Extra Episode of Prison Break Panama.

Life behindbars is suffering and Suffering is life inside here! Such is the woes of the inmates in Pavilion6, La Joya Carcel in Panama.

When one thinks, things are getting better, little does he know that they getting worse and harder. Being incapacitated and bedridden for weeks due to sciatica. And still waiting to be called up by the clinic for my medication (actually bought them with my money). Till date no word from upstairs, hope someone hasn’t nicked and flogged my drugs as that’s the modus operandi here; drugs are regularly nicked from the dispensary and sold to inmates. To be a prisoner here, one has to be damn rich and wealthy.

Just when we thought we are peace with the cops, others among us were busy planning a live-version of “Prison Break Panama”. Have seen so many, that whenever we here sound and barrages of guns, we’re not moved. But not when the escape is from our Pavilion; damn we know what will be coming next. Severe punishment, one that everyone will feel it. Guess, we are being punish for not snitching. How the fcuk will I snitch when I’m not freaking psychic to be reading people’s mind. Even the director’s agents in our midst were taken by surprise on this one. Thanks to the ingenuity of the chief-planner; a Colombian born Brit who is actually due for repatriation next month.

His escape has made many to wonder if he was actually going on repatriation or extradition for another case back in The UK! We’ll remain in our wondering mood till we here from him.

There were five (like the famous five or infamous five)! The leader had been training and conditioning himself for this operation; wonder what I will call it, guess the SAS should have him recruited as he’s very fit and smart; a boxer and used to run with me. Damn strong like an Italian Stallion!

He and a Costa-Rican made it out, a Venezuelan was caught up in the razor-sharp wires, came down bleeding all over; as the only good hearted drugs dispenser, gave him what I have, panadol extra. Another Born Colombian born Spaniard who also claimed to be a Brit and was actually teaching english to his fellow Latinos, saw the escape going and remember that he too can make a jump for it. He was actually pulled down by the cops and from eye witnesses, he was said to have been shot on his leg by one of the cops. Despite having him grounded, he was beaten and sprayed with gas, he face was wrecked. Wonder why they did that, taken away since yesterday and hasn’t return. Who knows what will become of him. Hope he’s fine.

Personally, the authority should realise that you can’t locked a sane and fit man up without him thinking of breaking free! Even trapped animals want to break free, why not the advanced animal; humans. It’s the animal natural instinct to be free, glad most of us are far from home. I know many of us Europeans and North Americans who were willing to go AWOL! But then you consider how far one is from home and how many borders upon borders to cross and oceans to swim! Damn what were we doing in this jungle of a country in the first place.

I pray he and his mate makes it to freedom, at our expense as we will bear the consequences of this escape. Less than an hour after their escape, they were on Television as celebrities; if not for the informants within us, the cops should have waited till today, come down and have a head count and make a roll call to know who is not here. But their agents made the job easier. Hope they know what their fellow latinos does to snitches! The Colombians calls them “Sapo” “Toad or frog”! Drug-Dealers hate informants! And neither does the cops like informants as history has shown and taught us, many were either killed by their operators as they thought they might slip back. I always take the stand of allowing the cops and authority clean up their mess. Especially in a place like Panama where everyone is corrupt.

As of this moment, we are expecting the search that will definitely come, like the thief; nobody knows when they will strike, but we’re ready like the Boy scout “Be Prepared”!

Life getting more expensive in here, buy a roll of toilet paper, one uses half for cleaning the damn seat as my mates still urinate on it! Walk away from you bunk, someone pop in and nicked something. One will walk in without having in mind what he wants, but as soon as he sees something, he wants a bit. Even mouthwash! What a life and a world.

Doing bit of stretching and working on my lower back, hope it gets better so I can resume active workout as i’m so bored listening to my Colombians mates gossip like pu**ies everyday in the cell.

Life continues as we awaits the outcome of the escape! The other negative part with foreign inmates escaping from this place without assistance from the guards; getting lost!

Many of us are new and as foreign as we are to the terrains surrounding the prison complex. Thus most ends up walking and running in circle, and the cops and guards who are indigenous to this area, know where to wait for us! Good one! Until we have a well layout map of the complex and the neighbouring villages and town, then we will still be wondering on an Israeli’s kind of journey in the desert.

“Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough.” – George Bernard Shaw.


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