Clash Of Silicone Titis (Las Furia De Las Tetas Silicones)

To preserve a man alive in the midst of so many chances and hostilities, is as great a miracle as to create him. ~Jeremy Taylor


Tues 10 Dec 2013

In prison, one’s survival instinct is awaken to learn to notice things, to read the truth that people hid behind their eyes and fake smiles. #PrisonCurious


The day began like any other day on the inside, life on the inside is like a vicious circle that is unbreakable. One’s life is based on the same routine, same people and on the same haunting thoughts. #CircleOfLife


Breakfast was black beans, and a cup of green tea! Then the gym, which was fully packed with inmates, the cops won’t let people outside. At this time of the year, there’s so much tension on the inside; cops are scare of inmates escaping, thus, the extra measures to control movements in and out of the pavilions. Right now, only those working on diverse projects in the centre are allowed outside and with identity card. It’s going to be a difficult moment.


Made it to the gym and finally get to workout; an all-rounder, very intensive and felt knackered.


Back in the cell, the much-awaited rain we have been waiting for finally came pouring. Enough water, filled up my drinking tank and all gallons. Needed some eggs for lunch, but none in the pavilion, lunch that came on the cart was meagre; shredded chicken skins and bones, without its flesh, who knows what happened to the flesh. Had the beans and some white rice. Filling and enough to send me to an afternoon nap.


Got data plans on all my sim cards but none seems to be working; getting signal is becoming very difficult, our used-to be best spot is now deserted as others are seeking alternative spots.

Bit quiet all evening, some Brazilians inmates were supposed to be released, but they have been waiting for transportation. They were told to pay $300 before they will be taken out; friggin made me wonder if someone had called taxi for them, instead of the usual police car. Fucking corruption that has eaten deep into the heart of the system.


My mates are busy distilling everyday, they prefer the liquor while I rather stick to my mild wine; using all blend of fruits and spices to make a perfect fruit wine/cider or #moonshine, or #Chicha as the locals calls it here. And they all serves their purposes; getting one pissed! Hope to distil a gallon for gin with juniper, cinnamon, orange peels, black pepper and cloves! Will be a wicked brew 😉


Pockets of meetings amongst inmates; lots of tension brewing on the inside. Sooner or later something will happen.


Had a late night shower around 1am….. Before hitting my concrete bed! Started with a new novel; A Game of thrones ;-)…….interesting, as the lads here are always talking about the series, which our blockbuster man rents out along with other pirated films. Rather read the novel first before watching the series 😉


Wed 11 Dec 2013

My mate cleaning today got me up when he switched on the cell’s light around 6.30am! Friggin weirdo, tried getting back to sleep, not with the lights on. When he finished, I turned off the light and finally got an hour sleep.


Finally up for my day; grilled 2 greasy sausages that came on the breakfast cart, made hot chocolate for breakfast. With a cup of green tea and lemon for my workout. Had decided to stay off weights and hit patio for bouts of cardio out in the sun. Upon entering the gym, it was full with inmates, heard it’s zero-movement, as the cops won’t let nobody out, not even the boxers and older inmates who are always out walking every morning.


Would jump rope all morning, but no friggin space in the gym, thus, decided to hit my #Back and #Shoulders mixing #Abs in-between my rest period. Though in pains from yesterday’s workout, but it was rewarding.


Another fight this morning, same American-panamanian inmate had punched the polish-Canadian sikh (#PapaNoel or #Santa), the young lad, didn’t adhere to my warning, that he should never lay his hands on the old fella. He punch the old man so hard and so bad, that the man’s left eyes sealed up for good; the left part of his face was swollen. The old man look like someone who was hit by a runaway train. Hope nothing serious behind the swollen face.


Both were taken out; well there’s no dispute on what will happen next, old man taken to hospital in the city and the young lad is chained up under the admin building, where disturbing local inmates are kept. Being there will definitely show him what prison look like in Panama. He’s now amongst his fellow countrymen; who are vicious and savage like him. Hope and pray he survives there. Back here, he was living very large, rapping and recording his vibes, smoke weed everyday, drink and party with some friends. Where he is now, doubt if he will have such luxury anymore.



Papa Noel hasn’t return from hospital, likely, he’s been admitted to spend the night there. Probably the Canadian embassy knows about his condition now (apparently, he hold dual citizenship)!


