Fifth Christmas In The Slammer, Africa Greatest Gone; But We Are Hopeful!

“It is ironic that the programme in prison, with its minimal diet and physical activity, promotes long life and youthfulness.” – Nelson Mandela

The prison system in a country like Panama where upon locked up and incarcerated, the government or the Prison authorities has no involvement in the lives and well-being of inmates.

It takes self-determination for an inmate to achieve youthfulness and good health after years of incarceration. Many will leave looking fitter than when they first got in, some will leave with physical and emotional scars incurred from act of violence and daily mental torments of what he sees and experienced on the inside. While few will leave in body-bags, dead cold, after taken their last breathe within the walls of the Prison; either from acts of violence or through negligence from the authorities who has refused to attend to sick inmates. Thus, leaving them to withered and die a painful death, one they struggled and fought for another chance to relived their lives once again, but knowing fully well that their time is over.


They say, in death a man’s life flashes before him, he sees and perceived things other wouldn’t. His seventh senses opens doorways into other realms.


#Wow…. Another. #Christmas approaching in the slammer and the fifth! And no sign of going home soon.


“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” – Søren Kierkgaard


Tue 3 Dec 2013

Had an early night yesterday due to flu and persistent cough; took diverse medication to help with the symptoms, which did helped. Tried reading but could keep my eyes opened enough to do that. Woke up around 2am to use the loo, and couldn’t get back to sleep; best time to read and listen to music as thoughts after thoughts flips through me subconsciously. Getting back to sleep was another difficult process, stayed up till 5ish, finally got to close my eyes till around 9am when the noises became unbearable.


Up with my morning rituals and hot cup of green/ginger tea! Made me hot oatmeal/cornmeal, wasn’t a bad combo. Had a bit before heading out to our jammed packed gym. The cop still not letting people outside, finally allowed the boxers out today. As always gym was full and packed. But got my way to what I wanted to do; #Arms day!


Went heavy with #HIIT arms and #ABS! I felt much better, had thought I won’t make it out today, seems the medication did helped! Felt rejuvenated and with enough zeal to carry on with my exercises, jumped rope which was the closest to hitting patio for a quick run. Abs was basically hang leg and knee raise


Tensed in my cell; verbal confrontation with our Dick-sucking inmate, lad is freaking dirty, uses bowls and utensils and wouldn’t wash, wouldn’t buy washing soap either, his fellow country men are cowards as they prefer talking behind him. But had to tell him to his face to clean up the kitchen area after each use and also when he squirts in the toilet, he should clean up and also wash the toilet brush! Lad didn’t like it, but better the truth than keep it in my heart.


20:42:20… Electricity restored after an hour-long of blackout in the prison complex; friggin set the cops helter-skelter as they scrambled available cars to strategy points around the perimeters. They are walking around with torchlight checking all the metal bars and wire fences if there has been any escape attempt. In pavilion, that will be difficult as most of the lads are too relaxed and there’re loads of snitches or turn-coats here, who will relay any movement to cops before it happen!


During the blackout, the lads went about what they do best; catcalling and in the heat of the moment, some open secrets were let out. An inmate was seen leaving our ladee of the night and night nurse’s cell around 3am this morning! Since none went in with him, none knew what he did inside with our old shemale! But many knew what he must or could have done with a man with tits and in need of dough to stay on ;-)! Whatever happened between the young lad and our night nurse leaves a massive question mark on everyone’s mind!


That and more jibes kept the lad busy while we wait for energy to be restored. As soon as it was restored, frying, cooking and baking started with strong smells of oil, and whatever the lads are cooking filling the air. Then, comes the cops with torchlight to check all the nooks and crannies outside the pavilion. The check was for any escape attempt by inmates. Didn’t see them around the locals pavilion, just the foreigner’s.



