Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What You Gonna Do When They Come For You?

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What You Gonna Do When They Come For You?

“Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalise on what comes.” – Zig Ziglar

19:21:47 on Tue 5 Nov 2013
Panama: La fiestas finally over, by tomorrow the centre will come back to life as things will be coming in. But things did streamed in today. Saw oats in containers, peanut butters and whole wheat breads brought in. But I’m too stint to go for any, and I’m trying to do away with credit; no purchasing power. Been a creditor on the inside comes with a lot of insults; openly and behind one’s back.

Last night, I was the first to tucked in, my back was severely sore, used the hot-water bag and popped in several painkillers; had thought I won’t make it out of my bed this morning, but I woke up feeling better and was able to hit the gym; gotta stay clear from squat for a while, will improvise with other compound exercises for legs.

Gym was full as usual, but the cop outside been a good lad, had the door opened for anybody who wanted to exercise outside in the open-air. About 15 lads are now boxing, very good and inspiring, amongst them is a cell mate of mine, he lacks proper nutrition and supplements, I do my best to share whatever I have with him. He is bent on straightening his pathways, but from where he comes from, there’s no way out from what he had laid his hands on; poverty and lack of infrastructures to get them out of poverty, such is the life of the many marginalised black minority Colombians. And that has sent the bulk of them to jails all over Latin America; majority of them being fishermen end up plying seas and oceans with forbidden freights.

Despite the sore-back of last night, I woke up feeling much better and was able to hit gym in good spirit. Workout was intensive; chest, but too many people around, had to improvised with other forms of exercises to keep up with ‘my’ tempo of workout. Did enough for chest and went out for cardio which was rewarding and uplifting; savoured the warmth of the sun and fresh air.

Panama probably had had a enough of la fiesta, but in the pavilion and in my cell, la fiesta seem to have just begun. My cell mate, the pharmacist and the only one in the cell to have conjugal visit with his wife (a Colombian, but married to a local with kids), had his fortnightly vista-sexo as we call it today. Saw him when he and others (mostly locals) went into the air-conditioned rooms where their spouses or ladies-for-hire were waiting for them.

In to released the build-up tensions, ‘good for them’… The lad doesn’t drink like most of us, they say, a man will always fall for one of these vices; Women, Wine or fags. With my mate, can’t tell what he likes, he sells fags, but doesn’t smoke, sells all sorts of pharmaceutical drugs, which he rarely use even when he falls sick; wants the most profits. Wine, rarely drinks, and women, he loves his wife to death.

Well, whatever happened today with his wife during the visit set something in motion. I was outside after the cop allowed my training mate and me out for 30minutes workout, when he went in to help himself naturally.

He returned with home-cooked food; rice, which is a stable food here, chicken, which I’m tired of eating, and potatoes, and a gallon of mineral water; he will guard and hide it from me, he knows I will want a cup or two from it. He did shared his rice with us, though not enough for all. I made curry-beef sauce with beef a mate bought, had mine with lentils; filling.

Last night, one of my cellmates, whose bunk is in front of mine, kept us awake all night as he drank and was singing along to the music he had on his earphones, the singing wasn’t enough, he started drumming, first on his body, then on the concrete bed; lad kept me up till around 4am, but the old man under his bunk suffered most; he’s suffering from severe high #BP + high #Cholesterol. We did talked about that this morning, some for and others like me against him. Hope it doesn’t happen again.

And now, going in to use the loo; behold, my pharmacist-cellmate is drinking with vallenato belting out from the boom-box which I normally use in the gym. And the lad is also drinking; drinking from the moonshine I made last week from pineapple peels that was given to me by a mate. Boiled the peels, leave it to ferment with yeast and sugar and the end-product isn’t bad; can always get one pissed! And that’s happening to my mate now, lad is getting pissed.

Somehow, it’s the music, once vallenato is played, it transforms the mood and sort of takes them back home; it brings emotions, which can get them to turn to bottles or rather gallons of either moonshine or our potent distil which when abused can be devastating.

Did asked what good news his wife brought to him today or he did put to practise all he’s been learning from his short porn video clips; which makes up the bulk of our video collections on our phones. Whatever happened earlier today to him during his conjugal visit isn’t bad as he brought out the other side of him. He went to court last week after 2yrs awaiting trial, awaiting his verdict, which we all know would be a lengthy sentence for association! What a life!

