Tales From Lives Behindbars!!!

Pictures, they say tell a lot more than words. These pictures depicts our lives as we lived each day on the edge and verge of life.
Carpe Diem; we make plans for tomorrow, but in reality our lives are for the moment that we are. Our fates are in the present and not in tomorrow as neither me nor my fellow inmates knows what tomorrow will come up with.

Dreams and hopes are what keeps us going; promises from Loved ones that they will always be there for us no matter how long we stay here. “But out of sight, they say is also out of mind”, when we think of such we are awaken to reality that it may not be an happy ending for most.
Many wouldn’t make it out walking on their legs and breathing a fresher air of freedom; as we have seen, when it comes knocking, there’s that struggle to hang on and wished our loved ones are around us. Little they know it’s time and our mortal being will give way to immorality!

Our photos tell the story of our daily lives behindbars! Many outside will never get the true picture of life behindbars in Panama for a foreigner. How ingenious we are to write our history and experiences with pictures; just like the early men did. Though we still have some writings on the walls of the centre (very typical of inmates)!

As we wait and hope; life continues! Time becomes so slow and sometimes it stands still! But it counts in countdown to the day we will walk out of these city that has no bounds, A pit that is never full; An Eternal Abyss!!!



“Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough.” – George Bernard Shaw.


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