The other parties who fought over money transfer issue were battling who to throw out of the pavilion today. The lad that gave his fight to his stronger cellmate, happen to work upstairs and has a strong link with the director; after going upstairs and worked his contact. Directive was sent for his enemy to be transferred to Pavilion 8, but our leadership resented it, that if someone should be sent out, both of them should be thrown out. Guess the case will die-off that way. But those two will definitely become sworn enemies; never to cross that invisible line, battle line that has been drawn the day they threw their first punches on each other.


When Papa Noel returns from hospice, I heard he will be sent to pavilion 16 in La joyita, which will be better for him, he wouldn’t need to be climbing up and down to access his bed, as his bed is currently on top of one the cells. And the young lad, might spend months under the admin building as punishment before being sent to one of the pavilions housing the local inmates; there his battles for survival will begin!

There was a meeting today and this one raises lots of questions; the cops are stopping vegetables and fruits from coming in. It’s likely, those bringing them in, must have hid drugs inside their goods, and once caught, that line will be closed indefinitely! Hope they reach an accord to keep the line open. If vegetables and fruit which are sold at exorbitant prices are stopped, then that will be it.


An old-school Jamaican inmate from pavilion 8 was sent here today; being an old school there and thrown out. He must have done something unforgivable….. From intel, heard he pulled knife on a Latino, too bad for him as he’s beginning life afresh here, sleeping on the floor, when he had bed back in Pav8! Too bad for him!



In bed with a book as it’ll be an early day tomorrow; our headcount will be an early one.


Clash of the titis (Tetas) + Video 😉

Thu 12 Dec 2013

My day to clean and fill the tanks if water comes, the first to rise was the lad waiting for his release papers since October. Others followed suits, while I lay on my bed waiting for the coast to clear. Finally got up and start with my morning rituals, water came just before our PA system went up with the announcement that the cops are around. Phones and whatever needed to be stash were stashed in their respective hideouts. Filled some tanks before the pump was turned off.


Dressed up for a quick burst of cardio outside while others were still yawning from the early wake-up call. Did some lapse round the field and loads of good stretches. The headcount went well as we were counted just once and all accounted for. Back in, and water came up again, filled some tanks and made a breakfast of oatmeal, which I ate with the bread that came on the breakfast cart and cornmeal!


Out in the gym, which was too early for me, and the gym was as well scanty as some of the lads had gone back to their sleep; lazy prisoners! Prisons sometimes makes people lazy, well, prison such as this where there’s no programmes to help the inmates prepare for the new life they will face on the outside after years of incarceration. If one definitely want to change, he has to work out his redemption!


Talked to the cop, who let me out for another round of cardio outside in the field alongside the boxers who are now organising their unit to get a permit from the director, so they can always be out every day.


Back in and did some bouts of #HIIT workouts; jump rope, push-ups, inclined/declined chest with flat-bench! End my time at the gym with hanging leg raise and cable crunches. Our cable is wearing out, soon we can use the pulley and cable anymore and friggin cops won’t allow cables in.


Back in, and starving and nothing to eat; had my the last of my black beans on the stove, but opted for Banana and some more oatmeal (leftover from breakfast) with some instant milk. Proper shower which sent me to sleep! Napped for about 2 hours as I was really worn-out; woke up early and been up all day, while others went back to sleep after the early headcount.


Both lunch and dinner were rubbish, but later had my black beans with beef bought a mate; the lad made my day! Did credited some eggs which will be my breakfast tomorrow.


During my few hours napping, the pavilion were thrilled to an end-of-year proper show; sort of a gladiator brawl. And it brought my prediction to true; when our young shemale was hauled in, the older one didn’t look so please and happy with a new and younger contender; as she was the centre of attraction from all the other men without tits ;-). And I noticed her unwelcoming attitude; this is my turf! Told my mates; two Queers, actual meant two Queens can’t reign in one kingdom! One must bow-out! And that’s what happened today while I napped to be restored.


Did told couple of my mates, that those two bitches will battle one day for the throne. And that one day was today, so bad, how I missed it! When I woke up, I was told; #BreakingNews in the pavilion, that the two tetas (Titis) fought! Initially, had thought, its one of our jokes. But the lads were dead serious. After asking around, damn, they fought bitches fight.


