Week 13.

Monday 29th March through 4th of April 2010.

Up all night reading and thinking, guess the two goes together in a place like this. One can`t do without thinking, about life and its purpose. Finally hit my bed in sleep and despite that got up early when BF came by. Back to sleep as we were on late shift, slept till was tired of sleeping; that`s one thing I always get tired of apart from the leeching lads here, had always heard of jails as a very strict place with sleep and wake up routine, guess not here. You can sleep and sleep into eternity and nobody cares. Only pray that your mates care to check on you to know if you are still in this world.

Up and dressed up for workout, had my herbal tea and peanut butter sandwich; good source of protein as we get little of that here. Pop into the library and found one of the PC free, nice as I had my USB flash drive, was able to do some write up, our gamers weren`t happy as they were all waiting to play zuma and thanks to Jer who had install more better adventurous games on one of the pc`s. These days, they all glue to the screen of the monitors, just wondered if they don`t get tired of playing same game every day of the week, can´t stand a monotonous task each and everyday. With the lads from Pabellon playing the games, I can understand as many never had things like this, but seeing men older than me sitting in front of the pc, eyes on the games, they look like lab rats on experiment of some sort. The funny thing, they don`t seem to like the new adventurous game Jer installed as that will be too hard a task for them to follow; Block heads!!!   Done and out for my walking and jogging.

After that, did some weights in our makeshift gym, like I said, one has to be very careful with the weights as they could as well become weapons in one`s own hand as I have seen it before with the lad who ran upstairs to the admin with a big gash on his temple, from improper use of the dumbbells.

The whistle went up, time for lockup, back in the cell and did some shoulder with the bar in the cell, the best way to live here is stay out of sight, guess then you are of thought and reach. When the loonies don`t see me, they don`t think of me, but since my cell is always blasting with good bashment music, they always peep in and remember Big Black (Me). While working out with the bar, one of the lads pop in for a chat and to beg for money; a dollar for smoke or dope, but he won`t say that, he say he was hungry pointing and rubbing his belly at same time as if I`m so dumb or retarded that I wouldn`t understand what Yo tengo hambre means in Spanish, well, I told him, yo soy limpio (I`m clean) which figuratively means I`m Broke!!!

Spoke and text with Schat as she was busy expecting one of her Bruv who got admission into one of UK`s university, she finally pick him up at the airport and she was a bit relieve as there will be a helping hand with the kids. The kids were happy with their new uncle, guess my son will want to know if this uncle will give him more sweet and candies, for now that`s all he cares and wants; lucky him, he has no knowledge of what the world is, nice to have a child kind of thought, knowing that all will be provided when you just make the call or asked for.

They had a mini party at home, told her a little drink as Miss Rumbling won`t take it easy.

We had an emergency meeting in the cell; concerning running of things in the cell as many people are relaxed and nobody seems to be doing anything, as the saying goes; there`s always something to be done, but everybody is waiting and expecting somebody to do it, but nobody ends up doing the job. I have been doing my best to keep the cell tidy, as this is my first time sharing a small space like this with five other people. Gotta do my best to keep it tidy, always sweep when I see dirt, but found out I`m the only one doing it. Don`t really give a damn…. doesn`t take a thing or my dignity from me, apart from me losing my face in being in a place like this. Hope things will be much better now in the cell, cos as soon as we start fighting each other, we have given room for the lads here to come in and take advantage of us, so even when we have row, we sort it out amicably and quietly as possible without the walls hearing or knowing. Cos once these kids know that the bond is broken, things will start missing in the cell, clothes, shoes, money and anything. You can see your clothes on someone else`s body but can`t do no shit about it as he will tell you he bought it off someone else. That`s how things work here, survival of the fittest.

We had a different kind of dinner as there wasn`t any rice to cook, we had Dumpling and unripe plaintain, which was nice and different.

The night ended silently, hoping all that was said will sink in and have effect on all who heard, hope there will be changes in the way we live.

Spent the rest of the night reading and wishing on the stars for a way out of this melancholy life in the Jungle. But also thanking God for his grace, that I could remain optimistic in this situation.  

Tuesday 30th…..

Since I slept late, someone picked BF as I didn`t get up on time, we had black sugared coffee, since we don`t have any more coffee in the cell, this will serve me for the morning. Warmed it up and added little milk for my BF.

