Change Of Guard.

“Continuous effort — not strength or intelligence — is the key to unlocking our potential.” ~ Liane Cardes

Thursday 29th, August 2013.
Like all military affairs, guards and sentry are routinely replaced by others so those who had been on duty could get some fresh air and refuelled for another round of services. Not so much of a difference with our police guards who with time gradually become part of us; many are on the pay-roll of well-to-do inmates who need them badly to facilitate their businesses! They deal and wheel with us for the benefits of all parties.

The change of guard comes with our weekly head-count, in the past it was a daily affair, but somehow, they got tired or became too lazy as the numbers of inmates spiralled out of control; our pavilion is one of the overcrowded in the centre. They then christened Thursday as their head-count day; being the day those on a week-long shift will be due to change guard for those who had gone home and are refreshed and ready for another one week stay with prisoners, who apparently don’t give a fcuk about their presence.

An inmate once escape during the change of guard; his contact within the rank, had some uniforms sent to him. He dressed up and left with cops as they filed out of the prison complex into his freedom. Smart fella 😉

On all of these Thursdays, we are always on full alert as nobody knows what the cops will pull out from their fleece; they are friggin full of surprises, Impromptu Search!

Thu 29 Aug 2013
17:11:19…. The cop on duty, due for a relief from his week-long duty in the midst of. friendly foes (prisoners ain’t friends of cops, except the turncoat and rats) had made his round for a free-will offering by good-hearted inmates like me. Being a nice Indian-lad, he should be going home with almost his month wages, as inmates dipped their hands and give freely to help/support him; those giving the most are those in business and gets free passages for their wares and transactions (Monkey business like a friend calls it).

Lately, the cops do allow us out to play group/contact sports; football, volleyball and softball, but only and after the group has paid. #MoneyTalks!

His comrades will be coming soon for the weekly head-count and when they come, the mingle and rub minds with their prisoners buddies; hope today’s headcount won’t be disastrous like the previous ones, when we had to be counted over and over again, because some lazy-ass inmates were sleeping and their cellmates failed to woke them up. Our soon-to-leave leader has been making series of reminders on the PA system that everyone should be out for the head-count when the cops shows up, so it will be a swift one. I hope the block heads will grasps that.

My morning was short, drifted into the land of dreams and freedom around 5am after battling the demons of insomnia; lately been finding it hard to sleep, too much on my mind and since the brawl with my cellmate, gotta be especially careful. Two night ago, when I came down from my sentry spot around 4am, found a claw-hammer on the stool beside his bunker, didn’t bothered me, but gave me something to think about; #Alert!

Read few pages from the novel I’m on now, before drifting into sleep around 5ish or later. I tend to read diverse materials; philosophy, fitness, sport nutrition, health, psychology, creative writing, and whatever I find interesting and the holy book #TheBible (the last helps remind me that I have a faith). The bulk of what I read keeps me from dwelling on the mess of my own life, helps with doing time and taking my mind from the torments and misery of life on the inside. #TheBellyOfTheBeast!

Was up by 10ish half awake and half asleep… And by 11am was done to hit the gym, but the door to patio was locked as the cop had sent everyone in; probably his Bossman was on the beat on the centre. Thus, the gym was jammed-packed with inmates, most doing nothing other than chattering and taking up the little gym space; since we share the gym floor with inmates that our overcrowded cells couldn’t accommodate and others thrown out from the little luxury of having a cell and a proper shelter after they must have broken some of our commandments; “Thou shalt not steal” …. isn’t funny, crooks stealing from fellow crooks and inside prison; “some habits are fcuking hard to part with”…. Tells you that prison rarely change people, neither the 24hrs church services in the centre. A man will change when it has dawn on him to change. something gotta happened to precipitate and get the ball of change rolling…. That’s when that change will come.
Workout was intensive, combination of arms and shoulders, got unusual mates who wanted to train with me, but one kept getting on my nerves; I always make out my programs and pick up a set for a particular exercise! the form is more important than the weights. But many, like all men, fcuking love show-off; lad went on same weight with my regular team, warned him to be careful, as accident does happen even in the gym. Dude was mouthy, but I took it with a pinch of salt. Finally promised sharing some of my books and magazines with him, so he can learn some proper forms of training. Hope he does learn as most inmates are damned to wild and wise to be tamed or taught a new thing. Most will walk into the gym, see you dead-lifting a barbell stack with 280lbs and they will want to try it, some for the very first time, many ended with real sore backs. #FoolishOnes.

Done with my workout, was the #LastManStanding, patio door was closed all day. Back in to shower and wash my clothes as there was water this morning, enough to take us through Friday. Lunch came in, had only lentils, bought three eggs, fried and ate with the prison’s lunch lentils; wasn’t bad, but lentils was all salty.

