Sunday came and gone, liking my new cell and mates, it`s always lively in here. We all speak English and share things lots of things. With the uncertainty that hangs up as one wait, it`s best to keep oneself happy and make good use of the time while one wait.

The German guy, who came with me from the other centre, has a date today, but he scared her to death, for sometime now, he has been wearing sort of Hitler Moustache, we all been wondering what message he`s trying to pass out, His new date didn`t like his moustache.

Monday 21st December, Christmas is around the corner, didn`t dream of spending my Christmas locked up and away from my family. Will really miss the good times, the kids are waiting for their Very Big Surprise. That will be arrange by wify, she has been of high spirit, loads of phone calls and text messages, has really been a big blessing to me. Went up to the Doctor for my last injection, finally got an appointment for the X-ray; on the 28th December, gotta wake up very early.

Around midnight, we heard the wardens, thought they were on search routine, all phones hidden, but that wasn`t the case, we had new deportees from The States, one was brought in with us, now six in our cell, happy that the cell is big enough to hold us six and we can still move around. The new guy did 4 years in the Miami and will be doing more time here in Panama.

We spent the rest of the night talking and had some cookies and tea, went to bed around 3AM, text wify before hitting bed and she rang back, she was at work, Time differences!!!.

Woke up with pains on my 2 legs, hope I will meet a good Doctor on the 28th, who will understand my medical issues, as I have gotten a date for my X-ray. Guess need some rest, will do that now. Good lunch today, Spaghetti and Meat balls with loads of Vegetables, thanks for Carlito, gave him a Lacoste Shirt and he`s been doing me some favours, extra vegetables in my food. Nice one!!!

Lately, many ships from back home have been sailing through the canal, nice seeing them and that bring hope someday, I will leave here and be back home, sweet home again.

Lucky, called to fix a friend laptop, opportunity to update my blog and do some browsing. Thank God for him….. Nice day.


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