Prison: Functional, dead-end to some, but vibrant with life.

“Everything we run away from has power over us; everything we go through, we conquer.”…… #ThePrisonExperience


“There are moments in one’s life…..which are like frontier posts marking the completion of a period but at the same time clearly indicating a new direction. At such a moment of transition we feel compelled to view the past and the present with the eagle eye of thought in order to become conscious of our real position. Indeed, world history itself like to look back in this way and take stock…” ~ Karl Marx (Letter to his Father, 10 November 1837) (Karl Marx by Francis Wheen)


A powerful inspiring and motivational quote from one of my best read. Words to live by and will always look back to this time when it’s all over. Truly our lives are measured by yardstick of our failures, successes, and their impact on ourselves and on others. But also how we fought through those fallen moments for our redemption and make a true comeback and beyond all expectations.   


It seems some of my English-speaking inmates who had stumbled upon my writings and blog ain’t keen about the idea of an inmate keeping tab of our lives in the slammer. They fail to understand the one thing about human existence, survival and the urge to live through disasters and gloomy period; history must never be forgotten, the past must be preserved for an expected future to be achieved. The beautiful cities of Europe we see today were all build upon the ruins of past-destroyed empires.  Keeping of records has helped individuals, firms and nations re-evaluate their lives, businesses and standing amongst others and to implement new policies to achieve profits and beat competition.


Why not prisons and prisoners? Prison has its contradictions, contrasts and tension, which other way than record-keeping should be use to study the trends, happenings and lives of men from different cultures, nationalities, ethnicity, religions and backgrounds slammed together in an overcrowded and congested building. Men, left to withered away as they test each other limits. 


Keeping of records should be something of great importance here. There’ll be a a time in our lives, we will love to look back into the past, and see how we made it through the hurdles that our chosen lives threw at us. Whatever their takes on my writings, it won’t stop me from writing.


Everyone has got something to keep him busy in here, mine outside of my workouts, and reading is writing. Some takes solaces in our liquor, others in gambling, and the rest in whatever makes and keep them happy.


We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it. For the years many will spend here, their lives will be lived in a time-frozen vacuum. The years will roll by, but for the lives of men and women slammed up for whatever reasons, their lives remains standstill; it takes self-motivation for one to move forward even while #Lockup!


Prison might be a world of its own, but I see it as a place of self-rebranding, innovation, development and redemption. Time is in one’s hand to do as he will or desire! But many will waste those precious moments!


Friday 3 Jan 2014


#2014… Finally here and many made it into the year, how many will survive the year. So much has been said of this year; rumours from old and new inmates. I have always maintained my stance, when it doesn’t happened, it hasn’t happen! Thus, fingers crossed as we sail through the year, jump hurdles and adapt to our ever-changing and evolving lives and world; the prisoner’s life! Where time stand stills, but seconds become hours, hours to days, days to weeks, weeks into months and months into years, yet still our lives takes a standstill and becomes stagnant; shut out from the living world. 2014…. Many will walk free, others will walk in to continue the lives in a timeless world; they either adapt, evolved or die!


We’re all beings, in process and we either evolve and grow, or waste time and energy trying to keep things the way they were. ~ Oprah


It’s weekend, and look like the lads are opt for another round on the benders, just days after the 31st loco-fiestas that shocked the pavilion like earthquake. Despite all the chaos and drunken till most looked like #RobFord; it was relatively quiet without any major incident. But it wasn’t the same with the locals, from intel coming in, there were several gangs reprisals which ended in fatal altercations and stabbing.


For two weeks now, our headcount has been on Fridays instead of the normal Thursdays, we are yet to know if it has been changed or they did it because of the holidays. Thus, we’ll be waiting to see if it will be this way.

Had my workout gears all set up last night, despite sleeping very late; watching 2nd season of #GameOfThrones ;-). I got up the moment some of my cellmates got up. A cup of green tea was all I need to get me out. While others were still yawning from the early morning call. I was up and about; walking and jogging and stretching.


As soon as the count was done, hit the gym for a #HIIT #back and #Shoulders workout. It was an early one, but made it intensive. The new cop on duty seems to be a nice fella, allowed me out for a few minutes outside under the sun. Was worth the time, but exhausting working out on an empty stomach.


