More Sights From La Joya Panama!

A peak into our Small-Large world! So much happens in this small place!

One will be in absolute amazement at what goes on here. Some are for good, as humans we have relied on the natural basic survival instinct of survival to survive; those the ingenious innovations and improvisations all around us.

But then, like every human inventions and innovations; some are destructive while others are for our good! Need to elaborate? NO! We all know what nuclear bombs can do, even automobiles in the hands of a terrorist and a drunk sitting behind the wheel!

Our Lads are happy and sad! But life continues as we waddle in the pond of life!

Been trying to published the above piece but damn network won’t get it online.

I have to make further update on the misery life inside Pav6 and the complex.

Our fellow inmates who believed freedom can’t be bought, one has to fight for it; ironically, in Panama, one can actually buy freedom if you have enough Benjamins! When I went up to pick up my Fan (finally I got one that will give the mosquitoes their money worth)! Met with two of the would-be escapees, guess one has to have a second thought when planning to escape. They were shot with rubber bullets and the Brit-Colombian who led the expedition was actually shot with real bullet, should be happy that they didn’t blow off his leg.

We have seen live on Television when panamanians police went to arrest a notorious criminal (Hito) who escaped from prison; on live camera and approaching the suspect, the whole nation could see that the lad was unharmed and hands raised. The police aimed him on his ankle with a shotgun and blew it off! It caused an outcry but didn’t last long; as the victim of police brutality was a Notorious and dangerous criminal! Jungle justice!

My mates faced the same police brutality on their flight for freedom. Was in shock when I saw the English guy bandaged all over like an Egyptian Mummy, and the lousy Colombia-Spaniard was badly beaten and bathed with gas! Guess he spoiled the escaped plan as he wasn’t in the group, saw the others jumping, he joined them.

One is still missing, from different sources, some said he made it to Costa Rica (his country and damn too close, he can even walk across the border), other sources said he was shot and wounded, could be in the hospital and the most morbid of all rumours; He was shot and killed. Can’t doubt any of the rumours and not even the last one as I have seen what the cops here can do. Can’t fcuking trust a Panamanian cop with gun in his hand. They can do anything and walk home free.

When I saw the two lads last week, they were both in bad shape, hope they recover. And as we heard, for punishment, they had been sent to Pavilion4 (housing Notorious Panamanians criminals), most of the lads in Pav4 are inmates who saw their teenage lives in the prison system; some came in as young as 14 years of age through the Juvenile centre, sexually abused and on turning 18, were brought to the adult prison. Those lads are like animals. We have heard tales of them, not even officials will want to visit them; damn scared. If these lads were taken there, then we should expect the worst, they could be held hostage after raping them. And demand money from their families, I hope not!

And for us, we have lost our right to Patio. At least the cells are left open till 10pm. But no more patio till further notice, the cops has increased patrol behind around the perimeters. But they seems to forget that we’re under lock-down, we need to get out first before we think of jumping the fence!

My fellow inmates should know by now, that we are foreigners and trying to outrun the local cops who seems to know these territories like the palms of their hands is a foolish plan! We have to look for other means, maybe a helicopter or an invisible cloak; like the one American scientists are working on. Lol! Fcuking, ‘ll love to try that!

Seeing the conditions of those Lads, one is left to have a second thought about escape plans.
Just found out, the dope head english guy has been repatriated back to the UK; it was a long journey for him with all the ailments he has in him. What the British authorities will decide to do with him will be much better than what the Panamanians did to him. He’s home and home, they say “Every Englishman home is his Castle”; thus even a British jail will be home to him as he is closer to his family.

Finally had the top blown off; an outburst with the little lad who doesn’t want to grow up. Made them understand, it’s all comes down to responsibilities from each of us in the cell to make sure that we live in a healthy and hygienic environment. Damn, they are dirty can’t imagine eating with the Same plate; Breakfast, lunch and dinner and not washing it. Such is the life of my mates, losing things and saying anything could get lost; thus gotta watch over my stuffs. Since anything could grow wings and disappear!

It’s roughly two weeks since I had my Assistant consul bought my medication and sent them to the clinic. The latest excuse from the clinic after she rang them; was that, they sent for me and I was no where to be found in d pavilion. What a classic lie; I went shopping or to the pub, thus I couldn’t be found. If it was a matter of death incident, I would have become a number by now. Glad I’m a strong-willed person an determined to come out stronger and I will.

“Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough.” – George Bernard Shaw.


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  1. what is this article about ? lol i did not read all of it. But what is it about. I found it after googling a movie

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