*Week 17*

Monday 26 of April……

Up very early as I heard my name, Billy the Kiwi need a metal spoon (Metal Cutleries are prohibited here in the centre), guess Jer was about cooking in the small room. Back to sleep, but after looking out from my bed and seeing the doors open. I got up, had my shower, had my BF and went to the Library, did some reading as the gamers were all over the pc´s playing Zuma.

Out and saw Diaz; one the wardens who is always on me for dough posting new memos on the wall of the library. Read through and below good news, things are going back to normal, Both Galleria and Pabellon will be open all day from 8am till 4pm and all cells will be lock up by 6pm. That´s pretty, my only prayer is that the boys will keep calm for a while and the Bossman meant business now. Back to my cell for a power nap, but noise and calls from Luis, Milonairo, ignored them. One good thing about sleep, once you are sleeping, no one disturbs you. Tried and nap a while, got up from a call, spoke with Schat, my Lawyer and a friend. The kids are doing fine but really missed my presence in the house. Always trying to make my presence in house despite being thousand of miles away from home is on thing I have tried to do.

One of my boys from Pabellon who had been locked up in Anexo, guess for foul mouthing one of the custodios was released. He came straight to me, later found out he is just 19 years old, got a kid and being in jail since he was 15 years old. One will wonder what will become of this country in 20 years from now. Read that the ratio of women to men is like 7:1, imagine what will become of them in some years from now. And that´s is why so many westerners come here; Sexo!!!

Around the passage, the boys were playing their usual fight games; sometimes it could lead to the normal thing where knives will be drawn. At such game, you are allowed to hit blows around the body but not below the belt and above the neck. From the most I have seen it could be very painful but they all bore the pain as letting down means one is a sucker.

Castillo, one of the guards is on me just to get some money, ain´t got nada for him, hope he understands that the times are hard. The funny thing here, they don´t asked the Panamanians for money, as they know they won´t get nothing from them.

Well, the day came to an end as we were all hauled back to our cells, now the new law or rules as from today will be, both sides will be opened from 8am till 4pm. We will all be allowed to hang around the passages and transact all kinds of business in our respective areas until 6pm when the cells will be finally locked up. But I doubt if this will work. As these guys are so laid back, one has to push them into doing anything, even when the whistle go off, some are still busy playing dominoes or still hustling dopes or grass for the night.

Well, on the first day, the cells were locked up by 6pm, most were still open by 7pm, but at the end, they will all end up in their miserable cell for the night.

Back in, all stayed cool as we settle for the night, with our dinner and my juice. We watched film and we chat about how things will be now that things are back to normal. We really hope that the boys will keep their knives wherever they are stashed. The director as we have heard is on holiday to be back on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Spent the rest of the night reading and sent some text to schat…. what a big relieve that we have access to phones and sometimes internet. It really helps with the emotional blues that sometimes befall us. Another day gone and a new beginning for the inmates in Renacer…..

Tuesday, 27…..

Had an early morning, glad that all is back to normal again. Hope it stays this way for a long time. Got online briefly at Andorra´s, checked my mails, and printed the permit for my Portable DVD and Guitar again. I hope this time; the Director will get to sign and also enforced it so the cops will allow them in.

Blanco; a Dominican who has been here for a while and also studying law, wants me to buy his guitar, he started the price from 100 Bucks, after talking with Jesus, he said 60 is okay, he was on me all morning. Told him to wait.

Manni who was on the rush to get out, got the tap broken, the water won´t stop running. We both did our best to get it fixed, but it won´t work as the rubber washer inside is either worn out or broken. Gotta get that fix as soon as possible, I know when Jer comes in, he won´t be happy with Manni.

Hugo my crack head buddy in Anexo for a while being calling on me, guess for a dollar. His former cellmate and buddy is out and about selling breakfast, guess not for Hugo, but for himself.

Finally hit the library, did some writing and left as the youths from Pabellon kept getting on my nerves.

Met Fabio my twin brother; we were both arrested on same day, since then, we have been together throughout the whole process. Gave him some vegetables and Tomatoes paste so he makes pasta, but he rather did Pizza and gave me a big piece, well that would have been enough as my dinner, but not sharing food with your inmates makes one look pretty  bad and stingy. So, I had to leave some for the others. Did some workout with the bar in the cell and later had my shower.

