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What 24Hours Holds For An Inmate.

Posted in Behind Bars in Panama on June 24, 2012 by doingtimeabroad

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”~ Albert Einstein;)

“Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it”. ~ George Bernard Shaw;)

A Day In A Prisoner’s Life: For an inmate locked up in a country like #Panama, a 24hr-day could be a very long day if he wakes on the wrong side. There’s nothing to keep one genuinely and positively busy; one is left to create such avenues that is beneficial and one that suits him. But left with many, such avenues to keep them busy had been found in stash of porn films, gambling, binge-drinking all day with good music for the soul. One can spend years after years doing the same thing on each new day! No one is tired of doing same thing all over again; #Monotonous doesn’t affect anyone here. Thank God for #Smartphones, it has open a whole new world to my fellow inmates. A never-ending world, full of surprises.

#Saturday is usually my #Legs day and I give it a #Hardcore #HIIT and also some extras for general body conditioning. Couldn’t squat as the only barbell was taken. I’m made to believe that the second Barbell was sold by some flippin crack head inmates; under the disguise that it was sent up to be repaired. It’s been weeks since it was taken away. Now, we’ve to deal with the fact that someone is nicking things from the gym store room.

While working out, the fishmonger came with his wares; but this time, hijacked by a our money-grubbing inmate, who sells stuffs at cut-throat prices; we pay $4 for half-bag of slice bread, after he has taken some slices out. What a flippin miser he is.

He took over the fish from the lad and was selling it at his own price, but he wants my painkillers for free; he probably need a knife deposited in his back-side! How I loathe him like the roaches and rats in the pavilion.

Got 3lbs of Fish for $10; shared the price with my training mate, got curry, bought coconut (when it comes, they come in bags) and made #ThaiCurry with #Fish! with lots of vegetables; try to eat as much when it’s available, there are days, and weeks one will long to get a bite of vege but won’t find any. Too bad they are perishables.

Wasn’t bad with white rice! My cell mates who are scare of trying anything new, were very skeptical, few tried and loved it. The only thing missing was a glass of white wine. But it was ok! Ate to fill!

Just after our Lunch/Dinner….came the fray and scrambling from upstairs, my mate screamed for blood to be drawn, little did we know, it was the new lad in our cell. But sleeps up on the top of the cell (The penthouse).

A lad who is in and got 6yrs for robbing a mobile phone (6yrs for stealing a flippin phone..pheeeeeeew! Once he’s out, he won’t be robbing mobile phones anymore, he will need something bigger than that). The lad was the one who welcomed and received him (The new lad in my cell), but on finding out the new lad has gotten himself a BlackBerry; He and his crack head buddies, now resolved to #Extortion; making up stories that he snitched on him, that was why he was nicked by cops and got 6yrs; did the crime, do the time! Period!

He and his groups jumped on the new lad, flippin gave him the beating of his life; probably a rib was broken (he’s all red on the side of his upper body….he can’t move, gave him some NSAID + B Complex, hope it helps.

How low some human can stoop (Well, most of have flippin stoop damn too low by getting in here at the 1st place); the Boss of the lad that started the fight joined in the brawl, forgetting that he’s got some too much secrets in his closet. He’s the #1 dealer in the pavilion, (If a #Fishmonger is a dealer in fish, an #Ironmonger an iron dealer; then he is a #Cokemonger as he deals in Coke) and if someone should snitch on him; nothing short of 5yrs will be added to his #PrisonLife and #PrisonAge. Every #Inmate knows what it means to have more time added to one’s time. My #English mate should tell them as he has gotten altogether about 18yrs for dealing while locked up. He’s been waiting for his repatriation for 2yrs now. The English authorities won’t give him a tap on his wrist and let him walk as he’s a repeated offender; been in and out of #TheSlammer all his life.

Part of our unwritten codes; once you know you are dirty, keep a low profile. But as the saying goes; “With Money comes power, ignorance, pride and vulgarity”

So, my #Saturday ended with us talking about the Boss and his crackhead gang. They do anything for him to get a line of #AngelDust. But they shouldn’t forget, one with majority is truly a majority. We’ve successfully build up a life of togetherness and a community that looks after each other. Things that we hear or happens within the Local’s pavilion rarely happen here; stealing, extortion, 24hrs church services;) + knives in their Bibles, walking around with knives in one’s pant and sleeping with one eye open with knives under one’s pillow, such things and more rarely happen here.

We have been able to build up a community where #Respect for each other have been achieved; though many are still in the process of learning how to use words such as; #Please, #ThankYou, #Well-Done, #Goodmorning, #Sorry, #ExcuseMe, #Pardon and lots more.

Someone took it up and post a reminder on the walls of the centre; that #Inmates shouldn’t forget such words as they are good and could help lift the receiver’s spirit. But my fellow cons believe when you use such words, you’re a Pu**y and #Gay; they feel its shows sign of weakness. What a lousy fellas some are.

Somehow, I’m made to believe, its a cultural thing. Hope with the course of time, many will come to learn and appreciate others. Such is our lives as we sojourn in a foreign land. Soldiers of misfortune!

This week seen stabbing from jealous and protective lovers among the village people in pavilion 2. Like one of the gay guy here always say “Love is hard to find in jail, thus, I’m very protective and jealous”…….talking about his gay partner whom he’s always beating. What a whimsy he is…!

Water crisis continues, none came today and my mates used up all we had, flipping wankers who can’t economize! Soon we’ll be bathing with our urine, that’s if we can only pee;) lol!

New inmates are brought in on daily basis…. And loads of infection and allergic reactions as many are asking for antibiotics and anti-allergic pills from me. Flippin don’t know what’s in our food, water or the air we breathe. But I do know that we are fcuking overpopulated and densely congested. But the authorities, don’t give a flippin fcuk; if one comes out alive, good for him! If you’re taken out in a body bag; good for you also. Such is life!

It hasn’t been an easy ride for me, but I’ve gotta keep on going. Everything look dark and gloomy, but I still believe in a ray of light at the end of the tunnel and on silver lining in the clouds. They say “After Rain comes Sunshine”; such is our lives.

#LIFE may not be going well for me now, but as long as I am here, as long as I press forward, ANYTHING is #POSSIBLE.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; and an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” ~ Winston Churchill