Too Distracted to Have a Purpose.

Too Distracted to Have a Purpose.

After reading this article from #IronManMagazine, I felt the need to share it with my readers, before posting it on my blog, I have copied, pasted and sent via email and other social media outlets to my contacts; of whom the most are my fellow inmates and ex-inmates. Hopefully, the ones that sneak and read my blog will be greatly relieved as I’m not writing about our miserable lives, how we are getting mashed up from Marathon binge-drinking sessions on our Prison brew or distill, helping ourselves to lines after lines of angel dust, blowing our time away from puffing rolls after rolls of El joint or crispy, and trying to do out do the next man standing. At behind bars, it’s always hustling or being out-hustled.

I’m forced to use touch screen phone as my BlackBerry with keypad has finally packed up, and I’m thinking of what options is available, either buy a new one or send it out to be fixed and pay to get it in. Buying a new one should be much bettee
… Mind made up 😉

To send a phone outside, one have to pay just as having it brought inside, the runners profit from both sides of the operation, no gestures for a good old client.

The carnival came and gone, life goes on, but with many hitches, we fight, brawl and still try to get along, while tolerating each other’s nuisance. In an overcrowded place like our pavilion, we learn to live taking whatever is thrown at one’s face with a pinch of salt; one thing I have come to understand about Prison and prisoners; don’t take anything personal, allow and use sarcasm as a booster and stepping stones to move higher. You will surprise the critics and haters alike;-)

We ate bracing up for another round of serious hunger strike, since the director of Corrections and Prisons in Panama made a statement that, it’s all heaven on earth in their Prisons. The Colombians with the help of other inmates are embarking on another round of hunger strike; food, groceries, lawyers and not even consul or embassy visit will be allowed. Their demand: that the Colombian government change the terms of their repatriation. When they are sent back home, they are locked up again in prisons far worse than where we are, those gone before, had to pay for sleep spaces on the floor, constantly harassed by gangs. And time spent are worthless and useless as they are not rehabilitated or resocialised to get back into the society.

I hope this protest will send a message back home to the Colombia government.

When it was ours: The Dutch inmates, we rallied lawyers, statemen, MP’s, journalists, Clergymen and even fellow inmates to our cause and at the end, the minister listened. And now? We are back to the waiting game, to see if for sure we will be going home and how soon?

Life in the pavilion seems to in a deplorable state, as more and more inmates are dumped in. The elderly and aging inmates are the worse affected under this pressurised conditions, sicknesses of all sorts and no immediate medical attention. It is still the old system; pay and you get your name on the list to the poorly staffed clinic. I have been on the waiting list for as long as I can remember. Like others, there’s still a speck of hope.

Tensions has been building up, and many led to fights, where knives were drawn but no bloodshed. Inmates thrown out for breaking rules which others violates but are still here; #AnimalFarm….. All animals are not equal, some are more connected. Well, so they think, forgetting we are all in the same gutter.

Health, well-being, survival are some of my driven forces that keeps me going. Fitness regimen is keeping me focused and eyes and heart on my family is one reason and purpose that keeps me going despite the Negativity and swing moods that comes with incarceration.

One will think of Prison as a place where there’s no distractions, maybe in some countries, but not in a country like Panama, where the jails are overcrowded that one lives and breaths the stinks of the next man standing. You yearn for a quiet moment for yourself, and it’s a luxury that’s is unattainable. To breakthrough these obstacles, one has to be focused and purposed in his heart to survive.

An article worth sharing, given me something to brainstormed on and work my life to a Purpose; right from the bottom of the pit.


By Dave Draper.

Going through life without a particular purpose is okay. You get by. You don’t go anywhere, but the days pass. There’s television—with the Super Bowl, pro wrestling, reality shows, infomercials, dramas, sitcoms, news and video games. We have food and drink, real and man-made, fast and home-delivered. There are drugs and alcohol. Our wandering attention is captured by the endless dilemmas presented by the news media, the hopes offered by advertisers and the general threat of daily living in a post-9/11 world.

Purpose? Who needs, considers or has time for purpose?

Purpose, I might point out, is often interchangeable with goals and motivations and is cousin to reason and incentive.