The day is almost done, all inside, we made our dinner and talked about the day. Manni told us of his new addition to the film, well the film was suppose to be the work of prisoners from both Renacer and the Female prison, but from what Manni said today. The Director brought in his friend´s wife, a young pretty faced girl to play the girlfriend of the lead character. That part has been rehearsed by on of the girls in the Femenino, but as things goes in Panama, one good turn deserves another, his buddy who is actually an MP in the government must have heard about the film, and requested that his pretty wife should be in the film. The other girl who has been prepared for the role is shoved off. Guess that is Panama for you. The MP´s wife is just 22 years old and her man probably in his forties. Guess that´s what Money and Power can do. You get what ever you want.

Later that evening as the Custodios were busy locking up the cells, one of them that is Jer´s man, came up to drop some important message, that they will be Requisar (Search) the next day, Jer told us, guess we all talk through the night and forgot to stash our phones or we thought it will like every other search, they always come around 8ish or 9ish in the morning.

Read a bit and slept late……

Wednesday, 28th of April 2010…

Was woken up very early around 5.30am as the cops filed into the passage of the Galleria, since I slept late, I was so confused as what to do, but managed to give Jer my phone to stashed away. Heard the Captain shouting at his boys to hurry up and start the search, so we won´t have the time to hide things, but that was the biggest mistake he did, they did cell by cell search, thus giving the others time to hide their stuffs properly. Our cell and cell 1 were the first to be search, in my rush to leave; I left 2 Nokia earphones in my pillow. Despite the time spent by 5 cops in my cell, they couldn´t find anything. I believe they found one of Batteries, thus they spent more than 2 hours in our cell, but couldn´t find the phones or anything else.

My chips were in my books, and being Panamanians who are scare of books, they didn´t bother to check through the books, just like their fellow brothers in the centre, scare of books in the library. All they want to do with the pc´s in the library is watch porn all day. Outside as we stepped out from our cell, we were stripped search for any conceal weapons or contrabands. After Cell 1 and 2, they move to other cells, one after the other, giving the boys’ time to properly stashed their stuffs and wait for them. At the end of the search, they found few earphones, chargers, moonshine that was still in the making, and a phone. There was nothing really important or that will make anybody go waoooooh. But up in pabellon, they found 3 big knives plus a machete, phones were taken and weapons they fashioned to be used in case of fight.

I guess the director planned these search very well, we just got back to normal on Monday and he got his search party on to clean up the centre. All these happen while he was away on holiday, good for him.

While sorting and arranging my stuffs as they were scattered everywhere on the floor of the cell, one of the custodies came calling that my Embassy is around, should know better, it won´t be my Embassy as we know when we should be expecting her. But to them and the boys here, once an official comes visiting us, they know it´s the Embassy and they will be waiting for whatever we bring up. The Custodio reminded me that it´s pay day, quickly got myself ready as I joined the two others outside to meet with my Contact person.

We all had our individual talk with her and each time she comes, we do have proper conversation other than what we have in the centre. Our conversation covers wide range of topics and issues. About our welfare and personal life, at least I feel relieve talking to someone about my true feelings instead of faking things as it´s the case here. Very hard to express ones true feelings towards some of the sh*t thrown at you by the boys here. The guy whom I gave my Just Cavalli Tank and later nicked my black tank has been very cold towards me and most of the foreigners here. Like Jer always say, keep them at a arm´s length, lately I have been locking up my cell when I´m indoors, we used wood to wedge on the door, that once closed, can´t be open from outside. Moreover I have stopped watching videos during the afternoon and before lockup time, keep them till evening when they are all in their cells.

She asked my loads about Schat as she is counting her days to her delivery day, can´t wait, it´s like I´m the one pregnant. Pray that she has a safe delivery and all goes fine. We talked about the kids, if they know bits of my culture as they were born in Europe. I do my best to teach them what I know and also our food, music and arts. Hope as they grow up they will learn more and understand better. Won´t want them to forget about their lineage and where it all began. Manni my English mate who is also of African heritage upset me when he said he is an Anglo-Saxon, when he said that, I wasn´t the only one that got pissed, most of the guys also. Well told him, you could be born in Moon or anywhere, but your lineage lies somewhere else and it will be nice if you could trace and know a bit of where you came from. Well I think his parents should be blame for his ignorance of his own lineage.