The cough is still persistent and more phlegm with every bout of cough, not me alone, seems to be everywhere in the pavilion. It’s becoming like an orchestra, from one corner to another. Hope it’s not something serious, let’s just hope it’s a flu thing. The two lads that had #Tuberculosis #TB started with incessant cough, then came the blood, before alarm was raised and they were wheeled out. They’re both back into the population, one is said to be #HIV positive. Guess, he is not alone, as there are many who are walking with the virus and the prison authorities ain’t doing anything about their conditions. They are left to die-out gradually; like the Colombian lad here and a Jamaican in pavilion 8; who were both denied medication and attention but left to die in the population.


Upstairs at the signal spot, no sign of signal, but another network seems to be getting signal, which mean I’ll be forced to change my sim card, thus a new number. Only problem now, where will I get the sim card?


Wed 4 Dec 2013

Up as early as 4am, just couldn’t sleep, guess wondering thoughts kept me up, decided to do some reading. Finally got some sleep around 6am.


Breakfast was yesterday’s beans + today’s boiled eggs. My cellmates ain’t too keen about eggs, so had some for me before hitting gyms an hour later. Like always, the gym was packed full, but didn’t stopped from having a good-ass workout. Decided to try something different #GermanVolumeTraining #GVT; bouts of 10reps of 10sets for #Chest, was freakin excruciating and exhausting, but rewarding as I left knackered but rejuvenated. Bouts of abs and rope jumps and lounges sealed my gym time by 1pm when lunch of lentils soup and half-cooked white rice came in.


Back in, gasping for breathe, had a chilled freshly pressed lemon drink with mucho hielos 😉 #Refreshing! Before munching on tuna and rice; tuna bought from the kitchen lads.


Five freshers were hauled in to the full reception of the lads and a surprise warmth embrace from la princesa; our new young shemale, freakin got the lads shivering as they didn’t know what they should be expecting, maybe a big dude will show up later and demand someone asses! Lucky lads, anything sexual are always consensual; for the benefits of both parties!


They were warmly received by their compatriots who quickly made places for them to feel a bit at home despite thousands of miles faraway from what home is or was! One Venezuelan was so lucky, his compatriot had a well-laid bed for him, with television and fan, I didn’t get that on my first day, the cold floor was my bed and all for about 10 months. Lucky smooth criminal!


Day has been very dull, which has prompted a surge and spike in the numbers of green tables set up for gambling. Two freakin addicts couldn’t wait for the gym space, lads were busy gambling away their time in the gym equipment’s storage room, had to screamed at them to get out, but they were damned too deep in their game to hear me. All evening at different spots on the passages, the lads are busy with diverse games; dice, poker, and whatever they can wager on. Everything adds up to what help with time as there ain’t much to do!


Signal is fluctuating between all the four mobile networks, one really need to have all four sim cards and data plan in them to keep up with our signal woes. I’m beginning to lose interest, I rather stick to reading and writing! And some afternoon nap to make up for my nightly vigils.


It’s 00:11:31 on Thu 5 Dec 2013!

Earlier on Wednesday’s evening, it was announced that our Thursday’s headcount will be an early one, around 6.30am, which got eyes rolling and mouths talking, maybe another round of surprise/impromptu search or are the cops embarking on an early headcount now!


Whichever way, we are always ready and prepared for their next move. Always trying to be a step ahead of them.


Meanwhile, earlier on Wednesday, a compatriot told me, our last compatriot who was repatriated to one of the island is in again and apparently, his story was on the island’s papers. Damned, seems the lad just love been on the inside, did quite a handful of time back in NL and here with us, and now back home. He didn’t even spend time with family, pathetic! Well, such is life and the path he has chosen!


Just had another shower as the cell is freakin boiling with heat, the lads just finished with distilling, which sent out vapours and heat into our enclosure-of-a-cell.


The little lad is still hovering around the pavilion, I think he’s into something shady, probably someone owes him as he came in with a bag filled with electronic gadgets and also a new knife he has made from scrap metal! He wouldn’t tell anyone, as he thinks, it’s his war to fight. Some days ago, I did eavesdrop on the old man telling him, if anyone should kill another inmate, he should be expecting 10yrs added to his sentence! Guess, he was warning him, as the lad has been making threats on what he will do with his debtor! His life, his battle!