In and had breakfast of three eggs + bread + cold milk. Took a long power nap as I didn’t get much last night. Woke up refresh and rejuvenated, pieces of chicken came for lunch, got mine, fried it again and had it with white rice, filling!


The list for released inmates finally got leaked; 16 foreigners to be repatriated or freed, depending on their status. Some had done their time, others will go back home to spend some time for the so-called rehabilitation ;-), if it does exist and fulfilled it purposes.


21:12:11…. Just done watching seasons 1, 2 and 3 of #GameOfThrones; but in friggin Spanish, would’ve been much better in the original language, English;-). The novel was much spanning and full of suspense 😉 ….. Now, I want to read #ClashOfKings! Where to get it?


#Baseball is on TV and the aficionados are glued to their sets. Since chicken was served at lunch, fresh ones also crossed the road from the kitchen cold room into hands of some inmates and ended in the hot oil of our #KFC lad; he fries, cooked and sell whatever is given to him, but with his own cut! Smart fella! It’s business always in the centre, even when one is dying, others are ready to profit and gain from his death. #PrisonCurious


I’m upstairs at the signal spot, hope I get lucky and get online!…… Got tired of waiting, seems I will be jumping on the router’s bandwagon; everyone is getting one of those for better signal reception.


Back into my cells, others were asleep except for the young lad whom I left upstairs talking with one of his many girls, whom he doesn’t see. The cell was hot, and full of roaches, boiled water until it was scalding hot and gave the roaches the warm bathe of their lives. And that sent about 20 or more roaches to their demises. They are friggin hard to kill! The roaches in the pavilion outnumbered the inmates here, it’ll take evacuation to get to them and possible eradicate them.


Had a cold shower as it was still hot in the cell and then collapsed into my bed and couldn’t close my eyes to sleep for a while….. but nature’s power took over……..zZzzzzzz.



Sat 4 Jan 2014

Early from my shortened sleep, as it’s general cleaning day. And water came very early, thus, an early cleaning of the cell. The lad doing the cleaning today kept shouting at me to get my stuffs off the floor, but damned too tired to attend to his nagging voice. Laid on my bed till he and his mates were done, down to use the loo and made me a cup of coffee, needed that to keep me awake. Finally, got my stuffs together into their rightful places. Showered and back to bed, got some important stuffs to read; which kept me busy all day.


Upstairs where the lads were busy moving from one point to another in search of signal, which was difficult as always to find. Despite running away from my hot cell with hope of a cooler atmosphere upstairs, it wasn’t different from the cells downstairs; friggin hot. Stayed till late in the evening, having signal on/off! A mate who is about leaving anytime next week, got into a brawl with his debtor who had been dribbling him on his payment. Apparently, this about-to-be-release mate his a loan shark like many others in such business; an inmate in need of money to settle off debts will go to one of these loan sharks for a quick loan to pay back with huge interest. As it has always been, many end up getting into fight for not meeting up with the agreed date, some had their phones, fans, televisions or anything of value taken.


This evening case; the borrower, who is also a dealer and also has got his own debtors, was in need of money to finance his #PrisonBusiness, he went to this inmate, got some dough, paid back on time, went back again for a larger sum, paid back and finally went for a much larger sum, but failed to pay and with interest, it accumulated to $800! Now the lender will be leaving soon and need his dough! Which I doubt he will get before leaving. Like every business, he has to count that down as bad debt and walk out; with scars and after 6yrs in the slammer. Many are always receiving beatings for unpaid debts, and others had to change pavilions when it becomes too serious, but that doesn’t stop their loan sharks from getting to them, as it was with the Canadian who left our pavilion and centre to another in the other centre. He left here with debts running into thousands from buying joints on credit. But the long arms of the underworld got to him when he was jumped on and received multiples bodily stab wounds all over his body. If he doesn’t meet up with his debts, who knows what next will come on him. From the day he was jumped on, he won’t be sleeping with his eyes closed, then how does one sleep with his eyes opened? ;-).


Back here, the creditor is bent on getting his money before he leaves or probably leaving it to one of his compatriots to take over.


Stayed up till late as signal was a bit ok after midnight. Was able to send some tweets; @DoingTimeAbroad!


