Life In The Joint: State Of Affairs.

The two enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom. ~ Schopenhauer

It’s been a busy week, workouts (very intensive and achieved my maximum on Bench press and on Squat). All week preparation, waiting and anticipation of the search-attack by our corrupt cops buddies; finally they didn’t show up, but I know they will love to take us by surprise as always. But we’ve got our alert system and sentry; Eyes wide Open;)

Glad they didn’t turn up, at every time and moment we hear of up coming search, most walk with their hearts in their mouths. Matter-of-factly, not knowing what you will lose is devastating; on the last one, they nicked my money, micro SD card and its adaptor.

Guess I’m wiser now, don’t leave nothing behind…… We are criminals and the cops are corrupt; thus they are criminals in uniform and sanctioned by the law to steal (Flippin Dogs steal with authority).

My back has been very sore, did loads of yoga and stretching. Feeling a bit better, but my sore back and sciatica is having a toll on me. Those doesn’t stop me from my daily exercises, as I have learned the latter helps.

If we had colour system for alertness; guess it should be orange as the situation and tempers are rising. A dope head was in a fight with another inmate, serious, as knife was drawn and they chose the wrong place to fight; higher grounds on top of the cells. Water tubes and connection were destroyed during the brawl. Guess, we’ll be left without water for days. Hope it doesn’t get to that.

Most brawls in the centre are largely over debts; money borrowed in good faith or things sold in good credibility. Then time to pay back, then come the never-ending stories. The creditors could and will do anything to retrieve their money. One of the lads who has been on the receiving side of hot punches and sometimes knives drawn at him for money owed, borrowed $2 from me; for months now. I totally neglected him, was in shock when he called me and said, he will pay. flipping bullocks!

The female custodia (Warden) who was nicked as she tried to smuggled in illegal stuffs for inmates is back on duty. Apparently, she is the one who gets us to the clinic, but only if you tip or pay her. Got an appointment on the 1st of May to get my medications, it’s Sun, May 27, 2012 and nothing or whatsoever has been done. Such is our plight!

She is back in business as usual; bringing in things for the lads. Once you can pay for her services, she will deliver. I’ll rather want her for a better satisfying personal service;)

Many will be waiting to see what will happen to the lad that drew his knife during the infamous brawl. But as we all know, nothing will be done to him as he’s not the first to do that and neither will he be the last.
Talking of knives; we lost the one that my LiL cell mate spent all his energy to make. He needed it badly as he prone to get into trouble, but it was a sort of assurance that we have one. Knives could be fashioned out of any solid metal; all one need is patience to work on the edges till you achieved that sharpness, which the lad did. I knew he will need it someday as he’s always into trouble with others in the pavilion. Too bad, he never get to use it. Guess back to his drawing board.

I have trained myself to think before taking any stupid actions; my weapons are anything and everything around me. But I pray it doesn’t come to that. I know quite a few who will like to have a go with me. They feel intimidating by my size, like the animals we are; if you don’t trouble me, I won’t trouble you.

Finally, weekend is officially over! Not in my cell as the lad who got pissed from downing a little too of my brew has moved into my cell. But won’t be sleeping in the cell, he’s the new Batman; will be sleeping on top of the cell like others. He’s allowed to use all facilities and will be part in cleaning and maintenance of the cell.

He has to leave his previous place as it’s not safe for him; got into fight with an older inmate and did some Tyson on the man’s eyebrow; Dude flippin chewed bit of the old fella brow. Guess he was damn hungry, hope someone tell the authority.

The day in The Joint/Slammer ends with all sort of incidents and rumours of incidents. Living through each day is survival as the battle rages. Many are in a state of Cold war, bottling up the rage and anger; maybe to a time they can keep it any longer. Thus, the need to be armed and armed to one’s teeth.

Sitting by the wailing wall…….Hope signal will remain stable so as to upload this instalment of my blog.

It hasn’t been an easy race so far, but one with downs and lots of downs. Strength comes from waking up alive to each new day and the ability to continue; the zeal to survive the Joint.

Make the best use of what is in your power, and take the rest as it happens. ~ Epictetus


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  1. Strength comes from waking up alive to each new day and the ability to continue; the zeal to survive the Joint.

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