Talking of debts, I’m owing the milkman $6; milk nicked from the kitchen and sold in the pavilion and my vegetable-grocer-cellmate $30! Will definitely pay them off, bit by bits and someone is owing me $15 from my wine sales, also got 3 would-be buyers, but they want to pay cash, thus, waiting for western union numbers before coming to me. Business in prison like business on the outside world, is done in trust and good faith! One must be credit-worthy to purchase on credit! If not, it all ends up in brawls and fatal confrontation. Which happened some nights ago, a debtor whose creditor went as far as giving him a sleep space above his cell revolted against his master; it was a freakin funny scene, the lad has always endured his punches and disgrace, but just couldn’t take it any longer, as he yelled at his creditor that he shouldn’t hit him again. His creditor was surprised, being the first time, he sensed something new and wild is coming; lad cowardly left and went down, with that, he definitely knows his money is on a runaway train! Adios! #PrisonBusiness



Gotta try and get some sleep….. Gonna be an early day!


Couldn’t get any friggin sleep till around 3am….. What a fucking #PrisonWorld.


Thursday 28 Nov 2013

The whistle and blast of our PA system as the cops made an early roll-call for our weekly headcount. Freakin too early for most of us, but then, this is prison.


Phones and what need to be hidden was stashed as we don’t trust cops and they don’t trust us. Out for the count, which went well, and all in, but another call as someone was left sleeping inside during the first round of count. This second round had me dressed up for a quick burst of jogging outside and savoured the early morning sun.


Back in, made me a quick breakfast of custard before hitting the gym for what’s supposed to be my shoulder day. But got called up for consular visit, wasn’t the consul but a pastor from #Epafras, the Christian organisation from Holland that sends ministers to Dutch detainees outside Holland. Had to stopped my training for the brief visit. Went fine, as we talked of and about everything. We had what little gift he brought for us; #Newspapers, #KleneDrop and heartfelt personal conversation!


Rushed in to catch up with my workout, but too starving; had a cup of cold chocolate-milk drink with cornflakes and left for a quick bout of exercises outside. The cop that took over seems to be a nice fella, did some lapse outside and good stretches before the sun drove me in.


Came in at the right time, water was running, the lads wouldn’t move an inch, took up the job of filling up the tanks and had a proper shower. Tried taking a quick nap which many did and didn’t turn up for training today. But disturbed by a crazy inmate; though a man with a large heart. 


Got an email from a Canadian mate who was repatriated after years; lad is finally free, after four and half years; time done there and time done in Panama. Lucky chap!


Scanning through the #Christmas edition of  #GezantUitNederland, the magazine from #Epafras sent to #Dutch detainees overseas;

It’s depressing what most prisoners go through in the name of criminal justice. After reading of other Dutch detainees elsewhere, our condition is bit better than most. But at the end we have one fear in common; Prisoners #Healthcare!


An excerpt from the magazine……..


Overleden Gevangenen. (p15)

…… In landen als Azie, Afrika en Zuid en Midden-Amerika is de situatie vaak zorgelijk. De hygiëne en toegang tot medische voorzieningen is problematisch en levert gavaar op voor de gezondheid……….’Alleen in Lima (Peru) [sic] zijn tussen 2004 en eind 2012, elf Nederlanders in detentie overleden.


The above didn’t state the mortality of other nationalities, just those of the Dutch detainees in Peru. Eleven deaths between 2004 and end of 2012! All added up with those of other nationalities and local inmates, who knows what the picture will look like. We all face the same dilemma of getting access to medicare when the needs arises. In my pavilion alone, and in the past 4yrs, we have had 9 inmates taken out in bodybags and all died from sicknesses that could have been treated or prevented but out of sheer negligence, they are left to die. Well, that is just the number from one pavilion, there are more from the other two pavilions housing foreign inmates in the centre and much more within the local inmates which make up the majority of prisoners in the centre. Deaths in the centre is probably seen as one-mouth or one-man less, thus, one less problem for the system. 