Lately, our old shemale has not been seeing more of outside as she locks herself in her bunk all day and rarely venture outside at night when others are sleeping. Unlike those days, she  ruled the pavilion day and night. But since our new young and vibrant shemale with #DDCups came in, things changed! All the lads jumped ship, even the old shemale cellmate who used to be her true-mate also jumped ship, leaving his old ladee mate to the new and younger one. Our old Queen, must have been nursing this for a long time and waiting for the moment she will strike back at her fierce and sexier joint-smoking competition, who seems to be stealing the hearts of all her admirers 😉


Today’s problem began when the new shemale went to our old queen’s castle to asked a debtor for payment; wonder what business transaction they had! Our old queen told her, she needed permission from her before coming into her castle, and the young, new ladee responded; she didn’t come for her. Then came the typical bitches name-calling things, followed by proper punches; then most lads knew, despite the ttis and hormones therapies they had undergone to make them look more of the gentler sex, that man’s savage instinct roared out from them as they engaged in proper fight. but finally fell back to what they want to be; Ladies; then came hair-pulling and finally stripping of clothes. Our old Queen had her pyjamas (a see-through lingerie) on, while our young princess had her pink top just covering her DDCups and a pink short. From all I heard and video which I now have in my possession; the lads allowed them to get into their fights (in prison, once you begin a fight, the nothing-to-do inmates will allow you have your battle without interruption).


From the video which many recorded with their smartphones; they were allowed to engaged in their fight before the lads jumped in to save them from harming what makes them different from us; #Tetas ;-). Clothes were stripped and loads of hair pulled, which gave some sex-starved inmates opportunity to caressed all four cups of silicon-filled titis. From the video, one of the lads was smiling after he must had his feel and fill of our princess tits! #Good4Him!



Just went around to pick up a toilet paper, you never know what black beans (my lunch and dinner) might do late at night. What I have won’t be enough if nature calls.


At the beginning of our passage, our young princess is having la fiestas with some queer lads. Apparently, she sleeps in another part of the pavilion, thus, she has been locked out and will be spending the night with one of those lads. They are smoking joints and drinking cocktails made with our potent liquor (one good thing with our liquor, you can make 1001 different cocktails with that potent stuff to reduce the potency); and the main patron is the lad who has tried his hands on all sorts of businesses. At a time he was selling everything one could find in #DIY stores, and I nicknamed him #DoItCentre which is a DIY store in Panama. Then he went to food, lottery and finally groceries and also paints; as many are in need of paints to beautify their cells for christmas. Thus, our princesa is celebrating her victory at today’s clash of titis, she was probably crowned the champion as she delivered more powerful punches on our Queen who was more of a #ChuckNorris, throwing her skinny legs into thin air, glad she had a her tanga on and also tucked her third leg between her legs as the lads were waiting for that moment when it will show up! Didn’t though!


On the other part of the pavilion; the B side, our old Queen is all dressed up, hanging out with her group, seems she has found a new love as that is the only cell she visits. Lately, I heard she is been depressed and troubled, on that front, she is not alone, many of us are depressed and trouble, but we all have our ways of handling those demons; Everyman has his way!


From all I heard about the two tetas; there are underlying and old wounds between both of them which hasn’t healed. Christmas is fast approaching, both will be hustling for good and wealthy clients. Not just wealthy clients, inmates who will be ready to throw their prison-money into the drain for their open-secret services. I know a lad who paid 40 bucks for a quickie blow-job from our old queen. And this happened right beside where I sat searching for signal to get online. When they lad was done, he calmly walked away in the darkness, knowing fully well, I knew what shady biz took place there.


Like every other fight fought within the walls of the pavilion; an invisible battle line has been drawn between those two. And from all indications, they will live to fight another day and that’s what our young princessa said; she will teach the old witch a lesson…. Didn’t know our queen was that ugly to be labelled a witch ;-), anyway, it’s girly talk and friggin entertaining from what I saw on the video! The lads were jumping with joy and savouring the moment as many saw what they hadn’t seen in a long while #SiliconTits


From all I heard, they were many videos recorded from different angles, wouldn’t mind combing through the pavilion for them.


Hope to wake early to search for signal, maybe around 5am. Hope I will be able to do that.


Just had a cup of green tea with painkillers; my aching back and sciatica nerves are in flames!


Picked up a novel as I lay back and wait for sleep that is eluding me. Hope it comes soon!


07:41:50! Fri 13 Dec 2013


Been up as early as 6am, quickly did my morning rituals and made me a cup of green tea before climbing up to the signal spot; where I tried in vain to get online. Tired of trying, now sitting at my mate’s penthouse-cell on top of a cell. What can a man do? Better get a book and read!


The two Jamaicans who should be leaving today, are fully ready; shower!