Got some Magazines, which is very good as it gives me update of the outside world and what is happening outside of our little centre. Three of us got little gifts from her as she will be away for some time visiting the home country.

While outside, got dumplings from Caballo, one of the guys from Dominican whom we have bonded as he speaks English. Perla wanted to know when I will get the laptop to use, well since I haven´t updated my blog, I won´t be in urgent need of it now. Guess he is broke and needs money.

Back in, Moreno one of the nice custodio, when on dope becomes hyper-active was on me, wanting to know if I got money, when I said no, I guess he understands as it wasn´t all of us that went out. Then he knew it wasn´t the embassy that came.

When I went through the cops at the security, they didn´t search me, guess that´s how they work here, if I was having contrabands of drugs, could have easily taken them inside.

Blanco, finally came to me with the guitar, guess he also saw me walked in after my visit, thinking I have gotten money. After much bargaining and hassling, we agreed for 55 bucks, paid him 50 to pay the other 5 on a later date.  He made me promised to help him with his English test and coursework, agreed also. At last I have a guitar here, one thing with prison, once things gets in, they don´t leave or go out. They get recycled and are used and used for years till they finally give up.

Our Toilet and Tap were fixed by one of the inmates here; we contributed money and paid him. In Panama´s prison, once you have been assigned or given a cell, it´s automatically becomes your home as you may end up staying or living in that cell for years. In the West prisoners are moved from one jail to the other throughout their time in incarceration. But in panama you live in that cell and anything that need to be fix or change, one has to do it himself, the only thing that is taken care of here are the doors. When the toilet is blocked, light bulbs broken, new paint coat needed, the inmates has to sort for all these. The only time one move or changes cell here, is when you have quandary with one or more of your fellow cellmates. For your own safety, you will search for another cell and inform the custodio whom you think is friendly with you, sometimes you have to pay them to get you move. That´s how stupid the system here is.

Someone sent for me from Anexo, when I got there, met Carlito, the small boy who laboured for one of my country bloke who has paid his way out to fight his case from the outside. He was in Anexo for whatever he must have done to the Custodios, guess he will be there for a while. Asked him if he has heard from his god father, he said no, well that will be too bad of my country bloke if after all the promises he made to this lad, he never calls him to say hello. This lad served him, washes his cell and also watched his back from others in the Pabellon area. Well, now he needed money from me, and Hugo who has been there for a while also wants me to get him some eggs. After attended to them, back to my cell to prepare my fruit drink, Papaya and Orange juice. Glad that once in a while we get fruits as they grow around the centre.

We later heard that there was also a search at the Femenino yesterday and today at the Female prison, there were 3 escapes; one will wonder how those fatties could jump the fence there. But they did, as I will put it every desperate actions demands desperate decisions. One will wonder where they will be hiding and what they will be doing. One good thing about the system here, we don´t have uniforms except for our visiting Blue T shirt. I guess it won´t take them seconds to mingle with the people on the streets and those girls look prettier than most girls on the streets as they sit all day tending to their assets; nails, hair, and whatever they tend to care about.

Schat finally get to me after much trying, told her of the search and how we survive this one, we know more will come, but at least one has survive this one. The kids are doing great and still wanting to know when I will be back home. Hope soon!!!!

Dinner and talks about the day search was all we did that night, how stupid the cops were, spending endless hours in our cell and couldn´t even find my earphones which were in my Pillow. But glad it ended without any big find in the Galleria, one will wonder where these boys hide their knives. Guess only known to them and their gang buddies.

Spent the night reading and thinking of what will come next…..

Thursday, 29th of April…………

Just as the doors were opened for the Meduca workers and agent from our cell, my Custodio buddy came in with our phones, glad it finally came in, but he needs more money, told him we will talk later that day. Out for my daily workout, jogging and did some weights. Met perla, paid him for the laptop as I will need it tomorrow, he needs the money badly, lately he refused night rental as he charged same amount for day rental which is fewer hours than night rentals. So I hope to get it from 8am – 4pm tomorrow.