That apart, on the bright side of life and what lightens our moods at a time like this and knowing how tough it is on the inside, but one survived the ordeals of life on the inside throughout the year; Two young Jamaicans who both did 5yrs+ each are having their farewell party today (20:19:03 on Thu 5 Dec 2013)…. Others are just drinking and listening to music as it’s the end of the year. Even then, at the back of our minds, we all know, something, anything could happen at any moment. But from now till 1st of January, it’ll be festive in the pavilion and in the centre as inmates goes on the benders to celebrate the end of the year.


Both lads should be leaving for immigration tomorrow or on Monday, or whenever there’s transportation to take them their, where they might spend weeks waiting for their papers to be processed before being deported to their homeland. Not many survive the jungle, most who did, left broken and hard to fixed! Some will live with the mental scar of time done here, others might seek help, but at large, the scar will still be there.


Friggin hot in the cell, the lads ain’t distilling today, but loads of cooking and many people watching some friggin soaps has turned the cell to a sauna. Should get another shower and will definitely hit my slab of concrete early tonight.


#BreakingNews! #RIPPNelsonMandela! A prisoner, protester, pioneer, peacemaker, president, and an embodiment of humanity. A great son of Africa and a true man of peace!


Fri 6 Dec 2013

Another weekend before our fortnightly visit. December, the last month of the year is always tensed on the inside, so many things that has been put forward for reasons best known to who wants to get it done are all completed this month. Those procrastination could be businesses, liquidation or payback, escape plans, or getting one’s life straightened out. Thus, December comes with loads of hidden things. It’s the month most inmates become more alert and basic instinct of survival is most active at this period.


My day started as always, up with aching back, but resolved to hit the gym as always. I’m dry on my stock, no milk and neither dinero to purchase any now, won’t want to go credit, though got a debtor who’s yet to pay, can’t fucking kill him if he doesn’t have. But that’s not the case with most inmates; most will kill for a dollar! #PrisonViolence


A Canadian inmate, who boldly tattooed #187  (American police code for murder/homicide) on his back on canvas of skulls and flames. An old-school gangster who doesn’t know age and time has taken toll on him, and doesn’t seem to see or believe that either. This bloke had build up huge amount of debts from purchase of marijuana from the lads here, that at one point he fought with his main dealer and supplier. He finally sneaked out and with help of his embassy, got transferred to pavilion 16 (one of the three pavilions for foreigners in the two prisons), but pavilion 16 is specifically reserved for the elderly and terminally ill inmates; and he’s none 😉


When he left, all his creditors including my grocer-cellmate were always on the phone trying to reach him for their debts, but as we all know, their money is gone with the wind! #BadDebts


The bloke continued with his habit, but this time around with the locals who are housed in a pavilion close to theirs. From intel coming from there, he had accumulated so much debts that he couldn’t pay. The local dealers stormed the pavilion and fatally plunged him several times with their battle-ready knives, the bloke was rushed to the clinic in the centre, but was later transferred to the hospital in the city for some quickie stitches. Like others before him, this is just the beginning of his battles and war with the locals, they won’t stop until they have drawn the last of his blood and breathe! He will definitely pay his debts with his life! Well, that’s his lot, behind bars, Everyman has his cross to bear.


Gym was scanty, had expected a packed full gym like always, but it seems the lads are yet to recover from the early wake-up call of Thursday’s headcount. My legs and butt were aching from the lounges I did on Thursday. But didn’t stopped me from having an all-rounder body workouts and 30 minutes of running and stretches outside under the afternoon blazing sun. Done with my weekly workout, taking Saturday and Sunday off to recuperate and be ready for Monday, which I may begin with chest or squat; the latter which I haven’t been doing due to my lower back pain #Sciatica, but I did some sets today, but with a highly secure belt. Felt I can go back to squat but very light, no challenges as most always do here. We can keep the challenge for benchpress where I’m much better and prepared for. Guess challenges brings out the best in a man. 


