Prison Life: A Week, Through The Eyes Of An Inmate.


I think setbacks and obstacles are what make our lives more meaningful. Every minute is a chance to surprise ourselves and evolve as stronger people physically, mentally, and emotionally. To quit or go through the motions is a waste of precious time and the chance to be something great. #PrisonExperience #PrisonCurious!


5:31:15 PM, SUN, FEB 9, 2014!


It’s been a busy week in the pavilion; but not different from past ones. Our lives are regulated by the same routines on daily basis, with nothing to do, many stick to what they know best; gambling, drinking, rolling and puffing on their joints, while the rest are busy with whatever helps them with doing their time.


My week started like others; daily morning rituals and hitting the gym, lately I have been waking up early as I have to make use of internet low traffic and get online to do what I need do, sometimes tried getting back for an hour nap which is never possible. But most days, ended hitting the gym for an early burst of #HIIT workout; thus, leaving my training partners who are late risers.


My mate who was due for released wasn’t picked up, likely he will leave by next week. Another stupid error from the direction upstairs, a lad in pavilion 8 was due to be released, a warden armed with his release papers came to our pavilion and picked up the wrong inmate; just because, they both bear same name! The wrong lad was picked sent for medical examination, which is the only time one get to visit the unstaffed clinic, on normal occasion when one is sick, there won’t be appointment made and pick-up. After the lad’s medical, he waited for car all day to take him out, no car came, he was brought back into the population. And same dumbo warden came for him the next day; but luck ran out of the lad as another warden knew the soon-to-be released inmate from pavilion 8, it was then they realised their stupid error, which would be a lucky moment for the lad who hasn’t had his hearing yet.


More and more inmates are hauled in, but no space to house them, the gym hall stinks of human odour grilled from the heat of the congested pavilion. And, they seems to be encroaching into our training space, which they have to move into after our workouts and the afternoon handball or basketball. No more four-a-side football games in the hall, as the lads had to be forced to move their stuffs outside. Thus, any activities that must be done in the hall, must be done in the second half of the hall; the catholic and evangelical churches holds their services in the same patch where we use as our gym; thus, the half part of the hall is our multi-purpose functional hall!


On Thursday, our headcount, came up very early and got the lads up with many struggling to get up. I have been up very early to get online, it went fast as there was none missing and the cops were good with their mathematics 😉


On my last blog, I did mentioned about our desires for the ultimate pleasure; a massive dildo was found during the search, and everyone denied ownership, the lads inserting pearls on their foreskin to take their partners to a place of no return in the final frontier of ecstasy. Well, it was supposed to be pearl from the beds of the sea, but I later saw one of the old lads who paid a younger lad to do him a pleasurable favour by inserting his young joystick into his rear….. Well, the old lad seems to be the one making the pearl; but from the look of it, it’s no pearl at all, but grinding dominoes piece until they achieved the desired shape and size; I saw one made into a heart shape and the other like a sphere, which will later be inserted under the foreskin of their little men;-)


And many are doing it, got me wondering when do they intend to test it? As not many are having conjugal visit, who knows, maybe it does work for those frolicking together under the cover of darkness.


Whatever goes on here, are what keeps the pavilion ticking and the lads going. Taken from us the little luxury, means dead sentence. Talking of luxury, can’t remember when I last had a sandwich with cheese spread, but stumbled on two cups of phildelphia cheese spread in my friend’s bunk, he actually gave me one. Who knows which truck they felt from, on checking the expiry date, which has become an obsession for me to check on expiry date before using anything; once got some expired medication for my high blood pressure and it was a six months supply. My little luxury and indulgence was supposed to be used before NOV 2013; got me wondering which store was selling out of date dairy product or had it in stock for that long. Anyway, my mates weren’t bothered as we had our bread spread and enjoyed the salmon-flavoured cheese spread. Though, kept me watching out for any signs of stomach upset, well, so far, so good, there aren’t any. Thus, we are safe, might ask him to send in the second one 😉


We had our voluntary compatriot who represents an organisation back home in #Holland that visit and assist Dutch detainees overseas. When the man came, I was about rounding my workout, had to leave unwashed, wasn’t stinking bad; maybe the stank of testosterone as I had a bad-ass deadlift and chest workout!


