Thursday, 14 January 2010. Early from bed, as it has become my habit now, in order to get to one of the three computers in the library before the gamers get there before me. Did my update and hope I get access to online tonight so I can publish my stuffs. This morning, many inmates received certificates for the basic education they had in the centre. I hope I get access to begin my Spanish lessons, my mate got his for the Spanish course he undertook for the past 3 years, and he does speak the language very fluently. Hope by the time I leave here, my Spanish will be better than what I speak now, well what more can a man do when you are behind bars, guess the most is to make good use of the time.

A Spaniard that I once made mention of sometime ago, will be leaving today for Madrid after spending some years here, he has dressed up for the occasion as early as the sun had risen today. By this time tomorrow he will be in Madrid and as we have heard, he is not that free, he will be spending couple of months in Spanish prison. His Panamanian lawyer wife has taken the lead, she left on Monday for Madrid and will be there and the rest of his family to receive him. Wish them a happy marriage and long life together. Recently loads of female lawyers have been turning up at the centre, maybe looking for wealthy Europeans or Colombian as clients and prospective husband.

Nothing much today in the centre, except the ladies from Administration were here to talk about the new school year, hope I will get a place  and start with proper studies, not the one offered by Pedro, the Paedophile serving time for lewd acts with underage young boys. Most guys here will do anything to harm him, but seems he has found God and peace of mind here. Hope he goes out changed just like every one of us going through the Rebirth process.

For the rest of the day, waiting for call from my Schat or Text from her before she hit the bed, Friday, she will be going for sex Scan to find out the sex of our 3rd child, can`t wait to know what the outcome will be, well it will either be a boy or Girl. Will want a boy, but my daughter wants a sister, as she once confessed that she can stand it again having another kid brother. Who knows what my son does to her. Bless her….

Finally, gotten the laptop and busy writing this part, to those of us who knows what internet means, having access online is like been a Gold Rush, we´ll do anything to get online, as that is the only we can get link to the outside world. Guess we will ba having a nice dinner tonight, we rarely eat the prison food these days.

For my lunch, made sandwich filler with Egg, Mayo, mustard and black pepper, my mates loved it. My Brit´s mate does the cooking in the evening, he is a good cook. Maybe someday i will sample my own recipes, for now I´m relaxing. 

Wednesday, 13 January 2010. Up and to the Library, was just talking about the sun and how I will do some washing today, when I heard outpouring outside. It was actually raining, hummmm, unbelieveable, think the plants do need bit of the water and the animals that can`t make it to the Canal for drink will get some too. My Brit mates had visit from the British embassy, they don`t come monthly as ours, they come every 3 months and this time with a not so good news as they will downsizing their workforce in Panama within some months from now. The Embassy in Mexico will be responsible for the job in Panama, guess what will be left here will be the Consulate, and not even a Brit, but his Assistant who happens to be a Panamanian lady. They feared that her presence won`t be strong enough within the system. She will still be visiting every 3 Months and the Rep from Mexico will be coming twice per year.

Not much happened today, the football matches continued and the prison break saga is getting a new twist to it as heads will be rolling. From the grapevine, heard that the Director will be transferred to the Feminino and the one there will be coming here, ours is a young dude and man enough, so the lass at the Feminino should get ready for Don Juan. Heard that one of the warden has been placed under arrest, hummm, he is welcome to the real world, guess he will now experience life behind bars as we are experiencing here.

Spent most of the day reading and thinking which is a good activity for the brain. Things ain`t coming in as the centre is tensed up due to the incident at hand, the smokers are all on the edge of quitting as the prices has shot up so high, used to be 4 sticks for a Dollar, now its 1 for a dollar. And on the street, a pack is sold for $1.50. Guess this will be right time for most to quit.

Spoke with my schat and miss her so much, had their pictures printed, ready to set up my picture corner, but got loads to do, as I need wood and other things.  We had a nice dinner and made some fresh Ginger lemonade.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010. In order to get to the computer before the Zuma gamers lined up for their daily doses of Zuma, I have been waking up early, so I can do my bit of writing and listening to my music. It`s been nice in the morning as the sun comes up early and it`s nice to sit out and enjoy the early morning sun and get bit of Vitamin D (well think we should call it Vitamin Sun, as we have more than enough from the Panamanian Sun). Later in the day, it is always hot and very hot, so most inmates always stick to twice daily shower.

Outside saw most of the guys dressed up on European football clubs jersey and full kit, knew right away, there will be some tournament as that is done occasionally in the centre. We had Liverpool F.C, Manchester United F.C, Juventus F.C and Barcelona F.C. while they started with the ball game, was inside the library busy with my thing. When I finally finish, went out to watch. We have some good players here, wondered why they never discovered their talent before ending up here. Guess same will be said of me, got some talents in me, but just didn`t give myself some time of me and patient enough to work things differently. Well, we all here and at the Place of Re-Birth, hope we get reborn anew.