Finally headed downstairs around 2ish for a quick shower before hitting my bed! Tired and sleepy! Downed some painkillers for my aching back and slumped off to where I’m free; #Dreamland 😉


Sun 5 Jan 2014

Woke up to the sound of my nightingale-singing inmate, the lad just can’t stop singing! Maybe it’s his way of doing time, but what he sings doesn’t make sense and can be annoying when one has to sleep. But then, it’s what keeps him going or else, he will go berserk like others before him.


Nothing to do, but so much to do… Another form of workout for me; washing my bedsheets, towels and cleaning my bunk. I’ve got so much to do in my bunk, but that will cost some quite amount of money. Another thing that’s stopping me from working on my bunk; rumours of the much-awaited exodus to the new mega-prison, dubbed the #PenalCity! Whatever it’s been built on or of, corruption will find all the loopholes and make its way into the heart of the city!


Bit stint in the pavilion, no proper food, but enough of beans from the prison meal, which I devoured to keep the worms calmed.


Spent the rest of the day upstairs with my mates, and finally retired for a proper sleep to prepare for a fresh week.


Mon 6 Jan 2014

Up to use the loo around 4ish, and couldn’t get back to sleep; instead of laying and allowing thoughts to wander in, did some reading until sleep got back to where it stopped and it was too late as my mates were getting up for the day. My singing mate started his day as usual, with songs only he understands, well, maybe his compatriots too. But that got me up and really up for the day.


Breakfast was normal, green tea with 4 boiled eggs that came on the breakfast cart and then to gym to pump it up.


#Back and #Biceps….. And my old training mate was out for same, thus, we hit it together; intensive, but rewarding, mixing bouts of cardio and abs exercises to keep up with tempo. Lately I have been hitting the gym earlier, but always packed with wannabes 😉


The cop has changed, probably someone has told him how things works, tips before the door is open. For now, I’m not bothered about going outside. I should be able to order a bottle of vitamin D, since I can’t get some sunlight, the pills might help!


Packed in the pavilion, walking around is through squeezing oneself through inmates who wouldn’t know they are on one’s way. I’ve learned to move and float like a butterfly amongst statue-like inmates who are fixed on the passages and can’t move.


One of my compatriots seems to be more stint than most, brought his fan to the pawn shop and loan shark in the cell next to me. Recently, he’s gotten into gambling and from what I heard, he’s snorting. Yet to see him do the latter, but looking at him, he’s lost so much weight and look haggard. Too bad the prison doesn’t provide any service to help those falling and the fallen. Seems the pawnbroker wasn’t interested in the fan, he ended up leaving it with my cellmate who was the original owner of the fan before my compatriot won it on the lottery when my mate had it on. He gave the fan for 100 bucks  to pay 120 bucks on Friday and if he fails to pay, he might as well lose it or the interest increases with days. Too bad, what certain addiction can drive a man into, I can do without television but not without a fan, it can be terribly hot in here and mosquitoes are menaces here. Well, whatever must have caused him to pawned, must have a strong hold on him. Hope he finds his redemption or be consumed by the vortex of whatever has gotten hold of him.


Behind our concrete walls of the pavilion is a world of its own, everything that needs working to make it a world with life exist amongst and within us. Well, maybe the pleasure business, there is if you only know the right button to push, services with happy-endings 😉


Pawnbrokers (got stuffs and in need of money, the get your valuables and you go off with money), loan sharks (need some loan before pay day, they’re here to help but with cut-throat interest).


Dope dealers (they’re the pharmacists keeping some alive and kicking), legal advisers (they seems to know everything about the penal code, but couldn’t help themselves, some collaborate with lawyers to hustle clients among the population).


Estate agents (rent and sell sleep-spaces to new inmates), builders and developers (constructs and build new cubicles on top of the cells), architects (designs and drawn bed spaces and cubicles), launderette (too lazy or too big to do your laundries, they help for a fee), plumber (just one dude who does all the shoving and get paid by the pavilion), farmers (some has seen the good side of healthy living, my compatriot tried. I’m also waiting for my seeds, want to plant some spinach and chilli pepper).


