Sights of La Joya Pavilion 6!!!



Had always thought life behindbars will be the cheapest as one become a child of the authorities; All is paid for!

Well, not in Panama, as life behindbars for a foreigner is more than a high price for a minor offence. The sentence on its own is given as if the Panamanians will run out of it or if they are in competition with another country on who gives the most time for any crime.

One will think, whilst I’m locked up behindbars, the government will take care of me. Guess not in Panama, one of the Doctors once told me, you’re an European, your embassy should buy you your medications. One is left at the mercies of death, just as I am now! If Sciatica was to kill me, damn would have long gone.

Everything in the pavilion, from paintwork, plumbing, electrical, cleaning and landscaping are all done by inmates and with our own money. Pathetic how bad and deteriorated the system has become. Those Latinos who were living in Panama before incarceration are the lucky ones as they have families and friends who can always bring in fresh food and cooked food every fortnight. Those of us from distant lands has to do with the inflated prices of whatever is sold here. The old grocer who had moved out as he will be released soon, still run his business from wherever he is and as I heard, he wants to stick to this business after his released; no doubt, he’s making a fortune from us. There are those who run money transfer service and money lending service on interest. And that’s a huge business, as many Europeans and North Americans depend on families back home for their sustainability here. Those who default on payment are beating severely and more beating again!

Since my incarceration, have seen many inmates walked in again after doing quite some numbers of years here; to a normal person, walking out of this place should be the last time, to them the release is like taking a vacation for some months and then back home. Apparently, many fits in with the life and condition very well. I rather fit with the life outside than this here.

Everyone has a way or the other to help him with his time here. Some are obsessed with food; gluttony, always munching something! My mate who has been a strong backbone as he receives visit so much loves food, that he talks of what we will eat on Sunday right from Monday. I try to live like most inmates, whatever the day brings, go with the flow. When I have money, stock my groceries with non-perishables.

Seen some Mexican adorn proper chef clothings, cooking, baking and selling; Food has become the biggest business here! Everybody is doing something to sell, and it will sell but most on credit I.O.U! A Spaniard just went AWOL after piling debts from fags and liquor, he personally asked for transfer to another pavilion. And his creditors are the ones at loss now! Such is the business life behindbars.

I hope the clinic will send for me today as I damn need those painkillers shot. My latinos cellmates wouldn’t and can phantom why I’m not working out. They could see very well, that i’m pains, but loves taking a piss out of me. Worst thing to happen to anyone here is falling sick as nobody gives a damn. Since day one, haven’t seen anybody come around to ask me what I want, but many still coming begging for one thing or the other. Fcuking parasites and leeches who will drain one till his last breathe.

When the Cuban died, I was surprised how many went to the gym and went about their daily life, no damn respect for the dead. Well, such is the life of the Latinos; they breath and live with death in this part of the world. One reason for taking another man’s life could be taking a wrong turn in a street, wrongful looking; disrespect! And Malo palabra (saying the wrong word at the wrong time). I have seen fellow inmates got stabbed for uttering the wrong word at the wrong time and to the wrong set of humans on this planet.

At the end all boils down to complexity problems and their inability to adapt to moderate lifestyle; one without walking around with knives and guns. No matter how moderate they try to be, their lives have affinity to violence. Since I helped with setting up and tweaking most of the BB’s here, what I have seen in most, really amazed me; since many can’t get hold of the real piece (A 9mm or .38) they rather have the pictures on their phones. In a male prison, one will definitely find nude picx of women 😉 and short video clips, and picx of loved ones. Unlike me; spent quit a fortune buying apps from the BB app world, wonder why they weren’t free. This guys here rather filled their memory chip with assorted pictures of arms and all sorts of knives. Since many can’t get hold of the real thing, having a photo of them kind of make them feel good and secured; who knows? The best game they love most is pretending to shoot or stab and they actually do that by touching one body with a stabbing movement. Left to ponder and wonder what life they lead out there.

The Signal Jammers are all set up and will be running soon; we have heard 1st or 2nd week in September! Well, when it comes, let it come. Glad I have a bed, wouldn’t mind spending all my day on the bed as there won’t be anywhere to hang around after workout, that is, if I can make it back to the gym.

Our debate and argument team still holds daily meetings arguing over irrelevant stuffs. Many are so frustrated that the way their angers could be vented is by shouting and the only time they can shout is during such lousy argument. People wouldn’t want know what most subjects of the arguments are on most days. I tried to excused myself as I get bored and it brings back bitter memories of why I should be here. May not be better than them, but I’ll rather read or run a query and find answers to anything bothering me than talking blindly and make a fool of me. Such are my buddies and mates here. Such arguments reminds me of my daughter, telling another kid; she got more toys than her and barely don’t know the other kid. On typical day, it could be American KFC is better than European KFC (then why are the waistlines in America like the imaginary line of the equator)Lol!, could get into sports, phones (forgetting that different phones are made and meant for different functions and users)! Sometimes I just love pissing my Jamaican and colombian mates by listening to coldplay, Oasis, Elton john, and my dead music (classical)! They don’t and can’t understand why one should listen to such music when you can listen to dancehall and vallenato. I have to take at least an hour or more of my time to explain the beauty in these music. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeez! Asi es la vida!

Dawn of a new day, who knows what the day holds for us; inmates of pavilion 6, La Joya Carcel, Panama. Damn, day can hold whatever it holds, it’s always same here. But I want somebody to call me up so I get my shots. Not a good feeling waking up to pain and can’t even make a poop as the damn sciatic nerve sit right next to d hole; while exerting pressure it sends signals to d nerve and there we go again; more pain! Gotta take my time even in the loo. Life of pain!

Fcuking, just sneezed, sends pain running through my butt to my foot. Damn Sciatica!

Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough – George Bernard Shaw.


“Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough.” – George Bernard Shaw.


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  1. do u know me ??? send me an email !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    hey my brother i think i know who u r !!!!! and u’ll know me az i spent 6 years and 9 months in the panama jails so i do know what your talkin bout !!!!!!! we’ll hook up soon take care bro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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