*WEEK 19*

Monday, 10th of May 2010…..

Agent out for work, while Pepe and Jer are out for School, cells were opened but locked in from going out to the Patio as the meeting was on with the government officials. So, our lives were centered in our side of the centre, board games, dominoes and those buying and selling were busy transacting their different businesses. Surprising how one of the dealers those his trade, most of clients don´t get their products from the front side of his cell, they all go through the back side, I wonder whom they are hiding from, when everyone here knows who does dope and who doesn´t. I don´t think they are hiding from the wardens, as most of them turn a blind eye to most of the things that happens here.

Just after the last Riguisar (Search), guess the police were still getting ready to leave, the boys were all about selling top up vouchers, the walked around calling on what network they have, even when they see the custodios around them. I guess it is just we the foreigners do things with bit of respect for the wardens.

The doors were finally opened to let us out, just as about when the meeting was finished, the large numbers of police they brought along, shows how the Panamanians politicians manage resources, well, like we know, the biggest employer in Panama is the police and followed closely by the Panama Canal, I also happened to see the new Directress of the Femenino (The Female Prison), well she will passed as one of those Colombian Barbie, what on earth do they think, well, when they say Women power, it means a lot or has much to say. She is barely 28 years old, whose father happened to be a politician or highly connected. I thought prison Governors or Directors are Men and Women who had earned that position by years of experiences in the Prison services or ex-cops who had worked and lived their lives among criminals. Not a beauty queen whose dad knows how to press buttons. I guess she had the first hand taste of being a boss after 3 escapes from her centre. From what I heard, she barely does anything as the police run the Female prison.

Once heard one of the Female wardens who accompanies the girls from the Femenino to our centre for the film was once made the Director of the Femenino. With hers I can understand, as she has had training to deal with Prisoners, but then, I guess she ran out of favour from the king´s makers as she lost the job and went back to being a warden. She is also pretty and tall….

Did some workout before lockup time, our Bossman came out today in his best suit, look great in it as the boys were catcalling and hailing him.

Nobody knows what they must have discussed in the meeting as we all believe it was about Prison and prisoners… Hope it will be something good.

Manni made Rice and Egg sauce, which has become his speciality, making egg sauce and eating it with either rice or Pasta.

Spend the rest of the night reading and hoping this will end soon enough to preserve my sanity. 

Tuesday, 11th of May….

Out for workout as the Manni and his crew took over the library for the next scene that needs to be shot in the library. Was allowed to work a bit while the set was being set up, but had to leave. The ex-directress of the Femenino and now turned warden escorted the girls in with a female cop and two other Female wardens. Had to leave the library, this is the first time the girls had come so close to the boys here, so there were lots of Catcalls from the boys.

Don´t really know what con girls think of themselves, at least someone think nice of them; con guys also. One of the girls in particular whom we nick-named Land Cruiser as she is loaded kept walking up and down, that the police in the tower were pissed, and asked her to stay in the library. Guess just as the lads here has got some much time in the hands and doing nothing other than sit all day smoking pot or doing dope, the girls also sit all day grooming their bodies, especially their nails and hairs.

The filming was done with, and things went back to normal as they girls were escorted out, well wonder what the cops thinks, if the boys will jump on the girls.

Not much happened today, hope not much should be happening here everyday, and then it will be as normal as it could be. Because when things happen, it’s either for the worse.

Back in our cell, we are running low on our groceries, no food and we haven´t gotten anybody to help us do shopping, hope we get someone soon. One who will do it without thinking of ripping us off?

Jer was able to get hustle some mince beef, well don´t want to know where he found it or how he got it, so long it has made it into our cell, it will make it into our pan and our stomachs.

Spent the night reading and knowing for sure, where there is life there is a will and there is also hope…. staying strong for those praying for me to stay and remain strong.

Wednesday, 12th of May…..

Got my BF from Billy who came in early as the doors were opened very early and no workout as I want to work on one of the PC´s in the Library today.

In the library, things were set up for the last shot of the library scene, the girls came in abound with strong security, and don´t know if they heard of pending kidnapping. Most of the boys were sent out of the Library. I stayed back and did some work.

After my work, had some minutes to reading before feeling dizzy with headaches, left for my cell for a quick nap.

Back in cell, Jer brought loads of fresh fishes and packed frozen seafood, seeing him prepared them, I knew that it wasn´t for us. Later told me that it was for the Deaf and Dumb lad, Billy and his crew of young friends from Pabellon. While he was cooking, took a nap for while and got up as the pain subsided.

Went out and hustle for my dinner as I have no idea what we are eating tonight, guess Jer wouldn´t worry as he has loads to eat from. Lucky as Fabio finally cooked some Pasta, got some and ate that.

Was the last in the cell as I was out and about begging other inmates for ingredients we will need to make something for our dinner.

Manni later made another of his Egg Sauce and Rice, which is the best as we don´t have anything now. While he was cooking, Jer and I slept through till he woke us for dinner.

