The Failing System!!!

Within the walls and amongst the inmates in the centre, many things seems to go unnoticed, but not when you keep your ears to the walls and also your back; they say, “Walls have ears”!

One will want to sweep and shove things under the carpet, but not from prying eyes and curious inmates who’re filled with fear; safety, food, health, the unknown and even the roaches; apparently they’re outnumbering us as they flippin breed like the roaches they are.

The other deadly things that are silently creeping among us; viruses and bacteria; those unseen lethal forces. They’re breaking down our morals and sanity, we don’t shake hands as men anymore, instead we do the knuckle-Yo kinda greetings; now I see why ex-inmates when they get back to the society, they developed paranoia and becomes unstable, can’t fit in. Sometimes you want to reach out and shake hands like men, but then, not many will wash their hands after using toilets; no water and no soaps, skin infections are on the rise; some look like rough patches from a botched medical experiment. The white skinned ones are terrible; pink skin patches and the medical staffs ain’t doing anything in the way of help.

We’re doing all our possibles to keep the centre running; Cleaning, electricity (wiring and repairs), paint jobs, all these without help from the prison authorities.

Those with infectious diseases that should’ve been isolated or quarantined are left to roam around in an eye-sore state. Just found out that, our Dracula #Tuberculosis-Diseased buddy wasn’t taken to the hospital; he is locked up where the prison housed all the Locals Real-Sick with life-threatening sickness or diseases; #HIV #AIDS, #Tuberculosis, #CrazyOnes, #Schizophrenia!

While my cell mate was on his way to his conjugal visit; he heard his name from the dungeon, and it was our Dracula (called him that, as he’s always awake all night and sleeps during the day; busy serving the needs of those who wouldn’t like to be seen walking around to buy some medicine ;-)!

His physical state was awful and his mind has wondered and wandered far away from him. He needed a dollar from my mate. I had thought he was taken to the clinic where he will be attended to properly; but like always, the Panamanian authorities won’t spend money on a foreign scumbag; thus, he’s left to rot away, left at the mercy of tuberculosis and whatever bacteria or viruses are scavenging his withering body. Last time we had a face to face chat; when he stares at me, his eyes were hollow and empty. I knew the dude was real sick and need real proper medical attention and counselling!

Who knows what will become of him, the only reason that made them sent for him; they knew, Tuberculosis unlike other deadly diseases savaging many here, this will spread like a summer-wild-fire and the result; will be devastating, when about 550+ inmates starts coughing blood. Won’t make a nice scene, probably will look like the Jones colony in the Guyana or a scene from evil dead!

My utmost fear; going home to discover that, there something vicious lurking in my body, like what one sees in sci-fi movies; a visit or an encounter with an alien specie and back to humanity with some evil virus. It might sound out of place, but that’s the truth. Many had left here with undiagnosed sicknesses, only to find out at home, they are in need of urgent medical treatment and attention.


Something every inmates are supposed to get, but that’s light years away from us. All that the system cares and worries about is the giant lock on the metal-entrance door to the pavilion; once that door is under lock, they don’t want to know about anything else; not the sanitary condition of the pavilion, our hygiene and health, and not even the infrastructure which is their property, we’re literally meant to help them (The Panamanian Government) take care and maintain the infrastructure; paint work, electrical wiring, the drainage system (can’t believe they allow inmates to do that also; tunnels pathways), and inmates are building more and more shanks on the top of the cells.

Guess, the only counselling available for many of us here are the indulgences which the generous ones amongst us provides and for a huge fee; Dope, Crack, Weed, our lethal brew and the pleasurable nightly service from our dark-side workers (for a huge fee) and who knows what else is passed on for free!

Since the general outbreak of flu and cold; with lots of coughing, I have stopped sharing my drinks, many will see that as been out of place; but a can of cola, malt-drink, or energy drink, someone want to have a sip. Make a tea to drink, someone wants a bit and from your cup. it’s a sticky difficult situation.

We’re meant to do time and we’re apparently doing it the hardest way. Many had shown interest to study; but not in the atmosphere we. Find ourselves in here. One spends each day busting and hustling for food and highs. The church are now holding their services outside as there’s no space inside the pavilion; the lads sleeping in the gym, ain’t ready to move their beddings, being on the top of the cells is seen as noise! Thus, they reached an accord with the cops on duty to let them out. Space; highly valuable in here.

So many things ain’t right; well nothing is right and nothing will ever be right in jail.

“Present fears are less than horrible imaginings.” #Macbeth #WilliamShakespeare | Only the fear of #TheUnknown send shivers through my spine.

“You gain strength, courage, & confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt


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