WEEK 12 

Monday 22nd through Sunday 28th of March 2010. 

New week full of hopes and dreams, some may come true; others may not, but remain just the dreams they are meant to be. 

Monday 22nd….. 

Sunday night met me staying up late till the early hours of Monday as I was busy with our phone that has done its time and it`s on the end of its lifecycle, but here in the centre phones don`t just die, they just gotta live as we need them, some are tied and bund with tapes to keep them together, others, one just had to do with them, like the one I had that was taken by the cop, guess when he find out the state of the phone he will hate himself for even touching it, he might even get an infection for touching the phone, how Nelson used that phone was amazing; no backlight, I send more than 5 texts each day, reading my text has always been a war, but it was ok. I finally fix the old banger and called it a night. 

Up when the workers were woken up, and got dressed, took my books and USB stick, made it out before Moreno locked the door as it wasn`t time yet. Outside, saw my old country bloke left the library, quickly sneaked in before Bebe will lock the door, lately he had been friendly, and I guess he is the only gay in the Village!!! Bebe is from Colombia and has been in the exotic part of Europe, but loves my country most; reasons best known to him. Everybody knows he is gay, but since he has not been loud about it, he earns his respect as in Panama, there are many gays, but the society still make joke and fun about them unlike the European society where the constitutions allow everyone to live along side of each other and you could pay your ass for any form of discrimination. Have seen loads of TV programs here that really take the mick out of gays here in Panama, and the guys here really act like the rest of the people. But Bebe has earned his respect by dancing to the tunes of everybody, but he used to be mouthy with us the foreigners. 

All the youths are always in his Art Studio doing something like preparing their wares for sale and he does not complain because he can`t. He`s a good artist and works very hard and many guys are learning from him now. He was the one who told me that the best prison for anyone to be, well he has his family here who comes to see him every weekend and I guess none of the youths bother him for money or ever ask him each time he goes out of the yard and back if it was his embassy that visited him and what he has for them and moreover displaying their knives for him to see what they have. 

At the library, worked a bit on my blog and did some reading until others started coming. My country blokes all came in and used up the two other computers. Finally called my consulate with regards to bringing in my radio, they couldn`t due to some reason which I do understand. I guess the retards guys here are making things difficult not just for themselves alone but for everybody. Others spoke with our contact at the consul and there was sense of satisfaction or good feeling for just talking to her, I believe she works with respect and each one of us do respect her for all her effort to keep our spirit together. Or maybe they were happy as we are approaching Month end and the beginning of a new Month – Pay day. Out on the street and back then what I get here won`t be enough to spend with my course mates at the Uni Pub drinking and nibbling nuts, but here it`s enough to build me a mansion and also support all my adopted kids here. 

Spoke with my lawyer, he promised getting in touch with Jesus people about the radio, I really need the radio; its got loads that will be very useful for me, my Spanish lessons, hope to tune it and get American stations and maybe BBC world focus and other English stations. 

When Schat called, was worried as she doesn`t call at such time, but she called to give me a breaking but good news, the pack I sent her on the first week of December 09 just arrived, couldn`t believe what I heard, it went through Brazil, don`t know if there`s a town in Brazil called Barking. It contain vital documents she will need for my car and what my Uni needed that were with me. I`m so relieved that she got them. Talked with her about loads and things she has to sell when she starts her maternity leave. Well, during my time off my study I used to buy good wears mostly designers’ stuffs and resell or supply friends that have boutiques. I always wanted to open a top of the range boutique until the recession hit Europe; had to put that on hold, still have inclination to fashion and well my computers also. She was shock what she found from what I had bought and stocked, and she has been selling some to close friends. Guess she will have loads to do during her maternity leave, gotta work on her ebay account and maybe gumtree. 

Had a nap in the afternoon, guess was tired and was woken by the warden who will be getting my phone in, bought him soda and we chat a bit, he wanted to watch passa passa video; girls dancing and showing off their assets. Told him to come back later as I don`t have or know where they were. 

Was so happy that day, as I had lost all hope of the letter getting to her, but it was a miracle she got it after three Months on the road. 

The evening came with our dinner and me making my wonder juice it`s getting better with time and as new as each day comes. We rarely drink soda in my cell, as they trust me to brew them healthy and cheap drink. Now loads of guys been asking me what I do and how I do it, won`t tell and won`t show. 