Schat and I talked loads lately, she and Jane are doing pretty good, my son thinks she is Mommy´s baby, as he always says, Mummy your Baby is crying, guess soon he will get to know that she is there to stay and also to take over his place as the Baby of the house.

Spent the rest of the night after dinner reading and brainstorming, guess not planning to escape, as that will cost me loads of money which I can´t afford and may end up living on the run. Guess it doesn´t worth it.

Thursday, 13th of May….

Was woken from the noise and the light going on in the cell, Jer was up screaming at agent. At first didn´t know what happened, but Jer later explained how agent has spilled cream on the floor and picked up the towel from the toilet corner we used as mop to mopped up the spillage. And then dipped his hand into their breakfast bowl and picked up his bread without washing his hands. Jer was made, and I guess every one of us would be mad at him. Because of his manners and how he does things, we have resolved to do things without asking him to help, not even with washing the dishes after dinner or cleaning of the cell.

I later cleaned up the cell and left for library, but it was closed. So used to the time to my workout as hanging around in the cell wouldn´t be a good idea. Guess that was the right thing for me, as I can let out the steam by working out and sweating off.

Since there won´t be visit this weekend, due to census in Panama, all visit was schedule for today, but not so many people made use of it as most of their families will either be working or the time was too close to get them make the change. Thanks to the Director who had the memo out on Tuesday.

Jer was determined to send Agent out, as he told him earlier in the morning to look for another cell, but I doubt if agent will get any cell, as nobody will want to live with him. Most of the guys here had heard about him and many did time with him back in the states.  So nobody will want him in their cell, so I guess Jer has to let it slide as one of those things. As they say, the Devil you know is better than the Angel you don´t know, we don´t know who will be our next cellmate, so it´s better we deal and live with agent until he leaves as he will be leaving soon on conditional release.

Beef came up today with the Prison lunch, Pepe got loads and I got some, we had them frozen for future use.

Had my hair cut by Robbie, my country bloke, while barbing my hair, he told me he has something to tell me. Wonder what that will be, hope it will be something good. I know it will be something about the system here.

All ended well, as no trouble of any fracases in the centre, we had our dinner same as always; egg sauce and rice, getting tired or should I say sick of eating same thing. And the so call diet food isn´t what they say it is.

When agent got back, he made peace directly with Jer as he must have talked about it and they must have told him to make peace. As Jer got many henchmen and boys on his side, I guess spending 4 years in a place like this is enough due to earn on some respect and a place among the hierarchy of ball players here.

Spent my night in the comfort and safety of my bed, reading and thinking… that´s one thing you can´t take from me; THINKING!!!!

Friday, 14th of May………….

Up early as Billy came in with my BF, out for a jog and later back in cell and did some workout with the bar in my cell, good for my shoulder´s traps and also for ABS. Hope I get something close to 6 packs when leaving.

Music is blasting from the studio as the atmosphere is charged for today´s program. The centre regularly holds musical events, exhibition of art work and other things and families or friend are invited to come into the centre. But they are only allowed in the Patio and no more than there. While they are here, the security is beefed up as the wardens are stationed in strategy places to watch all doors and exit points.

Many of the youths are busy making music, so an events like these is where they can showcase their work, others show up what they have been busy doing behind  closed doors as most people ain´t allow into the art studio or the wood workshop.

Finally got the time to call my Consulate, was glad to learn that my file has been taken to the 1st Judge, 2 More to go, it is at the 3rd Judge that I will call upon. What a process, can´t wait to be done with this whole thing.

Robbie finally got hold of me and took me into his bed, back then when I was in the same cell with him, I used to sleep on the 2nd bunk bed while he was on the 3rd. Climbing up on the 3rd is such a hard work, then think of sleeping on such a high ground. Hidden from others by his curtain, he brought his new toy, he just bought a new phone, looks like Blackberry, but not blackberry, one of those knockoffs from China.

He told me how someone has snitch on him, and had the wardens coming to search him, thinking he has gotten the phone, he knew I won´t do that, as we are on the same boat. Some batch of Custodios here don´t really like him, so if they get to know he has this new one, they will hunt for it till they get it. Nice phone, help him set the internet function and also showed him how to get on facebook and other IM programs. If there was a phone that will do everything, even cook food and wash clothes, he will go for it, as this one has TV and Radio. All I need is one I can check mails, text and place or receive my calls. And as small as possible, glad as we are tight now. Guess if he eavesdropped on anything ill being said about me, he will get me informed.

While others were out catching the fun, was in for a read and nap until evening when they all came in.

No food tonight, but glad that picking up my so called diet food can be of help in a time like this. I had mine re-cooked, sometimes we wash the chicken and had it fried again before we can eat them.

Had my dinner and went early to bed, so also everybody as nobody was in the mood to talk.

What a life and how it comes………………Stayed all night reading with my curtain drawn up to set and keep me in my small world of mine.