Did some washing, I guess I have to be drying them in the cell as they are always stolen from the lines outside the centre. And I won´t trust those laundrette in the centre to do my laundry as they wash every materials with brush, thus ripping the fabrics.

Got the old trainers I washed and sent up to be sewn, when he brought them back, the laces were gone, but we can´t argue about that, quickly look for another to replace the lost one.

Business in the Galleria has gone back to normal; things are selling, from calls cards to dopes, pizza from the Happy Italians to food prepared by the Panamanians.

The Italians are the happiest foreigners here, as they all do dopes, so they have found the right place to be and spend their vacation. Followed by the Spaniards, most draw lines also. And the Panamanians who are the sole traders or dealers, despite the lawlessness in the centre, there are certain rules here which everyone must adhere to, this rules keeps us going.

Schat and I chatted about things and what´s happening over here, so nice how the phone and sms helps us and keep us going. It really bridged the gap between us and we don´t really feel the distance much.

It rained today; hope it helps get the place cool as it´s been so hot lately, just like the sun, when it rains, it rains cat and dogs.

Lots of the inmates being prying through our cell for DVD´s, mostly the ones with girls dancing, they also use that opportunity to nick things as many of stuffs are missing. Hope we can stop them from coming.

Dinner of Coconut rice and chicken which wasn´t bad for the night as we chat into the night.

Read all night and fell asleep with books all over my bed…. up to use the loo and back to the books for a while, but just couldn´t as thoughts ran through my mind; wondering how things will go and the speed up of my case.

Friday, 30th April………….

Up as Billy the Kiwi came by, got my BF and left for Pabellon to pick the laptop from Perla, he wanted me to hold on till Sunday, said no as I have paid him. Finally got it, back in the cell, after set up the signal was good but very low. The main purpose was to get my phone working. The phone was programmed for T-Mobile either in Mexico or another country that uses that network. Panama don´t have T-mobile, so I wonder where the dope head bought my phone. The phone was advertised for a cheaper amount, but at the time of buying, I spent more than I budgeted for, and Manni paid double for his, this we found out after getting both phones and seeing Manni’s advertised in a paper. That´s all we get from the Panamanian, they are ready to rip one off a dollar. Asked anyone to help you buy things, they come back with cock and bull stories of what did not happen to the money. They can never be trusted.

I did all I could do, had the software updated but it won´t work, the original T-mobile software remained, after a brief search online, I need software to flush the phone and format it, tried getting it online, but I won´t have enough time for the download. Worked briefly on my blog, checked mails and browsed through news around the world. I guess so much is happening outside there. They may in way affect us, mostly those of us that are married with Children (reminds me of Al Bundy and Peggy), the economies of most countries are not healthy and some so called coalition government are falling apart, always know things like that won´t work as most parties have their own agenda and what they believe. Back home, one of the top politicians resigns; saying he wants to focus on his family, yea right! Teenage kids and a wife, guess he has made enough money and just sick of being call a politician. Maybe want to try and get on some board of directors of some Multinational corp. Wish him the best and hope the new Government works.

Back in UK, election is on the way, have always voted for Labour, Hope people will realize that the Economic turmoil didn´t start from there, but from the States, but I doubt if Labour will win, as they are blamed for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Happy that Schat got a permanent job, so she won´t be scare of losing her job.

Perla came in exactly by 3pm for the laptop, painful as I didn´t do much with it, hope I get mine soon. The bloody Bossman won´t sign my permit, maybe if it was a permit for knife, he will swiftly sign it.

Day gone and not much done today, Hugo sent for me, met him and he needs money, told him I don´t have, he almost cried as there was no other source of getting that money and the day was fast ending. I finally went in and gave him a dollar, he reach out his hand through the bars grabbing my head, almost gave me a kiss, he gave me the nick name “Big Black” which has stick to me, most people don’t know my real name. Well in prison, the most people here are known by their nickname. My cellmate Ernesto is call “Morisqueto” (A Trickster); which actually true to his character. Many of the boys are all known by their nicknames which they all got from the streets. But like I said, when looking for their real names, just look around somewhere on the bodies as it will be tattooed there.