There’s now a 24/7 doctor (Dr. Porter) who attends to all our emergencies, since his incarceration he has helped many who would been numbers amongst the fallen. And there’re our pharmacist, selling all types of medications; over-the-counter and prescribed ones, they also buy from inmates who had gone to the clinic and gotten medication they feel they don’t need. Their best buys are from those working in the infirmary, these ones nicked and sell to the pharmacist. And also from the locals who will stand outside our wire fence searching for buyers for medications issued or nicked.


There are the foot soldiers; hawkers peddling anything one wants to sell; shoes, boxers, fan, food stuffs, and just about anything. Someone will always buy. Then the lottery sellers, walking around with numbers all mapped out in white cardboard papers, choose a number from a dollar or two and if your numbers draws, you stand a chance of winning 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize… 100, 20 or 10 bucks, so pay higher, but then, a number is 2 bucks or higher. Sometimes fan, shoes, phones or anything valuable are on the lottery. There’s always 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize to be won.


And we have our groceries stores; selling everything you might think of, they are our mini-supermarkets, also our vegetable-mongers; whenever vegetables are allowed in, they display them in front of their cells, always trying to get enough vegetables whenever they are allowed in.


Our butchers ain’t like what one sees on the outside, but once in a while, meats, fishes (even smoked salmon) do get in. Their prices are always doubled or tripled the original prices. And they’re gone like smoke…..poooooffff!


Other meat dealers and dealers in foodstuffs are the inmates working in the kitchen; nicking whatever they can and what their clients had ordered.


Won’t forget out video-rentals, our blockbusters… They rent out all films, even the ones on cinema now, and also good ol’ porn to help the lads wind-down after a hard day doing nothing. And for those with conjugal visits to learn new bedmatics and how to keep their missus, so they don’t run into other men arms.

But many seems to be experimenting new things after watching some of the hardcore porn here; probably these new things keep their ladies coming back for more of #PrisonSex!


There’s our all-round technicians who are on standby to do all electrical work in the pavilion, the authorities don’t know if there’s energy in the pavilion, but the team sees to that. And that’s why amongst the locals, many live in darkness as there’s none to help them with their electrical problems.


Then, the IT geeks, which I’m one…. We attend to every problems with our tech-world; smartphones, tablets, all need to be looked after, that’s where I and others come in. The lad with laptop is freed, now it will be difficult.


Like #Tesco, every little helps…….. Every activity within our walls help keep our world functional. We all need each other to survive and like the human body, once a part becomes non-functional, it affects the whole body. When one doesn’t fulfil his side of the bargain, there can be chain-reactions which sometimes got many involved; the domino-effect! We all try to avoid such ugle situation. But like everything about life….. They are inevitable! Thus, be prepared!



The Jamaican lad who left earlier today, left his debts for his compatriots, doubt if they will be able to get his debtor to pay up. Heard he sold his bed to someone from another cell, but his cellmates refused the lad in; tricky cunning twat. Sold everything he had, even little tanks of water, and bought quite a lot, friggin wondering what he wants to do with things from prison. Well, we all have our little sicknesses. Wish him well and hope he doesn’t come back like most did! 


Tried napping, but can’t….as always, noises from my arguing-cellmates; there’s always something to argue about. Sometimes, it’s women, other times it’s about their lifeline business; freight!


Signal spot wasn’t promising, but enough signal to make me wait on Schat as she woke up, we exchange few pings before I retired to my domain; mi mundo!


Tues 7 Jan 2014,

Rarely sleep well and enough, well if anybody sleeps well here, then he’s very comfortable. The slab of concrete is not helping my back, but then what can I do; improvised with whatever I have. And that was what I did; piled up my bedsheets under my back to ease the pain and popped quite a handful of painkillers. Praying I don’t become addicted to painkillers; many are addicted to it here.


Up for an early start, lately, breakfast is after my workouts. But always a cup of old Joe or my usual green tea with a hint of lemon or lime.


Another inmate left today, and that was my cellmate, who was the long-staying in the cell, now I’ve taken over. About six has left so far, all hauled up at the immigration where there onward papers are processed before they are finally deported or released into the country to continue from where they stopped or where they were stopped!


My mate sold everything he had owned, wouldn’t give anything out. The only thing he gave me, the push-ups woods; just because he couldn’t sell it.