The headcount and we did it swiftly, didn’t bother to stash my phone as it was very late; and nobody stayed back. How I wish it will always be smooth like today’s.

For Dinner, we had chunks of half-cooked chicken, and minced meat mixed with potatoes; chicken is one crazy stuff that should be well-cooked! The lads took the chicken and made soup. Had a bit, was ok, will have my musli before sleeping.

One off the hardcore thieving-cooks working in the kitchen came in from his day’s job, I knew he always nick things, less than five minutes, the lad who hangs outside to help co-ordinate businesses from the locals with their partners here walks in briskly with a tank full of hidden stuff. I marched along like a curious cat, deep inside the tank was the loot while on the top was our half-cooked rice to cover up the loot; Fresh Chicken thighs. And loads of them. Can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Offered to sell me some, got four pieces at $1.50 per piece; my much-needed protein source. Will serve me two meals, but gotta share with my mates, very hard to eat alone when you are all in the same sh!t!

We share almost every little thing, there’s nothing personal here, not even one’s privacy; I crave for this as I sometimes want to be alone to me thoughts, but it’s not possible in such an open-prison like ours, one where everyone bumps into another, sometimes one has to wait for clearance on the passage before moving from one point to another.

At the end…….. “Everything that has a beginning definitely has an Ending.”

The only problem with that quote; what happen in-between the beginning and the end really matters! Thus, one gotta give in his love and hatred to make the in-betweens worth a good end.

01:14:20 on Fri 30 Aug 2013 …. The brawl downstairs by the kennel is getting louder and hotter; who knows what they are sparing for, it’s either money or old beef from the streets that they brought in with them. This is coming after blowing and puffing joints and downing some good quantities of our potent brew. If they can’t be contained, it will spiral into something bloody tonight. When there’s nightly fights, cops don’t bother to come in, they leave us to kill and divide… #JungleJustice

Finished brewing a batch of my much-researched #RedWine; made from Welch’s Red grape juice, a mate is having his birthday tomorrow, will be a gift for him as he’s good buddy. My birthday came and gone; was bathed with flour and eggs (Latino custom), bought grilled chicken, which we dined on and drank like we always do on such occasion. La fiesta en la carcel.

The rate of brewing and distilling is declining as proper juice are coming in from the outside; many prefer to spend all their hard-earned or money sent by loved ones on these expensive and proper liquor once in a while. Freakin expensive, rather buy me a jar of Whey protein and some much-needed fitness equipment and gears and other supplements than spent such a fortune on a bottle of good olde whiskey; ‘ve almost forgotten how proper liquor taste, whatever the taste, they all give one a hangover which my prison wine does, thus, ain’t much of a difference. All one wants from them is to get drunk, which some the lads can really do. But our #Moonshine prison-brew gives one a proper hangover.

One of my cellmates once had a hangover that lasted two weeks; that was his initiation into prison’s moonshine, drinks made on the inside. Some batches made by unprofessional inmates had sent many upstairs, and once the cops perceived alcohol from their breathe; they are left there for self-cure! Some are left to stay out in the cold and after spending all night chained to a bench, they are sent down to the pavilion cured, but without visit to the clinic. Thus, many don’t bothered to be taken when they are hit by our lethal brews. They take the pains silently and quietly like men, they thought they are. All these happens as most just don’t know when to call it quit, they drink beyond their thresholds and become unearthly.

Gotta go in, feeling knackered from my intensive workouts; Doc saw me earlier in the evening and pointed to a protruding vein on my head, warned me to be careful and shouldn’t push myself beyond my limit. He’s right, gotta take it easy; but I need more sleep, of which I barely get. Not in this shoals, the truth… One don’t need much sleep in here, as you are your own guard and guide.

Will call it a night, throw in the towel and head downstairs to my small world; my bunk. A place of solitary and where I can lie comfortably but in discomfort.

00:22:45 Sat 31 Aug 2013
The above was supposed to be uploaded early morning on Friday before hitting my bed, but couldn’t stay up and wait for signal; most nights if not all nights; I’m always the last to leave the signal spot.

Friday was bit quiet, with the lads playing softball outside, making the gym a bit free. Did Chest and Squats, I tried mixing bits of all-rounder; working pull-ups, squats and chest. The consequences of not using belts during the squats is what I’m suffering now; sprained my back, and I’m serious pain, can’t move as I used to. Glad it happened on a Friday, thus, I’ll take off Saturday and

Hope there won’t be search during weekend, as I will be confined to my cell, the young lads helped me today with basic things. Sometimes they are nice, other times, very hard to deal with them. Guess, we just gotta look out for each other; despite we are from different cultures. The prison; a crossroad has brought us from different parts of the world here.