Just gone to drop my push-ups woods for a mate; but go a sweet surprise in his cell. In one of the bunks lying with her head on someone thigh was our Queen with her full make-up, ready for the night, the lady of the night that she is. And outside by the cell’s entrance, sitting and chatting with other inmates from the cell is our princesa; did told my mates, soon she will be introduced and linked up by our motherly-queen to the ‘Dealings and wheeling’ on how to make ends meet with what she has and what she can offer to the willing buyers and patrons who are patiently waiting for that open-window; from reliable intel in the pavilion, some lads are willing to fuck out 100 bucks to be relieved of some steam.

Just had my sore back and shoulders massaged by our cheap masseur; the only qualified chiropractor here is bloody too expensive and doesn’t offer his service on credit. The massage was much-needed, felt better afterwards, but set me back on $2 on credit, with the lad, I don’t have problems owing him. He was in good spirit today, as his repatriated on and off ‘partner’ was released after 8months in the slammer in Mexico, of all relations here between inmates, theirs was the most turbulent one, it’s was like a typical husband and wife affair. The masseur was always seen with blacked-eye after receiving some bashing from his partner who was calling him his ‘Bitch’. When the lad left, the masseur was down, but picked up gradually and since then, doubt if he has been with anybody else. #TrueLove #PrisonLove

Stayed up all night to get online, which I finally did after the lads dispersed to their different corners. Had enough signal and internet connection to be able to get online and did what needed be done.

Our case was on air back home in The Netherlands, read all that happened in the programme as the ombudsman was interviewed and he raised our issues before the minister of justice who had denied our #WOTS and repatriation request. Whatever the outcome of the programme will be, we are yet to know. But, for now, we remain and will be waiting and hoping.

Wed 6 Nov 2013

Took the day off, had gone to bed around 6am this morning, thus, not fit to hit the weights, my training mate came for me, told him, can’t be bothered. Had breakfast of chocolate/milk and back to bed, slept till past noon, up for lunch of beans soup, beans and lentils, I’m ok with that, but sometimes, they come very salty. Today’s was ok, came with pieces of yam and slice potatoes.

An inmate was supposed to be released, went upstairs, stayed there all morning and was returned back to the population; no transportation to convey him to immigration where he will be processed and either deported or leave to remain if he had residence permit in Panama. When he left, his mates dismantled his shanty bunk on top of the cell and sold some of his stuffs. When he came back, had to sleep on bare floor; our lives!

Spent hours upstairs at the signal spot, but no signal, many are getting the trick, buying Android phones. Becoming pretty hard now, had to give up, returned to my cell, where I spent the night listening to music and reading till my eyes were to heavy to stay open.

Thu 7 Nov 2013
Woke up early since I slept early, well, early to me is around 2am ;-). Breakfast was a cup of green tea with ginger and a banana; it’s a blessing that some herbs are allowed in as they are healthier than most of the lab-made stuffs. Then hit gym with full force to hit arms and abs.

Headcount, cops are in for our weekly headcount, outside was wet from the drizzles today, we use the opportunity to fetch water from the stagnant pond, which will be helpful for toilets later in the evening and through the night. We had to be counted twice, probably they made a mistake during the first count.

As soon as we got in, alarm was raised of incoming cops, all masked like riot cops, within few seconds of the catcalls, everyone has stashed their valuables and whatever is illegal. But their coming, wasn’t for their usual surprise-search, but to pick an unwilling inmate, who is wanted in #America for drug charges. The lad, who is from The #Bahamas and claimed to be a pilot; probably true as he knows every shit about planes, but flies the forbidden fruit!

He’s been here about 16 months, fighting the extradition, but finally conceded as he’s too sick and he’s not getting medical treatment here; whereas in America, he will get free medical treatment plus jail-term if found guilty of whatever charge (s) they have against him. Wish him all the best of lucks, cause, he will definitely need that.

After he was taken, all made sure the coast was cleared before our valuables came out from their stashed spots.

A cold evening, but no rain, hoping it will rain as we’re short of water. Waited and waited for signal, nothing happened, had to retreat to my cell for an early night; much better for my recovery than waiting endlessly for a contact with cyberspace that ain’t coming.

Fri 8 Nov 2013
It’s another weekend and one before our fortnightly visit. How times flies, those having visit, will be getting ready in whatever way they can to look their best for the less-than-an-hour visit; whatever they do is worth it.

Woke up early, around 6am to use the loo, tempted to go up for signal, but went back to bed, need my 6hrs or so sleep. Finally, up around 8am, still no water, but the lads sent for water from the locals; they actually bought 9 tanks of water. We are encouraging these locals as we’re buying water from them. Our water supply is cut off from the system mains, but the locals have constant flow of water, and since they know we are willing to buy, they are ripping us off from what is free. But no one cares to ask or raise questions why things are like these.