Had a short power nap after my shower and lunch of oatmeal + chocolate milk drink! When I woke up, had my already-cooked black beans with chicken that came on the lunch cart. For dinner, the milk will serve with cornflakes and oats! Too stint to feast on meat now! Maybe I should go vegan like Jay Z just did on his 44th birthday 😉


21:27:59 …. Right in front of my cell, another bout of hot physical brawl between two inmates and guess what is the bone of contention? The friggin root of all evil or better said, the reason most of us are here; #Money!


Money transfer went #AWOL or gambling debt won’t be paid. One of the lads gambled his way into debts, and promised the other, he’ll have his family send money via money transfer, till the moment of physical confrontation, money hasn’t been confirmed; thus, the creditor who wouldn’t stand a chance with his debtor, had his stronger cellmate confronts his debtor. That’s prison justice, you have an issue with someone stronger, get someone of his calibre to match him!


Most prison fight barely last more than 1 minute, but within that time frame, something fatal could happen to either of the warring parties or bystanders, the latter who aren’t there to stop the fight but as spectators watching gladiators battle their ways to freedom or death. And that was the case during tonight’s fight. The cause of this fight and what will draw a line between the lads; gambling!


When money is involved, there’s always an invisible line drawn between the warring factions; lines that wouldn’t be crossed!


Meanwhile, earlier on Friday morning/noon, a cop and two wardens walked in with the pavilion’s vice president. As soon as they came, whistles went off to sound alarm of foreign and enemy’s presence in our midst. They didn’t come for another round of search but to pick an inmate out of the population. When the inmates was hauled out, many were surprised as he is the last person that will be having problems with anyone. The lad help us with getting money from our loved ones, he used to live in the city with his spouse, and many inmates here will want their families to remit money to them to meet their daily needs or feed their insatiable habits. Thus, the lad saw the opportunity and was making 10% for every transaction, and always make sure everyone get their money, unlike some who will wait for punches before payment is made.


Cops coming for him is a bit out of the picture as he doesn’t look like someone doing any other illegal transaction here, well, he does bring in anything you have on the street and wants to bring in; electronics, telephones and sport supplements.


From intel coming in, he’s locked up with the locals in pavilion 7, which has become maximum security; the old Mexican who was extradited to The US was kept there until he was taken out. With this young lad, nobody knows what he has done and why they came for him. But whoever snitched on him, doesn’t know what collateral damages is all about; his removal from the pavilion will cripple many things, inmates won’t be getting money and bringing things in will become a highly risk business, as dealing with wardens and cops is to dicy!


Sat 7 Dec 2013

General cleaning in the cell, had to wake up early and removed my stuffs, having strong migraines as I didn’t catch enough sleep. Back to sleep to get enough sleep, but just couldn’t as I needed to do some cleaning of mine. Up and done!


Spent most of the day in the cell; reading and listening to music from a borrowed radio, which helps with the stress of life on the inside. The door was thrown open for an hour patio; many went out to savoured the freshness of the sun and quality air. I did went out briefly but was just too weak to hang outside, needed some sleep to get myself together. And that’s what I did, despite the noise from the lads, I did sleep, guess I’m now used to it.


Another physical brawl on Saturday, but this time from two ailing old inmates who can’t just stand each other and happen to live in the same cell. One is our gringo loco, a Vietnam veteran, old-school prisoner, probably a die-hard prisoner who has been to the verge of hell and back, and still kicking. His opponent is our new Polish-Canadian sikh, who apparently still cling to his rosary; can’t let go of his polish catholic for his new-found religion. Old gringo didn’t take the brawl lightly, took it to a different level, heard the polish-Canadian sihk called gringo an old man, forgetting that his hair and beard are all white as snow; which hhhas earned him the nickname #PapaNoel and #Santa ;-). After verbally bashing gringo, calling him a paedophile (??), gringo flipped him over from his chair and battered him with rounds of hot old-man’s punches. None of them will be thrown out, the cops are all tired of #ElGringo, old man got nothing to lose. But did say after the fight, motherfucker wanted to see whose God is stronger….. Showed him, mine is stronger! Typical conservative American spirit! At the end, they are both two old lads who have crossed paths like the rest of us. Thus, they must learn to live, agree and disagree like we all do. But watching them fight was the funniest thing ever, which sent many laughing till their belly aches. Apparently, the Canadian-Polish old lad has started distilling, he believes he will invent #Vodka, we told him the lads will stick to what they know and what will make them drunk! Period! 