Stayed up late reading magazines from my country, nice magazine with loads of good articles and did loads of thinking; like what I will do when I finally leave this place and how life will be on the outside. I always wonder if people who come out of jails do get back to a normal life once they are out. I will be determining to achieve something positive after my time here. This place is like a school but a very different kind from what we had known school to be. People come here, get soften, others comes and leaves very harden and ready to re-offend over and over again. 

Tuesday 23rd…. 

Despite my late night sleep last night, was able to pick up BF, the pabellon guys were out, so I slept till late until around 9ish, heard my name. It was my country bloke whom I had the scuffle then in my former cell, like I said we have become very good friends and very tight now, never believe we will be this tight. I think sometimes fights or brawl does bring out the best of people. He`s the only one that can loan me money or anything without bothering me on when he will get it back. Does my hair and does not bother about my paying instantly, sometimes I forget but always pay when he reminds me. He came to call me that I should help him with the laptop. He had gotten the laptop from Perla same guy that I always get from, I pay ten bucks for half day, but I know he will pay less as they both share ancestors (Dominican Rep.). 

Each time I get the laptop I end up spending an hour or two cleaning and fixing many faults done by people he rents it to. He needed me to help with some stuffs on p2p software, he got the wrong software that installed a Trojan in the laptop, had to clean it up and checked for the right software, got one and it works, he actually wanted to download music in his language. He was able to get loads within the time he had the laptop. 

He allowed me use it for my mails and other things I needed to check, quickly browse through the news making headlines in Europe and around the world briefly, sent an important mail and was busy ripping songs from online radio when Perla came for his laptop. I decided to draft my request and application for my own laptop as soon as I get my books, I`m handing it in and will make sure I hand it personally to the director himself. 

That Morning, my mate rushed in to warn of police on riot gears coming in. They weren`t many – just a handful of them. Thought they had come for search, so we stashed our phones and waited for the worst. But they came not for our phones or knives or anything illegal, but came to do what the director said he will do, he finally did it. The boys that were involved in the fight with Santos (Scarface) were being hauled away and from what we heard, they were taken to one of the Maximum prison; La Joya. I believe those boys won`t believe their eyes as they were taken unaware, six of them and one other guy. I always thought him to be a nice guy, but my mate once told me, all Panamanians are snitch and don`t ever trust anyone of them or get too tight with them. He was caught by one of the police after lockdown roaming around the passage in the Pabellon; he always sneaked out through the ceiling of his cell and does his business, supplying dope or weed to the other inmates during the course of the night. I guess he was doing home delivery to all the dope heads as they all need something to keep them through the night. Well if I was a user, I would be buying mine weekly or get enough for the night so I can stay through without wanting any disturbance. He was actually doing his mates good and at the same time making money, but he paid the ultimate price, going to La Joya (the jewel) max Prison. There they will all know what reality is and what life is. My second day on in that jail, a guy was stabbed and died but the Panamanians are housed in a different pabellon from the foreigners there. He was actually one of Bebe`s boys who always does his mixes in the art studio. 

The director actually had both pabellon and Galeria opened so we can see what he was doing and also know that he meant business and not joking with his job. That was a direct message to the guys here, but from what I have heard that doesn`t stop them when they want to be crazy with their knives. 

But we hope peace will reign for some time now and we also hope the opening will get back to normal as if anything is normal in this place. 

Later made out time to walk and jogged, met up with my old Canadian friend, well not Jack; the older one at Anexo (he has seen the walls of prison more than anybody, maybe except Pepe our old Banker, Jack speaks French, German, English, and Spanish and more which he won`t tell me). 

But this Canadian is a more subtle and intelligent fellow, who had always lived the good life, but circumstances like the one that got most of us in this sh_thole made him did what he did that brought him here. He was an expat who emigrated from Canada to Costa Rica more than 25 years ago and settle there with his family set up an architectural firm and executed loads of jobs, said he lived on the beach, later saw picture of his home. He was well to do, until he decided to set up his own hotel, designed and built it, after some years decided to sell it as a result of the down turn in the tourist business since the world`s economic recession, his lawyer duped him and he sued him for fraud, the case has been pending and being a foreigner and his Lawyer a National, the lawyer had the case prolonged and it could take up to 8 years for it to come to court. So the old guy decided to hustle and make a living through the other way and here he is. Walking round the field everyday and when he is not, he is always reading, told me how his Panamanian cell mate showed him knives when he first got here. But he told them that he has the right to sleep in his bed. I guess that was the best to tell these retarded dope heads. 

Most of them can`t stand real fist fight, they hide behind their knives and their gang members. 