Pepe back from school with some lemons for me, our old Banker is more intelligent than most of the young lads here. But he is putting his health in danger as he works out everyday; he has become very stiffed that he can´t pull off his shirt without help.

The politics in prison here is quite like what happens outside in Panama, someone has to know some who knows someone. Jobs are arranged among the Panamanians and favours are granted to buddies or if you know someone. You can get things in when you know the right guys to approach and who brings what in. I like to build go reputation with my Custodio buddy who helped got our phones in. Maybe he will be helpful when I need other things. But from what I see here, he is not one of the big players, as those brings in more stuffs. And the way things works here, once you have things brought in, you have to hide it from the prying eyes of the boys as many are informant to some of the Custodios, they informed them of what new stuffs you have bought. Thus, getting the guards on you, always checking what you have.

Lately, some have been checking on me, Manni and most foreigners, always asking us for our phones to make calls, when they see that it is the same old banger, they let go and the most they do is asked for money for soda or cash. Guess no where in the whole world will you find guards asking inmates to buy them drinks or food like here in Panama. They so much believe that most of foreigners are loaded with cash.

Outside on the visit area, portion of plots are taken by the inmates, built their own special tent like structures for themselves and their families when they have visit. It´s like owning a piece of land and setting up your own tent, furnish it to your taste, with Television, DVD Player and flowers. On the day of visit, you see them out there very early, tending to their tents, setting up all the appliances. The workers are allowed an all day visit, so most will have their Breakfast and Lunch with their families. Even Hammocks are set up, where their spouses can nap for a while or lay down watching novellas. When visit is over, the chores of dismantling all those stuffs and another round of checks by the cops takes forever. Most of them had accumulated enough assets here, which they could fill up a 3 Bed apartment. It is so funny how things are run here. At the end, when they are finally free and release, they end up selling the plot or tent to their friends.

The Bossman has been away and we heard he won´t be back until Tuesday or Wednesday next week, despite his absence, it has been all normal here in the centre. No serious incident, though there had been several high tones and exchange of Malo Palabras (Bad Words), but interventions from others has always saved the day.

My lawyer finally came today, wasn´t enthusiastic about going up to him, as I know there´s no good news. But for the benefit of doubt, went up to him, we talked about the system and when I´ll be going to court. Same old stories, internal things going on in the prosecutor´s office. Hope they sort out their difference and get over with my thing.

No major happenings, as the day ends, it´s weekend and loads of food will be coming in as from tomorrow. Guess that is what most of the guys here live for; to eat, smoke and dope!!!

We had our dinner and watch some movies, becoming a habit that we always watch movies during dinner time. My greatest joy is no day goes by without text or call from Schat, as it helps me going and keeps me in touch with home despite my distance from them.

Saturday, 1st of May……………

Early to wee, and then back couldn´t sleep, the bed is so bad for back, maybe I should do away with the mattresses and sleep like the Japanese, read that in the Japan, prisoners are given a flat mat-like mattress laid on the floor and they are meant to sleep on that. Huh! That can be pretty awful, but could be good for the back, guess I will reduce my mattresses from the 3 am using now to one flat one. I wanted to write for permission and buy a better spring mattress, but doubt if the Bossman will sign that.

As I couldn´t sleep, decided to read a short story from Reader´s Digest Condensed Books (La Balsa); A true story about 4 men who embark making the Longest raft voyage on history. From Ecuador they sailed through adverse seas and ocean condition to Australia. Sort of made an analogy from their lives, 4 men from different cultures, ethnicities, living on a world (their Draft) for the period of time they were to sail through and how they got along and life together without quarrels. Did learn few things from that read on how to get along with my mates and many of the boys here without any upset. Nice read!!!

Out for my workout till noon when it became very hot; some days it could be so hot that if you leave a kettle of water standing outside, one will get it ready for tea or coffee. Our German buddy and the older Canadian always sit out for 5 minutes each day to get tan, hope they don´t get skin cancer from the heat of the sun here.