Different parts and corners of the pavilion are flickering with flames of candles which the lads had set up for whatever celebration they were doing. And it goes with certain music and downing litres of liquor. Got a Jamaican inmate wondering what it was all about, told him, prison is full of surprises and that’s just one of those surprises. Lad is new, told him he should expect more of these ssurprises; like the shemale which he has never seen before. #BienvenidoElIntraMundo


The pavilion is so hot, probably from heat emitting from our bodies and the blazing sun. We are waiting for rain to bring some freshness and cool air in. Doubt if that will happen soon.


Stayed up in search of signal, but nothing tonight, called it quit as I headed down, after my mates were done with distilling and baking the cell. The lads are set and ready for Christmas with about 50lbs of sugar to set 5 tanks of mash for distillation as demand is growing even as Christmas draws near.


Sun 8 Dec 2013.

Woke up early to use the loo, but couldn’t get back to sleep as I watched others get up and about their morning rituals. Finally got to closed my eyes around 8am for another hour. Tea with bread and peanut butter was my breakfast as I was friggin starving, made oatmeal which I’m having for lunch.


It’s #Mothersday in Panama, everything on television is all about mother’s day. Tomorrow is another visit day, but not a family visit. Family visit will be on the 23rd of December; when kids and other members of the family are allowed to come in.


More intel coming from our intel-source; there’s lots of tales going around that the director has been frolicking with the wife of the lad who was abruptly taken out to maximum security without any fore-knowledge. The lad was dealing directly with the boss-man, want anything in? He’s the man to handle the job. The lad on the inside, his wife on the outside and the boss-man; the only one who can be on the inside and outside whenever he wants. A business bond was forged between the lad, his wife and the boss-man. Money comes from different parts of the world to the lad’s wife who handover it to the boss-man who later brings it in to the lad and the lad pays out to the appropiate inmate. Same goes with  phones, sport supplements, sport shoes and anything legal that won’t be allowed in.


Being picked up and locked up in maximum security beggars belief, after such a bond and friendship with the boss-man. Some say, the directive came from someone higher than the boss-man, others thought something fishy is going on; either the lad who was waiting for his release date had finally find out about the Boss-man flings with his wife. Whatever is going on, he should know by now. Or the other side of his stories, that he’s free, he arranged for the cops to come and get him out in a big way as there are many who will want him down. Well, whichever version is true, wish him well, he was a nice guy as he helped us got almost all we have in! Wondering who will take over his line of business as he’s gone! 



What a long day! My daily workouts does help with time, can’t wait to get back to training. It’s fiesta in most of the cells as the lads are revelling and celebrating mother’s day. Some had the guitarist played some tunes as they record to send to their loved ones.


Took another shower as I have been sweating all day, and there’s no water in the cell, not even for toilet usage! Had to use some of my reserve gallons. Hope there will be some tomorrow! If not, will be forced to buy from the local, thus, breaking our new unwritten rule of “Not buying water from the locals”



Dinner tonight was pathetic, thus, many are starving. We just made spaghetti with eggs, much better than nothing. It was an impromptu meal, called for by a mate, which everyone contributed in one way or the other; eggs, spaghetti, fresh tomato, onions, pack concentrated tomato and two volunteered to cook; wasn’t bad! 😉


The fights earlier this evening sent the lads back to their revelling, as such as become a common sight in the pavilion; but one of the lads left vowing to draw some blood, hope he doesn’t.


