Panama, according to a writer “Has got everything God needed to make paradise. Great farming, beaches, mountains, wild life you wouldn`t believe, put a stick in the ground you get a fruit tree, people so beautiful you could cry” (excerpt from Tailor of Panama). A beautiful and multicultural nation with the world`s two greatest gateways; The Panama Canal.

El renacer; at first, I wonder what it meant, then I found out it means TO BE REBORN. It is about the rebirth of my life and that of many caught up in this Central-American country; PANAMA. So much for this little country and very popular for the Panama canal that runs through the country, linking the caribbean and the Pacific. Making the canal a tourist attraction and high earner for the country. The same canal runs beside the El Renacer Rehabilitation Centre. I happen to be a resident among the hundreds of others who go to bed and wake up daily in this institution.

It all started on the 25th of september 2009 at the Tocumen international Airport, Panama.


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