Agent came back without the groceries, got the money from him, our then skinny guy who is now growing a little one pack said he can arrange his family to do the shopping, that I should give him the money, gave him and he gave it to one the guys working with agent. Someone will pick it up and do the shopping and give the groceries to the guy who will bring it in, Hope it works. 

Well, the night comes and another lives start theirs in the thick jungle of gamboa, the director has placed another memo that from 26th of March, all curtains should be taken down from around the cells, well from what I have seen about prison, every normal prison are built like room with windows, but not like cage. Here we are housed in cages like zoo animals (they even get better care than us). The Curtain is the only way we can protect ourselves and our things from the eyes of the crooks here. Once they entered your cell, within seconds they have scanned through your lots and know what is where and how to nick it in their next visit. And the curtains keep the dust away but I doubt if snakes ever wondered into this place, what will it be like? 

Just hope he back downs from writing memos, since he came, he has written out so much that when compiled together, it will make a good reading. 

That Night, my English Mate was getting ready for bed, while I was still busy, we heard noises, first though was something from the jungle has found its way into our cell, but it was our agent talking in his sleep, went close to hear him, maybe he was giving up some valuable secrets or info. But he was in another world, but we laughed my English mate almost fell off his pent house bunk. That was a good show. 

Called it a night and read and thinking through till zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!! 

Wednesday 24th of March….. 

First to hit the bed last night, but last to sleep as I was busy reading and thinking; the two most important think anyone can do here to make good use of his time. 

Up for BF, but others were up as well, got the bowls for our skinny mate who is adding weight at an alarming rate, checked what he got, wondered what on God`s good earth does this guys from AliPrac (the company that prepares and supply our food) always think when they are preparing our food. They have no sense of what balance diet should be, we got fried tortilla; fried maize with slice of cheese and cream made from maize also, without milk. For my Diet BF, I go the normal three ball of white bread and nothing. What a good diet, well thank God I had something else in mind to eat before my workout. 

Went back to bed after picking up BF and meditate for a while, then finally got out, dressed up for my exercise, we were out early today. Walked and run till I got tired, had a partner on the field today, he told me how big he was when he was arrested, but problems with his wife cheating around and not seeing his kids caused him loads, he was locked up in Chiriquí where our banker came from, told me that the food there was small and very bad. But it wasn`t the food that made him lost weight, but thinking, he was so depressed, but when he got transferred here, closer to his people and the prison food is much better here compare to the other. And his Spirit is more uplifted as he jogs and workout each day, get visit from his family. 

While at the gym, met Fabio my Italian guy who was arrested same day and we are like twin now always counting our days together, nice guy though. He told me of one Spanish guy who tried to escape, he went to the centre`s shrink, but then decided to jump off the wire fence by climbing on one big tree, hope the director will not chop off the tree now. Well, our dude landed and shattered his ankle. Well sometime ago, he had visit and tried to smuggled in cigarettes, and he is a dope head. What he didn`t know, when one to escape, you just do it when it crosses your mind; you have to plan and work on it, how and when!! Either you will jump on the moving train that ride along the prison fence, or swim the canal with his crocodiles and stow on one of the ship sailing by. Or the ultimate run through the jungle with all its animals, maybe you will become a yummy meal for them. But the best is getting the wardens and cops open the doors and get you out to a waiting car outside the centre. 

I don’t think our Spanish friend thought of the above when he was doing his high jump thing. While talking with Fabio, the wardens came in and summoned all Spaniards, guess to count them and make sure they are complete. Our guy will be taken for treatment and who knows he may be sent to La Joya also, we will see, since he is an European if they will send him there. Next time, someone ought to tell him, when thinking of escape; he has to be sober from his dopes and very strong enough to do one of the things listed above. Wish him good luck in his future endeavours. Mucho gusto amigo!!!

We had Pork chops for lunch and there was frenzy as soon as they guys knew, thank God the galleria was locked, I was outside as the wardens and I are getting along now. Talked my way and got 6 for our cell as we weren`t having no meat for dinner and don`t know if my mate`s friend will get the stuffs.

Lately many of the guys here being walking around with baby parrot, they actually nurse them and keep them till they grow big and then send them to their kids. Never thought they could be that caring, one had his little birdie with him, took it and made some pictures, very beautiful creature, was damn hungry and was picking on my hand and gloves. Back to my training and done with it and had my lunch, the diet food looks fine but the taste was awful, don`t what types of spices they use in cooking. But it`s terrible, was hungry, eat the beef and beans with bread. The sauce and rice dumped in the bin, drank loads of water to fill me up.