Gym was filled, but I got myself going as I knew what I had planned to do; #chest, #Abs; was intensive but good to end my week with a bad-ass workout, which was what it was!

A Mexican lad’s shoulder popped out of its position today. From what I see him do in the gym, lad has never lifted weights in his life, maybe keys of Maryjane or felt the weight of firearms. Doc, was called up and quickly ran a check on the lad, he later took him out. Hope he will rest a while, at the end of the day, he was still walking around leaning to one side. The lad will need proper medical care, but not here. He’s on his own like everyone of us.

Intel coming from the grapevine; it’s always what one wants to know that he will know. While most of us are bothered with our families, signal and when this ordeal will end. Others are busy studying other people’s lives in the joint. A old Mexican inmate wanted by the yanks has been doing all within and what his money can buy to squash the case and be freed here. Collapsed several times and taken to hospital, only to be sent back. For some days now, he hasn’t been seen around the pavilion. Just found out today, the cops had him taken to a maximum #Lockup till the Yanks came for him. He was picked up alongside the Rasta Pilot from #Bahamas.

Many inmates wanted by Interpol from other countries should opt for the extradition than waste and spend money on lawyers who are here to milk them dry and at the end, they stop the extradition, they only delay the process; such is the fate of many, who had fucked out hundreds of thousands to lawyers to avoid extradition, but at the end, they still get extradited. Money and time wasted; Penny wise, pounds foolish!

Thursday incident was the case of the baddies been swooped and taken unexpectedly; there’s is always doubts with American Justice system, after reading the case of the #Texas judge who suppressed evidence on a case he presided and had an innocent man sent to the slammer for 25yrs and only to be given 10days in jail and debarred! true justice should have had him spent 25yrs also and knows what it feels like.

Such will be the fate of these men; will they get fair trials or were they haunted just because someone mentioned their names to get a reduced time? Such is the world of crime, the real underworld! You either die standing and stoop low and die a rat; whom both cops and comrades in crime hates and loathes.

Thursday mass-extradition is the first since my incarceration that so many were taken on the same day. Something must have been brewing on the background; especially with the old Mexican and another old Colombian who had spent fortunes to be granted bail, release or on the ultimate option; #PrisonBreak.

Too bad and too late for them as they were all taken by surprise, the walls really do have ears, but here, probably through mouths of turn-coat crooks.

Someone hauled a massive pig’s head in today, later saw one of the church’s cook frying while many pork-lovers queue for portions while some were chattering what delicacies can be made with the fats; cook white rice, boil plantain or cook beans in it. Good for them!

Just got back from my cell, where a sweet surprise was waiting; our princesa, the new sensation in the pavilion, our baby-face shemale, calmly and comfy in my cell with the lads who were drinking and belting out music. She was chattering with the lads, who offered her our brew, of which she rejected, she rather wanted some joints. Too bad, nobody blows joints in my cell, she kept the lads giggling as they admired her well-endowed chest and back-side; she is massive, bet some ladies will roll green eyes over her assets 😉

Her impromptu visit sort of lighten up the mood in the cell, but also drew unwanted attention as other inmates were hanging by our door for a peep show of what was going to happen. I guess, she is taking her time to study and adapt to the live before her. Anyway, whatever she hope to do, she will definitely make some dough as these lads are starving and have been in denials for a very long time.

One of my cellmates is distilling; this is the season, from now onwards until new year, our distillers will be busy round the clock to meet up with demands from the lads here and the locals who can binge on our potent stuffs and end up in the clinic.

Our ex-president has been hospitalised; the lad who was almost toothless, was punched and had his jaws broken by a local. Someone amongst us must have had the local do that job. In prison; some dirty jobs are left for foot soldiers for a peanut fee to do them, some can do a smooth operation for joints or lines of maryjane. There’s been rumours in the population that he is a Snitch, but then, who can prove it? You can be at odds with an inmate, and just because he hates you, he will do everything to scandalise your name and get you in harm’s way.

The day the Yanks came for the Bahamas pilot, three other inmates were taken along; all on arrest warrant from America. Heard one had paid a lawyer huge amount of money to get him out, but was taken unaware; frantically, he was calling his lawyer to know why they came for him after promises that she will get him out; a cellmate told me, the man is linked to a brutal medellin cartel, some of his cousins are doing time in The States. When I asked what will happen to the hundreds of thousands paid to the lawyer; simply said, his people will ask her to return the money or else?. Our bachata musician was also tagged along. And the old Mexican who has been feigning sickness all along. Seems the Yanks decided to swooped on all their wanted at the same time; #DEA must probably had a special jet flown in with DEA agents to escort them to uncle Sam.