On of my mate was on Basketball game with other inmates, he is good at it. Had to leave and make myself something to eat, while inside. A friend of his came in and asked for a jumper for my mate, we asked him why the jumper. He then told us that he is being injured while playing. He had a cut on his face just behold his left eye, that was very close. Later heard he was elbowed and from the same guy who had in the past injured him. I think it`s time he stay off the court.

He was later taken to the big hospice as he will required some stitches, he had to wait till 7pm before the vehicle came up to pick him from the centre.

I took care of the dinner, as he prepared the sauce before the incident; I boiled us rice and fried some ripe plantain. Made us ginger drink, had that and others had malt drink. We had our fill, and waited for him to come back. My schat rang me and we chatted for a while, she was busy with emails and doing things wife do at home, tiding up the messes the kids did before heading to bed. She is always sweet to talk with and how I missed her, like I told her that I`m getting use to it. I lied; one can never get used to missing a loved one, but just have to live with the fact.

He finally came back late at night, had tea and later had his meal, was slept by the time he ate, only to wake up to use the toilet. And finally woke up to pick up our Breakfast on Wednesday Morning, couldn`t sleep so took up my novel and read some chapters before dosing off. 

Monday, 11 January 2010. Less sleep as I was Online and had loads to do, update my blog and sent several mails, to some Universities in Panama, to friends and my Schat. It was a bit difficult getting the internet running as the USB cable was very short and we couldn`t get the dongle high enough for a good signal. My mate and I finally agreed to set it up on his bed where we can get better reception, price was paid for being up on the 3rd bunk, my feet were swollen from dangling them down. Was able to round up before 3am and my mate took over, according to him, he didn`t stay online for too long, as the signal was lost. Slept and was awoken by the warden who came shouting my name as I was going for my X-ray appointment at the hospital in the city. Was sort of disoriented as I didn`t get enough sleep, made up my mind that I will get some sleep on our way to the hospital. My mate collected our Breakfast, had my shower and cup of tea before leaving.

At the gate, things were sort of strange, one could feel that something was wrong, but what will that be. There has been rumours spreading among the inmates that some wardens are under investigation for taking out a rich inmate from the Anexo wing (the supposed to be secured part of Renacer; inmates are taken to Anexo for protection from the general population and from other prison for or reprisal) on xmas eve and who knows what happened when they went to town. We don`t need to be told, but they were snitched by another who was jealous and the custodians were placed under investigation.

Monday morning at the gate, the police on duty seemed to be very strict with his duty, as he had everyone search, except the top officials. When the doctor assistant (a lanky man that seems to have only one pair of shoe, as I have never seen him with another) walked in, I believed he had woken up that morning on the wrong side of bed, not knowing what will befall him that day. I guess if he knew what will happen; he would have call in sick and stay home with his wife. His job in the doctor`s office as I and several mates here has come to know is measuring blood pressure and sometimes giving injections which most inmates can do with their eyes close as some had experimented with drugs and some are still using.

He was searched by the police, but wouldn`t want the police office open  a little box which he claimed were medications, and Mr Policeman won`t give up either. He locked the exit gate, when he knew our Assistant was about to make a quick exit to his car and maybe drop the stash of whatever he had. The assistant argued that he won`t be search as he is not an inmate, well that fell on deaf ears as the police man won`t budge.

I left them for my appointment at the hospice, with Hands and Legs in chains as if I`m a big time gang Lord. Couldn`t help as I slept all the way through, only waking from the noise and bumps of the mini bus we used. Arrived at hospice, met a minor from the juvenile penitentiary whom we chat and got acquainted. Behold walked in a female cop, the male cops gaze in amazement as they sat facing the doors. I and my Minor friends it was all because of the presence of the female cop. No, not knowing what was coming behind her was another, she was like something from a porn film set, and she was dress to kill as my minor friend said.  My police escort and the two male police officers in the waiting room all winked at each other. She was from the Feminino Prison; the women prison and was also out for medical appointment. At that moment, I guess most of the male`s mind wouldn`t think of what sickness or what brought her to the hospice. She was dressed in a hot mini skirt, tight fitting T that shows the outline of whatever she had on her chest. Her make-up was simple but fitting, she had the native Indian ankle bracelet on her left ankle and a star adorned with flowers of diverse colours tattooed on the front of the right ankle. On her hands and wrist were nice silver watch, and some bracelet. And she had the father of all blinks: A silver stainless steel handcuffs, my minor friend said she looks hot with the manacles on, couldn`t help laughing. She was forced to ask me why the laughter. Told her what my minor friend said, and with my little Spanish, they all understood what I meant. Even passersby noticed her as she sat facing the road, one man walked pass more than 3 times and the 4th time came in to ask for direction, which I knew straight away that he was lying. He eventually asked if he could talk to the lady in cuffs, at first there was objection from his female escort, but was eventually granted audience. Straight he asked for number, but as she won`t give out her number in front of the police officers, she offered to have  his, which he did without any delay and made her promise to call.