Earlier that day made call home, but nobody was home, left message for everybody, when Schat called later on, she said they all listen and loved it, the kids were happy to hear their personal messages from daddy. Sorted out my car finance as Schat will be taking over it now and manage it.

One of the Custodio that I was warned of from the first day here, called me that next Sunday is his birthday and that he will want a gift from me, maybe I should give him the old banger phone. Then he will let me at peace, well, will look for something for him. It’s always money or buys him drink, maybe a fiver will be okay.

My lawyer finally got the radio, hope he will bring it in and able to get it in also when he comes. Finally things are taking shapes.

Later that evening, Ernesto told me that his person couldn`t get the things, so I hope I get my money intact. Which I finally got, lately he is being getting stoned continuously, but he always quiet when he is in Lala land, hope he is only on weed and not the white thing. And I got my money, gave it to Jer, his friend will do the shopping, well sending these guys to do groceries, one should always bear in mind that they will come back with incomplete list and Money given can`t be taken.

I had to cook, thank God we had the chops and got some chicken from the prison dinner and washed them, striped them, with the pork chops, made us a nice sauce, bought eggs which I fried one for each mate. We had a full Dinner, then tea and pastries for dessert. Good life….

Watch CSI Las Vegas on dvd, about 4 episode through the night while others slept, did some reading before sleeping. Had a strange but good dream, but hope they come true.

Thursday 25th……

Six Months today and everything seems like it all happened yesterday, can still remember vividly how it all happened, well the past six Months has been well spent I must say, communication with Schat and the kids has been keeping me going. The only thing I miss is their presence, waking up next to her and having the kids sneaking into the bed when it`s cold in their room. Sometimes I do let them in, but Schat always like sending them back, which they don`t like. Someday we will relive all our moments and it will be a carpe diem life.

Pick up BF and none for me, don`t know what`s wrong with the Midget Colombian, he always says I should wait for the Kiwi (wondered what he came to do all the way from New Zealand) who serves diet BF and that one never comes. But you see him throwing away some of the food, what an Idiot!!! I so despise him, but what can I do. At least getting up from my bed, he should give me complete BF for six people.

Back to bed till 9ish, had my shower and after lunch came, used the chicken and made some omelette with cheese, shared with Ernesto and Felix (he is one of the big dealers here and he is always seen with a brown towel round his waist, wonder if he ever washes the towel, 90% of the time I have seen him, he`s got his towel on), Felix brought 4 sausages, fried 2 for me and 2 for him, made mint tea and  shared with them. Very difficult to eat alone when they sit around you watching you cook.

Left for the library and had to work a bit, had Pedro (The Peado) Laptop and help him organised it and check for loads of errors in his hard drive. It was a bit faster after I fixed it, ended up being on the pc all day without working on my Spanish lessons.

Back in after lockdown, talked with Schat, asked how my boy is doing since he too has picked up the chicken pox, hope he gets better soon. He is using the pox as excuse to get whatever he wants, always telling Schat he needs his medication as that is sweet, when asked why, he said, because he has Chicken pox, also asked for sweet all because he has chicken pox. I`m happy that he remained strong unlike his sister who was very weak when she had it; moreover it is a one time sickness. I pray that Schat doesn`t pick it up also, as she is due soon.

The cell is a bit tense as we ain`t got basic groceries and Luis our Harrods type supermarket hasn`t brought my stuffs. He charges us extremely much for things he buys for us, how we wish we will get genuine people among the lots to help us with our groceries.

Lately, I pick bit and bits from my prison food, used what I think are healthy; like the Beans, vegetables which rarely comes. Then add it to whatever we will have.

The agent comes back everyday so tired while the others come back lively, I guess they always live the job for him to do, while the go jerk off with their girls or wives. We have told him to start doing same maybe that will keep and make him livelier.

End the night with book and thinking as always……

Friday 26th….

For now, picking up BF has become my duty as I`m closer to the opening where the BF is served. Back to bed until I heard the Kiwi scream my name, he swears like a  bitch when I told him the door was open he should move to the door as opening the black T shirt we used as a little curtain for the food hole will entangled with my fan. I was made at him, but let it go as he is an old fool who talks like a bitch also. Don`t tell him anything unless the want the whole centre to know what you told him. For that I never discuss anything with him except about our food and nothing more!!!