Seeing some lads running outside got me down to my cell, put on my training shoes to hit outside, but the cop on duty won’t let me out. So decided to hit the gym which was too early for me. But did a good all-rounder to end my workout for the week. Did a very good and rewarding workout. Finally talked to the cop who let me out, did some lapse on the field and stretches. Knackered and worn-out, finally called it quit and back in for a quick shower. And a had oatmeal + Banana.


Our princesa called by, the lads in the cell were praising her for yesterday’s fight. Such an irony, normal people tends to loathes fight or anything that’s negative, but not prisoners, since we are left with nothing to do, any brawl is a bit of entertainment for us; be it a bloody confrontation that might lead to one’s demise or verbal confrontation and name-calling. All these are what keeps the lads entertained and all adds up to doing time!


The two Jamaicans finally left today, there were catcalls from all corners of the pavilion as they walked out of the pavilion for the last time; their backs against us as they walked the long walk of freedom. One of them was the well known rasta who doesn’t ask or beg more than a dollar. He welcomes every new inmate by begging for a dollar. Prison can reduce a man to nothing, which remind me of Doc. a man of his height who found himself amongst the so-called scumbags of society, is reduced to sleeping like a pauper.


While the lads walked out, there were many catcalls that they should not return to the slammer again. Hope they won’t come back! Well, that’s if there’s something out there for them to do???



I heard from another Jamaican that the lads called from immigration that they arrived and they are with another Jamaican who was released about two months ago, but still waiting for Panama to buy him his ticket back home.


The evening has been a dull one, no music like always, earlier today, the lads who partied with our princess were called up and appeared before the police chief who gave them a stern warning on noise pollution; guess someone must have snitched or rat them out, by reporting them to the cops. They were told, if they do it again, they will be transferred to live with the locals. The same is applicable to every one of us.


Finally saw the pictures of the Canadian inmate with #187 tattooed on his back; the lads who did him, were out to scarred him for life, or probably kill him. He had many stab wounds on different parts of his body, and a large scar on his face that was stitched up. And all happened because of debts incurred from his die-hard habit.


Meanwhile, in our pavilion, I also had a brief chat with his compatriot the Canadian-Polish sikh, whose face look like someone hit by a runaway train. Left me to wonder what the lad had in mind when he punched the old quiet man and hit his head against our concrete wall. From what I heard, the lad befriended Santa, sold his bed space to him and both became good pals. He also told old Santa about his life; his woman whom he had a daughter is now seeing another man, and his little girl died.

Apparently, the lad was deported from America to Panama after doing 10years in the slammer for drug-smuggling (from Mexico into The US), though the American embassy had told him his deportation is illegal as his father his an American and mother panamanian and he was born in the American zone when the Americans were in Panama. I did asked him if all his tattoos were prison tattoos; he has tattoos all over his body, belly and back, even his neck! He denied it, but hearing from his close pals that he did 10yrs in the slammer now answer my question about his tattoos! 


From sources close to them, they said, both parties were having heated argument, when Santa brought the lad’s dead child issue up, telling him that his wife’s new man killed his daughter. That got the young boiled up! But despite his being younger than Santa, I heard he attacked Santa from behind when Santa was having conversation with someone. What a fucking coward he is! Well, that’s the way and life of the latinos, they can’t fight like real men; mano-a-mano! Always with weapons! Thus, one is always on guard and armed!


The fatal cowardly act left Santa with a not-so-good-looking face. The lad has been very naughty with our peace-loving Santa, thus, no Christmas gift from Santa for him. And Santa has made lots of enemies as many didn’t expect those words from him; if it’s true, that he made the said statement. Which, brings me to everything about prison; lies lives within and amongst us. Where else will one find lies and liars outside of courthouses………of course Prisons!


Though Santa also had fought with Gringo loco, and gringo loco is not his fan, he wished the lad had finished Santa! This has got me thinking, if Gringo loco was not behind all that happened; since Santa called him a paedophile, which made Gringo flipped his chair and threw old-man’s punches at Santa, Gringo could as well as pushed the lad to attack Santa. Gringo and the lad became very close recently, smokes together and always sat to chattering. This is prison, anything can happen, one’s enemy can be an invisible one, hiding behind the scene, while pulling strings like what happened to our ex-president; some one from amongst us had pulled some strings and punched some buttons and had a local hired-hand battered his face; that he is now wired up, and left him drinking with straw, friggin living on liquid food!