Later found out, that most of the ladies in the female prison dress to kill when they are out on commisiones (term used for any appointment outside the prison). Most of the Female are in for homicide, drugs and robbery charges and other minor crimes. Many are in with their lovers in the Masculino also doing time alongside. Walking in chains and having people looking at me has become a norm here in Panama. At the hospital, the staffs are used to that sight, but most patients will be seeing us for the first time, eventually had my X-ray, there was no representative from the embassy to help me with the language, had to do with the little I can.

Back to the waiting room and others inmates from other prison were brought in from their different appointment. We finally left, had the new guys in my bus; we dropped them off and picked up carlito who came with me. Surprised how things are run out here, every inmate chained hands and legs no matter the nature of crime always goes with an armed escort.

On our way back, we stopped to have Brunch at On the Run, we had fried Chicken and fried potatoes wedge and top it up with cold cola. While the police went to buy the stuff, I joke about getting a can of beer. One of the escort said, why didn`t made mention of that on time. Eventually we got that on the road back, it was nice to get pissed, and two cans were enough to do just that, as my system has not been having much of it since I got banged up in Panama in September 2009. I paid for the pleasure we had on our way back and the driver wouldn`t drink as he was on duty, but his comrades did drink despite being on duty, we had gums to disguise the beer breathe. The police were nice fellows and I hope on my next commisiones, they will be there to take me out as our cuffs were taken off on the way and we had a bit of freedom.

Back at the Centre, the whole place was dead as a graveyard, there was just handful of people working around. I asked one of the guys, who was so stupid as he told me to ask the wardens, well wasn`t too long before I found out what happened.

First, our Doctor Assistant was searched and was found to have concealed 13 packs of cigarettes in the medicine box and a phone. Don`t know what will become of him and his job. Later found him upstairs, guess it will take him a while to get over what has befallen him.


I am not a fan of Prison Break the Series, but being here sort of makes me a life character that could fit in the series. Sometimes ago I did search online about prison break, as most friends when they called me on hearing of my predicament always talk about prison break. I found out that one of the series was actually named Panama. Today we did experience the real Prison Break and not just some actors trying to tell someone how it is done. Between Sunday Night and Monday Morning, while most of us were sleeping and dreaming of whatever we dream, somewhere in Anexo (our supposed secured area) someone fellows were planning and making move on their real live version of prison break. The centre has had incidents like that in the past, but mostly in the less secure Green Area where inmates even have their own keys to their cell, own washing machine, some have a cell to them self.  But not in the populated area where security is high, but this day, that high security was breach as we had our own prison break. Investigators were brought in, photos were taken, statement given by wardens on duty. Rumours had it, that Moreno, one lanky warden must have been the one who opened the cell for the 3 fugitives who are probably out of the country before the dawn of day. 2 Colombians and a Panamanian, they were involved in the biggest case (Montaña Case) which has taken 7 years before coming to its first trial, involving people in more than 10 countries. All transferred now to Panama except the top man still held in Brazil. I guess this is the easiest way to prison break, no injury or running through the thick jungle with all its wild animals.

Soon as these was noticed, all inmates were sent back and locked up as investigation started. I Was lucky to have the Patio to myself, took an afternoon nap on the bench in the Patio and had time to look for books in the old kitchen. Where I found some interesting nice books that will keep me occupy for some time.

Was woken when my lawyer finally turned up with my groceries and whatever balance he had for me. He was not allowed to bring in anything not until the director signed and call up for clearance. Now the wardens and police want to show how good they are at their work, after the big escape. Heard that Moreno and unnamed police officer were paid 250G to allow the guys out of their cells, there was no break in or cutting of keys in the cell.

The cell was finally opened to allow the inmates to have their bath, and diner was served, we had a nice diner prepared by my mate. Told them of my day trip and what we did… how they wished it was them.

Finally spoke with my Schat, how she missed talking to me as that has become a daily ritual between us. Did download loads of picx from what she uploaded on my Facebook and from ones she emailed me.

Nice day and good ending, tried reading some pages from a Book by Leon Uris “Redemption” about the Irish independence from The Brit. It`s taken me too long to finish, but now, I`m beginning to enjoy it. Hope to round up with it soon.


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