Out for my walking and jogging, while jogging met Bin laden (Gregory; his real name), they call him Bin Laden because he wears white beard like our infamous king of Terrorist, he is in the Green Area which is much better than where we are with the retards schizophrenias; who are only calm because there are many others like themselves. I think that keeps them from harming each other or themselves. Well, back to Bin Laden, he`s been my vegetable supplier, well I don`t know if I get a good bargain, but I`m happy with what I get, green peas and sometimes garlic; which I think he doesn`t grow it up there in the green area but from outside when his family brings him food. He`s out every now and then to measure his blood pressure at the centre`s clinic. He went up and got me some, which I prepared and had them frozen for future use.

Earlier that day, one of the Custodios told me that his Birthday will be on Sunday, well we later met as that was his last day on duty, gave him something for his Birthday, well I`m doing all these so they stay off my phone as that is my life now. They have been pretty nice to us, I guess they seem to come for money when they know we have visit from our Consulate, like the one that only ask for a dollar to buy his smoke, he always sneakily asked when is my embassy coming.

Back in cell, had my shower, Schat called about some of my websites which I registered, they have all expired and she needs to renew them. But no money, she later promised she will sort it out, hope I should be able to use some or sell some for a fortune, you never know!!!

Manni, my English mate interviewed the Director today, the Bossman was so happy being interview as he`s ready to use the film project for his career progression. He was so happy and from what Manni said, the dude wants to turn this centre into Hollywood, according to him, he doesn`t want this to be a one time project, but he want us to be rolling out films like Warner Bros does, what a big dream and vision. He told Manni, after this film, another one should be on the pipeline, hope we will have many writers also; maybe I will volunteer for that. What a laugh….lol!!!!

Things seems to be calm now in the centre and in our cell, everybody is busy doing things without being told to do a thing. Hope we keep it up like this, as soon as evening comes, things are set and prepare for dinner. Cool if we keep it up for a while, maybe for a long time.

Spoke and text with Schat, 1st of April is her birthday and I won`t be there, well she knows better, I`m always with her in spirit and in mind. Missing her loads and the kids also, I`m glad that they can keep on without me in person.

Many of the plants and shrubs around the centre can be edible or use for other things, but the guys here don`t really give a damn about a thing, well picked some mint leaves and made ice tea, which I shared with others, they love it, won`t tell them the other ingredients in the tea.

We had our dinner with my juice and off for the night…. did some reading and switch off for the day.

Wednesday 31st of March……

Picked up BF and back to bed, agent didn`t go out for work today and many others, as they were having evaluation today at the centre`s shrink, well wondered why the evaluation, this should have been done before sending them on the street to walk and work among the so call normal people on the outside. Well this is panama, anything goes, after the evaluation, we asked him what went up there, well, didn`t see any need for that, as I can have a proper evaluation with this guys for free, which at the end of my evaluation, many won`t be allowed outside the gate of the centre, but permanent lockup till they are ready to change for good.

Most of them, especially those that were repatriated back from the States had been on psychotic drugs. So the evaluation should have been done before sending them out to work, then they will know if they are fit to mix up with the society or wean them off the drugs and also find out about them from their cellmate.  Well I will understand for those that were arrested with drugs as one does not need to be violent to be in that business not even as a mule. But those that shot and murdered people and since my time here, have seen most of them act up violently shouldn`t be allowed outside. Well, was happy and relieved as most were let out to work as it eases the tension here. But calling for evaluation after such a long time is medicine after death…..

Back in the library, did some writing  and let the gamers have their way, did some reading and had Pedro (Our Peado) laptop to work with, draft a letter for a new mattress as the polyfoam (what we call the type of mattress used here) is really bad for my back, not helping. Also work on the letter for my laptop, I hope the Director will sign and approved it. Was expecting my lawyer, but the Liar ooops did I say that, I meant my Lawyer won`t turn up since he had picked up my radio and also expecting him to get me some groceries. 

Spoke with Schat and the kids, they are doing fine, but all missing me, my boy once asked Schat, when will Daddy come, he is taking a long time…… guess it`s gonna be quite a long time. Glad that they sound very happy and enjoying themselves.

The centre look dull, well will like it this way than seeing knives and weapons drawn up by sides in battle. They guys had football game, nice to see them sweat out their angers in the pitch, some of the lads are very good players, wondered why no scout discovered them before they took to guns and knives and started killing people. Talents wasted and generation lost.