Dressed up and out for my daily workout, walking, jogging and later some weights, while working out, one of my country bloke called up that he spoke with our consulate and he was asked to tell me that the Analysis report is ready, so the next step will be waiting for a court day. Was relieved but not happy as the court date can take months, so gotta keep myself busy and occupy as I wait.

Hugo my Dope head friend from pabellon called me from Anexo while I was walking, was surprised to hear from him there, immediately knew he had done something wrong and bad to be taken in there and he was actually locked up, which meant he was under punishment. Later heard that he was caught stealing, well using dope is an expensive lifestyle and one needs money to fund such a lifestyle. I heard that he even does one they call DIABLO (The Devil), mixing dope with cigarette and then smoke it, that is a wicked thing.

While talking about Hugo with Mike (My Gringo friend), he told me of his experience with drugs of all sorts. Once he did Acid (LSD), went on a trip to lala land and till this day he believes a Pink Elephant drove him home from the party. Told me of his friend who had some Acid tabs on him at school and the securities came for a search, the lad stashed his things in his socks and pull over his jeans, but the pills all dissolved into his skin, he took trip and never came back, ended up in a mental institution. Well, told him when next he goes on such trips, he should get some vital information about certain things and ideas from the other world which might be useful in our world. He even compared Avatar like characters he has seen in one of his trips to lala land, who knows maybe the creator of that movie took some trips and came back with Avatar. What a jerk……. but he is one of the few nice guys here, I`m tight with him.

Heard from Fabio my Italian twin bruv; since we got busted same day and we have always been together since then, but never in same cell, that our Liar or Lawyer will be coming on Monday. Manni my English mate, is busy with his film project, but it seems many people want to steal his idea and the spot from him, one reason he will lose it to them, he bloody doesn`t speak Spanish and doesn`t make any effort to learn. The Director is doing all he can to take the spotlight when filming is done.

Omar one of the quiet guy had a spar with Anyway (a Panamanian who pick up his artist name from a Jamaica MC; Movado…. he`s known for anyway…. gangsta for life), heard Anyway is a bad guy, but distance from him and cool with him. He had a spar with Omar, it`s a kind of boxing, you try to hit your opponent below the neck and above the waist line, not on the head or below the waist line. Many of them does that once in a while maybe to proof some points or to show who is stronger. But sometimes it could turned into something else, like in the case of Omar vs. Anyway, after the Spar, Omar offered him a hand shake, he chucks Omar`s hand away and walk on. He wasn`t happy… well I hope it ends there.

One of the Custodio who told me of his birthday, took my phone, but later gave me after making calls with it, he so such he will get something from me before leaving next Wednesday.

Schat and I exchanged text and call it a day. The day ends with our dinner and chats….

Saturday 27th……..

Got up early got BF and back to sleep, since I slept very late, finally up around 11ish and down on the hall way of the galleria was much tensed. Heard that one of the youths that was brought in from Pabellon to the galleria; he and other youths lives among some grown ups in the then reflection area, when they weren´t much inmates in the galeria, that area used to be an isolated area only used for punishment (Isolation). But since the centre has become over populated now, the area has been cleaned up and all the cells are filled up. The boys there are known to be belligerent and people don`t just go in there, they even name the area FABELA “City of Nobody” after the infamous ghetto in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Most crimes in the Galeria are committed by inmates from that area, moonshines, dopes and knives can appear and disappear in that area. They also have a slot they sneak out, people know but no one care to talk. 

The youth try having the Spaniard who does laundry perform a sex act on him, guess give him a blow job; well I was wrong when I said that things like that may not happen here as many of them have their girlfriends and wives visit them every weekend and whenever they asked for special visit. But I guess among the youths upstairs in the Pabellon, there are still elements who still want more, like our little fellow. Heard he was taken to Anexo, guess when he get there, he made forced to become somebody`s girl…

Back upstairs, Andrea one of the last Italian still living among the youths had his $180 phone stolen, guess its time for him to move down and live among the adults where theft is minimal and only happens when you loose your guard.

Made brunch and gave some to Hugo my dope head buddy who`s locked up in Anexo, guess being punished for stealing; to support his dope habit; he sniffs and also does one they called Diablo (The Devil); cigarette mix with coke, his mate does it, but got a strong head to take the shit that will come, but not Hugo after each stint, he starts looking for his girlfriend in other people`s cell. Despite the money in makes in selling food, which actually are the prison food, he picks them, washed them up and re-cooked them and sells them. Sometimes asked people for ingredients until he`s got enough and then uses them to prepare his meals which he sells. Smart guy huh but not strong enough to handle the white thing, he plays football very good, no wonder Maradona, the Argentine striker was good also, guess dope makes them good ballers, they should start giving our player doses so they stay in top form.. lol!!!