Saturday, 15th of May…

Up from the voice of the head of wardens as he came detailing what will happen that morning. It´s amazing how the Panamanians make a great fuss out of nothing, little did we know that the census of tomorrow will start today and I guess from Prison and places where people are confined to and where they can´t move around; like Hospital.

The cells were opened one after the other, we were the second to let out, and our details were taking and so also that of other inmates. Our cell could be nice, but also has its negatives of being the first in the line. When there are searches, we are always the first to get the cops and being one of the two biggest here, they seem to spend more time here.

Census done and gone, hope as we have been counted, they will think of us in their next budget. Lucky as we weren´t locked up all day, as we thought that will happen.

The library was opened, went in and did loads of writing and did some bit of reading.

It is surprising what one will find here, I have seen many books here in the library that should be here in the first place; I have seen one on Laser making and now another one on how to make wine at home, browsing through it, found out it is very easy to make wine or any sort of liquor with just about any little things around us. Glad that the book was not written in Spanish as the boys would have taken it before I even get to it. But on one of the recipe, that requires adding brandy to make some sort of wine, No one locked up and having Brandy will want to risk that in making wine, it will be like my looking for brandy of white wine for my Lobster soup, guess nobody will want to do that, when you can drink them and get a good feeling effect which you will never get from cooking with it.

There is also another book on how to cast spell on people, I have not gone through that, I hope it is still here somewhere, as I may need it when I´m planning my prison break, it will come in handy as I may want to cast sleeping spell on the all the cops and wardens before my breakaway.

When I later showed it to Jer and Manni, Jer said, the next book I will find there, will be Prison Break made easy and I added Prison Break for Dummy; that gives me a good idea, maybe we should write a book on such topics, who knows it, will be a good sale. Guess Schat will say the opposite, a book on how to stay out of Prison, like my lawyer said, next time plan very well so as not to be caught. What a crazy world.

Left the Library around 2pm, went into the now refurbished kitchen which is now our dinning hall, stayed up there to read until lock up time. Whoever came up with the plan of the dinning hall was thinking of lining his pocket as nobody is ready to leave the comfort of his cell and sit down here to eat.

Spent some time with Robbie as he is still having problems with his phone, hope he knows how to use it.

Jer used the frozen beef we had couple of days ago from the Prison food to make us a dinner, later told others we need to always be on the look out of what comes on the prison food as they can be needed as it is now.

Last to shower as the warden won´t open the door for me, after much pleading he let me out, went out and had my shower.

Had dinner and called it a night, wasn´t that bad, with food, it is all about what you know what to do with what you have at your disposal. We make good use of anything available, so long they are edible. Just as the boys here are ready to eat anything that crawls from the jungle into the centre.

Sunday, 16th of May………

Schat rang around 3am, up to find my lights on, guess slept off. We talked, glad to know she is fine and Jane is also kicking good.

Back to sleep until I heard Pepe begging Moreno to open up the door so he can get cream (the Custard like thing), since I stopped him from getting cream through my side after the spillage, he really want his cream but he wouldn´t want to defile my small law as I´m the only person he can always turn to in the cell, even when Jer said Agent will be leaving, Pepe who always pick his meal, came asking me if he should pick up agent´s meal, told him to go ahead and pick it up. Moreno did open up for him and he got his cream.

According to Jose (Santos who escaped buddy), he knew Pepe right from Chiriqui, he told of him being one old skinny old man, but thanks to Renacer, he´s back ton life now. Blown up from eating good food and good sleeping condition, nothing can be better than this.

Out and did some jogging and workout, have never felt so better with my body, hope it stays so and I keep up with my workout and keeping fit.

After my workout, got soup from Tito, he makes the best soup here in the centre, later heard from Jer after I asked why he is the only one allowed to bring in things in bulk. He was once a cop who used to nicked coke from the evidence room and sell them out, also had strong ties with gangs and big time dealers. But being convicted doesn´t stop him from still rubbing shoulders with his police buddies here in the centre, as the Captain basically controls this place. He allows him to bring in his food in bulk, who knows maybe the Captain is in the soup business with him.

After my workout, did some washing had them outside on the line, had to stay out and watched over them as they will be nicked if I venture out of sight. I guess the thieves are also watching. So I hung around for the water to dry off, and then got them inside.

Spoke with Schat, she told me of her how Jessie played tricks on my lil Boy, someone else called, after talking with Jessie asked for my son, instead she told him it was me who called, my son being so happy was talking thinking I was the one, but was confused as the conversation didn´t sound like mine. Schat later found out, Jessie was all over laughing.

Glad that all fine and doing good… missing them greatly.

Moreno came for bucks, gave him 2 and the warden that refused me going out but later opened up also 2 for soda.

We had a bit of Moonshine prepared by one of my country blokes, wasn´t bad, guess that will be my last moonshine. Don´t want to indulge in it anymore as I want to concentrate on my workout.

Hit my bed with my books and off for the night…………..


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