Santa, after showing me his battered face, told me he was sent back from hospital as they couldn’t operate on his face as it was swollen. He was told to be brought back on Monday, I hope they do come for him. He was not given nothing, not even painkillers to help with the pains. Did took some pictures of his battered face which I will upload to my twitter and Facebook! #PrisonViolence


Relatively quiet, should be having an early night as it’s my general cleaning day tomorrow. Signal is a bit hard tonight.


Sat 14 Dec 2013

Look like nobody wants to get up,  probably we are all waiting for the gushes of water from the pump before anyone moves. Finally around 8am, the water came rushing, then everyone made their way out of their beds. Being my day for the general cleaning! I got up and about taking things outside.


Nobody cared to help, which I prefer as it would have been noisy, took my time, with my music and a cup of hot chocolate, did my cleaning; washing the cell, toilet and shower-room. Finished and had everything inside, before taking a power nap.


Woke up to music blasting from the gifted boom-box to one of my cellmates. My cellmate who can’t handle himself of drinking is at it again, drinking with music (#Vallenato), he will such drink himself to stupor like mayor #RobFord of #Toronto 😉


The cop on duty is bit ok, allows inmates in batches outside for couple of minutes exercises.



It #December, though the summer months are supposed to be the most festive months, but for latinos, December is the month it all comes down; from day 1 to the last day of the month, it’s all fiesta, fiestas and more of las fiestas!

Despite the strict warning, the pavilion is alive with what keeps it alive and functioning; the burger stand is up with hot grill as the two lads are doling out batch after batch of hot burgers for the burger faithfuls. Around the passages and in cells are pocket of parties going on with music and drinks and whatever they can smoke or snort to keep the high going.


Others are busy in the gym hall which is turned into a proper casino in the evening; dices and cards are moving from hands to tables. At the back of the cells, no matter place to light up one’s joint, groups of inmates are busy burning away their time passing from hand to hand flaming hand-rolled joints. What more can one expect in a place where all goes.


Haven’t seen much of our queer queen since the night of her debut fight with our princesa! She is probably cooling off her ass and getting ready for her nightly night nurse services to her faithful clients. From intel, many are throwing lines to our princesa, but she is taking her time to study and understand how things goes in and around here. She broke the first rule; sleeping out on the night of her debut battle with our queen. Soon she will find warmth in some cells where the lads will be willing to pay for what she will offer.


My cell ain’t left out in the fun, my mate has his mates around to drink with him as they listen to vallenatoes and music from different parts of Latin America. He did played a number of #JulioIglesias #Hey and that moved me…. Beautiful song! Cooking pasta (nicked by the lads from kitchen and sold at a dollar a pack) with tilapia fillet. At least something better, healthier and different tonight.


Despite the festive mood, the pavilion is a bit quiet tonight, the lads are busy but keeping it on the low side due to strict warning from above.


Left my signal spot earlier for an earlier night, but steaming hot down in my cell as the lads are working round the clock to stock up for Christmas demands, which is always high.


Two of my cellmates ended the night in drunken stupor as they drank away their sorrows which they will definitely relived the next day.


Sun 15 Dec 2013 


My proper rest day, so long it’s not my day to clean. Up early to use the loo, but couldn’t get back to sleep. A cup of tea, would’ve love coffee, but none in the cell and ain’t ready to buy the watery black hot liquid they call coffee in the pavilion. Rather brew mine…….;-)


Few contributed for me to make a proper oatmeal; peanuts, oats, milk, while I added cerevita and cinnamon, wasn’t bad as we all had a proper hot breakfast.


Shaved my hair for a new look, my hair which is the last thing on my mind has always been a thing of concern for the lads. Thing about prisoners and priorities, some are more concern with how they look physically than how they should look on the inside.


Las fiestas from last night seemed to have continued into today. And the toll of last night drinking is not far from me as one of my cellmate who drank like #RobFord of Toronto is still battling his hangover; vomiting anything he tries to take in, his mates has gotten him all cures for hangover, but none seem to be working as he’s sitting close to the toilet waiting to puke! #Good4Him


Took a much-needed power nap, as I spent most part of the day reading on my bed; deep into #AGameOfThrone


Part of what came on the lunch cart was lentil soup, had that with some boiled eggs from breakfast, wasn’t bad! Filling and healthier than the half-cooked white rice!


Whatever came in as dinner didn’t interest me as I had more of leftover oatmeal from breakfast.


Atop our cells, where fiestas are in full swing, groups of inmates on top of their cells and those living down below in the cells aren’t left out in the Sunday’s fiesta.