Back to the cell, we had our dinner and live happily together at least for that night, and tension is at its lowest level now… Manni and I been reading loads, forgot to mention, that that someone in the government`s office in one of the ministries here in Panama heard or him or about his film project, and the support they could render to him was in the form of two Novels; one James Bond novel and another by an unknown author and there were both in English.

I guess without we the foreigners, the purpose of this centre will be defeated; the Library was initiated and set up by two British brothers and now Manni is taking up the film, their idea of rehabilitation according to the Panamanian authority is sending out inmates to paint and renovate school buildings, or maybe work in the farm; as Ernesto did and came back emaciated and very sick, but thank God we kinda nursed him back to health. I once discussed with one of the guys in the studio about contacting a private school which I have written to and they replied me, on starting a multimedia program here, but nobody gives a damn. But when most of these project become successful, you will see the director and others officials coming up with television crew to show off what they have achieve just like our Bossman is planning and hoping to seize the occasion when Manni project is finalised. Good For him…..

Thursday 1st April…….

Agent picked up Bf, was scared he might spilled it on me or get entangled with my fan, he successfully carried out that task in his slow motion world without any spillage.

Finally got up when light like flood light came on that even behind my curtain bed, eyes closed I can still feel it. Jer who was up and about cleaning the cell; most inmates here clean their cells by washing it once every week, well I like the idea of maintaining cleanliness, but the washing of the cell every week is taken it too far. You can sweep daily and mob it once or twice a week and then do the washing thing monthly as I don`t really see the need for water wastage and moving things in and out of the cell as if one is actually moving; wished it`s actually moving out of this sh*t hole for good according to my Italian friend.

I got up and assisted him, well I ended up doing most of the job, the toilet is very easy to clean as it is a self-flushing one and stainless steel, the water never stops running through it, once you do your downloading, it just go through without you hearing or seeing a thing once you are done. Nice one lol, guess must people will dream and pay for such a toilet, but then think of your water bills as it ain`t free out there like it is in here. The toilet also double up as bin, most things are thrown into it as most guys find it hard to work out to the bin, I wonder what the sewage company will find whenever they come to drain our sewage.

Jer, did loads of complaining as nobody seems to be doing nothing if he doesn`t initiate it or me doing. I try as much as I can to always keep the cell tidy by cleaning it couple of days a week, other than that nobody really care. Kinda wonder how these guys lived back home. Terrible that most can`t really take care of themselves apart from what they wear.

While cleaning Manni and Mike (the gringo who thought here to be a holiday resort) played me for an April fool, guess Manni knew I was expecting my Lawyer, came up to me that I`m needed upstairs, thought my lawyer was around, still busy with my thing, sweaty and stinky, Mike came up to hurry me up as the warden are waiting to get me up. Quickly dressed up and went up to the gate, getting up and telling the warden that I have a visit from my lawyer, from the looks he gave me, I knew that I have been punked!!! Good one…..

It`s Schat`s Birthday today, but so busy cleaning, gotta send her a text when done, wonder how she will feel by my absence. Went out for my exercise, did some walking, jogging and some weights. I also tried a game of football with the lads, didn`t end well as I sprain my bad right ankle. Guess gotta stick to my normal exercise routine and leave those contact games for those with proper and fit bodies. At the game, two of the young lads are very good player, later that evening talked with Jer about them, actually one represented panama in under 17 Football tournament in Canada, but look at him now, one homicide and he is hear, all his talent is gone in the drain, he and other one who rarely talks but I know he owns a large knife played so good.

Finally get to text Schat and wished her a lovely Birthday and hope she had some fun with the kids, asked if my kids will make her some food. Well she did have fun with the kids and her brothers. And later spoke with her, guess by now she knows I do care about her and things that happened in the past between us wouldn`t repeat itself.

Lock up time and time to get in, shower and did some washing, normally the clothes should be let out to dry outside, but lately there`s been some nicking, even underwear’s, so gotta let my short dry out in the cell. One time in the shower, one of the kids did asked me he likes my CK underwear and another from Ed Hardy, well I think it`s time to start washing my stuffs in the cell. At least nobody will see them to tell me they like them, cos the next thing will be to nick it, what on God`s earth will I do with another man`s underwear, well I can understand men who fancy collecting and nicking ladies underwear like the dude that was arrested in England for stealing and stocking women underwear, but not nicking another man`s underwear and actually wearing them, that`s is sickening. But these guys they don`t give a shit of what they nicked, most are just obsessive thieves, they just gotta steal as others eat to live, when they don`t steal they might just drop dead. When they walk through the passage, their eyes are darting through others cells whose doors are open, surveying what they will nick…..