Tomorrow, there will be better food from outside after the visit. Hope not types that will cause diarrhoea 😉


Tonight is still young as the lads are busy feasting with music and smokes of joints filling the air with stench of sweat and our overflowing sewage! Life goes on!


Came in around 1:00am; Last man standing, as others were dead-asleep when I came in, well exception of a cellmate who has fallen in love with a woman twice his age and can’t drop his phone! Spends all day talking to this mystery lady! Well, we’ve got different ways of doing time!


Mon 9 Dec 2013

Our visit day and public holiday in Panama as they mark mother’s day. Those with friends and families around town and willing to visit them here, will be getting ready to file out on their yellow Tees. Lately, my sleeping pattern has become erratic; barely get enough sleep, up to use the loo, can’t friggin get back to sleep as mind and soul wanders into distance places where the body can’t go. Glad I can control them and do something positive at that moment; reading! Which has really help me!


I hate to wake up to an early brawl with anyone, and that just what happened today, up but sat on my bed as I stretched out my crooked bones and knackered joints while the lads were filling water. Told one of the lads to fill up a gallon, but another, who when angry throws things around told the lad not to. And he also refused to fill it up, I confronted him and in anger he throw away the tanks, friggin man who acts like a child, told him he should learn how to talk and stop throwing things around when someone is talking to him; apparently, he’s the boxer in the cell and the others are scare of him. Well, told him my mind, he shouldn’t be scare of me, but a bit of respect will do and same from me. “He should friggin learn to open his mouth and talk” and stop throwing tantrums like a kid whose mum won’t buy him toys. Others laughed it off, but deep within me, I know the lad needs help, he does this throwing of things around whenever he gets into argument with anyone, which we all think is very childish!


Glad he left the cell as it was becoming hot! It ended well though!


The gym was scanty as many were out for visit, but many stacked up weights for themselves, thus leaving me with nothing. But made my way to a light squats sessions and abs, couldn’t go out as it drizzled. But the workout was worth the time spent in the gym.


Back in from workout, to food brought in by my mates who went on visit; they sure love their carbs; white rice, cassava and chickens! Had my chicken with the leftover pasta from yesterday’s night, needed my carbs after such an intensive workout today.


My mates’s new cousin has been on the benders since last night and he ain’t ready to drop his cup, the lad is barely two weeks here and is already flying to the 9th heavens, found a good drinking partner. Good for them!


Took a power nap and woke up to the lad distilling, finally get to talk to the my cellmate who loves throwing things around when angry. Being the oldest amongst the younger inmates, told him he should learn to control his tantrums, learn to talk and express himself as it’s much understandable than throwing things everywhere. The old man chipped in, that when he throws things around and destroys them, he will always replace them, thus, costing him unplanned expenses! Hope he changes his ways. Nice fella though! Happy that we made up, even the crazy one that fought with me, they tend to see me as one who will stand up for them if anyone take on them and that I will do! Prison has turned us to #BandOfBrothers! #BrotherhoodOfCrooks


Have gotten a new chip from another network, everyone is jumping into that bandwagon, hope it goes fine, as being offline is definitely being cut off from the world. Can’t communicate with my loved ones, no news update…..dammed!


It’s 01:48:34 on Tue 10 Dec 2013! Sitting on the edge of my concrete bed, guesss the nap I had earlier yesterday will keep me up a bit longer. Should do some reading before I snooze off! There’s a friggin cricket in the cell, lucky chap, should’ve fry it up and make me a burger like the #NYC restaurant selling #CricketBurger 😉


Life Behind Bars;

As we live, we live with our lives hidden behind shades of hues of emotions, one can never be completely open about one’s emotions in prison; some sees a depressed and oppressed inmate as weak. But deep down inside, he only knows his burdens! But one thing that abounds here is #HOPE! That only is what keeps us going despite all the turmoil and despairs on the inside! 


“You can’t let other people tell you who you are. You have to decide that for yourself.”


“For happiness one needs security, but joy can spring like a flower even from the cliffs of despair”~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh …. #LockUp


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