The Slammer; Another Round of Promises, Dramas and more from our busy lives in The Joint!!!

It’s 19:32:03 on Sat, Apr 28, 2012! The heart of the weekend; same routine for most inmates, music and smoke of fags fills the air as they serenade in the best of what life can over behind the four walls of the pavilion.

Made it to the gym early today, but on an empty stomach as the lads woke up early for the weekly general cleaning and washing of the cell. Started with arms and to round up with legs, but excruciating pain on my lower back and legs flippin killing me. Into my workout, the Director and his lads came in; nice fella.

He was the head of the wardens and has given 16 years of his young life to the system; thus, he knows more that most inmates will know, but he has never been locked up and seeing another man walk away with the key;)

Had to stopped my workout as he took over the hall to discuss our basic problems, namely #Water, #Electricity, #Patio, #Visit Hours, #Conjugal (not applicable to me; wanking helps;)

And the king of all problems; #Medical. our pavilion is filled with old inmates compare with the Nationals, where they are mainly young adults. He has promised to do something about it. Even promised to talk to the cops to allow families to bring vitamins and over-the-counter medication needed by inmates on regular basis. Lately, if not for my Embassy, one have to pay wardens to buy medication worth $5 and pay another $5 to same to bring it in. Isn’t that real business? Bleeding us dry!

We all voiced out our predicaments and hope he will do all he promised. Lost my Mojo for workout, parked up and in, had cheese and my shake. Water was running when I got in, washed my clothes and showered and flippin slept; woke up hungry like my cats; always nibbling something;)

My training mate made fish while I fried plantain (Patacones; apparently my best Latin American food)! ;). We had a good lunch. Many in the pavilion will dine on fishes today as they were sold yesterday while I was napping after my workout. It’s gonna be like a flippin fish market. A point about fish was also raised during the meeting with the Director; that we are the only pavilion that the cops at security on visit days will ask visiting families to take out the fishes meant for us. And many of us don’t have families or friends here, our lawyers are the only contact with the outside world, except me (my smartphone does take me beyond the walls of the prison;)

Many rely on their thieving Liars, oooops meant Lawyers to bring them groceries, but then, they are also turned down by the flippin securities. At the end of the day, one is left to other from a thwart who walks in the prison groceries and pays 30% of whatever you buy, after paying the VAT! Isn’t that how people fleece others in jail and go home as millionaires.

Well, I hope something will be done about the situation as life is deteriorating on daily basis. There’s a full blown of flu in the centre, coughing and spitting in every corner, we cook in the cells, one’s life is virtually in the cell as the centre is so congested, nowhere to sit around.

Gotta fry all the chicken as there’s no ice, bought 8pcs of complete chicken legs, had them in ice for two days now, but Saturdays, the Paquito (Our Mail order system guys; the lads who goes up daily to buy things from the grocery shop) don’t work. Thus, no ice today, frying them all will help preserve them for another day.

Monday, is family visit, many with families in Panama, will be too happy to spent the extended visit hour with their loved ones. It’s usually 45Mins, but the Director promised to extend it to 1hr. 30mins. Enough time to cuddle the missus and play with the kids. Those of us without families have to do by waiting for them to come in and see what they will give or sell. But glad my Embassy has not totally abandon us like most European and North America Embassies have done to their citizens here. Ours, make sure we get all basic necessities to make life a ‘bit’ comfy for us and also chip in bit and bits when time allows. But the monthly visit is the best so far; what more can an inmate ask? Nada mas…..

Just gone up to the see the old-timer that was stabbed; one barely see any stab point, just a little point but bloody deep and tampered with his nerves; he’s lying and his cell mates had to help him with barely every thing. He will need therapy of diverse sorts, but he ain’t getting any flippin help here. Too bad he didn’t think of this when he was beating the lad with a 2×4 wood.

It’s always said that muscular built men don’t think with their brain but are deceived by their muscular body; guess I ain’t that sort. I think loads and sometimes let it go, even money owed. Got much to want to live for; it’s a journey I want to see the end.

It’s Fish night in the pavilion as many are frying all the fishes they bought yesterday for fear they will stale by tomorrow; flippin hot and no ice. Hope no drunk head feed bones to my kittens.
It’s 14:31:50 on Sun, Apr 29, 2012! Just has my lunch (Curry with vegetables, and chicken I fried last night)! Made enough for everyone in the cell and 4 others. Sometimes, it’s nice eating together; wouldn’t like to be greedy like some of my mates.

Raining cats and dogs outside; lightening and thunder. Many are with water containers banging on the door for the cop to open up so they can fetch some of the rain water. But ain’t no bloody cop around. Can’t imagine, there’s no water and it’s raining, they won’t allow us to get some; which is free and a million times better than our tap water.