After my shower, made me a brunch, peanut butter sandwich, which is like gold in this place, I always make sure we don´t lack that in our food container. My Indian chief friend came calling, this time with my long promised Lobsters. Damned me, this will be the only prison in the whole world where inmates can feast on Lobsters, not just frozen ones, alive and kicking, kept it for the evening, Jer rallied around for vegetables as I will be the one cooking it later in the evening. Back in La Joya, remembered Johnny the old American telling me a joke about an Indian Chief who had a female reporter came to his Reservation to interview him about life on the reservation. The Journalist seeing all the pretty Indian ladies around the chief as the camera came rolling, asked the chief who they were. The Chief in response said they are all his, both young and old and said I fcuk them all. In awe and blushing, the young journalist said “Oh Dear”, the chief hearing that, screamed “Chief no fcuk Deer, him run too fast for chief”, well I guess my Indian chief friend isn´t like that.

Took a power nap, but calls from Hugo´s mate wouldn´t let me sleep, Carlos (Milonaro) is back with his stalking style of begging. Saw him earlier selling fish for Jerry; the guy whom I helped with his English test and own one of the best looking knife here. Even got me a fish and plantain, but it was too salty for my liking. While in Jerry´s cell, saw his knife, which they used for cutting the fish, one of his mates Ricky whom we talk frequently told me the knife has never been used on any human, well, the last time I saw the knife out it was about being used on the guy from Colon whom they accused of stealing money.

Milonaro and others youths hustle for their fellow Panamanians, but turn to us when they want to beg as they know they won´t get nothing from their fellow Panamanians. I told him, I don´t have money and he wasn´t pleased. Kept talking about knife and gun shot, now I guess he has really pissed me. He will be getting a cold shoulder from now onwards.

Moreno, the guard who is always hyperactive when on dope, came to me that he is sick; guess I´m the new doctor in the centre. He actually needed antibiotics, surprised I still have some that were given to me by the Centre´s Doctor when I was sick, they heaped them for me as if it was sugar. Didn´t even take them as I was scare, since I didn´t know the expiry date. Have heard of inmates who died after taking expired drugs, so I left them there in the paper pack, seeing Moreno eyes, know the dude was sick. I gave him and he actually asked me how he should take them. Well from my little knowledge, I gave him my own prescriptions; he took them and also a dollar from me. Hope he gets better, as he is one of the few good guards here.

That evening, there was an incident on the passage, when I came out, it was between Felix; one of the few guys who had actually spent most of the natural life in jails. I wonder if he will be able to fit in among people when released. Jer loaths him, but being one the bad guys here, people are sort of keeping him at distance. He was with a knife threatening Carlito Diente (Diente, because he has protruding incisors like Rabbit; Conejo), the guy who helped fixed our toilet and tap. Nene and Michael; the so called Pastor of the centre ran in to calm things as I saw Felix actually lifted his hand with the knife in a striking mode. Funny thing here, which is also the number one rule in Prison, Never interfere in another inmate business. People will just stand by and watch and see when the blood is drawn. They later sort out their differences, but I know Carlito will always be watching his back. As these guys never forget or forgive.

Now back to the good life, cooked the lobster for dinner, well white wine or whisky would´ve been ideal ingredients for my soup, but since we´re in prison and can´t get those, had to do with what we can fine. Finally made a good soup with vegetables, loads of garlic and onions. We later had it with rice and Bread, it was nice, no camera to take pictures of us dinning on Lobster. Thanks to our Indian Chief who was once leader of the Natives tribe and a member of Parliament, but needed more money, so he took to extra job, which eventually brought him here. He promised getting me Fishes, prawns and more lobsters. Hope I won´t have to wait for a year to get that.

Another day has gone and no blood spilled, I hope the truce will last longer, so we enjoyed the normal openings before these guys mess things up again. If it so happen again, the Bossman won´t waste time putting us on total lock down as they do in most prison in Panama, we will only be allowed to shower in the evening. That can be very bad for the mind. I pray things don´t deteriorate to that state. Schat and I talked, I´m always worried about telling her events like this as it will disturb her. I hope she understands that I´m fine and God is watching over me.

Did more reading from the Reader´s Digest Condensed Books, nice read for the evening and captivating stories. Praying through the night that things don´t get worse than what we have experienced here.

Sunday, 2nd of May………….