Upstairs, my pot-bellied compatriots with his two island mates out-hustled us for the meagre stuffs the man brought for us, I talked one into giving me a box of cornflakes. But our two older compatriots (the white ones) were left with nada….. The older lad on clutches had to leave as the lads wouldn’t give him none of their loots. The annoying thing here, these compatriots of mine ain’t using any of what they hustled; they are selling them among the population to use the money for whatever their addiction is.


#Weekend came and almost gone, for a moment, there was no moonshine or liquor in the pavilion; but one of my mate got two tanks distilled on Saturday morning to the demand of some partying animals, whose love for our prison brew is likely what is keeping them happy and going. Finally some brew in the slammer.


Saturday; being one of my free days to recuperate, woke up early to use the loo and ended up staying up to get online and sent all my saved tweets. Stayed up till the rest got up to joined me. And the lads went about their general cleaning. After the cleaning and washing of the cell, took a shower and went back to sleep. A mate offered me coloured rice, wasn’t bad as I woke up starving. Within the week, there’s been entry of luxury foods; beef, chicken, peanut butter, whole wheat bread….but not having dough meant one have to let them pass! Those with money could do their time in luxury like mob bosses in movies which is one pastime here.


Spend most of the day in my bunk, in-between sleep and reading. Having enough stuffs to keep them going, the pavilion was awake and alive with music and shouts of men doing time with all pleasures.


#Sunday; like most days of the week, got up to use the loo around 5ish, but ended up on my signal spot by the wall ( someone once asked me, if I’m praying by the wall; well, searching for signal on that wall is more like praying, hoping to get one message across the digital matrix and the power military signal jammers set-up because of the North Koreans)


Stayed up till the rest of the pavilion got up to their daily lives. When I finally called it off to get some sleep, heard footsteps running on the passage, thought of what we dreaded most; Search! But it wasn’t search…. It was some young lads high on testosterone and joints running with woods, and metals bars in what would have been a bloody Sunday morning. The fight got the sleepy heads from their beds.


Back to my bed to catch some sleep time, then came the catcalling; cops coming in, someone must have called them. They came in to picked up the lads that were involved in the early morning brawl. One as we got to know, look pretty quiet and skinny with his lenses; like a little professor, but he’s a walking killing machine, they say, he’s a sicario, an assassin! He was with the locals, but had him sent here as his life was on the line; which makes me wonder, why do killers get scare when their life is at stake? Well, he and his brawling; a Colombia, but born and breed in Panama, have been shipped to dine with the locals where they truly belong. Hope they survive the heat amongst the locals.


8:15:57 PM, SUN, FEB 9, 2014!


The rest of the day has been very quiet, and I’m friggin starving, gotta make me something to eat. Signal is very poor tonight, hope it will be better tomorrow. Who knows maybe the tech guys had fine-tuned the jammers, hope not!


A sad news earlier this week got me into one of those swing moods; a good pal outside lost his young wife to cancer; such things make one on the inside to think about life in a different perspective. We strive to stay alive at all cost and by all means! But then, our loved ones, we only pray to meet them healthy and alive, even as they worry about us! Well such is life!


Still waiting for the response from the justice minister concerning our repatriation back to Holland; the former ombudsman has made series of investigation on the situation of Dutch detainees outside the EU and the government refusal to have them repatriated; the minister promised an answer before the 1st of February, but being a politician, one have to wait till when he’s ready! Politics like war is full of deception and so is life!


Life goes on, as we bust and hustle to live through the ordeals of each day. Above all, we have hope (despite also being our torment) that it will be well; someday!



Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torments of man. – Friedrich Nietzsche


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