After lockdown, told the warden Buenos noches, but the dude thought he heard Ocho (8), damn he didn`t want to mess with the source of his bread, he counted six men and heard something like eight, he ran back opening the door to be sure of his eyes, counted us again. Guess that was good for the laugh as my mates said, the dude don`t want to hear that on his watch someone escaped. They finally lockup and left.

Loads of catcalls from other cells, wondering what was happening, the wardens finally rushed him, guess they must have been mad as they were disturb from their sleep or getting ready to sleep.

That evening, the cough that started earlier in the morning, which I thought was from dry air, become intense, try to drink loads of liquid, use menthol rub and took some aspirin as I was feeling bit feverish. I hope it will subside by day break.

Spent rest of night reading and reminiscence of the past and how things should be when I leave this place…….

Friday, 2nd of April…..

Well, up at night or the wee hours of today to take a leak, but ended up staying up and reading till BF came, after picking it up, went back to sleep, slept till got tired of my bed; sometimes you just hate the sight of the bed as it`s sometimes the only place one can have the comfort one craves for in a place like these. Most prison`s cell should have a reading table with a chair or two, but here our bed is where you do all your reading your reading, happy that my cellmates don`t worry about the light. The cough is getting worse, with loads of headache and fever, self medication is my last resort.

Being Good Friday and Renacer being a very religious prison, both churches were having services, as always with holidays, we get fewer cops around, so both sections were on total lockdown. Well, that will be the most flimsy excuse to give, police are meant to guard prison irrespective of what happens in the society, guess not in Panama. Like all holidays in Panama, I knew it will be very dull in the centre, can`t wait for Monday to come so live will get back to normal. And hope there won`t be anymore homicide as on the past carnival holiday.

Sneaked out to make use of the library, but found out the library was shot, it was like ghost town out there; like scene in those old western movies when the two cowboys are out in middle of the town for a duel. It was so silent except the songs from both churches. I`m happy seeing how many of these cons really want to get close to their maker. But my problem remains with their affinity to trouble and weapons of deadly destruction of the human body…..

Didn`t last long as one the wardens who`s probably scare of my size, thinking I made want to take a split from the centre, not knowing damn, I ain`t got nowhere to run to or anybody in this loco country to run to. Well he got me back in among the population in the galleria. Back in, things were vibrant as always, businesses, casinos up on the roof and things look normal as that is normal to us here. Except for the pestering from one the lads wanting a dollar from me, well stick to my guns, I ain`t giving him nada….

Ready for second shower, while in the shower, one of the lads, who has met me some time in the past, then told me he wants to learn English, well didn`t see him again, happy that he didn`t come as he will be disturbing me from my own work; we`ve got Pedro giving them free English lessons, but not many of them are keen on making use of the free classes. Well, he started asking about some meaning of words in English that were weird, in the shower, about four grown ups were also having their shower and he should be around 21 or so, wanted to know the meaning of Bullet, Belly, killer, and shot…. well he said them in Spanish, kinda wondered why should those words be so important to him, if he wasn`t retarded as Mike rightly said. Well, the older guys knowing how the lads here are, had their shower quietly pretending they didn`t hear anything, he finally got the words and tried making a sentence with them which went something like: ¨me shot bullet belly¨ well initially I had thought it was line from one of those bashment raps, but it was his own thinking and what will make him feel good. He had a fish head pendent which he said will protect from the killer and will save him from the gun man`s bullet. Well, next time he should get one that will make him invisible from the police when they come for him.

Mike`s towel was nicked that evening from top of the cell where he hung it out to dry, guess that`s more reason I wouldn`t want hang clothes on the lines outside to dry as they could be nick.