One of my cellmate’s cousin who’s new here, is probably running on Duracell battery, they have been drinking all evening and he’s been entertaining them with talks from the streets, since he’s still fresh. Others are silent but listening to his never-ending stories; lad will make a good storyteller. That’s gives me an idea, we should be having evenings with story-telling, with malefactors like him thrilling us with tales of their escapades with the law and conquests of women; would be wicked!  We won’t be short of stories! #JustSaying. 😉



Despite the burst of rainfall earlier this evening, the pavilion remains hot, definitely need another shower before sleeping tonight.


Upstairs all evening, but signal is friggin hard to get, might as well go down to my cell. Our revellers are still busy burning the night away; music, drinks, joints and white lines for those willing to clean those lines with their nostrils.



Mon 16 Dec 2013

Up to use the loo, and back to sleep, which I couldn’t as my mind kept wandering afar to things I dearly want to forget; the beginning of all things! Struggled to focus and get some sleep as I definitely need it, but it wouldn’t just come easy. Finally got to close my eyes, but someone got up and switch on the light, which robbed me of that much-needed sleep. Switched on #Coldplay, listened while I lay still checking all my joints for aches; and it’s still my lower back, despite the improvisation I made by putting a pillow under my lower back, still feel the aches.


Finally up around 8ish, made me a cuppa of tea and warm up the minced meat from last night’s dinner and had it with crackers that came on the breakfast cart this morning. Better than eating the crackers alone with the coloured water they called chocolisto 😉


Hit the gym which was packed with inmates despite the cop on duty being nice enough to allow us out. Did squats and hit shoulders, taking it easy with squats as my back is not prime for heavy workouts.


Halfway into my workout, the door was officially thrown open for patio, which got the lads scrambling to pick a spot outside. The footballers were first to hit the field, others took to jogging and the lazy ones kept up with their never-ending chattering. Outside, behind our locked gate, the locals came with wheelbarrows filled with whole defrosted chicken, were selling to the lads. The cops wouldn’t allowed them in, as we all knew the chicken were all nicked from the kitchen. Apparently, that’s supposed to be our meal for today. But some, bad eggs amongst us are collaborating with the locals to steal and resell them among the population. Finally rounded up and hit outside, did some brisk-walking and jogged for a while until the whistle went off, which ended our patio.


In the cell, friggin starving, rushed some rice and added peanut butter as there was nothing to go with it. Helped the worms, and also filled me and replenished my needed energy. Bit of rainfall and water from pipes linked to pavilion 8 came rushing at same time. Proper shower and washed my gym wears.


Crashed in my bed as I was friggin knackered! The quick nap was all I needed to get rejuvenated. The lads were busy cooking as what came on the lunch wasn’t one of their likes; Lentils. Sometimes one gets tired of the food here, as it’s the same thing every day on the food cart. When dinner came in, I went for the salad, little did I know that what creepy lurks in those juicy vegetables. Without my good eyesight, I would eaten maggots that were crawling in between the sliced vegetables; left me to wonder, how many had eaten without checking or knowing what’s inside. Had to chuck all into the bin. A friend finally gave me soup made with ox feet, wasn’t bad, had that with white rice. Which is enough for me today. All I need now is chilled water as the cell and pavilion is blazing hot. Sweating and my T shirt is soaked, used to wear a Tee for two days before washing, but with the weather this way, I barely wear them for a full day before throwing them into my dirty laundry bag. If it’s black, I wear it into the gym, and do the washing after. But with light and brighter colours, just have to discard them until my next washing.



Several of the lads are still on their benders, someone did tell me today; “it’s December, stop training” lol ;-), if there was no gym, I’ll definitely improvise with tanks of water and push-ups! Glad we have our crude equipment which serves the purposes they are needed for.  My workout routines really help with time in here and with depression, many of my training partners attest to the latter fact; of how our regular workout regimens is helping them hold themselves together and it also help them control their rages as we tend to put all the rages and angers on the irons 😉


Well, maybe not all, some inmates who can’t grow naturally or too weak to train heavy are jumping on the roid-wagons; injecting to grow, and the effects can be seen through their #RoidRage #RR 😉


Left to sit with others waiting on signal and behold a lad who got slammed day with me. It’s been a journey of hope and fate; many had gone by way of freedom, others, nature has taken them. #CircleOfLife. We sat reminiscing on how we met on that death-hold called transitional jail. He’s waiting to be extradited, but might waive it and finished his time, as conditions in Mexican prisons are far worse than what we see here; stabbing, rapes and all sorts of atrocities are part of doing time! For both of us, the horizon is still far from here and now; more years left to be done if we don’t get repatriated.