I’m out sitting in the gym hall, rarely come down here, except during my workout hours. A bit airy now as many are napping or cooking and others doing what they do in weekends; snorting, binged drinking, passing joints. Others are getting themselves groomed for tomorrow’s family visit. Those are the lucky and chosen ones;), keeps me wondering when ‘ll I get to see my loved ones. Only God knows and holds answers to such question.

Hope, they’re praying to whatever god (s) they hope on to keep the sky clear tomorrow, ‘cos if it rains, it will disrupt all the activities lined up for tomorrow and marred the occasion. That’ll be a big blow to the administration.

The Director made good of one of his promises yesterday; we had the Catholic priest here today and the door was opened for him. the zealous inmates turned up in their hundreds; each forsaking the pleasure and comfort of the sunday’s morning sleep. Was a nice sight seeing the gym hall filled with inmates who’re longing for a redemption and a way out; but the system can’t provide such.

It’s 22:04:08 on Mon, Apr 30, 2012:

Flippin can’t upload my blog as the signal is simply Malo:( , so gotta add more and send it to Schat;) she’s been a massive support and the kids are doing pretty well. Bless her and my lil musketeers.

Anyway, it was family visit today; made me thought deeply of my family and loved ones. Hope I see them soon and give them that warm embrace and say; I’m back home!

Like every visit day, many hit the gym as early to look pumped for the visit. Glad they won’t be here tomorrow to disturb my workout. Had a quick breakfast and hit the gym.

Mondays; our Chest day, had an intensive workout with my group and rounded up on time before 1pm.

Like all visit days, there will be lot of. Food; but mostly carbohydrates! Lol 😉
White Rice (but my friends thinks once colour is added, it’s no longer white rice;), loads of that white rice cooked in different styles; flippin same with rice. Then comes Yuca (Cassava), Potatoes and Green plantain; all mixed with rice).
Bit and pieces of chicken (fried and heavily salted); glad I cooked lentils + ripen plantain + fried eggs for my Lunch after workout. I knew what was coming, so I got myself ready and waiting. I flippin don’t understand how they get their balanced diet by chucking in so much carbs.

While they busy themselves, I took a quick nap, but just couldn’t as the noise was damn too much and my flippin Bully of a compatriot who doesn’t respect laid down rules in each cell; when told I was napping, kept screaming my name. If for something good, would’ve been ok, but to help him download some flippin porn video clips. I’m tired of teaching and showing him how to do it, over and over again. Like a million times….. And he won’t flippin grasp a thing.

There’s food and more of it in the pavilion, guess what will sell most tonight will be Sal Andrews as many will indulge in excess of what they brought it; hope no one clogs up the toilet tonight.

It’s so hot, drinking water every now and then is the only thing that keeps me going. On our visit days; so much comes in; legal and illegal stuffs. By Tuesday, loads of selling and buying in the pavilion.

Had a chat with my now released mate and a fellow blogger. He told me of how they were treated by the Panamanians authorities; we all know how corruption has eaten deep into the core of the public service in Panama. Despite spending 14 Months and being acquitted by the court of law. None of their stuffs and personal effects were returned to them. Being a professional photographer; he had his camera and other work-related materials. They lost everything to itchy fingers cops. The joy of their freedom overshadowed the pain and anger towards the authorities for stealing from them.

It’s 06:52:04 on Tue, May 1, 2012!

Woke up early to use the loo and check on my feline pals; they’re doing pretty good; playing around their mother.

Glad I have Andrews liver salt, flippin helped after indulging in all the exotic meals that came in yesterday’s family visit.

Just reheat my lentils and ripen plantain; flippin might have it for breakfast with fried eggs as I don’t have any cereals left:(

I rather eat something to hold be longer than walk into the gym on an empty stomach. Set up water for an early coffee. Got an appointment for Bi-monthly clinic visit, flippin doubt if they will come for me and my compatriots. It could be in another two months; going to the clinic is a treasured affair. Most inmates, just getting there will cure their ills;)

I’m out of my medication, need some to keep me going.

Today I likely going be our big market day; loads to be sold and another Fashion week by my all round trader-compatriot. Most of the clothes that came in yesterday will hit the table to be sold. It’s all about survival; trading in what you have to get what you want. We sometimes do barter trade; exchange of goods or services (like my village friends, who’re willing to get shoved or do some BJ’s for other favours;) lol! They say “One hand washes the other” innit?

That reminds me, the Drunk is owing my 3 bucks, gotta get him to clean my fan as there no way in the nearest future of getting that money from him. He just walked past me and I told him of what I think; happily agreed! Guess we all go home happy;)

Gotta get my coffee and get ready for the day; a new day and a new beginning. I’ve got to make the best of it!

Many will come and go; we all came in, walking or being wheeled in. But our departure could be way different; some will walk out, while others will leave wheeled, maimed or in stiffened and in bodybags. Pray to leave Whole and in sound mind.

Life in the joint goes on as we wrangle, hustle and hassles for our survival and existence.


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