Earlier today, a pot-bellied warden, heard he is the head of the wardens, came asking the Mexicans for the properties of the extradited old Mexican. He lied that the old man had given him his plasma TV and DVD player. What a prick….. I heard he lives on inmate’s dough, sooner or later the long arms of some crazy inmates will catch up with him. The Mexicans told him the old man has nothing, he threatened them, that he will come back with cops and cart away all their stuffs. He can’t friggin do that, he’s just a cheap and sell-out prick.

Back to reality and what concerns me and my compatriots most; our Justice Minister back home finally gave in to pressure to get the sick Dutch inmate in Venezuela back home. The lad emailed one of my compatriots that a formal request from the minister has been sent to Venezuela for his repatriation. The minister did say, he will consider getting him back on humanitarian grounds; which is basically on the ground that the lad is dead-sick! Hope and pray he makes it home and get his much-needed medical attention.

Of what will become of us in Panama and others in other Latin America countries, we have no idea. For now, getting the lad home is a first step to something positive. If nothing happen, then, it means only at one’s dead-end will they come for us. #LaVida!

Finally, the clouds are bleeding, there will be enough rain water for tomorrow use. Hope we have a wet weekend, need more water…..planned to clean up my bunk, then I will need sun to dry up my laundry. #Pathetic #huh!

It’s 03:17:06!
In my cell since past midnight, but had to clean up what the lads left unwashed; and fill up my reserves gallons with water and finally made me a warm chocolate milk. One of my cellmate is drunk; always vomit after binge-drinking, tonight he left the kitchen littered with unwashed utensils which will definitely attracts legions of cockroaches if I didn’t clean them up. At this time there’s music from upstairs; where he is drinking with groups of his buddies. The gamblers are having an all-night gambling session. A new Chinese inmate was hauled in today to join his brothers who are into all sorts of businesses; plantain chips (dried-fried green or ripe plantains) and today they made fried rice [Aloz Flito; how they pronounced…. Arroz Frito ;-)] and shrimps. They once tried making #Moonshine, wasn’t a success, guess they should concentrate on cooking. Many just love the idea of Chinese food, not knowing what they cook here are laden with animal fats. Rather stick to my self-cooked stuffs.

Wasn’t a bad as such, many lined up to have a fill of their delicacy. They have every appliances needed to cook; rice cooker, deep fryer and an improvised table. Hope the business last as they had tried their hands in several #Startups but always ended up folding and back to the green table to gamble away what little profit they had made.

10:04:38 on Sat 9 Nov 2013
My drunk inmate finally made it to do his general cleaning with help from another mate. But during his binge-moment, he forgot to buy ice for the chicken his mates sent to him, too bad as it has gone bad; he’s trying desperately to save them, no matter what he does, can’t fucking beat the stench oozing from the chicken. Loads of prison money gone into the drain. His mates won’t take it lightly with him.

Off from my workout today, should use the time to getting signal and get online. Won’t be cleaning my bunk as planned; no sign of water.

Up from a power nap, my back aches like I had the weight of the world on me; definitely need a new and better mattress.

Cell next-door are having party, trust me, you want proper fiesta in prison; the Jamaicans will do it well. Started with hip-hop, gangster rap, and music of the island; reggae, and dancehall bashment, they have literally lighten up the pavilion. Music and noises flowing simultaneously, as they soak on our priced liquor. The birthday lad got a gallon of my red wine, which the older inmate preferred, bit sauve and gentler than our potent liquor.

Heard our new sensation was walking around her large cell topless last night after chain-smoking rolls after rolls of pure Jamaican weed. Guess she gave the lads something to dream of 😉

Our Queen is a bit quiet since the new came in, probably the competition is bit caliente for her, most lads prefers the new product 😉

Signal is bit ok now, gotta get online and do all I need to do before it becomes history.
Cops are patrolling outside the wire-fence, pointing their search lights into the pavilion. Quite in the pavilion, but some are still feasting while others like me are busy with phones searching for signal; some, once gotten will move to their cells or a comfortable place and do what they have to do. As soon as it goes off, they are back to search again.

Do what need be done now, tomorrow will take care of itself, like it always does.

Flippin signal just went off, hopping back to the signal spot, maybe I will be lucky again. Just gotta publish this piece, no one knows what tomorrow holds for us. We live each day at a time.

“People often say motivation doesn’t last. Neither does bathing—that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar |in #Prison, daily motivation is needed to keep one sane and alive and from breaking down from all we see, hear and experience around us. Motivations comes from within and without; the force we all need when all things fails.

“Remember that failure is an event, not a person.”- Zig Ziglar

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