Been reading all night and early hours, slept a while but was awoken by a call, guess the person didn´t know much about the time difference. Stayed up to read a while, before sleeping into the day as others got ready for their visit.

Didn´t workout as I was kinda weak and tired, maybe from the poor sleep I had through the night. Had my BF, showered and out and about.

Moreno met me, telling me he needs some bucks as he will be going to the hospital and then home due to his illness. Gave him 3 bucks, hope that will be enough for him and hopes he gets better as he is a good guy despite his constant asking us for things. Manni supplies him with cigarettes, while he comes to me for a dollar or soda. I can stand that, but not the ones from the inmates, whom I will never gain anything from, even when they have theirs, they won´t share or give you. What I have found out about most of them, most are so stingy that they won´t let you see what they are eating or when they are eating.

Tried napping in the afternoon, couldn´t due to the noise from the passage, Hugo sent for me, ignored his messenger. But Carlos (Milonaro) my stalking Beggar, since he can´t come in as Jer was inside, constantly calls my name outside just beside my bed. He actually asked me for $20 to help him get a new phone. Told him he was kidding, why should I give him that and where will I get it from. He hung around and later left, then came back and made a statement with the knife sign. I sort of knew what he said. But asked Jermaine what he said, and he told me he said, that maybe I want knife in my belly. I guess that was the last straw on the Camel´s back. He never came back, but I knew he will be back begging and sometimes crying. What a crack head…

Pepe´s old buddy gave him a big piece of cake, which we later had that evening, it was nice of his old buddy. None of my young ones will share anything, when they are back from visit; they walked straight into their cells in the Pabellon area. I guess Hugo was the only person that has shared things or given me things; even then, he does it in the secret of his cell. Like when he called me to his cell, was wondering what he wants to do, but when he called Jer also, I was calm, in his cell, he offered Dunkin Doughnuts. I guess his taking us to his cell was to hide it from his buddies as they will all swarm on him.

Danny, one of the cold guys here, look nice, but I know he pulls weights here, with Cash Money tattooed on his belly. Earlier that day had asked for my clipper, being someone who has given me things in the past. I found it had to say no, had to give him. Hope others don´t see it and start coming to me.

Mike (My American Gringo) had a boxing fight with Cadil (the small guy whose Mum could pass his elder sister), it was kinda strange, don´t know who initiated the fight, but it was like real rumble in the jungle thing, pained me as I couldn’t record it with my phone. Cadil who once told us during a moonshine drinking session in my cell, that he is a member of the Perro Negro (Black Dog) Cult, took numerous blows from Mike on his Belly, stood smiling as Mike was punching him, didn´t feel a thing, then he launched on Mike, I had to throw in a white towel to save Mike from this dude. Who knows what he has in him, Cadil was carried up by his buddies as the winner. Things like these happen every time, but one prays that it does not turn into something else.

The Custodios were quick to come in, and when Moreno came into my cell for the gloves, I told him, it was mine, but Ernesto stood and confronted him, he was the one who took the gloves out for the fight as I was busy in the cell. Well I calmed Moreno down, as he was about sending Ernesto into Anexo to punish him. The matter died there, Cadil was crowned the winner.

These and many happens because these guys got so much time and nothing to do, like they say an Idle mind is the Devil´s workshop.

Schat rang, told her about our boxing rumbles thanks to the boxing gloves she sent me. At least someone else is making good use of it.

That evening, we had a lot to eat, as Jer got bits of food from his buddies, funny how they pack food in tiny Tupperware as if they are meant for kids. Wonder if they think one can actually get full eating those tiny portions. Well, we got different things together with Pasta that Manni cooked, we had a lovely dinner. Had always thought Latino Americans had very exoti cuisine, well from what we get from the prison food and what people had been bringing in, Panama hasn´t got much to offer. Every food revolves around Arroz con Pollo (Rice and Chicken), that is the basic food here, being a real multiculture nation, you will fine other national cuisines. Food can actually be very cheap here, but one problem remains, who to help buy them and bring them to you.

We chat ourselves into the jungle night and retired to our individual worlds in our bed, where we each find solace from the world around us.

Glad that the week has ended without any major incident but the normal happenings in prison.


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