Our lives, Our fates and Our Journeys; Life In The Slammer.

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.” #WhoDaresWin

“Enlightenment is the ability to move in total responsiveness in any situation. It is a constant flow of Grace.” ~ Nalini MacNab

Monday 4 Sep 2013
Our fortnightly visit went on smoothly and swiftly. With the new directive from the Director’s office; all pets should be taken out of the prison complex. Our beloved dog and friend to all was taken and adopted by an inmate’s family. My mate who bought her and has been seeing to all the needs will be gutten when he comes back from hospital.

Sort of an irony as the cats and their kittens are still here; though the nursing ones had been thrown out, but late at night, they still make their way into the pavilion; their hunting ground, to scavenge the bins for proper food. I was told, the cops will be coming in to take them all out.

The system seems to show concerns about cats and dogs, what about the venomous unwanted pets; snakes, scorpions and spiders that occasionally find their ways into the pavilions. A lad was once bitten by a coral snake, but survived it, maybe the next man might not be that fortunate. Some edible animals does lost their navigation system and find their way in here; to such, the lads does justice to them… Like the last animal that was caught on the wired-fence; was killed, grilled and proper sauce was made to a well cooked coconut rice, which the lads and the cop on duty had a proper bush-meat lunch.

I hope the authorities with the same zeal they are using to take out the harmless pets will do likewise to those poisonous ones as their occurrences is becoming a daily affair.

Some hardcore inmates brought in liquor from the visit; been drinking all day, hope no drunken brawl later as their voices getting louder. The lads did an all-night bender as they drank to tunes of vallenatoes and salsa.
Tue 3 Sep 2013
Woke up when one of the drunken inmate came crashing, pulling off my curtains demanding liquor; looking for half a litre to buy. Seems the proper stuff they were drinking dried up on them and they now need the locally brew; our moonshine and distil. But waking up that early and destroying my well-made curtain is disrespectful. I cleaned up my bunk yesterday’s afternoon after my intensive exercise outside; washed the beddings, pillowcases (dammit! Need two new pillows), cleaned the walls of all the cobwebs and dust trapped there. Had a different feeling sleeping on a new clean bed; the feeling of freshness and clean beddings.

Out on patio to join others and savour the weather; blazing hot sun. Pav2 (our ladees neighbours were out in their full-bounties; bikinis and fake tits, at a time, their population seemed to be dwindling, but its picking up now, seems our lasses are getting naughtier ;-)), Pav5 (most-religious, but quick to strike religious zealots) were all out for a full patio; football, stretching while the lasses sunbathed in their bikinis giving the lads a good view and something to work on and released the accumulated tension.

Since Friday’s back injury, I’ve decided to take this week off the weights and focus on other forms of cardiovascular exercises; boxing, brisk-walking, jogging and stretching. The Dynamic Yoga book that Schat got for me, comes at hand right now as I’m going through each steps one at a time. Glad I have some diclofenac and vitamin B complex, the combination seems to help with the inflammation. Hope I will be ok to return to the weights by next week.

Today saw lots of proper liquor and cigarettes came into the pavilion; counted about 12 bottles of whiskey and Rum, it’s definitely going be Rhumba in the pavilion. Only the well-to-do and hardcore drinkers will afford the cut-throat price. I’m ok with my Red wine when I have or want to drink.

There’s still elements of proper food from yesterday’s visit, thus, the fiesta mode in the pavilion.

Took a super-nap as I was knackered and dazed. Before my nap, used up my call minutes to give my family a surprise phone call; blimey! They were surprised to hear my voice, as I rarely call, kinda prefer chatting and emails. My lil boy will be 7yrs old on Friday, he can’t wait for it to come. How time flies, missed his three birthdays. Too bad though, as they kept asking, when will I be home. My answer is always same; some day and one day….. Dad will be home.

Back to life in the pavilion; the presence of the locals coming to trade in our midst is raising hairs. Having them inside here is a friggin big risk, which many knows. But nobody is talking, I guess there’s so much murmuring but none dare talk; fear of reprisals and being made to eat one’s words.
00:05:17 Wed 4 Sep 2013 @Signal and sentry post. Not many up tonight, many are getting use to the routine, some prefer during the day, while me and other nocturnal ones do our things at night.