Gym was crowded as the cop is not letting anyone outside. Hot and stuffy in the gym as we sweat through sets of lifting and pulling of anything improvised to get us achieved whatever we want with our bodies. Some were able to squeezed themselves into tiny space to jump their ropes.


Had a second day with my old training partner, not my plan to get comfy with him, I’ve always pride myself for the arm’s length distance I had always kept with him. But he’s drawing close is pretty to close for comfort. He always drive his partners crazy, with constant nagging and interference! I know he will do same with me, but he knows better than most, what I’m bent to do, that I will do 😉


We had an intensive #Chest and #Triceps workouts; went heavy and with short burst of rest periods, one my best workouts so far. Added some #lunges and #Dumbbells #squats, can’t try anything with barbell until my back is ok!


Didn’t bothered asking the cop to let me out as he won’t. Always make sure I do all I need do within the time-frame I have in the gym.


In for shower and washed my gym wear, a quick brunch and a power nap to recover from the day intense workout.


Some days can very boring, most especially when you have nagging inmates who are like lice, just there to make life miserable for others. Always do my best to avoid such ones.


Wed 8 Jan 2014

Early from my sleep, a cup of old Joe was enough to kick-start my day. And my day to clean our toilet/shower room, we take turns daily to do that, most pay others to do it. I tend to see any and every activities as a form of workout, so I’m always busy, outside the gym; filling tanks and washing my clothes instead of paying others to do them for me, kinda breed laziness!


Straight to the gym which is getting packed everyday as more people are taking to working out and because the cops ain’t letting us outside. No matter how packed it looks, I always make out space for my workout and that’s what I did; alone as I hit shoulders and abs. Finished on time and went about other things.


Back in, tried napping, but couldn’t….. Picked up a book on sport nutrition to keep me busy as my mates were busy busting each other balls with silly lousy childish jokes that can sometimes get into heated verbal brawls of name-calling.


Went upstairs, but briefly and also lucky to make use of a friend’s wifi; had all my saved tweets sent and a quick email to my embassy for some much-needed medication. Waiting for ages to get an appointment to the clinic, since I know it won’t happen, resorted to my self-medication. Know my symptoms, sometimes a check with Doc and then buy the necessary medications. I hope my consul will be able to get them for me ASAP!


An incident in the other prison is causing a bit of tension in the centre; a warden was shot by an inmate, seriously injured, and taken to the hospital in the city. Wondering how he felt after been shot, as the wardens and cops are the ones who bring in all the arms, but this one warden probably must have pissed up an inmate or didn’t keep his side of prison deal. Glad he survived! Prison’s Lesson 101: Always keep your side of promise to an inmate!


Downloaded enough news and other articles to keep me busy for days, so much is happening on the outside. The lad that was picked up and slammed in the infamous secured unit is finally freed, saw his presence online and we exchanged few words of well-wishes. He wished me luck, which he knows more than any, one needs all the luck there is here! One gone, maybe ten will replace him, the belly of the beast is never full!


Thu 9 Jan 2014

Things are normalising, an early wake up call for our weekly headcount got us up and scrambling to round up our morning rituals. A cup of green tea and my workout gear was all I need to get me out; the early morning sun was inviting as I took to the morning grass that was still wet from the early morning dew.


Did some rounds of running, stretches and reverse push-ups before the whistle went off and all were hauled in.


Drenched in sweat and panting, hit the gym with the few others who braved their morning sicknesses 😉 , some prisons turns and makes some able-bodied men lazy; no work routine, we sleep, wake and live as we want to! Many has added weight upon arrival, it’s all food, drink, gossips, and sleep and repeat same every other day!


Armed with a dumbbell, and that was all I needed for today’s workout. Drilled myself into full metal-jacket cardio with dumbbell swings and hanging leg raise (for abs), added pull-ups and biceps curls and ended with EZ bar curls. Enough to send me scrambling into my cell, where a mate had gotten four bananas for a shake. Made a fine and nutritious shake of Banana, cinnamon, milk, BCAA’s and peanut butter, enough to refuel and replenish my energy source.


Showered and about to hit my bed, but couldn’t, while some were just waking up from their second rounds of sleep after the headcount. One of my cellmates bought ox feet, which we made a rich soup with and white rice to complement it. Had a full portion before taking a short power nap.


