisonLife. 

‘Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.’ #MindsetOfAPrisoner

Every saint has a past. Every sinner has a future. – Warren Buffet


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