The August Visitors in March!

Feeling much better or should I say relieved from the lower back pain! Taken the last of my diclofenac and vitamin B complex injections. Hope it works! Now, really have to be extra careful with weights, especially squatting, dead lift, barbell row! All exercises to do with back and legs! As health they say is wealth!

Yesterday, the 16th! Knew we’re getting visitors from back home. The embassy in Costa Rica, and our Consul here. Well didn’t know it will be an August vist type!

Up in the morning, as I slept late the previous night. Getting ready for workout as I haven’t been doing anything for days now due to the injury. Made salad or sandwich filler for breakfast. Then the call came; they are here. Thought we were meeting them upstairs at the administration block. But they came down to us, had to get my bed done!

Since there’s no table in the cell, our bed is our table when one isn’t sleeping. Just arranged the stuff properly, unlike most prison in the West, where inmates lives with proper regimen; sleep time, wake up, bathe, meals and work! But here nobody gives a sh*t of what goes on! Live or die!

It was nice they came, guess they knew beforehand what they will see, anyone who’s got interest in prisons in Latino American countries and in any 3rd world countries, shouldn’t expect a place where prisoner’s right is respected! It’s a norm here that prisoners are the scumbags of the society!

They had a nice tour round the pavilion. Damn Latinos and our Doped head Jamaican, they were on their tails like male dog on a bitch’s ass! The visit was ours, but it was also theirs as they all wanted us to speak about the conditions here; fcuking don’t know that Panama is a sovereign nation with democratically elected Government; even if he bought or rigged the votes and being on WikiLeaks now, he came in the right way! No country can do anything about how they treat the miscreants here.

The most they would do as we all know is write letters, asking for better conditions for inmates, which they will promise to change things! And that’s how far it goes. But we at the receiving end, know that nothing will change; the only day things changes here, is when you are called out and after your name comes the most wanted or desired word here; LIBRE! We don’t hear that quite often here in Pavilion 6! Not in hurry to hear mine as the road to freedom is still a long way from now!

Outside with our August-visitors, we had one-on-one conversation about everything, thought the Latinos wouldn’t let us have our moment to ourselves. Most sneaked out, guess to have proper view of the ladies. Despite all the nightly conjugal behind their closed curtains and Their 2D mamita on screen! Guess not enough! They wanted a 3D view! While we were busy, they were asking if this or that is married or single. Wonder what they freaking think in their heads!
Simple facts, they’re bloody inmates, and these ladies didn’t come all the way for match-making trip in jail!

The August meeting in March was fine as we needed it badly, the condition in the centre is deteriorating, having our consuls or embassies voiced out what we’re going through, might bring some changes as we need the changes here.

They were pretty Lucky, as they would have seen at first-hand what it is like living here. Soon as they left, or barely 30mins after they left, fight broke up in Pavilion 5 (the religiously gangs); there’re two different gangs in the pavilion and they’re both very religious, got the best PA system! Music of praise and worship are on full blast everyday and when one sees them outside on visit, they all walked with the Bible!

All these ceremonies doesn’t stop knives to be drawn when it’s needed! So they did on the 16th of March! From the top of our cells, we could see police on riot gears running in and shooting canisters of gases into the pavilion! And thanks to the wind, blowing the gas into our pavilion, as I’m writing now, still suffering from the gas irritation!

The wounded soldier or inmate was taken out! Hope he survives, it would have been a nice sight for our August visitors! But glad they left before the incident!

Back in the Pavilion, my mates want to know what we got from the visit! They? U don’t get to see nada, but with us, they want to see todos!

Migraine all day! Napped, but still didn’t work! Ran out of painkillers, bought one off one of my compatriots who needed to get a fag! Good barter trade!

Shawn; the only Jamaican I get along had my BB all day! Thank God I could tweak the phone, private files are locked up and protected with password of different layers! He’s always asking why all the extra security. Told him, wouldn’t be nice if I loose it in requizar, the cops will have a field day snooping into all my stuffs! A degree in IT wasn’t a waste of time either! He’s the only one who is positive minded, will be home next year! Got 5yrs plus for 1kg of Marijuana! Back home, one will get a slap on the wrist with some fine as first time offender!

His whole life was ruined, glad his old boss still wants him back! And a wife to go back to, not many are lucky like him! My schizophrenic mate, always ranting on his woman; fcuking doesn’t know, she’s got the ball in her court now! She can play with it as she wants! Guess his time has done him!

Got mad at him that wednesday evening! Had his water in his one bucket, but went to use mine! Would have allowed him. But thinking about the answer he gave me, when I asked him why he wouldn’t buy a new tank as his is leaking! He said, Never will he buy any tank, and he has actually never bought anything since he got busted! Living on people like a parasite! Always asking money from my Dominicano mate with promises to pay back and then forgets, and back again to ask for more! Short-term memory!

My mate knew, he ain’t paying back! Did that to me when I arrived here newly, but now He won’t try it, not even in his dreams! And glad I took to the gym! When he starts his ranting, I sing a famous dancehall line (look into my eyes, tell me what u see, am I ur enemy or ur friend) for him by one his hero and he is 44yrs old! Freaking scares him now! He believes and always chants respect to the DJ who sang that song! Once we argued, told him there’s no originality in the guy’s songs! Mi a badman! Said my taste of music is old fashioned! But at least the lyrics are better than Bounty killer’s lyrics!Lol!

To make him happy, I sometimes play my dancehall bashment! It brings or takes him to his world! Of a truth, don’t know why a man of 44 should be jumping to lyrics like “go suck ur mother” and “badman 4ward, badman pull-up” and “walking wiv my nine”! That actually proved that the saying “one man’s meat is another man’s poison” is true!

Over the water! He said the reason he took mine, someone used his! To proof my point that his tank is leaking, I emptied one of mine into his and kept it aside! In less than 5mins, it went half! Proved beyond doubts and in front of others! That shut him up for good! He left the cell murmuring! Called him back to use my water!

My annoyance was in his answer to my question, then I’m the fool thinking of water and how we can get more containers! The Latinos, can stay days without bathing, maybe they’re camels!

Next day, he forgotten all that happened the previous day. He got up early to work his dentures and filled up his little gallons, actually boiled water for me! Well, saw it as an olive branch given to me for peace! Told him thanks and let sleeping dog lie!

He will be leaving soon! Got a new trainers Schat sent from my stuffs, and happens to be his perfect size! He offered to buy it off me! Said NO! But at the back of my mind! Will give it to him when he’s living and a Tommy Sandals; that he loves so much!

At a time was scare of him poisoning me as he actually used that as a threat! Being here, I now know, the Latinos are capable of doing such, if they can’t fight! For now, in good term with everyone; no contact with people helps!

Feel better on thursday as I hit the gym and patio! For the first time in days! Fresh air and sunlight (Sunlight they say is the best antiseptic)! Fcuking need it!

My kittens are winning the hearts of many now as many are seen cuddling them! And they sleep like the word sleep! Very playful with care-free spirit! Lucky lil things, no idea of where they are!

Feeling feverish, guess from the gas yesterday as it was really much in the air! Hope I get better so I can workout 2morrow!

Searching for correspondence course that won’t require internet access! Schat surprised me by sending link to my uni offering distance learning programme on psychology and criminology as a combined degree programme! As if she was reading my mind! Don’t think I will be able to keep up with the pace in IT!

Being here and among my fellow inmates, gives me a new view and perspective about life and a career pathway; Social Sciences!

For now, more research is all I need!


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