One of the lads has got a terrible skin infections and rashes all over his body; being in a place like this, where none wishes the well-being of the other, a mate said probably he’s infected with #HIV. My opinion?, he should get tested before one rushes into conclusions and starts calling him names.

One of the lads in my cell, did asked me yesterday about hygiene and how one could. Get infected with STD’s, along our conversation; he made mention of his compatriot who is infected and almost died of HIV/AIDS…. Apparently, the lad is on a strong medication with adverse side-effects, but he looks way better than when he was taken out to the infirmary. I hope others knows and understand how to live with him; as distancing will only aid in deteriorating his health, I do my best to be of help when he needs me. Back in the days before he went down, he was one of the nocturnal inmates who will hung out all night snorting, drinking and doing delivery for those in the gym hall who are locked out from their suppliers. He was heavy on dope, then he didn’t know what evil lurked in his frail body, not until he health took a deep dive-in and sent him to the infirmary with #Tuberculosis and all sort of immune infections.

Seen some new faces around, friggin don’t know when they visited us, whatever brought them in here, they are in for the wildest ride of their life; a pilgrim journey to self-redemption. One of the newbies was singing all morning, thought someone had his birthday today, but someone told me, the lad is about crossing his threshold; seen such before, ain’t new. One has to walk his path and works his redemption.

Life goes on…… Who knows what tomorrow has in stock for us? Whatever it brings on the platter, we’ll dine and feast on it with all we have in us.

When I left my signal post to my bed, after reading the latest medical article on BBC on how sleeps helps in the creation of new brain cells, now I have to take my sleep a bit more serious. On my way, some lads were feasting; proper liquor is in, thus, the fiestas…. But on the early morning of Wednesday, they can’t wait for weekend. Well, there is a norm in here about wait and delay; what gotta be done, must be done NOW, as no one knows what will happen in the next seconds or minutes. Thus, creditors are always on their debtors for immediate payment as not even life in the slammer is certain. Just about anything can happen to any one and at any time.

One of our unwritten rules, if a debtor refuses to pay and is finally thrown out of the pavilion, the creditor will have to forfeit that debts as the payment is the removal of his debtor. But some still go after their money one way or the other.

14:47:55 Wed 4 Sep 2013!
Had intensive cardiovascular exercises outside under the blazing sun, no water today, something is wrong with the pipe system. If they ain’t fixed, we will be thrown into another water crisis.

Hit the gym for some free weights, arms and shoulders repetitions, wasn’t bad after two days away from the weight. The boxing exercises is helping with my cardio and stamina, but depletes me and get so fatigue.
Four newbies were hauled in today to begin their journeys with fate into the unknown. In their eyes, one can tell how nervous they are. Sooner or later, they will adapt to the life on the inside. Their compatriots will enlighten them on our way of life.

Need a good super nap, to recuperate. Couldn’t sleep as I was dammed too hungry, an hungry man, can’t get his eyes to shut…… Been upstairs all evening, finally made me a hot soup with three eggs and pimped up the chicken-skin soup that came for lunch; wasn’t bad as I was severely hungry and needed something to replenish my burnout energy.

Weekend is around the corner, how time flies….. Tomorrow #Thursday is our headcount day, hope it goes smoothly. We’re still waiting for our share of the mundiale search, whenever it comes, we are forever ready and waiting!

Hope there will be more rain later tonight as we still need more water to take us through Saturday. Well, I think we need more tanks and container to hold and store the water also.

Might get an early night today as I didn’t nap in the afternoon. But gotta wait as the lads are busy distilling. They need money to keep themselves going. I prefer my wine to the distil thing, still got some juniper berries, might as well try making some dry gin… One of these days. Need some Benjamins to eat good.

Good news from one of our mates who left on repatriation to #Sweden, the lad is finally freed. Nothing like breathing the air of freedom… Money can’t buy that.

Change; whether good or bad can be stressful and our natural reaction are often fear, anxiety or resistance. #PostIncarceration

Well, for those of us inside and still fighting. Our fate, our lives and our journey continues with one day at a time. We strives to stay alive and come out alive and stronger.

“A man who acquires the ability to take full possession of his own mind may take possession of anything else to which he is justly entitled.” – Carnegie


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