From our conversation, we came into the now and on one of their major player, who was more or less the breadwinner for all the Mexicans here. The old man was extradited to the #US after years fighting his extradition and also fattening the bank accounts of Panamanian lawyers who promised to get him out and did nothing. After hearing the lad’s version of story about the old man, damn! He must have been a whale, he’s what the yanks calls #Kingpin! A quick search on google on his name, brought thousands of search results. Little did most of us know about the man, but the yanks sure did have an encyclopedia about him.


The old man was nicknamed #ElAbuelo #TheGrandfather, and from the lad who was at the old man’s service during his stay here; the man spent closed to US$2M to buy his way out. But the money went into these scamming lawyers and at the end; the Feds came for him and others! Behind and within the walls of prisons, anything and everything uttered by an inmate should be taken with a pinch of salt! But there’s always an element of truth when one reads between the lines!


After reading all about the old man, one can easily believe he’s worth more than that amount; he owns #GolfResort and #Hotels on one of Mexico’s vacation coast! Thus, he was definitely a big player, and from all his indictments and his age; the yanks will bury him! Doubt if he will see daylight in Mexico again! #ElAbuelo is gone and taken out, to the Feds, that’s one hell-of-a-fish taken from the ocean!


Had enough of late night storytelling, finally had the lad transferred some workout videos to me via #Bluetooth; lad friggin love downloading stuffs. Made to believe, he spends his data downloading anything video ;-)….. And it all helps with doing time!


Down to my cell and rush a cold shower around 1am…. Before retiring to me bunk and my book for the night. After some pages, found that I couldn’t keep my eyes open enough. And my reading lamp is very bad, need a new one soon.


Succumbed to nature……zzzzzzzzzzzZzZZzzz!


Tue 17 Dec 2013

On the 17 day of Christmas, Santa sent in our little bitch that was kicked out of his cell after he splattered and couldn’t hold his shit together. The lad came visiting with his new-found love from pavilion 8; and he sure look robust, guess there aren’t much patrons and also no fiver there, the latter being our $5 polvo Blanca! Which was killing the lad, as he rarely eats or sleeps, but snorts like a donkey to keep him going. Nice he was kicked out as that saved him. And it seems many broken and wayward inmates sent to pavilion 8 do get to find their redemption there, as one old snort and heavy debtor has turned pastor after been sent to Pav8! #Good4Them!


My day started after taking an early leak around 6am… And the always-forgetting lad got up to use the loo and had to do the cleaning! Switched on the light and left it on after his cleaning; which kept me up, had to switch it off by 6:25am, but then, others were beginning to rise for the day and with noise and my singing inmate started his rounds of singing and name-calling! Friggin annoying! Some has set a pot of water + ginger on the stove, the flavour finally got me up after some stretches to know where hurts on my body! One has to do that every morning to make such you wake up in one piece!


Made me a cup of ginger/green tea and also cooked oatmeal which was my breakfast before hitting gym. Got out right on time to pick up equipment from my mate who was rounding up. But always stay back to socialise, wondering where he planned going after workout, when we’ve all the time in the world within our small world to socialise and resocialise with others. I believe the gym is meant for workout and not discussing sissy stuffs 😉


It was during my workout that our little bitch came visiting, guess she must have gone to our Queen; he old night-nurse buddy! When he walked in, his name was on all lips and whistle were from every corner as the lads welcomed her in with her partner. Bet our Queen did tell him of the clash with our new princess; proper bitches talk -)


Back to my workout; Hit short burst of chest and arms today and loads of rope-jumping! Rounded up with Dumbbell squats and lounges, will be off from normal squats as my back is too sore for that. A friend lend me his belt which was very helpful. Do need to get a proper 6inches belt and a synthetic one will be better!


The cops allowed some out, but won’t allow me, kept saying it will rain, but it never rained! Was even too knackered to go out…… Called it quit and left for my cell!


Lucky me, water was running when I came in, enough as I filled the tanks and had a proper shower. Had my leftover oatmeal and a banana before hitting my bed for a power nap, couldn’t get any, but relaxing was more of all I needed as my body was friggin too sore from today’s workout! #FeelGood though!


Lunch and dinner all rubbish, and not after last night maggot on the salad that I really wanted to eat. Now I’m more scare of eating from the cart! But, like they say, a beggar has no choice!


