Something Sinister Lurking and knocking.

“Oh Laughter,  definitely laughter. You have to laugh even if you are sad because it is your life and you can’t change it, but it is always better if you are smiling” – Louise and Martine Fokken (In “Meet the fokkens”, Amsterdam oldest prostitutes) #BBC #News

The Oldest Amsterdam’s Prostitute rightly said it; One have to laugh even in the face of life most difficult situation. From my ongoing experience here in The Joint; the laughter definitely gives you the strength and grace to hold on, go on and see life on the inside differently.

Walking around the pavilion one will think we are a bunch of men in a kind of summer boot camp; sent in by their spouses to sort themselves out. Many are well groomed; apparently many will spend their entire days behind bars checking how they look outwardly. But deep inside lurks something eerie and creepy; Pure evil.

Our pavilion might look and seems to be the safest in the complex; but with so many inmates jammed and confined in such a small place, many are on their breakpoint, many had crossed the threshold. And the system can’t do anything to help the situation.

In the past, newcomers were brought in weekly but lately, they’re hauling them in on daily basis. If I’m not mistaken, we had inmates hauled in on everyday of this week. Seven Freshers were thrown in yesterday, from my statistics we should be clocking 550 inmates in a pavilion build for 216 inmates at one point in time. The system don’t care; so long the doors are under lock!

I’m beginning to see a new pattern and trends among my fellow inmates. Violence is on the increase. In the past, one rarely see physical violence, but lately, it’s becoming a norm. Our unwritten rules of law ain’t doing to stop the agitation and anger is rising like vapour in a pressure cooker. In the past, hostilities could be done verbally, but now; punches are thrown, knives drawn and gangs are building up.

Earlier today, my quiet cellmate was throwing punches at an older inmate next door who owes him $40 for months; promises of payment failed. The lad got a wife and two young kids outside. Survives by selling legal-drugs (apparently he’s our pharmacist) which his wife brings in during the fortnight visit or by some good-hearted cop whom he pays. He has stocks all types of over-the-counter drugs and some that should be issued only with Doctor’s prescription, but this is Panama; anything goes.  Others stood still and watched while he was delivering punches at the older inmate, stepped in and pulled him in, others weren’t happy; guess we’re flippin losing our minds.

After the incident came up for better signal, another inmate (a new inmate) went to pull out a hidden knife. Doubt if he has a fight, but walking around with his Rambo-styled knife sort of gives him the security he so desired. I have heard, many of my fellow inmates walk around the pavilion with knives in their pants. Guess, we ain’t different from the locals, whom I had lived with in Renacer; their knives are like their girlfriends, they even shower with their knives. Was like a war zone there.

Sooner than we thought, life here will be nothing; my cats and the roaches will have a dignified manner of living their world than most of us, seen that in the past.

Tension is so high among us, soon, someone will flip and it won’t be easy, walking around after the whistle, many cells are under lock; not the system, but individually they decided to lock themselves in for extra security. The last bloody fight was between a Colombian and a Mexican; apparently the Mexican had a club, fashioned from hardwood. Burst the Colombian head who has been pestering him. Guess the Colombian underestimated him. After all said and done, the Mexican had to switch cells with someone; sometimes it’s difficult finding someone willing to change, he was lucky.

After that fight, an invisible line has been drawn…. For now, the sleeping dog will lie.

Another crazy incident on Thursday; the dude who can’t handle himself after siphoning our lethal and potent moonshine, flipped again, the last time, he was tied down on the top of the cells; but very stupid to choose an high altitude to drink and get pissed. But Thursday’s was on GroundZero; after getting pissed, looked for someone to punch, and got one of my pal, who unleashed all his anger on the drunk. At the end, he got his only remedy; Tied and left on the passage until the drink wore off. And the flippin Wanker does have conjugal with a beautiful lady; hope she knows how he reacts after befriending the bottle. Soon, a video of him will emerge, very common here; a Mexican who was drunk and snorting had a picture of him taken and sent to his missus. In return, he informed the cops, that his mates who did that are selling Dope. We had a massive search after the incident. But he had to live the pavilion as he was on everyone’s #DeathWishList!

The system is apparently failing the inmates and society in general; many amongst us are suffering from various forms of psychological problems; schizophrenia, manic depression, anger and rage, insomnia and other forms of sleep disorder. The list goes on and on. Many of these lads came from a violent background where #Violence is the rule of law and of the streets. Thus, everything around them is violence and more of it.

But, one thing bothers me; after reading an article in a #Dutch newspaper earlier this week; of the failing situation in Dutch prisons, how many inmates are not getting medical attention needed; it baffled me that in a highly developed and first world country, things ain’t much different from our situation here. Here is the link to the news article;

Psychische zorg gevangenis slecht

11 oktober 2012

“Veel gedetineerden met psychische problemen krijgen niet de passende behandeling die ze nodig hebben. Dat zegt de Raad voor de Strafrechtstoepassing en Jeugdbescherming (RSJ)”

From the above researched report; we ain’t alone in this predicament.

The chatterbox lad in my cell, kept me up while I was trying to get my needed sleep this morning, with tales of murders back home in his cowboy town back in Colombia; 6 murders just last night and all met their calling at the nozzle of a #Sicario #Assassins. Such is their life….he once asked me if back home in Holland, we walk around With guns. Told him, the cops does that for us…..#LOL.

It’s 00:07:53 on SUN 14 OCT 2012: the lights are out as many hits their bunks, hammocks (hanging up like cocoons of caterpillars), could be very fatal when the rope breaks. And the less fortunate ones, sleeping around on floors with spread-out cartons as their mats.

But our revellers are still banging and music still on while their drinks and dope flows. The only way that keeps them going. But among them, are those insecure fellas with knives or one form of weapon stashed within and around at arm’s reach as there is no trust amongst them. Have heard and seen drinking mates had their phones nicked by their supposed-to-be friends. Others had their eye brows shaved, and same lad, took a leak on someone’s bunk after a night of binged drinking. And he still. complains that one ain’t allowed to drink as much as he wants. Guess in his previous life he was a fish.

Monday is around the corner, another day of our fortnightly visit; those with. Families around will be working in with fresh produces. Those few minutes with loved ones, gives them such a happiness that can’t be compared to the ordeals of every two weeks before the next visit.

For me and many others are happiness can be sum up in this few words;

Happiness depends on the difference between your reality and your expectations; to be happy accept your reality and adjust your expectations.

“When men are pure, laws are useless; When men are corrupt, laws are broken” – Benjamin Disraeli.

A life spent in making mistakes is not only more honourable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. ~ George Bernard Shaw

Forgiveness will never be able to change the past; but it does make the future a whole lot brighter.


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