Our Crimes:
Majority of the foreigners here are in for drug-related offences; the younger ones are mostly on robbery charges. While there’re some that are in for fraud, illegal firearms possession, assaults, wanted by a third-party country; extradition and just about anything one can call crime.

But there are some who are in for some hideous crimes; that some criminals see their crimes as the “Mother of all crimes”….. It’s well known that even in prison, criminals hates and loathes certain types of crime; namely #Paedophiles and human parts/organs dealers. Most prisoners will do anything to harm an inmate who had perpetrated those crimes.

After my workout, I asked an old mate of mine for some #NSAID for my backache, while walking to his cell, I greeted another older inmate; my mate wasn’t happy. He asked if I know what crime the man committed. How the fcuk should I know what people did, have got a table-full of my own problems. Told him, got no idea and he replied, “the man is of same faith as I am #Judaism.”, “but I hate him like sh!t”…. When I allowed him to finished, I did asked what the poor fella did that brought him into the belly of the beast!

What he told me got me wondering what sort of a man will do what he was doing before he got busted; the old man was trafficking young girls and boys to men who were involved in a paedophile-ring. Physically, one will never suspect such a man to be trading on vulnerable kids. Who know what sentence the judge will slap at him; whatever he gets, he’ll

Getting signal is becoming very hard, one has to wait for hours before the green light blinks…once its blinks, you rush up whatever you want to do.

Hope it rains tonight, thunders and lightening on the mountains around the centre, we definitely need some rain as our water is never constant. Will be a very big relief if it does pour tonight.

It didn’t rained but drizzles that brought about droplets of water; patiently, I filled five tanks/bucket with rain water when I finally got into my cell.

Weekend before our fortnightly visit, the lads will be gearing up for Monday’s less than an hour visit. For those opportune to be out there, it’s a blessing and a chance to loosen up all the build-up tensions as they cuddle and snuggle with their loved ones.

17:42:34. Sat 31 Aug 2013!
Laid on my concrete bed all morning as the lad did their general cleaning. Wanted to get up, but my body wasn’t willing to be moved; excruciating pain, popped in more painkillers, breakfast was hot chocolate with boiled eggs (2). No workout today, have to rest out the pains and recuperate, if by Monday no improvement, changing my training routine to boxing and other forms of cardiovascular exercises, thus, no more weights, the only resistance exercise will be with my body-weight. Will keep with this routine till I’m well enough to hit the weight room.

Lately, in the gym, most are turning our normal workouts to a sort of contest and competition; very manly, but they seems to forget that there’s no access to the medical when accident happen; which does happen.

Cooked soup; Colombia-sort #Sancocho! Wasn’t bad as we feast on it, before I went back to the much-needed sleep; put about 3hrs into it.

Missed lunch, but up for dinner; chunks of meat and white rice, #Passed! Will do some cereals or peanut butter and bread much later with warm chocolate drink.

My mates downed some of my Red #Wine; well, Red moonshine! But close to the real thing. The pavilion is quite quiet tonight, maybe I’m not hearing much happening as I have my ears plugged with earphones; listening to #CoffeeBreakSpanish, thanks heavens for Torrents… 😉

23:41:51 Sat 31 Aug 2013!
Our internet centre size is dwindling as many are drifting away to their hideouts for the night. My lower back feel real sore, can’t bend or move with ease, hope I feel better by Monday.

Another barrages of gunshots, there was some yesterday’s night; heard there was an escape among the locals. There’s no doubt, today’s is also another escapes, the cops always know where to get them; mum’s house or with girlfriends who have been visiting them in prison (forgetting that the cops has all their details) and the fiesta-loving ones are caught during the carnival.

If the cops waits a little longer; what brought them in at the first time, will bring them in again….. Greed and Money! And that brings me to a subject I have been brainstorming on…… “What is Money”?

What is money;
Money, is the stuff of dreams, the cause of arguments, the source of both pleasure and anxiety. We hold it in case we don’t die, but we spend it knowing that we will. We invest it with our affections and disaffection. There are clean and dirty money! The later has gotten most of us here! Money, the bible say is the root of all evil…… But I believe, it’s the heart of man that is the root of all evil…. In his heart, he desires more and more of everything.

“We are not trapped by the mistakes of history (the past)[sic], we are masters of fate.” ~ President Obama (50th Anniversary of Dr. King’s ‘Dream’ Speech)

“You’re Not Going to Get BETTER Crying about What Was! Take Back your Life… NOW!” ~ Tony Robbins

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