Took the lentils that came on the dinner cart, had that for my dinner, might drink milk with oats later tonight before sleeping! Bought some herbs; cilantron, spring-onions and parsley….. Will use them for omelette in the morning 😉


So much talk about our Christmas and 31St dinner; it’s been our custom to allow families to drop food at the gate and they are brought in for their respective wards. But this time around, the people in the store are changing everything, they want inmates to preorder at their fixed price which is exorbitant. Many are murmuring, but we can’t do anything about it, the people running the grocery business in the prison are out to make profit from inmates and are collaborating with inmates within the pavilions working with them. Everyone is out to hustle, and it doesn’t matter whose and how many toes they stepped on! it’s all business as usual! And it’s prison’s business #MonkeyBusiness!


Hustler/ n: US. informal {a person who tries to make money or gain an advantage from every situation, often by immoral or dishonest means}


And no where other than behind the walls of prisons will one find real hustlers, everyone is out to hustle the other for whatever there be! Dishonesty is a norm here!



Up at the signal spot while the lads are busy distilling in the cell, until Christmas it will be brewing and distilling in the pavilion. Others are trying to smuggled in the real stuffs; beer, rum, whiskey and fags! Last week, a consignment of would-be Christmas gifts for the locals were seized by cops and the smugglers arrested; whiskeys, beer, playstations, DVD-players, DVDs and CD’s, fags and one thing they don’t forget and can’t leave without; #Knives! Proper Rambo-kind-of knives were seized along with the other gifts.


Notwithstanding, others will be trying to smuggle those things in and they will definitely

 Succeed with corrupt cops and wardens who will help them bring those things in.


For us, if better things comes in, the well-to-do will opt for it, but that wouldn’t stop the lads for brewing and distilling to meet up with local demands within the pavilion and international demands from other pavilions! I have set up three tanks of wine, which sets me back about 30 bucks and when ready and I not taken during search should fetch me 30-40 bucks in profit if sold on cash and not credit! #PrisonBusiness 😉


Some lads are gearing up for Christmas with decorations in their cells; lights and painted papers! Yet to see a Christmas tree here 😉


Stumbled on my cellmate’s stash; lad had a well-sharpen knife hidden between pages of a lifestyle magazine I gave to him. It’s typical of all prisoners to have something of defence; you never know when you will need it badly. Earlier this week, a lad once threatened me that he had a knife, and I told him he should look around him; everything around us becomes a weapon when the time arises; scraps of metals, containers of bin, cooking oil, boiling coffee and tea which has become a vibrant business here, claw hammer in my cell and the weight room which I have access to…. Sent some shivers through his cowardly spine! Such is life and our lives! Always ready and be prepared for the unknown!


“If you would take a man’s life, you owe it to him to look into his eyes and hear his final words. And if you cannot bear to do that, then perhaps the man does not deserve to die.” #AGameOfThrones #Homicide #Murder #Warfare #Assassin


Different roads sometimes lead to the same destination……… Had a chat with Doc the other day in the gym, since he took up resistance exercises he seems to be doing pretty well. I shared a story of an American newscaster whom I read in one of my fitness magazine, the lad recovered from cancer and takes to proper fitness routine. Well, Doc seems to be enjoying the workouts, but going light as he’s not too fit for intensive workout routines. Like others waiting to be extradited, his days are numbered, who knows what his lawyers are doing. Like others, panamanian lawyers knows the outcome from the outset, but they just want to swindle the inmate of his money and at the end won’t do nada! #La vida!


‘Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.’ …… Does Prison time really change a man?


So far, so good! Waking up to a new day is blessing for every inmate slammed up in conditions they once read of or seen on TV’s documentaries; but then, it’s the survival of the would-be fittest and luckiest!


#PrisonCurious: slammed in for the first time, really brings about tryst, changes and adaptations to many. Some will try and do things for the first time in their lives, things they had never thought they will do. I have seen inmates, who had never drank alcohol before downed their sorrows on cups after cups of our potent distils and moonshine. Others take to joints or snorting which are in abundance in this part of the world. Some will find solaces and love in the hands of other inmates who are willing to share body and emotions to fill the void and vacuum prison time has wrought them and many for the very first time; everything they say has its first time! Sometimes the first time can also be the last……… #LifeBehindBars #DeadInPrison


“Until we have begun to go without them, we fail to realise how unnecessary many things are.” – Seneca


Faith is not without worry or care, but faith is fear that has said a prayer. ~Author Unknown


When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. – Henry Ford


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