We are choked with entertainment and distractions and goofiness. I’ll just slap on my earphones and listen to some sounds on my satellite radio while I check out my iPhone. Yo. “Terminator IX” is playing at the Coliseum of Theaters, and I can purchase tickets with my credit card over my cell phone.

Several dynamics are at work obstructing purpose, the main driving force in a productive and aspiring individual, community and society.

• In today’s delirious world a person can be too distracted to have a purpose.

• He is rendered shallow by the senseless frivolity surrounding him and fails to consider the need for purpose.

• He recognizes the value of purpose, realizes the commitment, dedication and hard work it necessitates, but chooses ample distractions to avoid its responsibilities.

• The importance of purpose is clear; it is hastily installed, yet as hard as he tries, he can’t sustain its requirements. The lure and clutter of amusements are too demanding and overpowering.

Purpose never had a chance.

Life without a purpose is like a hand without a thumb; you can scratch, point, tap, count up to four, but you can’t get a grip on anything. You can grasp, but you can’t hold on.

Folks without purpose fall asleep at the wheel, get off at the wrong station and put their pants on backward. They get by, they make it through the day, they may even have family and friends and a good-paying job, but beneath the first layer of skin there’s Styrofoam.

Styrofoam is a modern invention that efficiently replaces real substance. Cheap, lightweight, a great filler, it insulates and withstands hot and cold—the perfect substitute for purpose where purpose does not exist. Styrofoam is everywhere today. I suspect I myself have pockets of Styrofoam.

Occasionally I notice that I’m zipping along yet neither moving forward nor back. I look down, and lo and behold, my pants are on backward. I hate that. Not the Captain of the Bomb Squad—without a compass, adrift in thin air, altitude unknown, zipper to the rear and targetless.

Mayday. Mayday.

No panic; been there. It’s just a warning, like the blink on the dashboard that indicates our seat belts are a nuisance; a painfully welcome and familiar signal to arouse and remind us to watch where we’re going and what we’re doing and why —huge and ripped or lean and mean—if we want to get there.

When purpose wanes, when motivation recedes, when a goal is not in sight, I become restless, sluggish and stale. I, as you, am unlike my video-game, fast-food counterpart, and the condition soon becomes evident and quickly unacceptable. Steps must be taken to overcome the stall in my forward movement, my flight, and I look toward my training to amend the minor disaster. I have observed that my personal life and my training are inextricably entwined, and fixing one gives health to the other. And the closer I look, the more I’m convinced it’s my training that determines the desirable flow of my life—events, moods, energy and spirits.

Training without purpose is like shopping at the supermarket without a shopping list, an appetite or any memory of what’s in the refrigerator or on the shelves at home. You wander the aisles and finally come home with a 25-pound bag of Doggie Chow.

So what if you don’t have a dog? It was on sale.

You know why you go to the gym and eat right. The list’s as long as your arm, yet you sometimes forget. Life’s like that. It rolls along with ups and downs, through hot and cold, and moves in mysterious cycles. We’re eager and joyful and hitting the mark day after day, and then the mark eludes us—we become irritable, withdrawn and careless.

Speak for yourself, Draper.

We wonder why we bother. We punch at the air and kick inanimate objects and hiss. Swell. Now we’re soft and puffy, and the weights feel like they’re bolted to the floor. No more veins, pumps gone. Good-bye, cruel world.

But wait: Don’t flush away months of training and sacrifice in one pull of the handle. We gotta continually feed the fire within. The flickering embers grow cold if we don’t review the reasons for our efforts, relive our successes, revive our goals and remember we’re special, sort of.

• Review regularly takes place in the subconscious—preparation.

• Reliving our achievements is occasionally done when we feel generous and slightly numb—encouragement.

• Revival of goals must be done at appropriate intervals with intention, humility and high hopes, as often as it takes for them to become certain and real —reinforcement.

• Remember, we know people who don’t have goals, never heard of them or made them and forgot them—dead men walking.

Your goals, your level of motivation, concentration of incentives, clarity and depth of reasons—your decided purpose—determines your training efficiency and effectiveness and joy. Think “why” before you lift, and lift hard.

Time to rest the wings, bombers. Last one to leave the hangar, douse the lights, would ya?

Tomorrow we fly like eagles.…

— Dave Draper
For more from Dave Draper, visit

“When something bad happens, you have three choices. You can either let it define you, let it destroy you or you can let it strengthen you.”


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