Our Phone hasn`t come in yet, tension is high between me and Manni, my English mate, hope I got this sorted out soon, though I`m tight with him, he won`t pull knives on me, he wanted to call and maybe scream, told him what do you do when you have your hands in the Lion`s mouth? Answer: Pet the animal until it let go your hand, we are locked up and has someone outside with our phones, and we have to be calm until we get our phone, then we will break every contact with that fella.

The director was in Cara Pony`s cell; one of the lads that I rent his laptop for us, guess the director was there to rent his laptop but to sort some important issues out. Cara Pony (Pony`s face) he`s got a big face like that of a Pony, hence that name. He has two laptops and rent one out, the other one can also use in his cell. Several times I have used it, found some stuffs which tells me that this guy is busy with some stuffs, but then, one of the golden rule in prison; Don`t and never interfere in other inmates business.

When the Director came, he was handcuffed while all the Custodios search his cells, from what I heard, we always seen him go upstairs with his external hard disk and he happens to work in the director`s office; guess servicing his pc, but at the same time nick some vital documents and information. Heard he has produced documents with early release dates for some of his mate. And also had the director stamps and signatures, he also forged fake permits to allow things in and also conjugal visit, Manni said of that, he would have gotten us in as we would gladly buy the conjugal ones, maybe get 8 hours and even share with others.  Well that was ingenious of him, wonder how that will get to the penitentiary system, well guess he was good in what he was doing and he did it well. Maybe they also found out he has internet, well that won`t be problem, he was taken away and everything that has to do with his laptops were seized. But was later released in the evening, since nobody will tell what is happening, let it slide, one day we will know the whole truth.

Went around Anexo to say hi to Hugo who is still lock up, only release to have his shower when others are in, saw one of the youths running with phone in his hand while the Custodio ran after him, he quickly put the phone in the hand of Manfred our German inmate who was standing beside me in the Galeria side of the Berlin wall; the gate that separate us from Anexo. Manfred was confused as he didn`t know what to do, the lad told him to run, but the warden wanted the phone, the lad said things like, if he gives it to the warden he will be fixed!!! Told him to give the phone back to the lad, he did and the lad ran away. The Warden should know by now, how things work, that the lads won`t give their phone easily. Well the saga ended and later when I saw the lad, asked him if everything is cool, said ok….

Ran out of call credit, was sick without using my phone, spoke with schat and she promised to top up online for me, but she`s been very busy and always end up tired when going to bed. She forgot and slept off. She later rang late at night, 4am her time, and she will do it later in the day which will be Sunday.

The night ended with our dinner and tension between me and Manni, though manage to talk to him about the phone, hope he understands that he is Prison in the Jungle of Panama and not in posh London, where rules are and are obeyed.

Sunday 28th……….

Picking up BF is now a daily ritual, guess will stop someday and see what will happen, as the midget Colombian doesn`t give me mine, but insist that I wait for the Diet BF from the Kiwi who sometimes doesn`t come.

Heard there was search early that morning around 6am by the police, guess in Cara pony`s cell, forgot one of the rules of prison, never sleep too deep, which I did because I slept late. Schat did my top up and got loads of call credits. Since Ernesto uses my phone with me, guess it won`t last long, but couple of days ago he did something stupid, he used up my credit. I always give him the phone to call his girl on same network and that is free since I don`t have anybody to call, but he called another network which was charged on my call time, ended up using all my credits, I was mad at him…. he is being quiet about using my phone, only receiving calls from his mum. The phone is not even mine, but agents, since he goes to work everyday, it has become like mine. and agent doesn`t mind me keeping, since he always get it whenever he needs it. Nice fella….. We only wondered what the Yanks did to his head!!!!

The Casinos are now permanently up on the roof of the cells and they are pretty busy with their dollar gambling, and they all act up like big time gamblers, there always tension building among the players, always try to stay away from them, guess not from losing a dollar but from the fact they just lost. Heard of how they spent loads of money and some even ran into debts, well this is not a place to run into debts as things can turn very ugly.

The week has ended and so with all its toils and turmoil, but most grateful that it ended well for me and my con friends, we were able to live through another week avoiding blows and brawls. I hope they will keep it up this way for a very long time. Thank God!!!


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