Jer, made dinner with one of the two fishes Luis got for me, it was nice but I think he cheated me as there ain`t any place in the world one can get two fishes for a Tenner. Maybe in Harrods if they start selling fishes, though had met him earlier that day and he lied, saying he gave jer three fishes, when jer told him it was two which he showed me as he was surprised when he came with it. He later changed his stories that, he left the cooler somewhere when they came back from work; maybe someone must have nicked one of the fishes as he thought there were three big fishes. Well none of his theories amount to anything as I didn`t believe him, told him to compensate me by buying other things to add up to my tenner, hope he does.

The cough and cold is getting serious as Manni also has it, that night couldn`t sleep, spent the night in darkness thinking of what our skinny guy had contracted when he was taken to the prison farm, when he came back to Renacer he had this serious cough and lost loads of weight but since moving in with us, guess we have nursed him back to health, then he barely could walk, now he plays basketball, football, jog and workout in the gym. I hope he never had anything serious like TB, gotta Google online and see what and how infectious diseases are like in Panama penitentiary systems. Damn scare as my phlegm is thick and coloured, throughout the night heard Manni coughing and same with me.

Had an early night, but had to sleep as the cough was persistent, had tea with lime and painkillers, relieve a bit. Guess if honey was allowed, it would have been nice with lime to sooth the cough.

Schat called very late, she was worried, but told her I will be ok and we talked about loads and the kids. They are wonderful, Jessie will be having her first piano concert, can`t wait to watch the video of her playing. Had listened to her play while we talked on phone, well from what I heard, she ain`t doing badly, according to her report from her teacher, she is a fast learner and also in school, guess like me, Schat won`t want to hear that. She read and recognises words and could arrange letters to form words. I`m happy that my being here doesn’t affect their studies and others activities, but on their wellbeing, I guess they miss my presence as they often asked when I will be back home.

The cough kept me from sleeping deep…..

Saturday, 3rd of April……

Had a rough night from the cough and cold, stayed through and barely close my eyes, how I wished it wasn`t holidays, at least would have gone up to the Doctor and give it a try, maybe he will have something for me. Got BF and back to bed, was so sick that wanted to just lay there all day, but gotta get up, lately my mates seems to be eating up all BF including mine as I`m also cutting down on white bread.

The lads from Pabellon were out early, they didn`t have visit as they had it on Thursday, so many hung around our gate, just to get in and catch the fun or beg or demand for things as they always do. The annoying thing with them, is not knowing how to use PLEASE when asking for something, I have resolved to play along with them, I don`t have and won`t give, but most watch and see when you get to pay for something and then asked and when someone gives you money not knowing or care to know what the money is meant for, they just asked believing or thinking the money is yours and to share with them. Some even hold grudges among themselves to be the one close to you. Our side of prison is more or less the hub of business and so much is transacted within the walls of the galleria than most stock centre in some small countries.

Manni is busy with his film project, he barely sleep in his bed as he used to before, or is he running from the cell, juts to get away from tension and not been confronted with any issues. Well I guess we are in good terms now, lately he has been coming in late as well and having a late shower, guess the wardens are getting tired as some hardly want to open the door for him. But they always open as they won`t want see no one sleep in this bloody heat without getting cool down.

Had my shower and Jer made Pancake (American style), gave me and Ramses one his buddy and tight guy. Ernest our skinny guy came in late, wasn`t ready to share mine like I always do, ate it all up as I was damn hungry and sick from the cold.

Down to the end of the passage to my Italian friend, when Hugo my dope head buddy heard my voice from Anexo where he is doing special time from the time he has here; guess he nicked something or was caught with dope, so he is in punishment, as if dope can`t be send to him over there, the only thing they deny him now is his presence among us and him making money from selling us Breakfast and lunches he prepares from the prison food or what he begs from people. I guess I`m a bit relieve as my call credit last longer now. He heard and saw me with the mirror which is what we use t view the passage when we are locked up in our cells. Our cell and cell number 1 happens to be the only two cell with 180 degree view, since they are the first cells in each line in the galleria. Gave him a dollar, he wanted it for food, but wondered what he will buy for a dollar. I guess I know where that will end.