Woke up to pick up my laundries outside, have had my clothes nicked before; my lifting belt and gloves, can’t let it happen again.


Upstairs, signal wasn’t at it best, but was able to check my mails; just adverts and spam mails and few news updates from subscribed news sharing sites.


Had an early night, got down around 11ish, showered and hit my bed. Finally crashed around 1am.


Fri 10 Jan 2014

Up around 4.30am to use the loo, back to get clock some more hours of sleep time, but didn’t come that easy. It was the noise of my singing-nightingale cellmate that got me up; his day to clean the toilet/shower room. Laid back, and allowed my mind to do some walking and working. When they were all done with their morning rituals, got up and went about mine; green tea to get me started and a bowl of cold oats/cornflakes + peanut butter before hitting the gym.


In the gym, the door remained closed, thus the gym was full and every pieces of equipment taken; more reason I should get a set of dumbbells for myself.


Had in mind to hit chest, but a light one as I have had an intensive week in the gym. But had to wait for what I need to use, which eventually came by after much waiting; during the waiting, did some sets of crunches, hanging leg-raise and rope-jumping and push-ups! Got me pumped and ready!


Started with inclined and declined, before hitting flat bench for barbell press, dumbbells and flyes. Rounded up with more abdominals, and that should be last for the week, but I might tempted to hit the gym early tomorrow; that’s if I sleep early…. Might go in for pull-ups and abs and probably try getting the cop to let me out for some lapse on the field. Well, it all depends how I feel in the morning.


Had fried chicken with a piece of fried plantain as my last meal, downed it with enough water to filled up any available space.


Spent few hours searching for signal, there was, but too weak to even refresh twitter timeline. Called if off as I embarked on the short journey down to my cell. On the passage, our nightly gamblers were busy throwing dice and doing time the way they know and love; betting as well.


Someone squatted on the loo and made a splatter, tomorrow they cell will face my verbal rantings, I might seems to know who was the last that used it; my glutton-cellmate, the lad left his friggin boxer/trunk on my food-tank. And, that was annoying, but kept my cool, on the kitchen working board, his bowl is there with chicken bones and infested with cockroaches.


Had a shower, a mate living upstairs came to use the loo and had the lad sleeping above the toilet scrambling for air; who knows what these mate eats, friggin stink like shit-pit!


Had to walked outside the cell for another 1 hour to allow the air in the cell refreshed, thus, losing an hour of what’s supposed to be my sleep time.


When I returned, he was gone…. Slumped in for my much-needed sleep! Had classical playing while I dozed off!


04:38:32….Sat 11 Jan 2014  Up to use the loo, someone has been in there for more than 30minutes, wondering what he’s doing. Finally my mate with bowel syndrome, uses the toilet about 10-20 times each day. And the lad is addicted to washing his hands, but where he needed to wash it most, he doesn’t…. As he rounded up, he left the toilet without washing his hands. One has to put up with all sorts of dirty habits, makes me sometimes reject food from some people. No idea of what personal hygiene should be. One of my cellmates once picked his nose and then dipped same hand into the breakfast bowl to pick up bread, after selecting his choice. Friggin put me off, when I have money, I go for whole wheat bread that comes with cut-throat prices.


Gotta get back to sleep…….04:43:12 and up as the lads were about getting started with today’s general cleaning; washing of the cell, everything has to be taken out.


Should be my day off from workout, but can’t resist the feel and energy, dressed up and went out with a cup of tea, only to meet the gym hall empty as the lads were scrubbing and washing; it was stench of human!


The cop won’t let me out, talked him into letting me out as others were out, but the ass won’t, had to go in and wait for the hall to be ready before hitting the gym for full-cardio #HIIT all-rounder body workout. intensive and excruciating, but also rewarding.


In for a quick shower, and a bowl of rice and scrambled eggs, which they lads cooked for their brunch. Devoured that with speed before my shower, and downed it with a cup of iced-milk/cinnamon and BCAA!


Showered and slumped into my bed to get the rest of my sleep, but then, the lads just got into their watering hole as the boom-box was on with vallenato and cups in hands; they’ve gradually started what will be drink till last man standing!


But I did get some minutes of sleep, and finally up to cook peanut butter sauce with beef and rice. What came for lunch looking sickening, didn’t touch it and many rejected it, others without alternatives had to eat it, but then, they should be prepare for diarrhoea!


My mates drank and got one of their pals drunk, the lad slumped on the floor, he was helped to his cell and into his bed at the end of the passage. Out lethal liquor ain’t made for the faint-hearted, one must have a lion’s heart to down cups after cups of this thing and still stand. Their noises were becoming a nuisance as others were been disturbed, especially from my cellmate who can’t hold his stomach together after drinking. He has since moved into the cell after buying the bunk from our released mate. Hope tonight he won’t be vomiting all over the cell.


22:03:59… They finally called off their party, they are probably too drunk and tired to continue. Other parts of the pavilion are busy with inmates drinking, throwing dice as they gamble the night away.


I’m upstairs now, should be going down for an early night rest as I’m yet to recover from today’s workout. Just found out some of my dvd’s are missing! Gotta search for them!


Back in, shower and hit my concrete-slab of a bed! Always had rolled up towels under my lower back; helps with the pain.


Sun 12 Jan 2014

Quite a hot day, up to rumours of search coming up soon on us. Some say, there’s been an escape, doubt if it’s from here, as the walls has ears, sometimes mere thinking about what to do, others know what you are up to. To live through the prison experience, never allow your face to betray your thoughts and don’t confide on no one! Secrets kept to oneself is in safe hands. Men are known to sit, talk, argue about sports, cars, wars, politics and businesses and sometimes talk about women. But in here, most will sit and talk about other men, how they look and how they don’t look; blame the prison authorities for turning men to sissies!


Had an English tea, but not an English breakfast, slapped a tsp of peanut butter on raison bread a mate gave me yesterday. That was my breakfast.


Showered and walkabout in search of my dvd’s, found some, but the important documentaries, probably gone with the wind! Seems to have forgotten where I am, ain’t no monastery, but friggin prison where men will nick even one’s briefs and trunks; happened to me once, two briefs got nicked, maybe there’s a man in here who loves collecting other men’s underwear. Have seen, read of men who went nicking women underwear and kept them as trophies, but not men nicking other fellas dirty laundries. #Sickening 😦


19:59:01 ……. #Predator is on TV, many are glued to their TV sets, watching this or one of the several soaps or novelas. No idea of what came on lunch, heard fishcakes and for dinner we had mince meat, which I always pass as it’s fatty and look unhealthy. But fried green plantain and fish for dinner. Might drink a cup of warm chocolate before bedtime. Earlier today had an inmate inject me with Dexa-Neurobion, need something strong for my backache and sciatica pain which ruins my nights. Hope to buy more, but changing my mattress should be one way out.


Quiet in the pavilion, but everyone is busy with something or the other! It helps with the swing moods that comes from incarceration.


And the mood is getting quieter and disturbing, if the rumours going around are true. Then we should be expecting a search soon. The young lad who was the bed-mate and shag-mate  of the old bloke extradited to the US seems to have gone AWOL! Since, the old man was taken away from him, he’s been acting wierd and stupid (what love does to people). Once talked of plunging his knife into me, told him he should rather look somewhere and plunge his dick into (he definitely got the picture)…. We all know his little open-secret….innit?


Whispering going on, that he escaped on the day of our weekly headcount…. Probably the reason the cops haven’t known yet. Hope he’s gone for good, if he’s caught and brought back, too bad! Hope we don’t get stormed for not ratting out his #PrisonBreak plans. If they choose to come, we’re ever ready for their little surprise visit, which we always get wind of before they plans leaves their thoughts 😉


Our lives, our world all revolves around us, we are the mechanism and the force that keeps our world moving and alive. Written off, but we still function in every way we can, living each day at time! To some, prison is their dead-end, but to others it’s a place of redemption and re-branding; whatever the latter means to the individual!  


Remember the good times, be strong during the difficult times, love always, laugh often, and thank God every day.


“It seems that the necessary thing to do is not to fear mistakes, to plunge in, to do the best that one can, hoping to learn enough from blunders to correct them eventually.” – Abraham Maslow 


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