Back to cell, as wasn`t feeling too good, hit the bed to read a bit, couldn`t as my head was aching and feeling feverish also, was so tired and sweaty and too lazy to even stand up from the bed and take some aspirin, forced myself to sleep for a long time: when I finally woke up, took some pills. Bit relieve…

Made our juice as it was getting late, also get the meat seasoned for Jer as he will do the cooking, well he does the cooking most times except for Pasta which Manni does and mean to improvise when there`s no meat, which I always do. Guess when he`s gone, Manni will be doing the cooking, Manni can be so proud of his pasta, rather have Fabio my Italian friend make some good pasta with Vege since Manni doesn`t like or eat green vege… wondered what his mum went through with him as a kid, guess just like my son, no to green vege and my daughter was like that, but after much preaching, she now likes her greenies…

Had my shower and Mike helped picked up my short and towel from the line on the roof before they will become history.  In the shower met my new English student who`s only interested in learning Bullet, Gun and things like that, kinda avoided him as I don`t want toi be translating such words and seeing feeling good that he now knows what they mean in English.

Back to my cell, then come Carlos, I actually know that was his real name as I have seen his Seaman`s ID card as he had a nice job as a sailor before becoming a killer which brought him here. But here in the Centre everyone knows him MILLONARIO (MILLIONAIRE), well how he came about that name, I don`t bloody know, cause this dude is just the opposite of that name, he begs me for money and sometimes gets aggressive even while begging, he was opportune to be going out for work with others but he smuggled in cigarettes and was stopped from going out again, since then, he has become very aggressive with people and even with his begging style. He came to me to buy credit, told him I don`t have money, but the dude won`t leave my cell, just sat down looking at me, with a piece of paper in his hand. I ignored him and told him he should look for others to buy, if I buy that credit, he will get a dollar or so from the owner of the card and seeing that I have bought the card, he will also ask me for money. So I told him NO…

Schat called and we chatted for a while, do really missed her dearly, she misses me loads, but since we talk and text everyday, we have been able to bridged the distance by communication. How I love her and miss her now.

After dinner, we watch movies and talked, Manni won`t let the agent be, as he`s fun of taking a mick at him, well we all could content ourselves and use the jokes. Did some reading and loads of thinking mostly about my cough and also about what Ernesto came back with as his cough was very hard and persistent. Agent has told him family to get him a cough syrup for me, will pay him when they bring that on Sunday.

The night came on like a thief stealing our moment and the sun away…. and so we all drift in our slumber to a world we may love or dread…… Our Dreamland!!!!!

Sunday 4th of April…. EASTER SUNDAY 2010

Up after picking up BF, back home should be getting ready to attend church service and back home for a proper Easter Sunday lunch with the rest of the family. But here, got back to bed and there till the rest of the cell were up. I finally got up to a text from my Pastor back in London wishing me a Happy Easter and an uplifting message in his text to me. That was so relieving and same time uplifting, got a nice feeling and loads of strength to take on the day as it comes. Got a miss call from Perla, the guy who always rent his laptop to me and others also, guess he needed money. When I called him, he told me if I need the laptop, was so glad to have it as I really need to get online and do loads. Told him YES!!!!

When he finally brought it, one of the lads was in my cell, will be unwise to bring out money in his presence, so told Perla I will fix out later, he left. The laptop was filled with failures and loads of Trojans, had to clean it up before using, does that every time for him. Quickly shower and had oats, then started working on stuffs I had to do, ripped songs from Online radio and did loads as I don`t really have much time, I really want the laptop for a night, then I can work better and concentrate much better.

Only out to pick up my towel and didn`t have any idea what went on outside as I spent most of the day inside with the laptop.

When agent came in from his visit, he brought me the cough syrup, was so relieved and happy, hope it works.

Perla came in, well normally he charges a tenner, but I asked him 2 bucks back as I didn`t get it earlier enough, he gave me and left with the laptop.

Got calls from a friend, we talked a length, how I really miss the real world. But then, I won`t be here forever, one day will be out and back among the other population which is different from this one.

We had our dinner, plenty to eat from as Jer got different sorts from friends, all in tiny plastic bowls, some even in ice cream cups, what a way to bring food in here. Thought they can always get re-useable bowls like the Tupperware, dammmmmmn not here, I can understand as anything you give out to anybody here, if you don`t follow up, you won`t get it back. Paid Torres our baker who always sells cakes he brought when he goes out to work, paid him for cakes and Raspadura: well that I spell according to the pronunciation, it`s sweetener made from sugar which is use as base for cool aid drinks or making moonshine also, but one can just have it with water and twist of lemon or lime, very nice and refreshing.

Well, grateful that Easter came and gone in peace, and all stays well here. Spent the night with reading and ………………..


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